Dancing with Dandelions

Full Moon @18 Libra-Aries44
April 7, 2020, 10:35pm EDT, 7:45pm PDT, 
April 8, 2:35am GMT, 2:35pm AEST

“Dancing with Dandelions” by Joelen Mulvaney, oil on linen. 2020. Mulvaney’s FreeJoyArt project is a co-creative performance art experience, with an invitation for art lovers to choose an art piece to take home and care for—an innovative Aries way to freely share her legacy of art with the community. https://www.freejoyart.com/

This Aries Sun/ Libra Full Moon follows upon the Equinox New Moon of March 24, a sharp curve in the flow of the year, with rare and unusual factors interacting with dicey, spicy dynamics and a flare of genius. Much is going on beneath the surface; it is hard to know what to believe. This is a good time to turn into your Self, tap into your deeper connection to Truth and come to terms with your life at this time. How do you want to proceed into a fuller richer experience moving forward?
All Eyes on Pluto/Jupiter
The flowering of this Full Moon in Libra/Aries is on a collision course with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, which was exact on April 4-5. This was the first of 3 such power points, or potential ‘opportunity zones,’ that intensify and move along the global transformation that is happening on many levels, from top to bottom, upside down and inside out.
The gates to the underworld open wider, for internal processing, reprogramming and release, as we let go of more than we would have believed necessary. In other words, scrap the old frayed plan and forge a new pathway forward. We get a big boost now, through our new relationship to space and each other as well as how we view circumstances that change day-to-day.
As we head into Wednesday, day after the Full Moon, we hit a bump in the road. The triple Capricorn dance with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn continues for the whole of 2020. Every week, the Moon activates the bumpy territory of this volcanic landscape— whether as now in Libra; next week in Capricorn itself (April 13-14); then in Aries 20-22; or in Cancer (28-29).
This week’s ride is especially bumpy because of the heightened energy of the Full Moon, as the Sun is also pushing into the Capricorn alignment with increasing intensity starting now and through the 19th. Mercury adds fiery sparks as it steps into Aries on the 11th, snapping us into attention and sparking brain wave synapses with mind-altering news and perceptions.
“When things break down, what has been ignored rushes in.
When things are no longer specified with precision, the walls crumble, and chaos makes its presence known. When we’ve been careless, and let things slide, what we have refused to attend to gathers itself up, adopts a serpentine form, and strikes— often at the worst possible moment. It is then that we see what focused intent, precision of aim and careful attention protects us from.”   —Dr. Jordan Peterson
Never a dull moment as the next New Moon in early Taurus meets up with Uranus, unearthing surprises that send shock waves that make us recoil or shiver with delight, depending on how much we welcome change and how attached we are to what was.
Let’s see where we are by April 22. Is there a benevolent aspect to this enforced transformation? Will we see a rainbow after the storm passes through? April showers bring May flowers.
Notes from Goddesses
Black Moon Lilith opposes Juno, suggesting a commitment to release the dark to light. This may require unconventional means; perhaps this unusual Pause that we are in is it. Can we quantum jump to an alternative trail, following the golden nuggets, bird feathers or dream inspirations that come in this spacious time?
How can we handle the extended stretch between spaciousness/ contraction?
Venus communes most closely with Asteroid Goddess Vesta,
to keep the heartlight burning bright.
The Queen of Heaven, remarkably radiant as the Evening Star, recently took a stroll through the field of the Pleiades, visiting her many sisters in the garden of blue-white stars. I imagine they were all celebrating such a rare visit right through this favorite star cluster, as Venus entered Gemini on April 3, where she helps lighten any gloomy, doomy moods. Here she entertains all options and blows dandelion fluff to the winds of change. Venus enjoys Gemini so much she will stay well here into August, taking a retrograde turn around the ever-changing landscape of our emotions and inviting us to make changes to make our lives richer and more enjoyable. She teases us to be whimsical for any reason. She also tunes us into the best vibes in the local area.
Asteroid Pallas (Athena) is the strategic advisor to the Capricorn planets, staying with their team into December. Pallas has an intelligence that allows her to point out the optimum pathway to success. She is eminently objective and pragmatic, and has provided many of the best contributions to humanity, such as weaving, the olive tree, the plow.
Observant and on your Toes
With the Full Moon in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces, we need to stay finely tuned to what is going on around us. If you start to feel disoriented, rein yourself in. No falling down the rabbit hole of anxiety and paranoia. Observe and even talk about what you are experiencing to dispel the clouds. Find your balance. Get your body up and moving; feel your strength.
Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus ignites restlessness, steadied only a bit by the presence of Saturn. Sunday, I had a bout of what we call “cabin fever” up here in the low mountains with some snow still on the ground and ‘mud season’ softening the dirt roads to slippery. I went out for a ride to accomplish a somewhat unnecessary errand. It got my heebeejeebees out and I enjoyed seeing the spring landscape emerging. I had a couple of ‘distanced’ encounters. The co-op, populated with masked staff and shoppers, was rather surreal. It was harder to recognize people and made for another level of distancing. I am grateful to be in a place with lots of fresh air, natural rural space and good neighbors.
Under this planetary dynamic, many may experience instability and be rather reactive. Beware of letting your guard down, of becoming distracted or careless. If you sense a danger signal, move out of range. Exercise is a great release. Find your connection to your body, a theme that becomes even more important in the next Moon cycle. Can you stay grounded and still be light on your feet? Sounds like dancing to me! Dance like a dandelion—deeply rooted with seeds lifting off on parachutes!
As my wise friend, Salt Pond Mermaid Mary recently wrote,
“The world as we know it is evolving. As we claw our way out of old theories and belief systems, stigmas will dissolve as we re-learn the lessons that Mother Nature, and ancient wisdom traditions have been teaching for as long as forever has been around. There exists a field of opportunities basically fueled by Love. It’s both bad and good, and together like birthing, the circle of life moves along and we make it all work again.
There is divine grace in everything, ditch the fear and enter into the field of pure possibility.  I’ll meet you there…”