Mercury Transit Full Moon

Full Moon @19 Scorpio-Taurus 52November 12, 2019 @8:35am EST, 5:35am PST, 1:35pm GMT
November 13, 12:35am AEDT 

Dawn over Fiddlewood & Salt Pond on the south side of St. John, US Virgin Islands. Photo by Fiddlewood hostess Mary Blazine. This is where I will be for Thanksgiving.
If you are longing for a warm respite this winter,
contact Mary @ or 340-643-3141 for more photos, info, etc.

“Tara, the Dark One…the Mysterious One
Laughing with a host of a Thousand Stars…”

—from old Buddhist text 

A Full Moon in Scorpio Water and Taurus Earth interchange dynamic reflections less than 24 hours after a rare Mercury transit. The tiny retrograde planet, between Earth and Sun, rarely aligns in such a way that we can see it crossing the immense and radiant face of the Sun. Did you see any photos? Mercury looked like a little dot creeping across a huge, vibrant field, as it soaked up solar messages in subtle and more blatant frequencies. In a way, this is like a vortex, a moment out of time, inviting/inciting us into the mysteries and playfulness of the Cosmos. The retrograde motion is not the point, rather such awesome immersion in the Sun. 

Take care to consider the quality of how your reception of these messages. The Sabian Symbol at 19 Scorpio reads:
“A Parrot Listening and then Talking, Repeating a Conversation He has Overheard.” 
Scorpio wants a direct line to the source. Make sure your mind is not “parroting” someone else’s thoughts or ideas, but rather receiving what inner guidance is revealing to you. Words hold power. As in the image above, clearly reflect what you truly know from the inside out. We will continue to receive communications and interpret them in the next couple of weeks, as Mercury finishes its retrograde on the 20th and the next New Moon logs in on the 26th. 

You’ll be glad to be reminded that this is the half-way point of Mercury’s reverse cycle. With Mercury retrograde in deep-diving Scorpio, its internal scrutiny has been pretty intense, with a process keenly experienced more innerly than outerly. We have been untangling threads and webs, rewinding balls of wool for usefulness, unkinking dents and joints, and cleaning out musty old psychic cobwebs. 

We can always accompany this inner work with some outer manifestations of cooperation, drawers bursting with notes, receipts, tools, worn-out underwear (think Scorpio), one-of-a-kind socks, rarely dusted places that require us to pull out some piece of furniture we don’t like to move, and other dribs, drabs and detritus of outlived moments. Closets are good to work with, getting into those hidden corners where things tend to disappear, lost and forgotten; old memories that tie us to the past in ways that undermine emotional vitality in the present.

And then there is the option I seem to have taken, another way of cleansing, which is to be sick for a week with a bad cold and hunker in, sleep extra and not talk too much. In a quieter space, I tuned into the Moon soon after it went into Taurus on Sunday, 10th, even woke up overnight when it was conjunct Uranus, the Awakener, Change-Maker, Disrupter— as if it was clearing the field for the Mercury transit, making space for potential magic to occur.  Mercury is also a Magician, an Alchemist, Scribe, Wise Adviser— and mercurial Trickster! It has some surprises up its sleeve, no doubt.

This Full Moon is conjunct Asteroid Vesta, one of the most reflective objects in the solar system. She holds sacred space, protects the home and hearth. With the arctic blast hitting a good deal of the U.S. and wild weather around the globe, we best honor her and tend to our common warmth. We can also set aside time to fan our inner flame as well, so needed in these contentious and chaotic times. True sustenance comes from within may be one of the key themes of this Mercury Transit/Full Moon. Where do you In-Vest your energy? Find the direct Source and tap fresh water from that deep well. 

I’ll be finding plenty of time to tend and sit by my woodstove in this unusually early cold blast before flying south to soak in the salty turquoise waters to heal, refresh, warm my bones and enter a new decade in my life. I’ll most likely get a New Moon newsletter out, but if I don’t, you’ll know that the mermaids have taken me for a long swim. 

*  * * * * * * * * * *

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