September 19, at 10:30pm PDT
September 20, at 1:30am EDT, 1, 6:03am BST, 3:30pm AEST

Happy GardenImage: My happy little garden, photo by author. The monarchs are now enjoying the zinnias and marigolds, as little by little the harvest proceeds in an extended warm spell here in the northeast U.S. The wood is now stacked and the fall leaves are starting to color and drift down. In many other places, the post-eclipse scene is not so lovely and peaceful. I feel for those suffering losses. Inevitably winter storms will come this way.


A New Moon is a moment of dark that closes a monthly chapter. In this case, it is the close of the Moon cycle inaugurated by the August 21 Total Eclipse. Was it only a month ago? That eclipse in Leo unleashed the wild lion goddess, who has roared mightily ever since. Her untamed fury is expressed through all the elements—fires, earthquakes, the whipping winds of hurricanes, and waters of driving rains, floods and coastal wave surges. The Earth are expressing her response to the quantum shift of the recent total eclipse very strongly, suddenly and irrevocably changing the lives of many individuals and peoples. Is this Chirotic or chaotic?

This New Moon so closely opposes Chiron, that we can almost hear the quantum thunder hooves of the horseman beating a galloping rhythm on the earth. We hear it in the earth sign Virgo, via the Sun-Moon and the three personal planets—Venus, Mars and Mercury—that bring the energy up close and personal. Earth sign Virgo, the High Priestess, has much to teach us about simplicity and holiness in the mundane. This is bigger than what we call climate change. This is a huge influx of electro-magnetics from the galactic field. This is an awakening, harsh though it is in some areas. The Chiron factor indicates that we cannot go on the way we have been, something needs to realign, for a reunion body and soul, so that mind beats in tandem with the heart and with Earth. On the threshold of Equinox (Sept. 22-23), we experience a short moment of seasonal balance before the Scales tip. The southern hemisphere sows and the northern hemisphere reaps.

The 28th is a particularly powerful day, whether we notice it then or later. Jupiter makes its last hurrah before exiting Libra, with a grand finale opposition with Uranus. Decisions are being made impromptu, whether we recognize we are doing so or not. New liaisons change the playing field, personally and on the world stage. After overturning tables of many global power players, Pluto turns to face forward, leaving the past behind.

Sea God Neptune is stirring up storms and shifting our priorities as solid ground slips out from under us. Neptune is very busy the rest of this month. We may feel a little seasick at times. We are about halfway through a 14-year Neptune in Pisces cycle, a huge wave of energy that goes into 2026. The God of the Sea in the sign of the Fish brings multidimensional waves. Angels are very present. A generation of spiritually evolved souls is incarnating. Mermaids are surfacing as planetoids in the remote Kuiper Belt. This is a time for music and poetry, for photography and impressionistic, abstract or nature art. Enjoy it all. Create some yourself. We are often discouraged, disheartened and in despair, when we are disconnected from our spiritual core. Neptune can evoke a yearning that urges us to seek beyond the mundane, to nurture our souls. Unless we sidetrack the process from impatience or by looking for a shiny penny in the mud. A profound Neptunian reminder:

“What we see and experience is the world we’re dreaming into being ─ if we don’t like it, we can open our eyes, be conscious, and create something different.”     ─Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

On this New Moon, Neptune opposes Mercury, earmarking a theme for the month that may feel like Mercury is a bit retrograde. Communications may become difficult. Misunderstandings abound, as anxiety and stress hamper our capacity to listen clearly and dispassionately. Take this warning as a challenge. How are you handling your stress? Virgo reminds us to take care of our bodies, to be vigilantly aware of what is going on around us. Beware of advertising pitches that sound too good to be true. In fact, turn off television and mainstream media that tends to sadden, dismay or terrorize us. Rational thinking is hard to maintain, which can be a good thing. Divine inspiration is a golden gift for the true of heart. The psychic internet is on high volume. Compassion and communion with the divine is positively indicated. We are all in this together. Channel the highest frequency.

