New Moon at 26 Capricorn 54
January 16, 2018, 9:17pm EST, 6:17pm PST,
January 17, 2:17am GMT, 1:17pm AEDT

Elements7, CarolynCaldwell

Image: Elements 7, oil painting by Carolyn Caldwell. See more of her fine art work in oil and pastel at
Through travels living in the Virgin Islands to Maine to Montana, she conveys the spirit of the land, “the universality of place in our memory.”

Are you ready to go up the mountain?
The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon: A Mountain Pilgrimage.
Where is your holy ground? To what do you aspire? Where is your unique and special path taking you this New Year of 2018?

The first New Moon of 2018! A Capricorn New Moon brings our attention down to the ground of our experience on Earth, of place and placement, of geographical, geological and geometrical contours, outlines, borders and boundaries. This emerging Sun-Moon moonthly cycle focuses emphatically on Capricorn thematics and schematics with the added presence of several planets expressing through this sign. We are all going to get assigned to duty, in many ways, on many fronts.

Heads up—This stellium of planets in the Sea-Goat sign is a rare matching time for the unusual breed of “Capricorn kids” born in 1988-95, especially those in 1989-1991 who are coming in to their first Saturn return. Your time has come. [See Astro-Special designed just for you, below.]

Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is wasting no time now that it’s in its own sign. In January 2020, this ringed planet meets up with Pluto for a mutually agreed upon showdown to reorient the way we live on many levels, collective and personal. We can think of this as a proverbial deadline. No time to dawdle. Keep on keeping on, infused with as much joy as you can muster. Work with zeal; play with equal ardor. In its down-to- business, where-the-rubber-meets-the-road approach, Saturn is moving mountains of mud, shaking the earth, prodding dormant volcanoes to demonstrate the power of Nature, and changing the way life looks and is happening.

Saturn moves toward Pluto, seriously confronting the status quo, toppling global systems, changing laws, and clearly demonstrating the absolute necessity of responsible process, programs and procedures to address inefficient and deficient, abusive and even illegal “business as usual.” Let’s find a way to cooperate with the way the world turns, to contribute to betterment for all, honoring Gaia Earth, our Instructress. Pluto has been working behind the scenes on these issues since 2008. Saturn makes it apparent to all that something has to happen, is happening and that “we can’t go on like this.” Saturn outlaws hoarding of resources, indicating that resources are to be shared and distributed as needed, appreciating Earth’s bounty and beauty.

Beauty is highly significant, and useful, now and all ways. Venus invisibly accompanies this New Moon, showing us what is personally worthwhile. Even in the brutal northeast U.S. winter in many sections of the U.S., there is exquisite natural beauty in the subtle glow of full moonlight reflected by fields of white snow, the delicate tracing of ice-lined branches made more stark in the still silence of bitter cold. I hold to the growing light. Here is a 15th century song as musical inspiration for those in deep winter:

“Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming
Lo, how a rose e’er blooming
From tender stem hath sprung,..
It came a flow’ret bright
Amid the cold of winter
When half-spent was the night.”

Well, yes, lovely as it is, it’s a lot of work and many are suffering in this weather and in this world. Attention has to be alert and effective, attending to basics of food, shelter, water, health. Wherever you are, we are all contending with the pressure of particular circumstances that claim our attention. Whether a matter of survival, of furthering success and accomplishment, of clarifying our life purpose, taking care of our wellbeing or that of loved ones, the days are full. We can take advantage of the planetary energies concentrated in practical, “take-charge” Capricorn and the “full steam ahead” energy of the Jupiter-Mars combination in Scorpio that gives abundant energy, brimming passion for our perceived calls to action. Do you feel an imminent sense of change, something looming in the not-too-distant future?

In April-May, we enter a transition fueled by a double dose of planetary sign shifting (Chiron and Uranus) that lasts into early 2019. New, extraordinary, unexpected developments have us gasping in surprise, reeling in shock, dancing in the street, hopping on a spaceship, or all of the above, doing some such wild thing we never would have thought of a year ago.

Maybe it’s not such a surprise. Maybe you have been getting clues, intuitive hints, psychic intimations. Have your ideas on certain matters changed radically? Are your belief systems being altered in a way that feels like you’ve been pulled through the looking glass? We’re on quite a roller coaster ride! Staying centered is evermore essential. Clarity comes from within, as we turn inside to consult with our inner guidance. Looking for answers outside brings so much confusion. We each live our own, individually catered reality. The implication of quantum physics is more evident in our daily lives as we open to radical perceptions and vibrational fields of subtle energies.

The Buddhist practice of non-judgmental inquiry and spacious mind is called for by a crisp Capricorn pairing of Mercury and Black Moon Lilith. Wild mind evokes natural magic, like the never-ending uniqueness of snowflake geometries, the strong silent song of standing stones, the lacey living fringe rippling along the sea side sands, shimmering auroras and star showers, and so much more.

Really, there are bound to be surprises soon. Uranus activates this New Moon! Fireworks, electromagnetic events, lightning bolts in the higher mind, unprecedented insights that wake you up, and phenomena we can’t yet conceive of. This New Moon cycle proves that our insights and intuitive perceptions can have immediate repercussions. Use this time well to prepare for the upcoming, very rare Super Blue Moon Total Eclipse on January 31-February 1st.

We’re getting quite a celestial celebration to start this year of 2018, one that promises to be supercalifragilistic-expialodocious! Gosh, I’m sure I spelled that wrong. Call up Mary Poppins, please! We need our Capricorn Grand Nanny Wise Woman to guide the way, to correct our course (and spelling) as need be when we get distracted. Ancient She Is, as the majesty of mountains that rise and fall like waves through eons of time.


Capricorn “Kids” Special—for those born 1988-1994, with an eye-opening combo of planets in Capricorn. With Saturn now in that sign, this is a prime time for insights into your chart. Many from 1989-1991 are having Saturn returns, a good time to check in! It’s your time. 1/2 hour, $65; 1 hour, $125. Available for gifting. Ends on the January 31 Full Moon. EMAIL ME at