Full Moon @9 Taurus/Scorpio
October 31, 2020, 10:49am EDT, 7:49am PDT, 2:49pm GMT,
November 1, 2:49am AEST
[you on that side of the world are welcome to join us over on this side in celebrating the Blue Moon!]

Angel Oak Underworld 2, web collage by Dana Hunt.
Lilith, entwined by her serpent, inhabits Angel Oak, a 1400-year-old tree found on John’s Island across two bridges from Charleston, SC. The mystic reflection takes us into the cosmic alchemical underworld of Scorpio. 

This Full Moon in Taurus a ‘Blue Moon,’ the second Full Moon in October. On Halloween, or Samhain, no less— one of the cross-quarter holy days in-between equinoxes and solstices. And in exact conjunction with the wild, radical Awakener, Uranus, the ‘odd-ball’ planet, it is lit up like a strangely-carved Jack o’Lantern or an expected Halloween trick-or-treater. At Samhain the veils between the material and ‘other’ worlds is thinnest. Black Moon Lilith as moved through that veil as she is entering Taurus to engage this magical and mysterious Blue Moon. 

Dare you look the Full Moon Mother or Man in the Moon Full in the face for what symbolism it conveys to you? The moon is seen as feminine or masculine depending on cultural context. Uranus goes beyond gender to embrace both sides of the brain. You might also find clues in the ground as you walk along, especially in natural settings or near trees. Taurus is like a deeply rooted tree, on such a Full Moon reaching down and through the underworld, tapping into the mysterious dark realms of Scorpio below surface appearances. 

No astrological cycle exists in isolation. The choreography of celestial cycles is like a grand symphony with different instruments (planets) playing their part. We can imagine the Sun as the orchestra leader conducting the cosmic musical score, yet the Sun is also a player in larger cycles in the grander galactic music— the ‘music of the spheres.’ as some of the great astronomers called it.

I want to address three particular planetary dynamics that sound the threaded themes of this movement of the symphony.

Uranus!  Expect the Unexpected! Never a dull moment with this planet that lives on the wild side, actually rotating on its side, with its polar axis facing the Sun. First of the “modern” planets, Uranus was discovered “by accident” in 1781, around the time of the American, French and industrial revolutions. Most of its 27 Moons are taken from Shakespeare. Not all moons have been named. Test your Shakespearean knowledge by recalling in what play these characters appeared. The 5 largest moons are Oberon, Titania, Ariel, Umbriel and Miranda. Other Uranian moons are Juliet, Puck, Cordelia, Ophelia, Bianca, Desdemona, Portia, Rosalind, Cressida and Belinda. 
*Answers to the quiz below.

This Uranus Full Moon harkens back to start of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, still in progress, when Mercury in Scorpio was opposite Uranus. What have we learned since then? What further surprises await us under the light of this Full Moon? The Scorpio Sun is full of secrets. 

Uranus is all about surprises, awakening, and seeing things from a higher mind perspective, sometimes caused by lightning-like shocks to our system. It’s important to remember that we are in a galactic cloud of higher photon or light activity that is sending waves unprecedented, higher frequencies throughout our whole solar system. This Full Moon indicates such an incoming wave. Dig in like that deeply rooted tree and hold on; steady your physical vehicle for a smoother comfort level in the energy storm. It’s likely that what we are experiencing, both personally and collectively, does take us by surprise and contains some shocking revelations or sudden awakenings of consciousness.

Any time Uranus is activated, the Uranus in your chart will turn on.
Where is your Uranus? Look it up! The 84-year orbit of Uranus takes it through a zodiac sign in 7-8 years, identifying a generation of people engaged in challenging, awakening and changing a dimension of collective experience.

 Mercury Retrograde in Slow Turn Forward
Mercury is taking a slow turn at the end of Libra, finally moving forward on November 3. It started retrograde opposite Uranus; now we have this Uranian Full Moon; and Mercury will oppose Uranus again on November 17, just after the next New Moon. Plenty of surprises!!

This Messenger of the gods is in Libra from October 28- November 10, signifying dialogue, decisions and choices weighed on The Scales. Libra seeks mutual regard, balance, justice, peace and harmony. 

While in Libra Mercury is consorting with Haumea, the Hawai’ian of Childbirth, one of the new planetoids in the ‘far out’ solar system. I have been mentioning Haumea for some months now, as I been realizing what a key part she has been playing, like an unusual orchestral instrument. She has been interacting with the Capricorn power trio of Jupiter/ Pluto/Saturn, and now opposite the extended passage of Mars in its own fire sign, Aries. 

She is adding a new dimension of creative engagement to the current necessity to redesign how we live on this blue jewell of a planet. Haumea was conjunct the last New Moon in Libra. Now she is collaborating with Mercury in turn-around, looking both ways. She is weighing the fruits of her labor, as she births new quantum options beyond our experience of the past. We are cutting ties with the past this year in some obvious and other subtle ways.  

In the spirit of Haumea’s call to Creativity, a reader [thank you, D’Aine] sent me this quote from Matthew Fox:
“The only hope Mother Earth has for survival is our recovering Creativity— which is of course, our divine power. Creativity so satisfying, so important, not because it produces something but because the process is cosmological. There’s joy and delight in giving birth.”
[For more on Haumea see my new article on The Wessex Astrologer’s website blog.]

Healing Goddess Impulse: Venus opposite Chiron
The third main theme of this Full Moon in Taurus involves Venus, the ruler of Taurus. What she says goes under this Full Moon. The goddess of love, beauty and money is now @4 degrees Libra, her other rulership sign. She adds harmony, peace and her high aesthetic standards onto the Scales. In close opposition with Chiron, new inpu is needed. There is a call for fresh, quantum-type ideas. Try something new and different! See how you like it. What new initiatives can add value, love and harmony to your life? What new approaches can be more satisfying to all concerned? Let us call on the Cosmic Feminine to bring us what we need and, more, what will brings joy and delight into our lives. Let’s get out our looking glass, our telescopic lens, our deep sky binoculars to peer into beyond what is visible to normal vision. Let’s seek what is possible, what lights up our inner skies and our hearts. 

As a longtime Cosmic News reader [thank you, Marilyn] signs her emails:
Peace En-Joy!
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*Answers to Uranian moons Shakespeare quiz:
A few stumped me, but I knew Cressida from a college production of the lesser-known play, ‘Troilus and Cressida’.
Oberon, Titania and Puck(‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’; 
Ariel and Miranda (‘The Tempest’); Juliet(‘Romeo & Juliet’);
Cordelia (‘King Lear’);  Ophelia (‘Hamlet’); Portia (‘The Merchant of Venice’)
Bianca & Desdemona(‘Othello’- I’m impressed if you knew Bianca)
Rosalind (‘As You Like It’ — I once played Orlando in an all-woman version of this play in Vermont’s Unadilla Theater. I really enjoyed wearing a sword.) 
Umbriel and Belinda are ‘rogue’ names from Alexander Pope’s ‘The Rape of the Lock.’ I didn’t realize it was a trick question until I looked it up! So Uranus!

* * * * * * * * *