Cosmic News Solstice 2012 Stargates MP3

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Cosmic News Solstice 2012 Stargates MP3

VenusRisPOPI have created a Solstice Gift to you all, appreciating you and us in this special space- time we’re living together. I’ve been wanting to share some of my evolving insights about this extraordinary solstice.

So I recorded a 75-minute MP3 of perspectives considering some larger and smaller cycles, the astrological chart for this Solstice with powerful star alignments and other weavings.

I am so glad the moment came together today, following the flow which is increasingly shimmering with serendipities and synchronicities. I have been cleaning, clearing and beautifying my space and wanting to be outdoors and splashing in the sea.

You are welcome to share as you wish.

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