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Implosionary Pink Full SuperMoon

Full Moon @ 7 Scorpio/Taurus
April 26, 2021 @ 11:31pm EDT, 8:31pm PDT, 
April 27, 4:31am BST, 1:31pm AEST

‘Rose Wave,’ first application of oil paint to canvas, inspired by close up of a rose. Looks like an implosion to me! With incoming solar waves, let’s see how we can open to welcome such an implosion of light and beauty. Perhaps this image needs more depth and darkness for Scorpio Moon— or can we rise to the high heart transformational pink vibe?

This Pink Super Moon pairs with the May 26th totally eclipsed Moon as the closest Full Moons of 2021. We feel the impact deep into our bodies as the Earth reverberates with electromagnetic frequencies.

The Pink name for this April Moon refers to the early bloom of ‘moss pink’ or ‘phlox subulata’ of eastern North America. At first I thought that name was ‘sublimata’. Sounds sublime!
Uranus adds an extra large dose of electric geomagnetics and is as full of surprises as this Full Moon can handle. And a Scorpio Moon can go deep and intense. The dark goddess is present in any Scorpio Moon, this one channeling lightning charge and enlightening frequencies from both radical, earth-shaking Uranus and a tight fusion of sensual Venus, (true) Black Moon Lilith and perceptual Mercury all in Taurus.
Uranus would be enough to make this Full Moon a highly-charged lunation. With the addition of Venus in her rulership, and in a same-degree conjunction with Black Moon, we experience something even more outrageous, extra-sensory and beyond the ordinary. Feel how your body experiences the intense light of this Full Moon, and let your perception be informed thereby. Otherwise you might not believe it. The subliminal senses are awakened and tuned up to receive new frequencies/ perceptions. Trust yourself deeply and radically, no reactive judgement: “It is as it is.”
Book suggestion: Peter Redgrove’s The Black Goddess and the Unseen Real: Our Uncommon Senses and Their Common Sense, a.k.a. The Black Goddess and the Sixth Sense. This book was evocative and informative during my early research into Lilith. From the book description on Amazon:

“The author shows how we are surrounded by invisibles; forces which animals know but humans have come to ignore or only participate in unconsciously. These forces include electricity, magnetism and the deeper reaches of touch, smell, taste and sound. Peter Redgrove presents evidence to suggest that not only individuals but the world as a whole stands to benefit from simple awareness. Presiding over this transition from unconscious to conscious experience is the symbolic presence of the Black Goddess, who may be traced in many guises from ancient to modern times…”
He writes,
“The erotic state – again, a mixture of concentration and spontaneity – is a hypnoidal state, probably the most powerful kind that we are capable of experiencing, and it is in this condition that unexpected regions of the self are revealed, as the majority of people know from experience.”

Such sublime, subliminal depth of awareness is so clearly indicated under this Full Moon, that it is as if this book were written for it.
In the run-up to this Full Moon highlight, we have been ‘prepped’ by Venus then Mercury conjunct Uranus on Thursday-Friday, April 22-23. We also had a strong, incoming solar flare or CME (coronal mass ejection) that rolled through on the 24-25. If you were paying attention you would have perceived a ‘heads-up’ notice, of some kind of globe-changing events on, in or under the ground. It is difficult to use words in the face of so much somatic Taurus energy and deep-feeling Scorpio Moon. Perhaps you were informed in your dream state.
This whole Full Moon dynamic can be subliminally upsetting, like earthquakes in the deep Earth beneath our feet— but literally so as well. Saturn in Aquarius squares the Full Moon and Uranus/Sun with a down to earth ‘can’t-miss-it’ reality, that social circumstances and situations demonstrate change. When Saturn is involved, we do not miss the impact; it is right in our faces and cannot be denied. How we respond is in our power, if we claim that power rather than reacting blindly in a way that might even be surprising to ourselves.
Particular internal emotional and mental shadows may be revealed.
With the Sun in Taurus, in its annual conjunction with Uranus in a few days, April 30/ May 1, this is one of the key months when the larger level of social change is indicated and we become more aware of the new 200-year era we entered on December 21 Solstice (with that remarkably close Saturn/Jupiter crossing into Aquarius together).
This Full Moon highlights the Saturn-Uranus square, the key astrological dynamic of 2021. The ‘reality-check’ Saturn manifestation brings the Uranus Full Moon fireworks to our immediate attention and we are going to have to deal with them and figure out how to even think about it in an objective Aquarian way, using the best of our higher mental capacity, informed by our hearts and our subliminal recognizance rather than reactive emotional outbursts.
Eris Pushes Back
You may remember that I wrote about the prominence of Eris on the last New Moon. With Eris kicking off this Moon cycle, it is not surprising that this Full Moon is such an intense, radical and revolutionary, shocking and surprising turning point in a variety of ways that will unfold as the Moon wanes.
I was, perhaps (and maybe on purpose), being hard on Eris. Several readers responded in her defense. Since Eris continues to square off with Pluto for a couple more years, let’s hear it for this spicy warrior’s contribution to the last phase of Pluto’s ‘clean-up act’ in Capricorn.
Many thanks to Alison, who wrote in right away with this eloquent, passionate defense, which I am compelled to share in toto. I have heard people using that word ‘compelled’ lately. How so might you feel compelled?:
“I feel compelled to speak on behalf of Eris. lol. Might I be so bold as to say I am Eris.  I totally get why she gets a bad rap but don’t be mad at her, its not her fault people can’t see themselves clearly. She’s just mirroring the truth in an expedited fashion. Saying, ‘clear your baggage so we can get on with the party’. But wait, she wasn’t invited to the party……so now the lesson is headed off with anger (which is really hurt).  She didn’t choose to be different, to feel deeply and see through the facade. She can’t pretend to be who she’s not and that causes uneasiness in people. She’s not a follower and she’s not passive. 
“In the myth she wasn’t invited to a party. In the story of Jesus they publicly murdered him, and there are countless others that have been killed or locked in straight jackets for speaking up. To the mean girls in high school, the rich snobs, or the self-righteous clueless male leaders in the world that live in their glass houses, wearing rose-colored glasses, drinking $1000 champagne and passing judgement on those who don’t fit their high-society, low consciousness standard.
“There are people all over that are hurting.  Some were born in the wrong country to the wrong parents, are hungry, live in fear, etc. There are also those that don’t want to follow the status quo and be part of the herd— but being different means disorder. Eris says, “Guess what?! you wanna play superficial? here’s a game…”

