FULL MOON at 22 Scorpio-TAURUS 38
November 14, 8:53am EST, 5:53am PST, 12:53pm GMT,
November 15, 12:53am AEDT


Image: Tombstone in Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris. Photo by author.

This FULL MOON in TAURUS is closer than any Full Moon since 1948 and until 2034. It will be extra large, especially when looming over the eastern or western horizon, rising or setting. We know how strongly the Moon’s pull of gravity impacts ocean tides as well as our emotional tides. Expect this impact to be very strong, and use the earthy energy of Taurus to remain grounded.

This Full Moon reflects the light of a deep, powerful Scorpio Sun, with Black Moon Lilith fully present. In this sign, the eyes of Lilith narrow with a depth of perception and a subtle twinkle— she knows she’s blowing our minds with a geyser eruption of subconscious material, both personal and collective. If, at some level, we can stand aside from the powerful impact of such waters, this Full Moon can be incredibly cleansing. In other words, get out of the way of Niagara Falls.

This release is accompanied by other powerful indications that sound a resonant note with this fire hose of a Full Moon. An incoming tsunami of collective karma is being released, pulling us back like the undertow pulls sand away from the beach back under the waters. This undertow is SO strong and pulls back SO far, that it turns round into a tsunami. New Zealand has already had a 7.8 earthquake that caused some tsunami activity. The U.S. had another type of earthquake, a political one, that reverberates globally. Many of us are experiencing huge waves of emotion that can grab you and me and pull us in to a whirlpool of reactivity based on our individual “stuff.” The challenge is to keep our heads above the water, to use our spiritual guidance and our higher mind intelligence.

We might also need a good tank of air to dive through these waters, or a surf board on which we can ride the tunnels of these amazing waves— use whatever metaphor works for you.

How are we understanding the story of our times and our own personal story lines, at a time when truths are challenged and it is time to edit old paradigm beliefs? This is a big question of our times. We see more and more clearly that we cannot count on government or current outmoded systems.

A number of folks have called or emailed about the U.S. election and whether astrology predicted the outcome. I was not as surprised as some people because of some media sources I was tuning into. Honestly, I was not really following the astrology. I do have some thoughts about the US election, centered on the myth of Pegasus the Flying Horse. I have shared this, part written/part audio from a workshop on 11/13 as a separate Cosmic News post. Check it out if you are interested.

Basically the current wake-up call, in themes times and punctuated by this Super Moon is that we need to come together, in our common, shared humanity. We each need to step up and put more energy into feeling gratitude for what is best in our lives, more intention behind the vision we want to create, more fire to stoke up the light in our hearts and spirits, more compassion to extend kindness to everyone.

“I wish there was a treaty between your love and mine.” —Leonard Cohen, the last words in his last album, “You Want it Darker,” released in October, a month before his death on November 7.