Aquarian Flush New Moon

New Moon @ 23 Aquarius 17
February 11, 2021 @2:06pm EST, 11:06am PST, 7:06pm GMT,
February 12 @ 6:06am AEDT

Image: Lunar Ox, silver coin issued by the Perth (AU) Mint.
Chinese New Year starts on New Moon in Aquarius each year.

Chinese New Year of the Ox begins February 12, 2021
Steady and productive in a grounded, pragmatic Taurus approach as we advance further into the Age of Aquarius.
If you were born in the year of the Ox (1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009), you are also having a Jupiter return this year, as the Chinese New Year and Jupiter return are both 12-year cycles.

This Aquarian New Moon is one of the most spectacular lunations in a year that features much such rare celestial choreography. A special planetary gathering on this New Moon makes this moment another augur of our entry into the Age of Aquarius—with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all in the rarified atmospheres of this fixed air sign. Like a poker player holding a flush, the Sun holds the Moon and four planets in the same sign— and keeps those cards close, invisible to our eye. (If you’ve got a keen morning sky eye, good timing and a clear horizon, you might be able to make out the faint radiance of Saturn.)

Uranus-Mars-Black Moon Lilith in Taurus
This Aquarian conjunction is in a strong, multiple activation engagement with this triple conjunction in Taurus. We need to breathe all this high frequency Aquarian air deeper into our bodies, as Earth is inviting these frequencies deeper into its body of aliveness, awakening consciousness and new tangible experiences of this consciousness. Watch the phenomenon around you, especially as expressed by the natural world. Gaia is dancing. Let’s dance with Her. 

Jupiter and Saturn entered Aquarius in mid-December of 2020, joining up on December 21 Solstice to end the year on brand new note. 
Jupiter is flying through Aquarius,and will dive into Piscean waters for a few months, May 13- July 28. We will feel that change of tone, at best full and sweet like a resonant bell. Then Jupiter will finish off its Aquarian expansion by the end of 2021, ringing the big Piscean bell again for New Year 2022. 

Saturn stays in Aquarius into March 2023(Pluto stars changing sign the as well!). Saturn brings ideas and visions down to ground level, testing any of our grand social theories to see how they work in the real world for everyone’s benefit.
Take note! The first of three squares of Saturn and Uranus is on February 17. This is one of the defining planetary dynamics of this year, with two more on June 14 and December 24. 

Mercury Retrograde
“I haven’t been able to get a handle on this particular Mercury retrograde in Aquarius so was wondering if you could share a little insight …” emailed a Cosmic News reader. I’m responding to Jennifer’s request by starting with these words sent from another Cosmic News reader (thank you, Karilyn):

“Words are cups of Light
that contain holographic patterns and pictures.”

Mercury entered Aquarius on January 8, is retrograde January 30-February 20, and not changing sign until March 15. That’s a long time for the quick-silver, fleet-footed Messenger of the Gods to stay in one sign. We can use this extra dose of high-mindedness and greater perspective from the electrically-charged ionosphere. Clearly we are infused with photonic frequencies incoming during this time, as galactic waves continue to wash through our solar system.

Mercury was about to leave Aquarius for a swim in Piscean waters, then heard that Venus was coming to the Aquarian party. Mercury didn’t want leave before seeing the radiant Goddess of Beauty sparkling in the skies. Well, Mercury will see Venus and meet up with her (on February 12), but we won’t. As I wrote above, the whole party of Aquarian planets will be lost to us in the radiance of the Sun— however, we will surely feel all of their intertwined frequencies, like four planetary musicians channeled through the Moon into our mental airwaves. A chamber quartet focuses on the conversational aspect of music, as the instrumentalists explore and discuss various themes. We are all in on this great conversation, with so many points of view and perspectives opening into a new paradigm. The repercussions of this New Moon vibrate to a peak point with increasing Piscean nuances on the February 27 Full Moon, then waning to a full oceanic Neptunian New Moon on March 13—another notable lunation. 

With the heightened incoming Aquarian frequencies we are picking up alternative, original and particular wavelengths of information. As closely as we tune in, our higher minds will inform us in ways that alter our perception— these ways and means can certainly include through increasing physical sensations. Taking into account the strength of the Taurus planets to use the body as an instrument of perception, of our subliminal senses opening to the fresh air of Aquarian consciousness. As an example, I have been using an ever-changing series of essential oils to educate my sense of smell and open new brain cells.

My 50-foot view is that, thanks to Mercury retrograde (until the 21st!), we have (and need!) plenty of breathing room. First point of business: breathe, breathe deeply, again and again, settling down tensions and anxieties that naturally arise when we are stepping into unknown territory. Calm down, feel the breath and life energy occupying our whole body, all the way down into our wiggly piggly toes and down into the Earth. Thus we give the Taurus planets—Uranus, Mars, Black Moon Lilith—their due. Thus we relax and calm down; anxiety turns into excitement. I have discovered that paying more attention to breath in relation to my arms and legs infuses my whole body with more vitality and presence. I am used to paying attention to breathing primarily into my torso.

Mercury is an ally, giving us this is extra time and invitation to be the witness to our lives, inner and outer, and find a new relationship between them. Collectively, globally, we open the social context of our lives with a renewed awareness of community cooperation, collaboration and celebration. That’s the true Aquarian way. Especially with planets in Taurus, Aquarius cannot remain detached, theoretically considering how we want to do this. This time is for feet embedded in the ground and the whole terrestrial field, harvesting and using resources well, appreciating Earth, its natural beauty and intelligence.