She’s quite clever actually, she replaces their photoshopped filter with a real mirror. Yeah, it’s totally immature and underhanded, but these people don’t listen to reason or feel compassion.  In order to push people out of their ignorant boxes its necessary to create a little discord.  It’s far more dangerous to continuously abuse or bully someone who stays quiet. Eventually they snap and we have millions of deaths to prove it. It’s far better to disrupt their little party than wait till a massacre.
“She’s not always spreading discord, in fact she’s quite loving and pleasant. It’s only when people are unaware of their self-centered motives, unconscious motivations and projections that Eris stirs things up; how else will it come to the surface? If she says nothing or does nothing then people will continue living their lives unconsciously and, in doing so, hurt others and themselves. It’s quite damaging to you and those around you when you haven’t dealt with your shadows. For instance, a man that doesn’t know he has a violent streak that’s boiling just under the surface-if ignored and not dealt with someone is going to be the victim to that volcano and they may not be strong enough.
“Eris is like a therapist that was trained by the military, no sweet, passive luring it out of you. There’s no time for that!  The age of suppression and oppression is over.  It’s like if a kid says they cleaned their room but just shoved everything in the closet and then the parent opens the closet and throws everything out. Who’s to blame? Sweeping things under rugs, keeping secrets, excluding others are not tolerable on any level and if Eris and her other friends are going to disrupt the social order they have to address the individuals as well as the government. Society is dysfunctional because people are dysfunctional. As within so without.” 
From Stephanie in Switzerland:
“Eris…i always had sympathy for her— sometimes, i even feel a bit like I could be her (and i am not searching to bring dissonance).
 “Yes, she throws the golden ball ‘to the fairest’— and shows how dualities play out (it makes me smile how two goddesses jump and fall into discord, because of a golden ball and wanting to be the ‘fairest’). Eris reminds me of people/women who being outcast gave voice to what needed to be said (even if hidden disharmony could come to the surface an play out as a battle for the golden ball).
 “I wonder: what happens if the two goddesses feel so well in themselves and with each other they could laugh about a golden ball thrown in the air and say, “Oh, we are all fair! Let us reunite forces instead of fighting over an illusion.”
 I applaud that outcome! Eris is such a shrewd tease—with intent and purpose. We are finding this out as we get to know her better!  

Song suggestion to take us into the Pink Full Moon:

She Will Find Me
         —Dougie MacLean, Scottish Singer/Songwriter

Sometimes we search too deep
That’s when the darkness feeds our fear
We turn away from one another
Just in case we get too near
Me, I stand this mountain top
I shout so she can hear
And I know that she will find me
I know that she will find me
Even if I vanish without trace
And though I’m running blindly
I know that she will find me
Hiding with the shadows that I chase…

Complexicated New Moon

New Moon @ 22Aries25
April 11, 2021 @ 10:31pm EDT, 7:31pm PDT,
April 12, 3:31am BST, 12:31pm AEST

Eris, Goddess of Discord, from author’s Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book, colored by D’Aine Greene (thanks, D’Aine!). Request full page Eris pdf. to download and color- if you dare; or buy the book on my website (signed, U.S. sales only) or via Amazon in your country.

Follow up notes from the March 28 Full Moon
Many people had a hard time with that Full Moon. Certainly Chiron brings up issues, particularly wounds that need to be healed; in this case those that interfere with Solar Venusian Self Love.

I inquired about any astronomical factor that might be filling in the empty corner in the Aries/Libra Full Moon T-square with Quaoar. The indigenous creator gods were in full force under that MakeMake Full Moon. Astrologer Jim Buss wrote back almost immediately with the news that Asteroid Hopiwas at 7 Cancer 07, contributing “Respect for All Things.”  Lovely! Appropriate, thank you, Jim.

The 9 Aries Sabian Symbol of a Crystal Ball Gazerfor that key Sun/Venus/Chiron conjunction on the Full Moon is so excellent and worth sharing even these two weeks later.
Lynda Hill writes, “The whole picture is probably right before you but you may need help in interpreting its meaning. With a little concentrated effort, you will be able to see things more clearly. Find or retrieve information and clues by really looking at the structure of things. What are you doing and how are you focusing towards what you really want? The more you narrow your ‘Gaze’, the more you trust in your own intuition, the sharper and clearer the focus will become. What is your unconscious mind trying to tell you? Find something to focus on, something beautiful, illuminating or inspiring in some way.” 
Anything there resonate with you? I think this image also reflects how what we envision may well manifest, how important it is that we maintain positive vision in these confusing and troubling times.

The Full Moon degree at 9 Libra describes 
“Three Old Masters Hanging in a Special Room in an Art Gallery; Sometimes They Seem to Speak to Each Other”
Rather like the Crystal Ball Gazer, information is on a subliminal level. If we translate the Old Masters into the indigenous creator gods, now we’ve really got something to listen to on a quantum level of new possibility!

Now we begin an Aries New Moon cycle, the first New Moon after March Equinox. I am calling it the ‘Complexicated’ New Moon, since it is in alignment with an interesting and complex roster of archetypes.
Venus, still in Aries, close to the Sun/Moon continues to ask us to clarify our values to align with the Good, the Beautiful and the True.
There is quite a collaboration of goddesses with Venus as the most obvious.

Oh, but first let’s get right to the Sabian Symbol, so I don’t forget this time:
23 Aries—A Woman in Pastel Colors Carrying a Heavy and Valuable but Veiled Load
This is a mysterious and loaded image! Who is she and what is she carrying, hiding? We’ve got some creator goddesses more prominent in the mix on this New Moon. Perhaps it is one of them. Not Venus, she wouldn’t wear pastel in fiery Aries.

Eris Sows Discord
Prominent, noisiest and closest to this New Moon is dwarf planet Eris @ 24 Aries 05. She is a bit at odds with this Sabian Symbol image; by her nature, she is likely to be more than a bit at odds with almost anything. 
I don’t think of Eris as being very pastel. I don’t like to think much about Eris at all, actually. She is not my favorite, this goddess of Discord, very contentious. She has been hanging around the end of Aries for a while, slow in her 557-year orbit. 

In 2005 a distant Kuiper Belt object was discovered and nicknamed ‘Xena’ for the popular television character, a gutsy, powerful female, warrior and healer. It looked to be larger than Pluto and was twice as far away. It became the catalyst for controversy and the reclassification of Pluto as a ‘dwarf planet’. A public hue and cry ensued. This new body was, therefore, officially named Eris, for the Greek Goddess of Discord; and its one moon named for her lawless daughter, Dysnomia. I was disappointed, yet I do feel that Eris carries a strong Xena undercurrent. And it now appears that Eris is more massive than Pluto, but a touch smaller. Well! Go, Pluto, King of the Kuiper Belt!

Is Eris the one carrying a heavy load? Discord doesn’t feel light, after all. What an archetypal job she has to spread contention and arguments, stirring things up, acting out and standing up to make a Statement. This is such a month, it would seem. Eris has been wrangling in an ongoing square with Pluto for the last year, especially— another factor reflecting the tough year we had and the contentious issues involved in the current collective transformation and renewal. This Eris/Pluto square grinds on for the rest of Pluto’s time in Capricorn into 2023-24, when it enters Aquarius. Wow, now, that is quite a new Pluto sign to wrap one’s head around. I’m not there yet, are you?

Anyway, I don’t feel sorry for Eris. As a matter of fact, I’m a little pissed at her (she must love that!). Even if I don’t like to admit it, there are probably a few other things I’m pissed at also. How about you? These are the things that we are called to process and resolve internally. It is for the greater good of all that we each do our internal work, wake up, stand up straight and tall in our integrity and find our way forward into the New Era that is opening up. Sometimes we can’t help but to ruffle other people’s feathers, and get ruffled in our turn.

