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FULL MOON at 11 Scorpio-TAURUS 59
November 3, 10:23pm EDT,
November 4, 1:23am EDT, 5:23am GMT, 4:23pm AEDT

Image: Two Black Holes Dancing in remote galaxy 3C 75. This pair of supermassive black holes, at the centers of two merging galaxies 300 million light years away, are co-orbiting in an image of cosmic erotica appropriate for this Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon. Such spectacular cosmic mergers are thought to be common in crowded galaxy cluster environments in the distant universe.
NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day for October 22.

The Jupiter-infused Sun in Scorpio amplifies the potential for going deeper and broader, like a rapidly rushing underground river intently winding its way out to sea. Neptune likes this, as deeper desires stir its mystical heart. How deeply can we surrender to the Great Spirit to manage our affairs, support us through our karmic dramas and fulfill our life purpose?

It’s likely many of us will, inevitably, take the familiar road most traveled, overwhelmed with anxiety and kind of “losing ‘IT’.” If we admit that we are a little crazed and take a moment to re-center, this is a powerful choice that allows continued unfolding of profoundly creative possibilities beyond standard beliefs. Moon in Taurus supports deeply grounded energy, like a tree that extends roots deep down into the soil and bedrock of Earth. Many of us will turn to temporary ease-giver substances or pharmaceutical aids, others to their support team, some to the greater powers that be. Not a few of us will use all three to make it through. I’m not sure when we’re “through”….but certainly a Full Moon is at least a bit of a peak moment in this process.

Salt-of-the-Earth Moon in Taurus aligns well with Pluto, finding a way to get things done, even if Plan A and B go awry. I have a sense that the intense post-eclipse storms, fires, floods, hurricanes and violence are finding their way into every nook and cranny of our circumstances and psyches, so that we are all experiencing some level of the practical necessity to make changes. Reality is altering and doesn’t make rational sense. This is not a rational time, rather a time for feeling and standing strong in heart and soul and body, and to express love and compassion on a daily basis.

For a meaningful diversion, here is a little story from my recent “Tuesday Afternoon”[pause to listen to that Moody Blues song on the album, Days of Future Passed, which sounds so prophetic]:

It all resonates—and THAT makes sense!
In that spirit, I’m going to go a bit off the tracks here, having a bit of fun with you.

A dozen turkeys crossed my back yard on that chilly rainy Tuesday. We had a noisy, concentrated 30-second hailstorm. I drove to the food co-op in one of the small towns here. There was a donkey ambling down the sidewalk. That’s a familiar site in the Caribbean, where I was living, but not so much here in Vermont. I superfluously wondered if the donkey had been evacuated from the islands, then saw that a person with a green facemask was leading this rather reluctant animal. Ah, Halloween….I was glad the donkey was not in costume. Donkey medicine is said to be about patience and hard work with a quiet, determined, sometimes stubborn intelligence, and willingness to take on burdens of others. They know how much they can handle, what they can and cannot do. Solid Taurus qualities.

Saturn is heading toward the end of its 2 1/2 year run in Sagittarius. Now at 25 Sag, a degree of fantasy and imagination, it is just about to plug into the Galactic Center. Are you feeling it, some intuition coming in from the heart of the Milky Way, galactic headquarters? This is where my Mercury is, so I’m telling a story. I’m open to channeling something new. I want to be inventive. Let’s see where this takes us, what can happen here.

An accompanying worldly manifestation for me is that it was time to surrender my Saturn this week— I mean my car. It so happened that a dark green Saturn sedan came to me during my Saturn return. We named it “Kari,” the name of one of Saturn’s moons. Nine years later, Saturn crosses my Sun; Kari starts to indicate vitality issues and needs some rusty parts replaced. (It was kind of fun to call my mechanic and ask how my Saturn was doing!) This Saturn transits my Mercury; Kari exhibits symptoms of high blood pressure (high rpms) and transmission issues, especially into reverse. I think that was when Saturn was retrograde. Last week, Saturn was back on my Mercury for its grand finale. With winter coming, a new, reliable car feels in order. Thank you, Saturn, for being such a reliable road warrior for these last 80,000 miles. Now onto a hands-free, voice-activated phone system in a bright indigo Camry, which will last me many a year unless gas prices go too high or I relocate abroad. For the time being, watch for me on the road.

Perhaps from this digressing story, you can tell that Saturn is now squaring Chiron, an alteration of reality. No? you didn’t get that? I bet you can tell from what is going on in your own life, that reality is very shifty lately. I’m telling you, when these two factors get together, you never know what creative chaos or magic can happen in a critical moment, big or small. Add in Black Moon Lilith in tandem with Saturn: as in “this is the way it is, what can you do with this?” Take a pause to Be Here Now with Shapeshifter Chiron, align with the heavens and invite starshine to shimmer down. Attend, intend, feel your feet extend into the Earth, and pull telluric energy up from deep down. Your body loves to drink it in. It’s powerful. Then watch what happens in front of you. With Mercury-in-Scorpio savvy insights, shrewd change-maker strategies and co-creative cooperation, may the Force be with you. This is the stuff of legends.

Did you hear about the family of six that was stranded in the Scottish Highlands when their canoe was swept away by a swollen river? Before attempting a long and boggy trek around the loch, they cell-phoned mountain rescue and were told to head for a nearby railway line. There the Hogwarts Express (the steam train used in the movie) made an unscheduled stop to pick them up. You can imagine how the kids loved that! Magic happens!

On this Full Moon, one of the most potent planetary dynamics is Venus in her sweet spot, Libra, exactly opposite Uranus in Aries, a firestorm of awakening, sparking brain cells and neural activity with cosmic sizzle. This is fullness on another level— unexpected meetings, spontaneous partnerships, unusual, kinetic art, community cooperation, generosity and a kindly “pay-it-forward” feel. Love is in the air when we bring some with us and light up the skies.