FULL MOON at 23 Libra-ARIES 14
October 15, 9:23pm PDT
October 16, 12:23am EDT, 4:23am GMT, 3:23pm AEDT

jupitermakemake-001Image: Jupiter-Makemake conjunction, cropped images from author’s PLANETARY GODS AND GODDESSES COLORING BOOK. What insights are you you getting from this pair: Jupiter, King of the Gods, with thunderbolts, and Bird-Man MakeMake’s renewal imagery?

A FULL MOON CONJUNCT URANUS is bound to surprise us in amazing and shocking ways. All kinds of unexpected news are likely to saturate the airwaves. Even if your power is off, internet down, etc. you’ll hear about it through some channel or other. Storms are in the realm of Uranus, and such an event would not really be surprising considering the super storms, floods and constant earthquake activity around the world—in some unexpected areas! We are being shook up, waked up, changed up, stimulated, excited and put on alert. Vigilance is required.

Uranus is the Awakener, and we are being asked to “wake up!” Yet, please do attend to getting enough sleep to recharge your system. We need to plug in to NEPTUNE’s DREAMTIME to help us cope, and calm anxious overwhelm —and to ground ourselves as well, so we can embody the extraordinary new energies entering our system (solar, global and individual).

Dwarf planet ERIS is in on the action, too. “Why not stir things up a little,” she asks. “That will get everyone’s attention and maybe something can happen here!”

MARS again squares this Full Moon, as it did the last New Moon, but now it is conjunct PLUTO (exact on the 19th) and moving into a square with Uranus (xact on the 29th). Obvious globe-changing activity on many fronts will leave us in no doubt that systems and structures are transforming and we’d best be cooperating and moving along with this agenda in ways appropriate in our lives.

Strip it down to bare bones. As an exercise, consider what you would take with you if you had to evacuate immediately. Some folks are experiencing such straits, for short or long term. Capricorn is about essentials, necessities. It is time to each of us consider just what these are and act accordingly.

This is in regard to relationships, activities, possessions, thoughts, words and ideas. If you need to say something that has been on your mind and in your heart, this may be the time. Give careful consideration to how and when. Perhaps, if you expect resistance and you know the case is impossible, just do what you need to do and make changes, or at least a practical plan. The two week window from full to new moon lasts until the next New Moon on October 30, just in time for Halloween, Samhain, Diwali and other seasonal holidays as the light changes another notch toward Solstice.

In my last New Moon COSMIC NEWS-letter, I talked about the presence of dwarf planet Makemake with the New Moon, sharing some things I had been researching in relation to this re-emerging archetype. I wrote how eager I was to learn more about it. Well, I didn’t have to wait long.

Within half an hour after sending out the newsletter, I was introduced via email by one of my readers, Candice Covington of, to Dr. Candace Gossen, an environmental archaeologist who spent 14 years on Easter Island. The native Rapa Nui people call their island home, “Te Pito Te Henua.” meaning “The Navel of the World.” In an ensuing email exchange, for which I am very grateful, Dr. Gossen expanded my awareness of Makemake in the historic context of the island’s discovery and ensuing invasive aggression. Like so many First Peoples, the Rapa Nui were kidnapped as slaves, their land taken, their culture and history misinterpreted.
 The Makemake religion was a response to this cultural trauma, much like the Ghost Dance among native tribes in North America, offering hope and renewal.

So much more is known now about the “mysteries” of this land and its people, still living there. 
It was worth the small fee to stream “Easter Island,” on the Smithsonian Channel, “Secrets” series (season 2, show 1). There are many more updated references across the internet as well.
 I received this info just in the nick of time to appropriately edit the section in my PLANETARY GODS AND GODDESSES COLORING BOOK thusly:

“MAKEMAKE (mah’-key-mah’-key) 
This re-creative god-man presided over the Tangata manu Bird-man religion of the Rapa Nui people of remote Easter Island. Each year clan warriors descended a steep cliff and swam across a channel to bring back the first tern bird egg, representing new life. The winner’s clan chief became king, as Makemake’s earthly representative. This small Pacific island is known for its huge, carved stone statues called “moai” (mo’-eye) that honored the ancestors. Astronomically, Makemake is a dwarf planet.”

I also learned that the moai statues were carved to represent real, known ancestors to evoke their protection. Therefore I felt it was important to retrace the drawing I shared with you last time, to give it more true meaning and to draw the moai statues with more respect. You see the changed section above and in the coloring book.

What a learning curve this creative project has been. I hope it will be so for you, too, when you order your book!

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