Also conjunct this New Moon is Ceres, Goddess of the Grain, who feeds the people, body and soul, for the common good, the Wellbeing of All. She gives a hearty nod to Asteroid Hopi, mentioned above, giving “Respect to All Things.” Ceres suggests that we also need to pay attention to our food and food sources in this New Moon cycle. Mercury is close to Ceres, so we may hear news about this issue. If you are in the right season, it is time to think about gardens, growing both for food and beauty, body and soul. 

Summarizing the Aries factors:
6 Aries— Salacia, the sparkling mermaid and Neptune’s Queen, riding on cosmic waves of light and delight, amping up the quantum frequencies;

9 Aries— Chiron, still with an eye on that Crystal Ball, is on a vision quest for healing in the Now moment, centering in Self beyond outworn identifications and attachments to past or future;

15 Aries— Mercury, offers new perspectives, ideas and options that motivate courage; also generating interesting news as the Moon waxes;

19+Aries— Ceres, brings up the well-being of all as an issues to attend to, Eris is listening;

23 Aries— Sun/Moon inaugurate new moon cycle;

24 Aries— Eris, stirs things up, making sure we are quite aware that these are unprecedented times, calling for new, different actions and initiatives, even some considered outrageous by many;

26+Aries— Venus, wields the Sun as her shield of Creative Life Force, looks dead on square at Pluto: “You include the Divine Feminine in your plans for destruction and renewal, oh Pluto, and make things better, more beautiful, joyous, loving and bountiful. With the Divine Feminine, which you truly honor, we can tap the creative resources beyond imagination!” 

New Moon Air Triangle
That last Full Moon in Libra created a grand trine in air signs with Mars and Saturn. As I wrote last time, 
“Air is the element of communication and objectivity of the mental realm…We create and re-create our worldview by what we perceive and how our minds are framing life…Automatic emotional reactions can interfere with clear seeing.”

By this New Moon, the air has cleared to some extent. The air trine is now expanding our perspective, with Jupiter in Aquarius, Mars in Gemini and Haumea, the quantum key point in Libra.

Mars is square Neptune, adding to Eris’ dissent, anger and frustration. Mars in Gemini anger is short-lived and changeable, apt to blow off in the wind—unless we hold on to it, get all tangled and pulled into a storm. Some of us will get pulled in. Deception is hard to pierce through, when one has been invested in some idealism or false hopes being busted like a soap bubble. 

Haumea Saves the Day*
We need Haumea in late Libra to give birth to a new harmony, a quantum level of agreement above the dissension. Perhaps it is she, the ever-pregnant goddess, who is carrying the secreted and veiled load of this New Moon’s symbolic image. If it is heavy, she must be about ready to give birth. When will that be? 

When we see the New Moon sliver appear in the western sky after sunset, that is the actual New Moon. This will likely be on April 13th in most places.  By then the Moon will be in Taurus, a very auspicious, ‘exaltation’ sign for the Moon— and conjunct Uranus, if we could but see that planet. That would be an interesting birth moment with unexpected developments, as the Moon steps right into this year’s messy Uranus-Saturn square. Let’s look to the next day, April 14 when the Moon moves past the mess and Venus enters Taurus as well. That sounds lovely, Moon and Venus in Taurus, Moon in exaltation, Venus in her rulership. 

Meanwhile let us be midwives in our own lives, finding ways to bring peace and harmony into our relationships with others, both those close to us and those whom we encounter along the way each day. 

Venus will also appear in the evening sky before too long. Some might see her very low and lightly veiled by the Sun on the western horizon at the end of April, but more likely in May. She then steps out from curtain of Sun light on to her favorite stage, the evening sky, and in her favorite sign, Taurus (until May 9). 

Whether or not those particular dates bring some new revelation into view or experiences on the ground (a possibility each and any day!), this is a New Moon of MoveMent. All main planets are in forward motion—no retrogrades until Pluto on April 27, right after the very spicy Full Moon on the 26th. Take advantage, make initiatives— full steam ahead!

* Read more about Haumea:
I have a short article in the Cosmic Feminine section of my website
and an article on The Wessex Astrologer website

MakeMake Moon

Full Moon @ 8 Libra/Aries 18
March 28, 2021 @ 2:48pm EDT, 11:48am PDT, 6:48pm GMT, 
March 29 @ 5:48am AEDT

Pseudo-Bombax (Shaving Brush Tree) in blossom under February 2021 Full Moon. Photo by Mary Blazine, taken at Fiddlewood Cottage in St. John, Virgin Islands, bordering National Park, with a choice of two beaches in the neighborhood. I stayed here for 2 weeks in March. You can too! Look it up on VRBO. Email mblazine@yahoo.com for special rates for Cosmic News readers. 

This Full Moon follows the annual turning point of the March Equinox and ramps it up another notch. Libra is ruled by Venus and this Full Moon in Libra is exactly opposite Venus-Sun-Chiron in the same degree. This is quite an extraordinary trio for the Moon to reflect. The Scales of Libra are recalibrated; decisions are called for. Where do you stand in your Aries integrity?

There are so many dimensions to this Full Moon, too much to share in full. Just returning from a much-needed visit to the Caribbean (see above photo!). I hope to give a few crisp, clear clues here for you to pick up and follow up on as you are inspired. Please be inspired! This Full Moon is a cosmic invitation to fresh trails as the heart and soul unite in a quantum clarion call in this New Era that has opened. 

Love Makes the World Go Round— and Round and Round and Round
Venus is at the far side of the Sun, her closest to the stars. 
Imagine her loving star shine radiance shining through the Sun into our hearts. New levels of relationships are explored that both heal and reveal soul dimensions. The cosmic dance is bringing new partners and partnerships into our lives, based on the level of soul-centering that we are achieving. When you are centered in your energy being, you attract others who also are centered. Magic happens. Life’s musical merry-go-round becomes a dance of renewal and re-creation that we weave together. 

Along this line, enjoy this lovely video by a Cosmic News reader: Twin Flames: A short film love story about twin souls who meet by chance.
created by Nehanda Yemaya Imana and Max Imana

While I am making timely suggestions, here is another. I was recently sent an inspiring lecture by Terrence McKenna called, “Opening the Doors of Creativity,” on the shamanic origins of art, relevant to the Chiron/Venus conjunction in Aries:

Quantum Consciousness; KBO Square Dance
‘Something’ (everything?!) is shifting in an extraordinary way. This Full Moon ramps it us to a quantum level!! Depending on how open you are, the extraordinariness will be experienced more or less, with more joy or hesitation. Quantum refers to the smallest amount of physicality that can exist independently— the smallest possible increments of electromagnetics emerging from the pre-emergent energy field—bringing us into a fresh level of ‘reality’. 

I continue to remind that we are receiving huge surges of light waves, sourced from the pure heart of the Milky Way galaxy and/or other sources, washing through the whole solar system with pristine light. These waves are activating ancient memories of divine rigins from which we, and the universe, have emerged. The discovery and naming of more and more planetoids in the Kuiper Belt, a wide ring of planetoids far solar system, reflect such emerging dimensions of quantum consciousness. 

