FEBRUARY 26 at 9:58AM EST, 6:58AM PST, 14:58 GMT,
MARCH 1 at 1:58AM AEDT

Image: “Inspiration,” oil painting by author, with images for Eris. These contrasting images show both the Pisces and Aries dimensions of this potent solar eclipse. The Eris sketch was a first take for this dwarf planet in my new Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book. It is fun to see how it resonates with the Xena poster. The final illustration is very similar. Dwarf planet Eris, discovered in 2005, was first nicknamed Xena after the TV character, a name that conveys its female warrior energy.

Visible in a narrow band from southern Argentina across the Atlantic into Africa, those in its direct path will delight in its halo, the golden ring of the Sun around the Moon. This solar eclipse in Pisces is enhanced by the effulgent presence of Neptune. This offers a rare opportunity to ride the waves, to body surf, dive deep or float like a lotus in the ocean of extraordinary energy currents pouring through on this eclipse. Magic abounds along with mythic tides and spiritual grace.

Expect to be a bit spacey at times. (Let me know if I spaced out somewhere writing this newsletter!) Take some time to honor that. Meanwhile a list to start the day could be helpful if you have things you have to do. Find your flow and ride it with exhilaration. It’s no use resisting or trying to push the river. Let’s avoid the shoals of our own self-undoing and embrace the level of change on offer. This eclipse opens a vortex, channeling a deluge of cosmic sparkles, like a waterfall that can wash away old regrets, hurts, etc. All through this Moon cycle, let yourself feel what you feel, let it go, and flow on.

CHIRON’s presence in Pisces suggests that we are on a “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” As we cross over, w can let that water flow under that bridge, rather than jump into it. I usually picture an arched Japanese or Monet bridge, but some bridges are narrow and rickety over deep chasms. Whatever bridge you are on, feel each footstep as you go. Every footstep impacts where you will find yourself on the other side of the bridge— in new territory, for sure.

One of my favorite Chironic stories is Alice falling down the rabbit hole. This eclipse is such a rabbit hole! We’re all there. When Alice landed, she was trapped in a little room, ate a cookie, became tiny and then so large she could hardly see her feet (Pisces). In despair, she started to cry crocodile tears that became a rushing river washing her and a host of other creatures through the door into another world. This story reverberates to the New Moon eclipse. “Reality,” as we think of it, is taking a severe hit, or rather Alice’s river runs through. When that happens, let’s remember what shamans say, “The world is as we dream it.” What an opportunity to envision a new Dream.

A great gift of Pisces is its spiritual essence. We want to melt into something greater than ourselves, like an ocean of light and love. Ahhh…. When we feel disillusioned disappointed, lonely, emotional hurt, or a yearning for we know not what, underneath it is likely to be deep spiritual desire. We tend to look to someone or something else to be our savior, to take away such a keenly felt sense of emptiness. Often we look to soporifics, some drug or other. We need, almost desperately now, a spiritual lifeline. This can be our saving Grace. Listen for the song of angels and uplifting messages that come through on the radio, from a book that drops open at your feet, a conversation on the street or a good, uplifting youtube. Look for inspiring messages that clarify your thoughts and emotions to get you on the right track each day. It can always help to do some yoga or get some bodywork to help your body relax and calm your nervous system.

The SABIAN SYMBOL for this New Moon eclipse indicates a theme we may see play out in some way or another, even literally.


At first, this doesn’t sound very Piscean. However, think of surfer riding a huge wave. What a thrill! Pisces can be quite skilled at catching the wave right at the peak moment. Sabian specialist Lynda Hill calls this a degree of “competition, speed and excitement…The race is on….” We need to be clear about our intention and timing, rather than depend solely on impulse.

This Sabian image echoes the ARIES flavor of this eclipse. VENUS is in Aries, at a standstill as she prepares to drop retrograde in the skies. It is the exact conjunction of MARS and URANUS that claims attention and calls out for action, speed and excitement. It’s a “me first” combination that can lead to healthy assertiveness and initiative, or bullying aggression.

