New Moon at 26 Pisces 53
March 17, 2018, 9:11am EDT, 6:11am PDT, 1:22pm GMT, 10:11pm AEDT

CHARIKLODanawaterfalls3 copy

Image: Water Nymph Chariklo shapeshifted from a mermaid to a centaur to become Chiron’s Wife, web collage by Dana Hunt.

Chiron conjuncts this New Moon, opening up a month unlike any other in recent memory. I don’t yet know what this means. Do you have any inkling? If so, just put it aside for now. Whatever you think or imagine, let go into the ‘Be Here Now’ as the best strategy to align body-mind-spirit. Chiron tends to evoke what needs to be healed to smooth the serendipity between heaven and earth.

Mythically Chiron is the man-horse who ultimately surrenders his bodily form to transmute a life of eternal pain from an unintended wound. With Jupiter’s permission and support from his mate, Chariklo, he takes on his star shape, the constellation of The Centaur in the southern sky. With a natural ability for shapeshifting, Chariklo herself was a river mermaid who transformed into a centaur to be with Chiron. In my version, What Best Serves Love: Chariklo’s Story, when Chiron transcends she then shapeshifts back into a mermaid and swims out into the larger sea.

Chariklo is at 18-19 Capricorn now, closing in on Pluto, and already reshaping our reality. She will be involved the intense Saturn-Pluto-Mercury conjunction on the Full Moon eclipse of January 11, 2020 (a partial eclipse, thankfully—we can only handle so much!). This celestial choreography has astrologers buzzing. A special group on call for that maneuver is the mini-generation born from 188-1994, especially 1989-91. If you are in that group, you might want to take advantage of my Capricorn Kids Special reading: Contact me if you are interested.

With this Chironic Pisces New Moon looming, it is not a surprise that The Shape of Water won the Best Movie Oscar a couple of weeks ago. It is a strange and original film in many ways, evocative and mythical, an unusual love story and a thriller, with impressionistic visuals of bluegreen moving waters.

In this film, the water god being is clearly a Chironic character who can heal himself when hurt. At the end he revives and transforms his lover into a river mermaid. Off they swim together. If you haven’t seen the movie and think this is a spoiler, it does not dim the magic.

Something about this fluid shifting of shapes is available to us on this Chironic New Moon. What needs to be healed in your life? Can you draw upon your natural ability for reshaping yourSelf, or surrender to the uplifting shapeshifting process? Do you believe Tinkerbell can come back to life? No, it’s not a fairy tale, but one of redemption, forgiveness, compassion and great love.

Reality is fluid and changes shape along with our perceptions. It is relevant here to note that an octopus has a brain in each of its eight tentacles. Really? Really! For real? For real, and if it isn’t, may it be so. The level of perceptual shift these days is extraordinarily intense, enough to suggest a rewatch of The Matrix. If you’ve seen it, you’ll remember the pivotal scene in which Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) offers Neo (Keanu Reeves) the choice of a blue pill or a red pill. The blue pill lulls one into a state of acceptance of surface reality while the red pill opens up a bottomless rabbit hole into truth. Such a choice makes me kind of want a purple pill, an inbetween option, but that is not on offer. With Chiron, though, all sorts of out-of-the-box options pop up. Run your own updated version of that movie scene.

Let’s look at a New Moon storyline here, using a string of Piscean Sabian Symbols from New Moon to Chiron:
New Moon at 27 Pisces:
The Harvest Moon Rises in Translucent Autumnal Skies

In-between “bridge” image of 28:
Under the Full Moon the Fields Seem Strangely Alive

Chiron at 29:
Scientist is Making Tests by Means of Spectrum-Analysis

Interestingly, two of these images point us to the Full Moon on March 31, the eve of Easter or the more ancient Eostre. There will be plenty to talk about by then, on that action-packed weekend that will, apparently, take a particularly subtle approach to figure out. If you are a crystal holder, put them out under the Full Moon and see if they translate the moonlight into a spectrum. We can all prepare ourselves under this New Moon by inviting new wavelengths of light to wash through our aura to cleanse our bodies, minds and hearts of old pain, both personal and collective. Let your intuition reveal more about these images for you personally.

As I wrote last time (Alternating Realities), “Chiron indicates a kind of resistance, wound, or blockage relieved only by some alternative, holistic, paradigm shift. Whatever the collective longing, we each bring this back home to our own experience, turning ourselves inside out to express more of who we truly are…the shift is in both head and heart, as we rinse away doubt, discouragement and any other mental-emotional discomforts that are getting us off track. Thus we open a clear channel. Make your contribution count, like a sunny smile on a cloudy day.”

Since I have a good deal of Irish blood, I toast you with my green drink, celebrating Leprechauns, Faeries and all the “Little People.” Mythical, magical beings will be catching the corner of our eyes. “Slainte” (To your health).



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