MakeMake (Mah-kay-mah-kay) was discovered on March 31, 2005— so is having its 16th “birthday” in a couple of days. At least the anniversary of its awakening in collective consciousness. This Full Moon seems to be celebrating— Full Moon at 8Libra18 conjuncts Dwarf planet Makemake at 6Libra50. First nicknamed ‘Easter Bunny’ since it was discovered just after Easter Sunday in 2005, Makemake was officially named for the Bird-Man god of Rapa Nui, often called Easter Island. A creator god of fertility and the renewal of life, MakeMake was honored in an annual ritual to procure an egg from the nesting terns on a close-by islet. Each year clan warriors descended a steep cliff to swim across a choppy channel to bring back the first egg, symbolizing the renewal of life. The winner’s clan chief became headman for the year, Makemake’s earthly representative. This small Pacific Island is known for it huge, carved stone statues called moai, which honored their ancestors. Its history is being re-examined by archaeologists, historians and environmentalists to give us a fresh perspective that rewrites popular assumptions about Rapa Nui. The Bird-Man religion carried themes of cultural roots and the promise of rebirth, resurrection and redemption—aligning in a meaningful way in this holiday week of Passover and Palm Sunday leading to Easter. 

More KBOs (Kuiper Belt Objects) are celebrating this Full Moon, Makemake’s birthday and the Holy Day week to elicit even more quantumly excitement and implications. 

6 Libra—MakeMakemakes its seasonal re-turn.

6 Aries—Salacia, She Who Makes the Sunlight to Sparkle on the Sea, is part of the Aries stellium, very close to the Sun, Chiron, Venus at 8-8-8 Aries. We expand the potency of this stellium to involve a star (Sun), Centaur Object (Chiron), planet (Venus), and KBO (Salacia). 

Oh! AND dwarf planet Ceresin the asteroid belt! Ceres is at 13 Aries on this Full Moon. She initiates a vital response from Earth herself to all the radiance, sparkle, healing and beauty of the Aries stellium reflected so lovingly by the Full Moon. 

6 Capricorn—Quaoar, of the Los Angeles area Tongva people, sings and dances Creation into Being. This dwarf planet in earth sign Capricorn establishes new parameters and shapes for re-creating how we live on our planet, while also making a dynamic T-square dance with the other KBOs. 

6 Cancer—? If you know of some asteroid or other celestial body transiting at 6 Cancer to complete the square, let us know. Are you a dancer? Do you have a birth planet in that degree? 

Full Moon Air Triangle
From square dance to triangle dance, the Full Moon at 8 Libra trines Mars at 14 Gemini and Saturn at 11 Aquarius. Air is the element of communication and objectivity of the mental realm. News is flying around on the internet and the air waves and from person to person/ place to place. We create and re-create our worldview by what we perceive and how our minds are framing life. 

With Mercury/ Neptune in Pisces squaring Mars, misinformation abounds; contrasting and contentious points of view persist in clouding the air waves. Automatic emotional reactions can interfere with clear seeing. 

This is a large theme of recent months, as Neptune has been squaring the Nodes of the Moon, the current collective Line of Destiny. This whole Moon cycle focuses on this issue of ‘clearing the air’. On the New Moon, Venus/ Neptune squared the Mars and the Nodes of the Moon; on this Full Moon Mercury steps in to the Venus position. Watch your thoughts and watch your language. There is power in words. Upgrade your vibe with positive thinking to change the outcome in your life. Edit, edit, edit; reFine, reFne, reFine; enJoy, enJoy, enJoy. 

The peak of the Neptune square with the Nodes has been waning. As this Moon cycle wanes, we will feel the intensity lessen even further. Our vision gets clearer and clearer—unless you are resistant and holding on to the old. Pluto in Capricorn continues to de-structure outmoded systems, to clean up outworn situations and circumstances, clearing the old up and out. We get back to the original foundation to rebuild for the wellbeing of all.


New Moon @ 23 Pisces 04
March 13, 2021 @ 5:21am EST, 2:21am PST, 10:21am GMT, 9:21pm AEST

Image: Waves at Play, photo by Jim Eaton. I love all the blues of the sea, like the multiple nuances of Pisces. Do I see you out there riding a whale? See more of Jim’s photos and the Eaton family on their online Dappled Light Gallery, with affordable prints and free giveaways.  

“An intense copper calm like a universal yellow lotus 
was more and more unfolding 
its noiseless measureless leaves upon the sea.”
-from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick

This New Moon in Pisces is awash in love, compassion, dreams, visions and a mystical attunement to the Universal Sea of Life. Neptune and Venus blend into the New Moon uplifting our spirits in extraordinary divine wavelengths, helping assuage the angst and despair that can affect us in this time of questioning, of destruction and renewal. This is a turning point month in our collective destiny.

This Venusian-Neptunian New Moon is another extraordinary lunation of 2021, a year filled with many such lunations. We are immersed us in the watery realm of romance, imagination, flow, dreams and soul memories, as well as compassion and awareness of the Oneness of life, but also the undercurrents can pull us into dangerous waters. 

We are in a special time now with outer planet Neptune, God of the Sea, in Pisces, sign of the Cosmic Ocean. Naturally, archetypally, Neptune is ‘at home’ here. This current phase, 2012-2025, was last experienced in 1847-1862. That was before Neptune was discovered in 1865. Are we more conscious of Neptune now that we see it in the sky?

We can look back at events that time to get more clues about Neptunian potentials of this time. The Civil War in U.S. eventually influenced abolition of slavery around the world. Do we have any echo in this time? Spiritual/religious movements, such as Bahai and the Mormon Church, were established at that time. Any echoes in this realm? Reflecting a different aspect of Neptune, big business began to build around oil, gas, opium and modern medicine. Is anything changing here? And for an example of synchronistic, symbolic whimsy, in 1853 the London Zoo opened its ‘Fish House’, the first public aquarium in the world. P.T. Barnum soon followed in 1856 with the first American aquarium in his American Museum on Broadway, NYC. 

Like fish in the water, we are not yet fully conscious of the fluid fields that are unfolding and flowering in these times. It is inherent in our experience in the present Now that we embody. We come into our feelings, our intuitions, dreams, inspirations and aspirations. The unprecedented photonic waves of light waterfalling through our solar system are an astrophysics phenomenon of our time reflect, in part, this Neptunian passage— noiselessly rippling through the subtle fields of our planet, our bodies and our spirits. 

During that transit of the 19th century, Herman Melville published his oceanic classic, Moby Dick(1851). The above passage from that book evokes Neptune’s essence. Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman were also writing, sharing with Melville a special appreciation of Nature that touches on the divine. 

Walt Whitman’s famous Leaves of Grass, first published in 1855, featured a section called ‘Sea-Drift’, a series of poems evoking deep emotions of love and yearning and sorrow and something eternal— all so very Neptunian. Here is a starry excerpt from “On a Beach at Night”:

“The ravening clouds shall not long be victorious,
They shall not long possess the sky, 
they devour the stars only in apparition,
Jupiter shall emerge, be patient, watch again another night,
the Pleiades shall emerge,
They are immortal, all those stars both silvery and golden 
shall shine out again,
The great stars and the little ones shall shine out again, 
they endure,
The vast immortal suns and the long-enduring pensive moons 
shall again shine.”