Mars, recently arisen from out of the Sun’s beams, is now faintly visible in the morning sky. The red planet moves into the Neptune opposition within days, on the 24th, suggesting diversion strategies to skirt disaster. Beware of charismatic untrustworthy males. Keep your feet in front of you, following the flow of earth energy and pragmatic efficiency. How can you be of most service? This is true courage.

Venus opposes Neptune on the 29th, great for the arts. Delight in Nature, decorate yourself, appreciate the Beauty around you. Beware of glamorous, untrustworthy females, romantic illusions and financial scams. The Divine Feminine shows herself through the beauty and power of Nature. We are called to bend our knee to her, appreciating the timely necessity of her seeding, her growth and her harvest scythe. There are bigger natural cycles at work. We can’t perceive them, but She can. In her darkness and her light, she teaches us to accept the cycle of life, birth, fruition and death. Which goddess is calling to you?

Evocative Goddess Lilith is adding an adventurous dimension for self-observers. Black Moon Lilith loves new moons, when the lunar energy is dark. In Sagittarius, she is particularly radiant in the subtle realm of aetheric undercurrents, opening perceptions like ripples of light. As I wrote in my book, Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine,

“Black Moon has deep wisdom, will and desire power that can weave matter out of aether. Perhaps that why she comes in dreams, when our bodies and rational minds are asleep. Our thoughts are then turned off and she can whisper her secrets in images and even, perhaps, transport us to other realms. She reasons not with the rational mind but communes at the soul level.”

“Lilith’s Sagittarian arrow pierces through lies and deceptions, especially those in your own soul. She can instigate great discomfort and discontent with one’s falsehoods, large and small. If we survive, we cannot but be awestruck by her particularly pointed arrow.

“Like Eros with his love arrows, Lilith in Sagittarius is the Heavenly Huntress. An erotic mind is one that is transparent, with no attachments or limiting concepts—“beyond obvious.” With the Milky Way’s galactic center in the region of Sagittarius, Lilith in the sign of the Archer aims cleanly toward this centerpoint. Once there, we feel the inevitable tug of the Great Attractor, a power center that draws multiple galaxies into its heart. The dilemma can be how to encompass such expansive breadth and depth. How many angels dance on the head of an arrow tip? Lilith in Sagittarius imagines and re-imagines the answer.”

Imagine that Lilith is lighting candles to Beauty, Truth and Cosmic Vision. Let’s celebrate at that altar. Suspend judgment and watch where you tend to get reactive and express opinions with heat. Send those opinions off into the quantum field on the arrow of the Sagittarian Archer. Truth is a many-splendored thing. When confined, filtered and narrowed by ego blinders, we miss the point, we get off-track, distracted by illusory, transitory, irrelevant ideas and information. We really don’t know what is going on. Lilith may be splintering your view of life into shards of smoky, mirrored glass. When you feel that happening, come down into your feet, feel the ground, relax your body, watch your step. Attend to and appreciate the small and large beauties around you. Tap into the level where you are loving your life. The sensual bodies we inhabit love the tiny natural details in Virgo, so nuanced, precious, and pragmatic.

Have you been feeling the rigorous challenge of Saturn in the last few weeks, slowly moving forward. Even as our Cassini space craft ends it Saturnian journey, Saturn looks us straight in the eye, no fooling around, until you can see as clearly the road to take that makes sense for you. Until December Solstice, we are heading into a new adventure. Keep moving. Beware of getting tangled up in what is not yours. To be of service in the midst of chaos, one needs a clear head that can see above the storm. That is your highest contribution. Clean your inner windshield, as well as your rearview mirror. Memory and regrets muddy the view. Maintain as clear a vision as possible, grounded in this NOW moment. Take it one step at a time. If you have made friends with your intuition, it can be your most trustworthy guide.

A special joining of Venus and Mars will take place on the next Full Moon. What great celestial choreography, richly symphonic. In Virgo, it’s not a flashy affair, but sensual and naturally in synch. Let’s live each moment on its own terms so we can make the best of that emotionally-meaningful moment.