April 29, 2018, 8:58pm EDT, 5:58pm PDT,
April 30, 1:58am BST, 10:58am AEST


Image: “Touching the Robe of Ceres,” photo by author.  This is the second statue of Ceres, State Goddess of Vermont, who has stood atop the golden dome of the State House since 1938. I was taken up through the barnlike dome out to the cupola on top, where I could touch the hem of her robe, a mythically thrilling experience.

The Full Moon in Scorpio reflects the Sun in Taurus, evoking the zodiacal polarity of subatomic dance moveswith power to transform the material world from the inside out.

The joint rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, still joined up in the basic structures of Capricorn, are breaking up some painful arthritic joints in the global skeletal power system. Korea! Black Moon Lilith stands with them, wielding authoritative earth magic.

The Full Moon soon moves to meet with the King of the Gods, Jupiter in Scorpio, for a gigantic volcanic eruption in the collective consciousness.

We are poised on a Full Moon precipice, with Chiron now in Ariesand Uranusabout to go into Taurus— right on the next New Moon! Woohoo! Wild times in the celestial realms. There will a lot to say next time. I’ll probably need to record extra audio interpretation.

There’s a buzz everywhere on multiple levels, as Dragons fly through the celestial spheres. The Nodes of the Moon, also known as the Dragon’s Head and Tail, closely square the Sun and Full Moon, giving it four-square manifestational impact. “Something’s happening here,” what it is just ain’t exactly clear—yet.
Stop Children, What’s That Sound?

Applying all this to your personal situation, do you know what you are doing? Stay focused, yet on track like a laser beam. This is a powerful turn of the Wheel of Fortune, spiced with challenge, mind-blowing insights, also infused with fellowship, helpfulness, safeguards and silent inspiration, a la “The Sounds of Silence.

I’m sure you’re picking up on the 60s-70s sound track that is developing here.
(By the way, I need suggestions for current musical references. I’d love to include some of yours.)

Ceres caught my eye as the biggest player in the light of this Full Moon. Right on the North Node, giving the call to Destiny!
Ceres is at 11 Leo, with an image of “Children on a Swing in the Safety of a Huge Oak Tree.”
This is reassuring symbolism echoes the wellness theme of Ceres at her best. Discovered on New Year’s Day 1801, she was hailed as a new planet. As more and more celestial bodies were discovered nearby, they all became “asteroids” in the rocky river of shattered planet debris. Ceres remained the largest of them. In 2006, a redefinition of “planet” crowned her as a dwarf planet, thus the Shepherdess protectively watching over her field of asteroids.

The Reincarnation of Ceres
Where I live, in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Ceres rules from atop the golden dome of our State Capitol building. At least, she usually is. It is a shocking sight to drive into the capital city of Montpelier and see her missing from her dais. Vermont’s Ceres is about to be birthed into her third incarnation.In  1938, a folksy, homegrown Ceres was carved to replace the rotting original classical statue. Now, again, another such moment. Damage from blizzards, rains and winds over the decades has compromised the wood. She has been retired. Soon the third incarnation of Ceres will be set in her place upon the regilded dome. I’m so interested to see what she looks like!

It so happens the chart of this 14th State (March 4, 1791) has Uranus at 10+ Leo, which puts it right in line with the Ceres-North Node of this Full Moon and the oak tree image.

Vermont State

Largely rural, Vermont has lots of good trees, particularly maples, for children to swing in. The sense of community is strong here and appreciation for Nature and her bounty is evident in many food coops, community supported farms and the dynamic farm-to-table initiative among restaurants. Vermont produces many special On the other hand, gentrification has impacted the economy and changed the landscape in many places. Old farms are disappearing, barns are falling down, state taxes are high, general stores in small towns are closing. But if you know where to go, you can find stone caves aligned with solstice, large underground marble mines and ancient coral sea beds. Ceres stands over deeply rooted bedrock holding the history of the land.

Mythically Ceres grows grains and feeds the people, body and soul. Ceres is specifically about cereals. What’s going on with GMOs and global agriculture? What about the bees? What did I read about GMO mosquitos?? There are her concerns, among other that may come to our attention under this Full Moon.

The wider field of Ceres is about our natural resources and ecological connection to living Gaia; the cycle of the seasons, of death and rebirth. She educates the whole person, and protects the children, like the oak tree does, fostering and preserving the common good, guided by Earth wisdom.

In Leo now, aligned with the line of Destiny, riding the Dragon, impacting eclipses, Ceres shows the way of wellbeing for all, standing for those who have no voice of their own. What is the call of your heart? Let’s swing in the oak trees and consider what our heart is called to?

Ceres is the Mother Land, the Good Earth.”America the Beautiful” is her anthem and, I feel, the true soul song of the United States, and one that U.S. citizens can share with all nations, from the ground up:

“Oh, beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain
For purple mountains’ majesty above her fruited plains.
America, America, God shed her Grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.”