In the last stanza he reminds us,
“Something there is more immortal even than the stars…”

For Whitman, the sea is a female presence, as we hear in this encore poem, “On a Beach at Night Alone,” singing tones of the Eternal and Ineffable Oneness of Life:

“On the beach at night alone,
As the old mother sways her to and fro singing her husky song,
As I watch the bright stars shining, I think a thought of the clef
of the universes and of the future.
A vast similitude interlocks all,
All spheres, grown, ungrown, small, large, suns, moons, planets,
All distances of place however wide,
All distances of time, all inanimate forms,
All souls, all living bodies though they be ever so different,
or in different worlds,
All gaseous, watery, vegetable, mineral processes, the fishes, the brutes,
All nations, colors, barbarisms, civilizations, languages,
All identities that have existed or may exist on this globe, 
or any globe,
All lives and deaths, all of the past, present, future,
This vast similitude spans them, and always has spann’d,
And shall forever span them and compactly hold and enclose them.”

That 14-year span of Neptune in Pisces was in a different era. No living individual is alive from that time (although you may be aware of having past lives or ancestral influences from that time!). Yet the poets and artists of that time leave us with archetypal echoes that follow through from their time to ours. Beyond mundane signs of the times, they remind us of something eternal in us, that Neptune reflects.

“I rise into a diviner atmosphere, 
in which simply to exist and breathe is a triumph, 
and my thoughts inevitably tend toward the grand and infinite, 
as aeronauts report that there is ever an upper current hereabouts which sets
toward the ocean. 
If they rise high enough they go out to sea, 
and behold the vessels seemingly in mid-air like themselves. 
It is as if I were serenaded, 
and the highest and truest compliments were paid me. 
The universe gives me three cheers.” 
—from Thoreau’s Journal, 13 July 1857

Venus in the Pisces Pool
It’s one thing to rise into the exalted realms of Neptune, another to be pulled into its undertow. Unseen ocean currents- such as riptides- can pull us into danger, as swimmers and surfers well know. The god Neptune does sometimes use his trident to whip the seas to storms, laughing wildly in the winds, in a thunderous mood. Neptune is not all “sugar and spice and everything nice,” idealistic and uplifting. We need to beware its illusions, confusions, and delusions that pull us into addictive habits and crazy-think, ungrounded fantasy and even madness. Neptune can pull us out of our own shape, fill our minds with nightmares that take us on an unbridled gallop through dark fields of psychic, astral fog.

Venus comes to our aid, with her kindness, sweet joy, and emotional finesse. Venus is said to be ‘exalted’ in Pisces, tapping into a higher aspect of love. As I wrote in the February 27 newsletter, 
“Venus is at her best in Pisces, offering compassion and sweetness with the balm of her glory. Let’s bathe in that; we may need, yet 
again, to wash away some stress as our collective and personal destinies turn an inevitable and timely corner.”

Venus is closely squaring the Nodes of the Moon, the collective Line of Destiny. We have a choice to entertain options, to see the many facets of life, the many stories that are being told. What rings true to you? And how can you re-imagine the story of your life as you move forward? This will impact the Bigger Dream we are all part of.

With what is stirring in the collective sea of consciousness during this Piscean Moon cycle, our heart strings are likely to be deeply plucked, evoking compassion and, perhaps, sorrow and yearning for the contradictions and sufferings we all experience through life in this dense, often dark, realm. Even as the light frequency is increasing in this flood of cosmic photon waves, it exposes some darker undercurrents that are being washed away. Be gentle with yourself and others as we share these intense times. We mourn the suffering, sorrows and passings, even as we celebrate the magic, dream the Big Dream, and feel our hearts beat with the joy of life on Earth. May our hearts join in this Grand and Glorious Vision in these times of Awakening.

Poetry, art, music, Venus rules the arts, which can uplift us in this time. Indulge in art that brings a smile. Invite the best into your life, turn off and wash away down-trending input, and keep faith with yourself. Many say we are living in times of prophecy; this is a month to witness such.
Movie suggestion: Whale Rider

Pluto in Capricorn is very supportive to this New Moon
The earth planets are most helpful to give form and guide the water to useful places— like gardens, water storage areas, and dry lakes— providing strong riverbanks to channel all this water. If structures are not well designed or engineered, they may not hold, like weak dams that burst under strong waters. We may see something literal to demonstrate that. On a personal level, we need to stand strong, hold our ground, stand strong and take responsibility for all that we can manage. We can allow feelings to flow through and let go of what is not ours, what is not useful, what brings us down.

This New Moon brings us through the March 19 Equinox portal,
a key seasonal shift, possibly quite dramatic,
and onto the Full Moon on March 28, another extraordinary lunation. Venus is along for that ride in the chariot of the Sun—
and so are we! 



Full Moon @ 8 Virgo-Pisces 57
February 27, 2021 @3:17am EST, 12:17am PST, 8:17am GMT,
7:17pm AEDT

Image: Maho Palm, oil by author, circa 2011.
Earth and Sea meet at the shoreline on this Full Moon. 

“The Earth upon her celestial spindle winds her ecstasy-producing dance.”
– Kathleen Raine

Sun in Pisces/ Moon in Virgo is a change in tone from the Aquarian winds of change that peaked on the February 11 New Moon. We are at the flowering of that very Aquarian New Moon, but the feel of things has shifted and will be increasingly Piscean through the coming months.

This Full Moon in Virgo stands alone among the stars, with the Sun and all planets hunkered in a powerful trine between Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus. These two planets create an earthy container for activity which is stirring (Sun, with Venus and Neptune in water sign Pisces) and bubbling (3 planets in air sign Aquarius), over a hot ceremonial flames (Chiron/Ceres in fiery Aries). 

Claiming the prize this year for 
2021’s Most Significant Aspect 
is the 90-degree square ‘argument’ between 
Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

The first of three exact squares occurred on February 17, creating some obvious storminess that lingers into this Full Moon. Constriction/ freedom, status quo/ revolution, structure/ disruption, convention/ radical change— how do we combine such different approaches in a way that moves us forward? In her Sky Maiden Musings, Astrologer Dikki-Jo Mullen writes that this key pattern of 2021 “describes the adjustments and conflicts experienced as the world seeks a balance between honoring traditions and welcoming changes.”  [read more here]

The Moon in Virgo, the third earth sign, favors the practicality and common sense of Taurus that gets us back to basics, over the heady theories of Aquarius that can get stuck in ideologies that don’t work out well ‘on the ground’. This pragmatic Moon also knows change is needed and timely in the organic cycles of nature and the rhythms of life, both smaller and larger cycles. This is a larger cycle!

This Full Moon in Virgo is most welcome as we need as much grounding as we can get in the wild winds of Aquarius that have been coming in strong.Virgo likes to set priorities and make lists. What is on your list? And by what criteria do you set your priorities? With the Moon opposite a close pairing of Sun with Venus in Pisces, can your relax into your heart and soften into your spirit, to allow the subtle intelligence of your soulful Self to inform you? 

Venus entered Pisces on February 25th, following the Sun into a sensitive mood. As much as possible, take time for extra rest and time to wash off the stress of the world. Use this Virgo Moon to let your body relax into its natural rhythm. Eat well and let Venus invite you to some type of ‘spa day’ to enjoy a bath, a swim, a hot tub, or sauna— or an aesthetic adventure with music, dancing, making art— depending on your climate and available means. 

