FULL MOON at 20 Taurus-SCORPIO 24
May 10, 5:42pm EDT, 2:52pm PDT, 10:42pm BST,
May 11, 8:42am AEST

BuddhaTigerImage: Cosmic Tiger Buddha, collage by author.

The stars about the lovely moon
Fade back and vanish very soon,
When, round and full, her silver face
Swims into sight, and lights all space.              —Sappho


Two intense (fixed) signs face off under this Full Flower Power Moon.
Taurus is the “stuff” of life, an earth sign that consolidates and materializes the spacious, dynamic, subatomic fields of the Scorpionic underworld. The erotically-charged creative juices of Scorpio are made tangible by the ground of Taurus. This solid ground of Taurus can be undermined (or mined) by the transformational fields of Scorpio.

The challenge is to go deep and root out weedy resistances, doubts, unresolved grief, traumatized stuck places, etc. that undermine our capacity to manifest growth, to experience the level of satisfaction that we desire. Scorpio is about surrender, will and willingness… This Full Moon asks us to dig down, to open the ground from a deeper, richer, fertile ground of our basic, essential, powerful innards.

The recent double retrograde of up-close-and-personal planets, Venus and Mercury, gave us time for introspection, for examining and resetting our emotional and mental tones and wavelengths. (Are you turning a different color?) In fact, both of these planets complete their “circle of influence”— the span of the zodiac that was circled during the retrograde— on the 18-20th. Things can really move forward then, with decisions being more clear, dialogue (hopefully) being more honest and effective. We may surprise ourselves by heading toward an unexpected destination, a new horizon.

The exclamation point of this Full Moon is the grand hurrah of Mercury’s meetup with Uranus. Fireworks, those seen and many unseen, whether behind the scenes or in the higher atmospheres—or in our higher minds!— have been sparking, jazzing up or shaking up the collective and personal status quo. What is the news saying? The news spin on the mainstream airwaves give only biased hints. We hear more ear to the ground, on the street, in the cafe, on the phone or by text. The revolution is sprouting from the ground up, from each one of us. We’ll see more of the manifestations as the Full Moon wanes and brings it all down to Earth.

This particular Full Moon is often called the Buddha Full Moon, as that venerable teacher is said to have been born, enlightened and died on this Taurus-Scorpio Moon. Considering that this is also known as the Full Flower Moon, I sought an oracular aid to this edition of Cosmic News by dowsing to see if an Orchid flower essence (from Living Tree Orchid Essences @ healingorchids.com) would step forth. “Celestial Siren” did. Here is how it is described:

“Think of a monk sitting in his robes beside a still pond, deep in meditation. Celestial Siren invites a deep inner stillness, and in so doing snuffs out little flames of negative thoughts like a candle snuffer. There is a sense of the Higher Self calling one’s soul to remember its deepest and highest potential, to reach towards the inner beauty of enlightenment, yet remaining calm, rooted and centered.”

That sums it up…. The Moon is just about exactly full. I’m posting this now!