Full Moon @ 0 Pisces-Virgo 42
February 19, 10:53am EST, 7:53am PST, 3:53pm GMT
February 20, 2:53am AEDT

Image: Druzy earrings sparkle above felted landscape of Vermont Winter Shadows, by author. It wasn’t until I finished writing this Cosmic News that I tuned into the fact that I had named the July 27, 2018 eclipse as the “Doozy, Druzy Vortex Eclipse.” I was about to use the very same image, which is what nudged my brain cells. Something must be resonating with that powerful total eclipse. Is that true in your experience? Then I remembered that for that July article I was going to photograph my amethyst druzy earrings, but didn’t get to it. Here they are, embedded in an art piece of day shadows across a yard of snow, which now become Moon shadows.

The interplay between the faerie magic of nature-loving Virgo and cosmic seafaring Pisces is subtle and delightfully nuanced. There is a delicate angelic touch, like the vibration of heavenly harps, especially at the very first breath of these two signs.

“Blessed are the openings beyond the hills,
sunset and sunrise, East and West in Faerie,
platforms and uplands, height above height ascending,
the way of the Path to Heaven.”

—The Quest of the Golden Stairs, A.E. Waite

The Full Moon at the Leo-Virgo cusp evokes the Sphinx, with its strong Lion body and head of the Goddess. This cusp reminds us of the last Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, at this very edge. That powerful moment emphasized the Lion; this Moon in with the Goddess. What has occurred in your life since then? Where are you in your life, with yourself now as we emerge from that cycle into a brand new one?
With her mystery and mythic mystique, what was and what is the question the Sphinx has for you? No doubt, it’s a doozy. Or maybe a druzy, a good name for this dazzling Super Moon (yes, another one!). A druzy is a fine crystalline dusting on a rock surface or a geode.

You’ve probably seen druzy jewelry, so very shimmery, catching the light on multiple tiny facets. It’s very much like the “cosmic glitter” that I’ve been reporting on, as waves of high frequency subatomic photons sweep through our solar system. Here we are, in a waterfall of invisible interstellar druzy. It’s as if a fine dust of crystalline stardust is wafting through our atmosphere, through our astral (star) bodies and our very cells. So that might be the key question: Do you feel the sparkly druzy? Sparkle on— shimmer shimmer shimmer…bling bling bling!

” All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured by special equipment….PHOTONIC BODY is a biohologram projected by coherent light and sound. We arise from and are sustained by field phenomena, waves of biophotonic light and sound, which form our essential nature through acoustic holography”
—from an article by Iona Miller I clipped some years ago:

Another question: Did you notice my unfinished line in the February 4th New Moon newsletter, re “The best side of Eris is…….”?
That’s one good Sphinx-like question, even as Eris and Uranus continue their edgy disruption. I couldn’t figure it out right then and forgot to go back to it. One sharp-eyed reader wrote back immediately, offering her answer: “Eris, keeping us on our toes.”

Uranus is just about to finish up its 7-year passage through Aries, still with edgy Eris influence (no slacking!), crossing the line into Taurus on the next New Moon. The activating square with Uranus and the Nodes of the Moon is still flaring, with the potential of translating the basic pragmatic approach of Capricorn into the gentle resilience of caring Cancer. We can use the earthiness of Capricorn to calm any emotional turbulence of Cancer that might arise in front of extraordinary change. We also need each other in this shift. Capricorn tends to take it all on and feel the pressure, but Cancer knows when support is needed. Invite and welcome what you need.

As we remain alert and vigilant, scanning the ocean horizon for a fresh sparkly trail, along which we can trek to where water meets sky. Chiron has just moved across that liminal horizon at the far side of Pisces into Aries, like the famous green flash at sunset, so elusive and effervescent one wonders, “Did I really see that?” You can answer “nnoooo” and turn away, either discouraged or ready to try again tomorrow. Or you can step up and answer “Yes!” and light up new brain cells that change your reality.

“Liminal” means an in-between space, “situated at a sensory threshold: barely perceptible or capable of eliciting a response,” says Merriam-Webster online dictionary. Thus it is no longer “subliminal” or below the threshold. It is on the threshold of reality, like subatomic particles coalesce into matter. Or the aetheric field, the vibrational sea from which matter emerges.

In anthropology, “liminality is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of rites, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the rite is complete.” We are there or, rather we are Here! Chiron is the “Be Here Now” catalyst. To be as fully present as we can in each moment can reveal the new horizons, open previously unforeseen potentials.

Welcoming Chiron into Aries, we find one of the recently discovered objects in the distant Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto. Mermaid Salacia causes the sunlight to sparkle on the sea. Having entered Aries in just the last two years, she has been very interactive with the photonic wave influx, enhancing the sparkling effect with the gentle love in her heart. Neptune was so taken by her special light-hearted qualities that he married her, but only after she tested his serious intentions. Salacia is Goddess of the Sea, reminding us of the Cosmic Cornucopia that pours forth its bounty and blessings on all who honor the All That Is.

We are clearly swimming in the cosmic seas this Pisces Sun sign month. Neptune continues in its own sign, Pisces, now joined by Mercury. Mercury extends it stay in Pisces through an extra month or more, turning retrograde on March 5-6—that same New Moon in Pisces that sees the Uranus sign change. That will be a “sea change” indeed.

In Pisces all the way until April 17, Mercury informs us through psychic attunement, strong dreaming, empathy and compassion, tuning in to the heart rather than the brain. Take your time to listen deeply. Perhaps you’ll hear the angels play their harps or be given wise guidance in your dreams or meditations. Take care how you say things, being as clear as you can, and clear your ears and heart to be able to hear what others are communicating to you. Let’s be kind to ourselves and each other as we navigate rather confusing waters in a sometimes foggy landscape. Don’t take your hand off the rudder or get distracted or go escapist. More frequently than usual, you may need to come back to yourself and center in your sparkling, druzy light bodies. Attend to your spiritual life. Honor the highest in you. What could be more important?

This Full Moon in Virgo is fine-tuning our daily priorities and our values. What is most useful? What does success really mean? We can be of service to Earth and the highest good of all by infusing even simple daily tasks with thanks giving. Let’s start by thanking the stars that shine, sparkling and shimmering like heavenly druzys!
Thank You, Stars by Katie Melua