Brooklynglass.detailA light astrology dessert, as seen in Vermont Woman magazine

AQUARIUS— This is your time of year. Share your shine! If you have felt underwater so far in 2017, you can now surface and breathe deeply. Plenty of social activity stimulates you. Alert your people.

PISCES— Heightened emotional waves with dreams and psychic awareness help you hold your course. The February 26 eclipse in your sign opens a new level in your journey down the stream. “With a smile and a song,” flow into fresh and interesting initiatives.

ARIES— You are jazzed and ready to drum up some action, especially in February. Check your clarity meter before you do what you do. Don’t disdain advice, as it may save some backtracking in March, when it’s time to re-evaluate which pursuits are truly most rewarding.

TAURUS— Seeking greater satisfaction and sense of security, some adjustments are called for. Take the time you need for this very private, inner process that can’t be rushed. It will be worth it.

GEMINI— Multi-tasking as usual, you may drop a few balls. Make time to retrieve key ones; some won’t matter. Use words with care. Off-handed remarks are likely to cause unintended misunderstandings. Or, hold your tongue. Some people will just not listen anyway.

CANCER— Dismiss moodiness as a waste of time— just give yourself plenty of down time to process. The current fast pace is not your preference, but you can handle it better with enough rest.

LEO— The February 11th eclipse is a heads up for upcoming shifts in your life. Start questioning your heart, that most intelligent organ. Consider yourself an actor that is preparing for a new role.

VIRGO— It’s not always easy to discern the best response in changing times. You are as masterly as any. Step up in a timely manner when you perceive a workable solution. Take time out in March to reduce stress build up.

LIBRA— This is your year for enriching collaborations and partnerships. Now is a good time to check in with yourself. Strengthen your grounding and balance, thereby enhancing what you have to offer. All relationships benefit.

SCORPIO— You are not one to take things for granted. Amidst a plethora of fresh ideas and possibilities, only certain ones speak to your heart. Resolve any unfinished business or resistance of others that holds you back from answering the call.

SAGITTARIUS— After seriously considering your best options, you can now gallop along at a steady, focused pace. Check your attitude. Discipline is needed, but you can fully enjoy the journey, making success all the sweeter.

CAPRICORN— Learning that you are not in control opens up a completely different range of potentials. Like a potter, shape the clay of circumstances as they come. It’s not up to you to make the clay itself.