Mentorships in Depth Astrology

For intermediate and advanced students who know the ABCs
and want to deepen their language and interpretation skills.
Study one-on-one with a Master Astrologer.
Combine personal growth with learning.


I would be honored to work with you to deepen your knowledge of the language of the stars. Together we develop an individualized study approach designed by us for you, taking into account your astrological background and goals, your special interests—and your personal transits. We learn astrology as much from our own experience as from books and other people. An intrinsic component of our studies together will be working with your chart, learning from the inside out.

It’s hard to study on your own, even from books. I’m keen to support you with my 50+ years of astrology study, enhanced by a range of interdisciplinary studies, particularly mythology, depth psychology and the cosmic feminine. You might choose a particular focus for your study, (which might change and develop), for example: how to approach a chart, relationship analysis, using progressions, Moon-Sun combinations, synthesizing chart patterns, mythic psychology, family astrology). Many students find the leap from the basics— planets, signs, houses— to interpreting aspects and chart synthesis to be challenging. I can help.

We’ll look at charts. I’ll suggest readings and other resources. Writing can be a great way to synthesize your learning. I encourage journaling, keeping notebooks, writing out interpretations. This is a suggestion, not a requirement. The study is on your terms.

I ask that we meet at least three times for one hour, at least once a month, with a fee of $50/hour. You can pay the total $150 up front or in two payments. After that we can continue as long as you like, on a regular or semi-regular basis. We can work together by phone, zoom, FaceTime or skype. Sessions are recorded.

For several years, I worked long distance as an adjunct faculty in college adult degree programs, guiding independent studies. I have experience in this type of individualized mentoring and know how well it can support you in moving forward on your particular path. I am excited about working with students of astrology in this way.

Contact Kelley to discuss possibilities further.

Peace, Light and Love on the journey.