New Moon at 17 Virgo 00
September 9, 2018, 2:01pm EDT, 11:01am PDT, 7:01pm BST,
September 10, 4:01am AEST
Image: Star Goddess batik card by favorite Vermont artist, Sarah Hart Munro.
Her website is being redesigned. Stay tuned.

This Virgo New Moon, accompanied by skillful Mercury can be an immensely productive time to improve your situation and help others to do the same. Gaia energy predominates. All the earth signs are represented—Sun, Moon and Mercury in Virgo, appreciate the support of Uranus in Taurus and Saturn, just turned forward in Capricorn. Both Saturn and Mercury are in signs they rule. We can regain some sense of steadiness and be very productive, even if we can’t exactly “settle in.”

After a cosmically complicated few months, with three eclipses and numerous planets moving backwards and forwards, we have weathered all kinds of stormy cosmic weather. The season is changing, yet remains somewhat stormy. We are asked to question what is going on in the world, but even more importantly, inside ourselves. Emotions run high.

The key is to feel creatively excited while keeping feet in measured forward movement on the ground. Considering that Neptune is in Pisces, sign of the feet, and that this New Moon opposes Neptune, that may be more of a job than we bargain for. Dancing can be a more fluid option, as Earth quakes and shakes, volcanos rumble, and tectonic plates shift.

Neptune is the sign of Dreaming. Consider this relevant question: Are we dreaming the Earth or is the Earth dreaming us? This is a mutual, shared, interactive consciousness shift. As a member of our solar system family, Earth is evolving along with all of the planets. All of the planets are exhibiting changes under the waterfalls of cosmic glitter washing in from space. Have you seen the photos of the aurora on Saturn’s north pole? Look here.
and here

We have an especially juicy few days September 9-15, with reverberations throughout the month, as Venus enters Scorpio and Mars re-enters Aquarius. Expect emotional fireworks and more of the social craziness we’ve been seeing. Rise to the challenge by channeling the creative potential of their square dance, which is rather more of a spicy tango or something fresh and raw. As an example, enjoy this inspirational video of ballet star and dance phenomenon Sergei Polunin.

Venus, becoming more brilliant each night, is opposite Uranus square nodes, while Mars conjuncts the South Node—again. This Mars-Venus-Uranus dynamic has been one of the cosmic signatures of the summer and continues through the fall. A thicket of outstanding karmic issues has been arising for us to work through, personally and globally. How are you doing with your “stuff”? I have been hearing such personally intense stories, not to mention what is going on in the world.

Black Moon Lilith joins bright red Mars on the Aquarian South Node, heightening the electricity in the air and opening uncharted mental space. It is especially important to keep an open mind about what is going on. Judgment limits our perception and is likely to evoke pushback effects. No fooling around with Lilith. Much of what we can call the global “reality show” was triggered by the total solar eclipse last August. If we can manage to take a deep breath, step back, watch and consider what is going on (personally and globally) without emotional reactivity, we can gain a different perspective and let the fresh winds blow through without too much storm damage. Hurricane season is upon us. These times are world changing on so many levels.

Ceres, Goddess of Grain and the land’s fertility, conveys energy through the subterranean layers of Earth. This dwarf planet just entered Libra and is opposite Chiron, alerting us to the critical agenda of Earth’s healing.

In Vermont, where I am living, Ceres is our State Goddess, and is indeed being healed, and even reincarnated. Normally she rules from atop the golden dome of the State House, but she is currently absent. The wooden statue was falling apart and has been removed—for the second time. This will be its third version. Her dome is being re-gilded, and her statue reincarnated in mahogany rather than pine this time, for a longer life span. I’ll keep you informed.

Meanwhile dwarf planet Ceres in Libra calls for debate, negotiation and mediation in the interest of both parties. She is an advocate for those who are underserved, or on the short stick of justice. A fresh approach may be required and a level of integrity on both sides. Ceres stands for the wellbeing of all. She is asking many pointed questions. Where do we find true justice for all? How do apply the Rule of Law in such chaotic times? Who is right and who is wrong, innocent or guilty? How do we listen and talk to each other? What choices are you making and why?

The September 24-25 Full Moon amps up these questions, with the Sun and Moon plugged smack dab into the Chiron-Ceres opposition. Those questions will change and become more compelling, eliciting quantum surprises of mind-blowing potential. Something has got to give, and so it will, with some subtle or, more likely dramatic, tipping of the Scales. Some effects will fly under the radar, as Lilith smiles. She sees it coming. Do you have any inklings or fresh ideas cooking? Take them into the upcoming Venus retrograde that starts early next month. See how they survive or transform in Scorpio, as rich spices are stirred up from the bottom of the Goddess’s cauldron.


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