June 9, 9:10am EDT, 6:10am PDT, 2:10pm BST, 11:10pm AEST


Image: NASA spacecraft Juno is sending back stunning new photos of Jupiter. Here we can see the extraordinary moving patterns and features of the south pole of our giant planetary neighbor, a garden of huge storms and swirling features in a scale vastly beyond our small world. Oceanic-like south pole on the left. The more we learn about the planets, the more fascinating they become to us, the closer they feel—even Pluto!

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is just turning to forward motion after being retrograde since early February. In the sign of Libra (numerologicallly interesting at 13 degrees 13 minutes), Jupiter is enhancing, even exaggerating opposing points of view in order to evoke dialogue and find a new balance. Jupiter and Sagittarius can be self-righteous, very sure their point of view is the right way, the truth (“the whole truth and nothing but the truth”?). The teaching of Jupiter in this sign is fairness and consideration of different ideas, creating a “listening-ear” dialogue. Respect of everyone’s right to have their opinion is basic, even or especially when, we disagree.

Do you feel that, in some way, something has shifted inside you? Have the Scales tipped? Is some inner debate resolving in some way? We don’t need to be in a hurry to make big decisions. Jupiter stays in 13 degrees all this month. Plant both feet on the ground for strong balance and confident movement.

So Jupiter is featured under this Full Moon, and so are several other planets. All of the faster moving planets have just changed sign: Mars entered Cancer on the 4th. On the 6th both Venus and Mercury went into their own signs, Taurus and Gemini, respectively, demonstrating their strengths in emotional and communication realms. Helpful. We feel the influence of these planets very easily on a daily basis. The mundane “mood” has shifted considerably, changing the tone. Are you feeling it?

Mercury is particularly significant during Sun sign Gemini. This Gemini factor is enhanced by the presence of its ruling planet. Information can come in fast from various directions and may keep changing. Not only in the news, but also in the neighborhood there can be a buzz going, lots happening, news notes passed along. Nature can also speak. I’ve been listening to bird song with a new ear lately. Sagittarian poet William Blake wrote,
“How do you know but ev’ry bird
That cuts the airy way,
Is an immense world of delight,
Clos’d by your senses five?”

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon at 19 Sagittarius features birds: “Pelicans, Disturbed By Men, Move to Places Unknown.”
Modern civilization—cities, suburbs, malls, devastation of wars and environmental destruction—no wonder the pelicans move on out. Sagittarius is a sign of the wilderness, a good place to go to refresh and broaden our vision. Vision quest time. Solutions come from beyond our current situation.

Neptune, a visionary dreamer, activates both the Sun and Moon, from its squaring position in Pisces, its own sign. This is a longterm cycle, 2011-2025, affecting the collective conscious with subtle nuances and undercurrents. This energy is extra-sensitive and extra-sensory, tuning us into unseen realms and subliminal perceptions. Neptune is asking spiritually relevant questions of us under this Full Moon. We need to pay attention to this now. Neptune evokes longing for spiritual communion, and begs us to be kind, compassionate, to forgive others—and ourselves—for not being perfect, only human. Yes, we are angels in human disguise.

Does it matter who is right or wrong? Neptune pleads. Especially as disinformation continues to be spread like a manipulative plague to fuel anger and increase prejudice, the priority is to appreciate each other as fellow beings on a planet in distress. We have developed personal opinions or beliefs for various reasons. But much too often, we let particular interpretations of life or of “god” cause bias or even hatred, focusing on the differences rather than the larger commonality of sharing the experience of being human. This brings out the anxiety and dysfunctionality of Neptune, rather than its potential for soul-to-soul relationship.

And its visionary potential. Yes! Enter DreamSpace, the best of Neptune, channeled on angel wings. Neptune’s high quality psychic impressionism and yearning for beauty and oceanic love is now backed by Sagittarian inspiration, intuition, inner knowing, all come through on lightning bolts. Follow the enthusiasm and ground that charged light energy.
Act on your vision. Dreams can come true.
Sometimes it just takes time.
And effort.

The bottom line: Saturn conjuncts this Full Moon. Truth is at a high premium these days. With Black Moon Lilith also conjunct the Moon, we are faced with more and more untruth, illusion and confusion until we get it, until we are confronted with our own prejudices and need to take a deeper look at why we believe what we believe.

The Sabian symbol for 25 Sagittarius, the degree of Saturn, reads: “Rich Little Boy Rides Upon His Bright-Colored Horse.”
Master Astrologer Dane Rudhyar interprets: “Growth through vicarious, imaginative experiences, which life might deny us. Detachment from reality.”

This echoes the theme of dreaming, but carries the warning to act on your vision or you will go nowhere. Like going around in circles, no progress is made. Saturn is retrograde, so a review of progress is in order. What’s working, what is not? Then recalibrate, redirect goals, step by step. Saturn does not turn direct until late August, soon after the dramatic total eclipse.

Writing things down in black and white can help us understand our inner thoughts more clearly. It’s a good exercise with a Full Moon in two prime communication and writing signs. Tell the story. Read the story. Rewrite the story. Your version will contribute to the collective story that we are revisioning. Put your story out there. It’s like casting a vote.

We don’t know the ending of the story. Our collective vision is being encouraged to imagine a new chapter. How can we turn the page on limiting beliefs about how things are and must be so that we can entertain wild new potentials that can pop up from the quantum field on which our reality depends? How can we change the old way of going about life and doing business that is making such a mess?

These are the kind of meaningful questions we need to be asking and talking about. Let’s take our destiny in hand and live up to it.

“Our destiny is not the same as our future: While the future is what will happen later, destiny is in every instant, and we can always make ourselves available to it.” —Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.