This year’s heightened dynamic pattern between URANUS, JUPITER and PLUTO indicates the challenge of the times, one that is especially activated through May with the interplay of a series of additional planets. Most especially, we would do well to pay attention to a Dwarf Planet ERIS, also in ARIES, who infuses Female Warrior energy into the Mars-Uranus call to action. This Goddess of Discord is almost twice as far away as Pluto, yet is obviously present, pushing her way front and center for yet another year. The global women’s march following the U.S. Presidential inauguration is a testament to Eris! She is stirring things up to a disturbing fever pitch. That’s what she does. We cannot rest easy when Eris is around. She prods us, “Get off your but and do something.” She throws in a curve ball (mythically an apple) that creates dissention— so that we get crystal clear about what we are thinking and doing. Some of your best friends are going to challenge you in this way. Try on a new idea. There’s inspiration! And follow it in your own way. We’re not all called to show up at a rally.

ERIS is fired up to spearhead the next phase of the Revolution as our world moves forward with unexpected and controversial leadership. Like it or not, she says, this is what it takes to get us motivated. Her activism calls forth the female warrior in us all to free the Chained Lady, Andromeda, whose story spans a wide swath of the night sky. This mythic story will unfold in some meaningful way through the spring. It’s a long story, so I’ll cut to the chase.

Andromeda is freed, essentially through the power of the EYE of MEDUSA, that “perceives with an objectivity like that of nature itself and our dreams, boring into the soul to find the naked truth, to see reality beneath all its myriad forms and the illusions and defenses it displays.” This passage from Sylvia Pereira’s The Descent to the Goddess is well applied to the gaze of snake-haired Medusa, demonized because she is a powerful woman. As Venus turns back toward the Sun and disappears from the sky next month, we follow her on an inner journey, to stand in the courage of our hearts to confront this EYE, that reflects our own fears and inner demons. This process releases the female warrior, calling out, in her outrage, for the freedom of all who are suppressed, exiled or in bondage.

So we see the two themes of this eclipse: INSPIRATION and CALL TO ACTION.
Let your actions be guided by inner wisdom Don’t be in a rush, or you may lose your balance. VENUS turns retrograde on March 4—in ARIES— inviting us to consult the emotional intelligence of our inner Goddess, so that we stay centered in our integrity and act in ways that are truly authentic to who we each are. This is the leading edge of the current Revolution, which is one of exploring levels of consciousness before we see the changes we long to experience in the world.

In the spirit of Pisces, surround yourself with good vibes. Turn off the news and turn on some good music. Good songs can be like mantras or affirmations. Here are some suggestions you can google. You will, no doubt, find your own.

Sailing, by Christopher Cross
The Way You Dream, by Giant Leap
Angelic Voices, by B-Tribe
Calling All Angels, by Train
Strange Magic, by Electric Light Orchestra
Bar at the End of the World, by Kenny Chesney
Time, by Alan Parsons Project
Gayatri Mantra, by Deva Premal
La Mer, by Debussy

Spiritual literature or poetry is also soul-soothing. Here is some relevant Rumi Shahram Singh. You can listen to his musical reading of the whole piece on his album, “Rumi: Lovedrunk.”

Oh Soul, you worry too much.
You say, I make you feel dizzy.
Of a little headache then,
why do you worry?
You say, I am your moon-faced beauty.
Of the cycles of the moon and the passing of the years,
why do you worry?
You say, I am your source of passion, I excite you.
Of playing into the Devils hand, why do you worry?

Oh soul, you worry too much.
You have seen your own strength.
You have seen your own beauty.
You have seen your golden wings.
Of anything less,
why do you worry?
You are in truth the soul, of the soul, of the soul…
Be silent, like a fish, and go into that pleasant sea.
You are in deep waters now, of life’s blazing fire.
Why do you worry?