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Image: “Fear Not the Snake,” multimedia piece by Mink Taylor, photographed by author at the Algonquin Art Centre, a Canadian art gallery in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario.


Mercury stands by to convey the secrets and undercurrent of the Scorpio New Moon. Expect interesting news to be uncovered sometime in the next two weeks. Mid-month sign changes usher in a different mood by the Full Moon of November 14, perhaps as a result of such revelations. Scorpio contains profound transformational capacity, while Mercury (Hermes) is the god of Alchemy. Examine how you perceive reality and see how you can shift your perspective and turn, turn, turn around the potentials for an enhanced outcome. It’s like a snake that sheds it skin, perhaps somewhat painful, but so worth the effort for the fresh feel of it. The two weeks until the Full Moon is the time frame on this playground.

VENUS joins SATURN in SAGITTARIUS to invite new directions and new vision in economics and the arts. How artfully are you targeting improvements and deeper satisfaction in your life? This pair challenges the flow of destiny with questions about ethical standards, religious morals, and ingrained beliefs and biases. What is in your Heart of Truth? “Might makes right” is an outworn motto with which many validate their actions. There is hot, spicy activity with a MARS-URANUS dynamic that impulses the trigger happy to let loose, while awakening higher consciousness and inspiring social change-makers motivated by higher ideals. Confusion still reigns, with pressures causing anxieties. Stay on target and don’t let yourself be distracted or energetically polluted by the surrounding fog. Keep your head above the clouds!

The world will soon know the outcome of the U.S. presidential election—or will it? Of course this is not the only political or global game in play. No matter what happens, we are all charged to step up with fresh initiatives and courage to do what needs to be done. It’s no use counting on a crumbling system. Community and grassroots efforts fueled by individual creative resources lead to ingenious solutions.