Venus and the Sun move forward in Pisces together, creating a turning point as they square the Nodes of the Moon, the collective Line of Destiny—the Sun on March 5-6; Venus on March 9-10. Venus is at her best in Pisces, offering compassion and sweetness with the balm of her glory. Let’s bathe in that; we may need, yet again, to wash away some stress as our collective and personal destinies turn an inevitable and timely corner. Sun and Venus both join Neptune on the next New Moon on March 13, which immerses us in the watery realm of romance, imagination, flow, dreams and soul memories, as well as compassion and awareness of the Oneness of life.

Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn
This earthy Full Moon trine Uranus can lean on another strong earthy trine to give it a strong backbone— the powerful trine of Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This dynamic supports the natural flow and organic wisdom we feel with this Virgo Moon/ Sun-Venus dynamic. There is a fabulous and most welcome strength in this cooperative energy— perfect to enhance and give an appropriate strong start to this New Year of the Ox. 

Mars is conjunct the Lilith star, Algol, the Eye of Medusa, said to turn you to stone if you look into it. She sees right through you,  

“with an objectivity like that of nature itself and our dreams, boring into the soul to find the naked truth, to see reality beneath all its myriad forms and the illusions and defenses it displays.”
—Sylvia Perera, Descent to the Goddess

While this suggests implications in terms of the bigger collective Pluto agenda, we can each pay attention to how we can use this energy. Seek out its esoteric validity. Put your shoulder to the job at hand and make a push to accomplish something that calls you. This is a powerful and productive energy to use for good purpose. Set your priorities with the Virgo Moon and make the time to bring to fruition something that is significant to you, maybe something you have been wanting to do or finish for a while. Start in on it ASAP so that when Mars moves into Gemini on March 3, you are on a healthy roll. 

The Mars move into air sign Gemini is going to move things along at a quick clip, bringing out a wide variety of paradigm shifting information. Specific Mars dates are its trine with Saturn (March 21) and Jupiter (April 17). Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. 

Full Moon in ‘Finger of Goddess’ Pattern
This particular astrological pattern involves the Moon in a 150-degree relationship with two planets, one on either side. This kind of aspect is called a ‘quincunx,’ one of those really catchy and cool astrological terms. 

When there are the two on one, it is like the ‘finger of god’ pointing at the planet at the hub of the pattern—the Full Moon. Shall we call this one a ‘finger of Goddess’? We feel various energies interacting with complexity, creating a level of stress and requirement for movement and keeping tuned up. Our bodies are adjusting to and integrating a waterfall of highly charged cosmic energies. 

This aspect requires a good deal of adjustment, as the signs involved are so different. The Moon at Full is in quincunx Saturn in Aquarius on one side and Chiron in Aries on the other, air and fire, breath and energy. Virgo is mutable earth; Saturn is fixed air; Chiron is cardinal fire. That’s a multifaceted cosmic interweaving to manage well. 

Together Saturn and Chiron can channel seeming ‘magic’ within the (Saturn) manifestation of (Chiron) synchronicity, as we fine-tune and calibrate to specific alternative wavelengths. Nature will demonstrate such magic, in small and large ways, inviting us to dance in the music of the awakening Earth. Sun and Venus pull the energy to heightened awareness of the magic of love, cascading down from Heaven to Earth in a waterfall of Divine Grace that soothes body and soul…

…all the way into the New Moon cycle on March 13, we swim deeper into Piscean waters in this coming month. You’ll find me in that painting above, lounging under the palm tree and swimming in the turquoise sea.

* * * * * *

Aquarian Flush New Moon

New Moon @ 23 Aquarius 17
February 11, 2021 @2:06pm EST, 11:06am PST, 7:06pm GMT,
February 12 @ 6:06am AEDT

Image: Lunar Ox, silver coin issued by the Perth (AU) Mint.
Chinese New Year starts on New Moon in Aquarius each year.

Chinese New Year of the Ox begins February 12, 2021
Steady and productive in a grounded, pragmatic Taurus approach as we advance further into the Age of Aquarius.
If you were born in the year of the Ox (1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009), you are also having a Jupiter return this year, as the Chinese New Year and Jupiter return are both 12-year cycles.

This Aquarian New Moon is one of the most spectacular lunations in a year that features much such rare celestial choreography. A special planetary gathering on this New Moon makes this moment another augur of our entry into the Age of Aquarius—with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all in the rarified atmospheres of this fixed air sign. Like a poker player holding a flush, the Sun holds the Moon and four planets in the same sign— and keeps those cards close, invisible to our eye. (If you’ve got a keen morning sky eye, good timing and a clear horizon, you might be able to make out the faint radiance of Saturn.)

Uranus-Mars-Black Moon Lilith in Taurus
This Aquarian conjunction is in a strong, multiple activation engagement with this triple conjunction in Taurus. We need to breathe all this high frequency Aquarian air deeper into our bodies, as Earth is inviting these frequencies deeper into its body of aliveness, awakening consciousness and new tangible experiences of this consciousness. Watch the phenomenon around you, especially as expressed by the natural world. Gaia is dancing. Let’s dance with Her. 

Jupiter and Saturn entered Aquarius in mid-December of 2020, joining up on December 21 Solstice to end the year on brand new note. 
Jupiter is flying through Aquarius,and will dive into Piscean waters for a few months, May 13- July 28. We will feel that change of tone, at best full and sweet like a resonant bell. Then Jupiter will finish off its Aquarian expansion by the end of 2021, ringing the big Piscean bell again for New Year 2022. 

Saturn stays in Aquarius into March 2023(Pluto stars changing sign the as well!). Saturn brings ideas and visions down to ground level, testing any of our grand social theories to see how they work in the real world for everyone’s benefit.
Take note! The first of three squares of Saturn and Uranus is on February 17. This is one of the defining planetary dynamics of this year, with two more on June 14 and December 24. 

Mercury Retrograde
“I haven’t been able to get a handle on this particular Mercury retrograde in Aquarius so was wondering if you could share a little insight …” emailed a Cosmic News reader. I’m responding to Jennifer’s request by starting with these words sent from another Cosmic News reader (thank you, Karilyn):

“Words are cups of Light
that contain holographic patterns and pictures.”

Mercury entered Aquarius on January 8, is retrograde January 30-February 20, and not changing sign until March 15. That’s a long time for the quick-silver, fleet-footed Messenger of the Gods to stay in one sign. We can use this extra dose of high-mindedness and greater perspective from the electrically-charged ionosphere. Clearly we are infused with photonic frequencies incoming during this time, as galactic waves continue to wash through our solar system.

Mercury was about to leave Aquarius for a swim in Piscean waters, then heard that Venus was coming to the Aquarian party. Mercury didn’t want leave before seeing the radiant Goddess of Beauty sparkling in the skies. Well, Mercury will see Venus and meet up with her (on February 12), but we won’t. As I wrote above, the whole party of Aquarian planets will be lost to us in the radiance of the Sun— however, we will surely feel all of their intertwined frequencies, like four planetary musicians channeled through the Moon into our mental airwaves. A chamber quartet focuses on the conversational aspect of music, as the instrumentalists explore and discuss various themes. We are all in on this great conversation, with so many points of view and perspectives opening into a new paradigm. The repercussions of this New Moon vibrate to a peak point with increasing Piscean nuances on the February 27 Full Moon, then waning to a full oceanic Neptunian New Moon on March 13—another notable lunation. 

