July 23, 5:46am EDT, 2:46am PDT, 10:46am BST, 7:46pm AEDT


This New Moon, the first of two Leo New Moons, begins the celestial drama of August and augurs a major transition starting next May. Since the Moon has just moved into fiery Leo, we may be feeling a bit of a Cancer hangover— what we could call Crabby Lion syndrome. If you are feeling that, hopefully it won’t last long!

Mars adds hot spice to this New Moon, and accompanies the Sun all the way through Leo Sun sign season, including the big deal solar eclipse on August 21. Mars can be feisty—angry, frustrated or courageous, heroic, active. A good way to channel the energy, which will be intense at times, is to use it physically. Feel the strength of your body, work it and move with it. This will stimulate blood flow and ease pressure on the heart. Leo rules the heart. Move to the beat of it, with its inherent emotional intelligence. Feel how deep and wide your heart can be, enhancing your Love vibe. Don’t hide your heart, let it be freely expressed in some way. Also, have fun. Delight and joy bring smiles that transform and uplift. Leo can make anything fun. Go for whatever makes you laugh aloud.

A basic life question: are you in fear or in love? There is a lot of fear being spewed “out there.” How can we change that? It is a personal process for each of us. An astronomical factoid may give us a bit of reassurance. Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos meaning “fear” and “panic,” companions of War Lord Mars. Phobos is so close to Mars that it only takes about 7 1/2 hours to orbit. Eventually it will likely be shattered by Martian tidal forces, the debris forming a pebbly ring around its planet. Goodbye, fear.

The song Secret Heart, by Ron Sexsmith, touched me the first time I heard it on a collection of Sarah McLachlan’s favorites.

“Secret heart
What are you made of
What are you so afraid of
Could it be
Three simple words
Or the fear of being overheard…
Secret heart
Why so mysterious
Why so sacred
Why so serious…
Secret heart
Come out and share it
This loneliness, few can bear it
Could it have something to do with
Admitting that you just can’t go through it alone…”

Take a special moment to listen to this sweet, simple version by the composer:

Along this theme, a key planetary signature of this New Moon involves delightful and playful Venus in Gemini confronting the serious tone of Saturn in Sagittarius. This combination calls for meaningful considerations, attention and emotional maturity applied to relationships, finances, and life style. How we want to live our lives? How and where can we make improvements? Is it time to have some fun? What is getting in the way? Maybe it is time to speak the truth of your secret heart. At least to listen to it, and acknowledge what it knows. It is time to resolve and put an end to dynamics, interactions and activities that are not good for us. Be good to yourself. You are the one responsible for your life. Allow love to lead the way, starting with love for your primary partner—You. Move forward from a deep level of Self-love that is essentially divine.

This New Moon leads to a Full Moon eclipse on August 7-8th. This is a partial eclipse that pushes open the door that will be totally open on the next New Moon, a total solar eclipse on August 21.

This “Great American Eclipse,” as it is being called, is visible from coast to coast in the U.S.A. Wherever we are, we will each follow our heart to walk through this dark portal. Like flick of a switch, a creative spark inaugurates a new flower-like unfoldment. Life can shift in ways that ripple through Planet Earth and our bodies.

Interestingly, the total eclipse is conjunct the royal star Regulus, the star of kings and queens. As of 2012, the Divine Feminine is rising into power, as only She can bring rebirth. The Earth feels this and is responding to the waves of light that are surging through our whole solar system, evoking the discovery of new planetoids being named for creator deities from cultures around the world. This is such a promising time, no matter what it looks like on the news. The real news is in our hearts. The Lion Goddess is on the prowl.

[There is so much to say about this eclipse, it’s too much to write out. Many insights have been coming up in conversation with clients. So I am offering a webinar to share more about it. Please do join me, if you are interested.]

This New Moon cycle invites us to light our fire and get ready, get set—Go! into this amazing moment. Whatever is going on now resonates with the sign change of Uranus into Taurus next May, transitioning into early 2019. I am excited for this, a new 7-year cycle with a new dimension of social change. I am examining in myself a little tentative ripple of questioning. This month of Mars, of eclipses and commitment to the path of heart, is time to set our intentions for what we want to embody by 2424. Oxygenate your blood stream with the fiery red courage of Mars. Find your inner spiritual warrior and let s/he out. Watch or re-watch the Wonder Woman movie and feel the Goddess surge and urge you to participate in awakening and creating our new collective level of experience.

I found a poem by Mary Oliver to take into eclipse season with us, to remind us of the mystery of the stars as we witness the brilliant, silent secrets of the darkness and its light:

“Here in my head, language
keeps making its tiny noises.
How can I hope to be friends
with the hard white stars
whose flaring and hissing are not speech
but a pure radiance?
How can I hope to be friends
with the yawning spaces between them
where nothing, ever, is spoken?
Tonight, at the edge of the field,
I stood very still, and looked up,
and tried to be empty of words.
What joy was it, that almost found me?
What amiable peace?”

2017 Total Solar Eclipse:
The Lion Goddess and The Sphinx
Sunday, August 6, 4-5:30pm EDT, $20
On the eve of a Full Moon eclipse, we consider the wonder of these celestial events, like the flick of a celestial light switch. We look ahead to the dramatic total solar eclipse on August 21. Visible only across the USA, this rare moment is being called The Great American Eclipse, though its effect reverberates through the whole planet. Also, the impact of the eclipse is quite profound in the birth chart of the U.S. President. How important is it to you? Clearly, if you a Leo or Aquarius. Those born 1937-1962 are particularly called in as a generation. This Leo eclipse is aligned with fiery red Mars and the star Regulus, the Heart of Leo the Lion, empowering a shift from the masculine to feminine leadership and values. Mythically, the mysterious Sphinx and the bloodthirsty Lion Goddess are called forth. Let’s explore the themes and potentials of this eclipse season with its ripple effects into 2018-19, as we prepare to follow our hearts through the transformational dark portal.

If you can’t attend live, you will receive a link to watch when convenient.