Here is a fresh-off-the-press, Mercury retrograde brain-teaser from quantum physics to begin to wrap your mind around in relation to our new experience on Earth. I admit I’m a bit mind-boggled and need quite a few re-reads. Click the title to read full article.
“Time Crystals: 
A New Form of Matter That Could Change Everything,”  

by Dr. Amira Val Baker of the Resonance Science Foundation.  
Recall that quote above?
“Words are cups of Light that contain holographic patterns and pictures.”

Venus in Aquarius February 1-25
Venus walks in beauty wherever she goes. She smiles and the world lights up. Her path is The Beauty Path; She wrote the Law of Attraction. Venus is your emotional intelligence. In Aquarius, she sings, “Bring Me a Higher Love”.Aphrodite Urania is a particular designation of ‘Venus of the Sky’ that resonates with her passage through the skies of Aquarius. She radiates love equally to all. She is friendly in this sign, and less personally personal. She enjoys the larger social context of life and her world. Another relevant song: 
“Come on people, smile on your brother, 
Everybody come together and love one another right now.”

Venus-Jupiter, the Hallmark Conjunction

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

—John Keats, “Ode to a Grecian Urn”

In the same degree, so closely conjunct, planets Venus and Jupiter are the ‘heart’ of this New Moon. These two largest and brightest celestial diamonds so close to the Sun may not be visible, but they energize this Moon cycle with their generous-hearted blend of ‘Love-Wisdom’ in this ‘higher mind’ sign. 

The Sabian Symbol for this conjunction at 13 Aquarius is “A Barometer,” an instrument that monitors potential changes in the weather so that we can recalibrate in terms of our plans or actions. As we check this barometer for changes in the atmosphere, this nicely complements the stepped back perspective of retrograde Mercury gaining a view “From a Distance,”as that iconic song suggests.  How might this conjunction of Venus-Jupiter, of Love-Wisdom, serve as our barometer? 

In the Tibetan tradition, the bell and the dorje are held, one in each hand. The bell is the Divine Feminine, “she from whom all reality comes forth.” The bell sound reminds us of essential spaciousness underlying the phenomenal world and calls the mind into greater awareness. The bell is one of the first sounds heard on the inner path, an invitation to be present and listen within. 
The ‘dorje,’ ‘vajra’ or thunderbolt represents the masculine divine wisdom in a diamond-like ‘flash of indestructible clarity’. It symbolizes the capacity to experience from an enlightened perspective— a ‘skillful means’ that infuses ordinary experience with spiritual meaning.

Astrologically we also need to include Saturn in the ‘skillful means’ category. Jupiter is wisdom/ knowing; Saturn is the application/ the manifestation.

Another celestial that has joined the Aquarian community for the next 6-7 years:
Chariklo entered Aquarius  on January 27,
adding the unique, subtle quality of her presence to the Aquarian gathering. Chariklo contributes her special caring, insightful and healing quality as one of the transforming, creative goddess archetypes. Her name describes her as a graceful spinner. Perhaps spinning movements help her take whatever form best serves love. Wife of Chiron, she changed from water nymph to female centaur to be with him, later helping him transform into his star body as The Centaur constellation. Chariklo is the largest of the very small Centaur Objects, a new tribe in the solar system, crossing the orbits of other planets. Her 62-year orbit around the sun swings in an extended ellipse between Saturn and Uranus.

After participating in the powerful Capricorn council in 2020, she chooses a prime moment to join the stellium in Aquarius, her home territory, as she weaves between the two signs through 2021.

Chariklo was discovered on February 15, 1997.  Her discovery chart is extraordinary, with the Sun and five planets in Aquarius and beautiful, rare 6-pointed star. In 2013 astronomers were surprised to find two slender rings circling this tiny object, like a double halo or wedding/ engagement rings. This chart of Chariklo’s discovery is one of the most remarkable an astrologer ever sees. And her birthday chart this year celebrates the 24th anniversary of her discovery, with the same kind of Aquarian party, with several of the original planetary guests — Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Venus and Sun– and also a couple of goddesses- Ceres and Vesta. 

Also, by the way, there was a similar stellium in Aquarius during some weeks in January and February of 1962.If you are born then, you are having quite a birthday this year with so many planets in Aquarius. And if you were born Jan 28- Feb 17, you had Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, just like it is now. There was also a total solar eclipse in your sign that month on Feb 5. You are also turning 59 this year, having your Saturn return— Saturn returning to where it was when you were born. AND Chariklo was in mid-Aquarius when you were born! Chariklo has an orbit of 62 years, so when we turn 62 we have a Chariklo return very soon! So WOW, you folks are really in the zone!

Chariklo knows she is needed by many in such a time to support our collective reshaping of the subtle energies between Capricorn earth structures and community unity in Aquarius. We have been talking about Jupiter and Saturn going into Aquarius, with Pluto soon to follow in 2023-24. Jupiter and Saturn are paving the social gateway for Pluto’s entry; Chariklo is clearing the  Aquarian air space, raising the vibration and lifting the frequency. She is realigning energetic fields, re-weaving interconnections in our subtle bodies, aligning head with heart, turning on the inner-net for psychic communications— especially among individuals engaging in co-creativity. You may not even have met your people yet, but your wavelengths are seeking each other out. 

Chariklo comes in dreams or intuitions or direct transmissions, in a secret language of light or subtle music— not the usual means of communication.

Remember we are still working with two long cycle planets. Pluto (248-year orbit) is nearing the end of Capricorn, revitalizing natural patterns and organic systems from the inside out. Haumea (283-year orbit), Hawaiian goddess of childbirth, is squaring Pluto, gestating from within her quantum creativity, new relationships between Earth and all life forms. 

This New Moon mirrors an altogether extraordinary radiance sweeping into our system, like a scintillating field, winds of shimmering light, a soft rain of gentle intuition that can flare into sudden insights with the impact of lightning and thunder.