With the heightened incoming Aquarian frequencies we are picking up alternative, original and particular wavelengths of information. As closely as we tune in, our higher minds will inform us in ways that alter our perception— these ways and means can certainly include through increasing physical sensations. Taking into account the strength of the Taurus planets to use the body as an instrument of perception, of our subliminal senses opening to the fresh air of Aquarian consciousness. As an example, I have been using an ever-changing series of essential oils to educate my sense of smell and open new brain cells.

My 50-foot view is that, thanks to Mercury retrograde (until the 21st!), we have (and need!) plenty of breathing room. First point of business: breathe, breathe deeply, again and again, settling down tensions and anxieties that naturally arise when we are stepping into unknown territory. Calm down, feel the breath and life energy occupying our whole body, all the way down into our wiggly piggly toes and down into the Earth. Thus we give the Taurus planets—Uranus, Mars, Black Moon Lilith—their due. Thus we relax and calm down; anxiety turns into excitement. I have discovered that paying more attention to breath in relation to my arms and legs infuses my whole body with more vitality and presence. I am used to paying attention to breathing primarily into my torso.

Mercury is an ally, giving us this is extra time and invitation to be the witness to our lives, inner and outer, and find a new relationship between them. Collectively, globally, we open the social context of our lives with a renewed awareness of community cooperation, collaboration and celebration. That’s the true Aquarian way. Especially with planets in Taurus, Aquarius cannot remain detached, theoretically considering how we want to do this. This time is for feet embedded in the ground and the whole terrestrial field, harvesting and using resources well, appreciating Earth, its natural beauty and intelligence.

Here is a fresh-off-the-press, Mercury retrograde brain-teaser from quantum physics to begin to wrap your mind around in relation to our new experience on Earth. I admit I’m a bit mind-boggled and need quite a few re-reads. Click the title to read full article.
“Time Crystals: 
A New Form of Matter That Could Change Everything,”  

by Dr. Amira Val Baker of the Resonance Science Foundation.  
Recall that quote above?
“Words are cups of Light that contain holographic patterns and pictures.”

Venus in Aquarius February 1-25
Venus walks in beauty wherever she goes. She smiles and the world lights up. Her path is The Beauty Path; She wrote the Law of Attraction. Venus is your emotional intelligence. In Aquarius, she sings, “Bring Me a Higher Love”.Aphrodite Urania is a particular designation of ‘Venus of the Sky’ that resonates with her passage through the skies of Aquarius. She radiates love equally to all. She is friendly in this sign, and less personally personal. She enjoys the larger social context of life and her world. Another relevant song: 
“Come on people, smile on your brother, 
Everybody come together and love one another right now.”

Venus-Jupiter, the Hallmark Conjunction

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

—John Keats, “Ode to a Grecian Urn”

In the same degree, so closely conjunct, planets Venus and Jupiter are the ‘heart’ of this New Moon. These two largest and brightest celestial diamonds so close to the Sun may not be visible, but they energize this Moon cycle with their generous-hearted blend of ‘Love-Wisdom’ in this ‘higher mind’ sign. 

The Sabian Symbol for this conjunction at 13 Aquarius is “A Barometer,” an instrument that monitors potential changes in the weather so that we can recalibrate in terms of our plans or actions. As we check this barometer for changes in the atmosphere, this nicely complements the stepped back perspective of retrograde Mercury gaining a view “From a Distance,”as that iconic song suggests.  How might this conjunction of Venus-Jupiter, of Love-Wisdom, serve as our barometer? 

In the Tibetan tradition, the bell and the dorje are held, one in each hand. The bell is the Divine Feminine, “she from whom all reality comes forth.” The bell sound reminds us of essential spaciousness underlying the phenomenal world and calls the mind into greater awareness. The bell is one of the first sounds heard on the inner path, an invitation to be present and listen within. 
The ‘dorje,’ ‘vajra’ or thunderbolt represents the masculine divine wisdom in a diamond-like ‘flash of indestructible clarity’. It symbolizes the capacity to experience from an enlightened perspective— a ‘skillful means’ that infuses ordinary experience with spiritual meaning.

Astrologically we also need to include Saturn in the ‘skillful means’ category. Jupiter is wisdom/ knowing; Saturn is the application/ the manifestation.

Another celestial that has joined the Aquarian community for the next 6-7 years:
Chariklo entered Aquarius  on January 27,
adding the unique, subtle quality of her presence to the Aquarian gathering. Chariklo contributes her special caring, insightful and healing quality as one of the transforming, creative goddess archetypes. Her name describes her as a graceful spinner. Perhaps spinning movements help her take whatever form best serves love. Wife of Chiron, she changed from water nymph to female centaur to be with him, later helping him transform into his star body as The Centaur constellation. Chariklo is the largest of the very small Centaur Objects, a new tribe in the solar system, crossing the orbits of other planets. Her 62-year orbit around the sun swings in an extended ellipse between Saturn and Uranus.

After participating in the powerful Capricorn council in 2020, she chooses a prime moment to join the stellium in Aquarius, her home territory, as she weaves between the two signs through 2021.

Chariklo was discovered on February 15, 1997.  Her discovery chart is extraordinary, with the Sun and five planets in Aquarius and beautiful, rare 6-pointed star. In 2013 astronomers were surprised to find two slender rings circling this tiny object, like a double halo or wedding/ engagement rings. This chart of Chariklo’s discovery is one of the most remarkable an astrologer ever sees. And her birthday chart this year celebrates the 24th anniversary of her discovery, with the same kind of Aquarian party, with several of the original planetary guests — Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Venus and Sun– and also a couple of goddesses- Ceres and Vesta. 

Also, by the way, there was a similar stellium in Aquarius during some weeks in January and February of 1962.If you are born then, you are having quite a birthday this year with so many planets in Aquarius. And if you were born Jan 28- Feb 17, you had Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, just like it is now. There was also a total solar eclipse in your sign that month on Feb 5. You are also turning 59 this year, having your Saturn return— Saturn returning to where it was when you were born. AND Chariklo was in mid-Aquarius when you were born! Chariklo has an orbit of 62 years, so when we turn 62 we have a Chariklo return very soon! So WOW, you folks are really in the zone!

Chariklo knows she is needed by many in such a time to support our collective reshaping of the subtle energies between Capricorn earth structures and community unity in Aquarius. We have been talking about Jupiter and Saturn going into Aquarius, with Pluto soon to follow in 2023-24. Jupiter and Saturn are paving the social gateway for Pluto’s entry; Chariklo is clearing the  Aquarian air space, raising the vibration and lifting the frequency. She is realigning energetic fields, re-weaving interconnections in our subtle bodies, aligning head with heart, turning on the inner-net for psychic communications— especially among individuals engaging in co-creativity. You may not even have met your people yet, but your wavelengths are seeking each other out. 

Chariklo comes in dreams or intuitions or direct transmissions, in a secret language of light or subtle music— not the usual means of communication.

