New Moon @ 15 Pisces 47
March 6, 2019 @11:04am EST, 8:04am PST, 4:04pm GMT/UTC,
March 7 @3:04am AEDT

Image: “Stjarnfodd,” (means something like “Starborn” in Swedish), photo by Jonna Jinton. See more of Jonna’s inspiring art and hear of her life in the remote Sweden landscape at and on

Be sure to listen to her “Song of the Ice,” actually audio of sounds made in a deep frozen lake, powerful earth song which echoes the celestial music. Here is a link to download this extraordinary piece of nature music.
She writes, ” Ever since I first heard the sounds of the ice growing I’ve felt fascinated by it. Sometimes it makes these high, vibrating almost alien-like sounds. And sometimes, these really deep, low sounds as if the ancient spirit of the earth awakened from it’s sleep and roars out in the night.”

Midway through the month of Pisces, this special, effervescent New Moon ripples with subtle wavelengths from the cosmic seas above us. Earth is ever singing, shaking, bursting with new life. Our evolving Earth is dreaming a New Dream, a Dream of Awakening, a Big Dream.

I share impressions, particularly appropriate for such Piscean energies. And also because, like many of you, this merry-go-round world seems turning faster than usual, with various distractions, mental swirling and whirling, and priorities to juggle. The Kosmos is asking lots of perplexing questions with answers that can only come through our own attendance and experience.

What a New Moon! Uranus enters Taurus, Mercury turns retrograde, and a special Neptune/Vesta conjunction calls for dedication and attention to the sacred.

Biggest New Moon News!
Uranus, the Awakener, crosses into Taurus just hours before this New Moon, indicating and accompanying an increasing activation of the Earth’s magnetosphere, from incoming cosmic waves and heightened energy fields. Uranus gave us a heads up last May amidst an emotional roller coaster of eclipses and retrogrades that lasted through the rest of 2018. Uranus stepped back into Aries to reignite our excitement about embarking on the new adventure of our transforming planet. Now in Taurus for the next seven years, Uranus calls us to more deeply embody potentials higher consciousness. Simplicity and basic resources are key. And remember that Chiron just entered Aries, for a fresh circle round the zodiac signs. This is an exciting time to be alive!

This New Moon at 16 Pisces has a most resonant Sabian Symbol—
“In a Quiet Moment, a Creative Individual Experiences the Flow of Inspiration.”
Artists will be very inspired during this Moon cycle. The Muse of Music will be especially tuned in and tuned up. Imagery, dream-stories, poetry, fine arts in all mediums, will speak loudly to our spirits and fine tune our emotional bodies.

A worthwhile suggestion is to develop an emotionally enriching and uplifting music list to delight you, with your heart song favorites, perhaps including classical and “new age” pieces that flow and harmonize your biofield and light up your star body. Music and frequency creates light.

“The Luminous Energy Field is a biomagnetic field which does not end where your skin ends but rather extends to the farthest reaches of the universe, diminishing in intensity, yet never vanishing altogether. Your LEF contains stars and galaxies within it.”
─ Excerpt from Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s new book, Grow a New Body

Planet Neptune, God of the Sea, infuses this New Moon with extraordinary and subtle influences, if we give ourselves time to tune in. We will need soothing of our spirits amidst the outer chaos and choppy seas. Neptune is, at times, a stormy god, and continues strong in its own sign, Pisces. The realm of feelings is deep, fluid and often secretive, like mermaids. Neptune’s companion on this Moon is the bright asteroid Vesta, Priestess of the Sacred Flame, in a devotional submission to the light. We seek spiritual sanctuary or “refuge,” as Buddhists call it.

At 17 Pisces, Right next to the New Moon, at 17 Pisces, this planet/asteroid pair evokes another relevant Sabian Symbol:
An Easter Promenade.” This image alludes to the public celebratory side of holy mysteries that attend this turning point time of year, heading toward Equinox. Don’t let your head by turned by the glamour of all the stylish Easter bonnets! Attend to that deeper call, from that place of yearning, of soul desire, the truth that gives life value and is worth living—and dying— for, the spiritual source that ever-renews us. Even the Earth expresses this desire in its beauty that inspires our reverence for the divine. This is one theme amplified by Uranus in earth sign Taurus.

“Who has heard in their dreaming that voice which speaks at the corner in a flowering copse of Faerie? A voice unknown which comes like words of consecration, telling of quests pursued, of ends attained in quest and very secret things of an end beyond all ends.”
O the wild ways of Faerie, lightness and darkness, amber deeps of brightness and violet shadows.
Glory of grass, glory of leaves, and glory of painted flowers.
Give me the glory of Faeries till I tire of all the images.
Give me the one image, which is love in the heart of all.”
Quest of the Golden Stairs, A.E. Waite

Mercury now retrograde
We have extra time to turn our attention to this place of a faith that can anchor us through turbulent times. Mercury has just turned retrograde at the far edge of Pisces, for an extended swim in introspective waters, tuning in to inner guidance and visionary dreaming. Many of us have been feeling as if Mercury has been retrograde for a couple of weeks, a natural sensation with Mercury in otherworldly, dream sign Pisces.

Mercury extends it stay in Pisces an extra month or more, dialing in to right brain perception from February 10-April 17. During the three weeks of it retrograde— March 5 to 28 — our rationality steps back, allowing a finer intelligence to come through. It’s best to cooperate with that agenda, so we don’t go a little crazy. Some will, inevitably, in the overwhelm of Neptune’s stormy aspect, and with a level of shock from being in such new territory. If we can remember that “Life is but a dream,” and recognize our creative participation in stretching our beliefs beyond old paradigms to envision a New Dream of Earth, we will feel the essential magic of life.

“In your waking dream,
when you are hushed and listening to your deeper self,
your thoughts, like snowflakes,
fall and flutter and garment
all the sounds of your spaces with white silence

And what are waking dreams but clouds that but blossom
on the sky tree of your heart?
And what are your thoughts but the petals
which the winds of your heart
scatter upon the hills and its fields

And even as you wait for peace
until the formless within you takes form
so shall the cloud gather and drift until its grey desire is shaped
to little crystal suns and moons and stars”
—opening stanzas of “Snowflakes and The Sea,” Kahlil Gibran

And there is sorrow. We inevitably feel sadness in such times of change, when losses large or smaller are occurring. Neptunian compassion for those you know and don’t know, including yourself and Earth’s creatures, that are facing death and major transitions in such times of upheaval. I lost my tiger kitty friend this very morning, an ending both bitter and yet sweet in our final moments of communion. I find this Alan Parsons Project’s song about life and time very true and soothing. I’ve probably shared it before.

Dream well from the depth of your heart and spirit to enter the imminent turn of the seasons. I’ll be back around with Cosmic News for the renewal and light shift of the March 20 Equinox Full Moon.