Remember we are still working with two long cycle planets. Pluto (248-year orbit) is nearing the end of Capricorn, revitalizing natural patterns and organic systems from the inside out. Haumea (283-year orbit), Hawaiian goddess of childbirth, is squaring Pluto, gestating from within her quantum creativity, new relationships between Earth and all life forms. 

This New Moon mirrors an altogether extraordinary radiance sweeping into our system, like a scintillating field, winds of shimmering light, a soft rain of gentle intuition that can flare into sudden insights with the impact of lightning and thunder. 

Expanding Fields Full Moon

Full Moon @ 9 LEO/Aquarius 06
January 28, 2021 @ 2:17pm EST, 11:17am PST, 7:17pm GMT
January 29 @ 6:17am AEDT

Luna’s Realm, by artist Heather Charnley from her The Planets Series
Out of the atmosphere of the night, these soft reflective forces sway in gentle murmurs through your consciousness.  Silvery blue is my song, which sweeps swiftly through the earth’s oceans, rivers and streams, the realms of intuition and the female psyche.”
See more of this inspiring series on her website. 

This is a powerful and expansive Full Moon in Leo, reflecting the light of the Sun’s exact alignment with Jupiter, spreading good will and optimism.  Saturn stands in there also, with potential push back, limitation or restraint. Saturn contains what can be a kind of over-optimism, requiring some proof in terms of how things are unfolding and moving forward, likely more slowly than some of us might like. Saturn can help focus the expansive energy so that we can apply it in a timely manner. Jupiter is in Aquarius for 2021; Saturn into early 2023. 

Jupiter/ Saturn in air sign Aquarius ask us to commune, collaborate, and celebrate, to come together and find a way to live the potential of this new era that is so promising. Air sign Aquarius breathes in the higher atmospheres above the clouds and fog, suggesting that we step back and view the larger picture and offering fresh perspectives that change the way we see our world. We have lots of Aquarian energy on offer now!

Many times I have referred to the interstellar cloud that our solar system is passing through. Here is an explanation from astro-physics (sorry to say, I lost the reference):

“The Interstellar cloud we are entering (as a solar system) changes a simple model CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) discharge event into a more continuous process. The CME will act as a trigger or switch.The Interstellar (magnetic cloud) can support a continuous ion flow between “connected” bodies, this phenomena would be orders of magnitude beyond a simple CME discharge… The magnetic flow (cloud) will make the ‘ether’ much more conductive, so energy will be flowing like crazy, instead of just merely on the normal currents it flows through now. So it makes the EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) effect, not only massive, but pretty much all consuming. And, due to the solar system being submerged in this magnetic could, it will make the EMPs somewhat continuous…a dense plasma has already entered our solar system.

In other words:
Get your energy wavelength in synch with the higher octaves.

Venus/ Pluto @ 25 Capricorn
Another powerful planetary dynamic of this Full Moon on January 28 is a second exact conjunction–of Venus and Pluto. This is an evocation of the Dark Feminine and the transformational goddesses— like Kali in Hindu mythology. This dark and deep pair evoke powerful, compelling emotions— compelling me to repeat from last time a relevant phrase from that Sabian Symbol image for 7 Taurus that is so potent this whole month:

A Woman of Samaria Comes to Draw Water from the Well.    A famous Biblical storyline, what does this image convey to you? Lynda Hill and Richard Hill write the following in their The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle:
If your emotions are clogged up with old, spent feelings, then it is time to clear these by making admissions to that stranger within yourself— your shadow. Plumb your depths to find renewed self-respect…Draw on your inner resources, take time out to assist others. Dipping into family ancestry. Past lives.If negative— allowing social prejudice to rule decisions and behavior.” 

In the last Cosmic News, I suggested we take note of that last line about the negative potential of social prejudice that specifically pushes the Uranus button in its relevance during these tumultuous times. This time I want to emphasize the first lines to consider as we dig deep into the potential of Pluto/ Venus:
“If your emotions are clogged up with old, spent feelings, then it is time to clear these by making admissions to that stranger within yourself— your shadow. Plumb your depths to find renewed self-respect.”

This is part of our personal process in relation to the Dark Goddess energy of Venus/ Pluto, yet Pluto is a collective planet. We are all part of some larger evolutionary process. This conjunction of Pluto and Venus at the end of Capricorn also suggests financial implications. Venus is the ‘money planet’. You can take this theme into your personal process as well. Perhaps we will see activity in terms of transforming fiscal policies or the whole financial system itself.**[see extra notes below] 

Pluto has a long cycle of 248 years, spending more than a decade in each sign through the zodiac. It remains in Capricorn, continuing to transform the systems that we have been living with, until 2024, when it moves into Aquarius, following Jupiter and Saturn that have already entered in their glorious and highly celebratory conjunction on December 21 Solstice. 

I pulled out The Astrologer’s Handbook, a classic text from 1973, looking at what Sakoian and Acker wrote back then that can give us some prescient ideas about this shift. What do you foresee?

Pluto in Capricorn, 1762-1777 & 2008-2024
“Capricorn is a sign dealing with political and economic power structures, professions, status, ambition, and leadership…..new concepts of government were born. Their most notable manifestation was in the American Declaration of Independence in 1776. The birth of democratic forms of government at this time began the displacement of aristocratic power structures. When Pluto again enters Capricorn, a world government based on the best interests of all mankind will begin. This government will be founded on new social, legal, educational, and religious concepts….The generation that will be born with Pluto in Capricorn will manifest dynamic, practical will in organization, business, and government. This will be based on the concept that all human beings must be given a chance to develop their own potential according to their ability and self-discipline.”

Pluto in Aquarius, 1777-1799 & 2024-2043
“Aquarius is the sign of group activity, intuitive mental development, science, and humanitarianism. The period in which Pluto was in Aquarius witnessed the American Revolutionary War and saw the formulation of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights…The United States had its real birth as a democratic nation, being the first to demonstrate that rule by the people in a well-organized democracy [republic]was possible. This period also marked the French Revolution, the major European experiment in political freedom, representing revolt of the common people—ruled by Aquarius— against outmoded dictatorial forms of government. The next transit of Pluto through Aquarius will be a time of tremendous scientific discovery and worldwide brotherhood. The Aquarian Age will come into its full flower then.”

In the next several years, all of the outer planets change sign in swift succession:
2023-24— Pluto into Aquarius;
2024-25— Neptune into Aries;
2025-26— Uranus into Gemini; and
2026-27— Chiron into Taurus.
A very different world will emerge.

Dynamic interplay of Taurus – Aquarian planets
Mars entered Taurus on January 6, ramping up levels of revolution, disruption and unsettledness, already stirred up by Uranus.  Uranus turned forward on January 14, with Mars heading right toward its archetypally explosive conjunction with the catalytic Awakener, Uranus.

The Mars/ Uranus conjunction was exact at 6+ degrees on January 20, upping the intensity. The whole month of January is largely about this turning point of Uranus @6+ Taurus (7 degree Sabian Symbol, shared above).

A week after the peak Mars/Uranus on January 20, 
this January 28 Full Moon highlights this energy and brings our collective awareness to another level! 

Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all in Aquarius— the party has begun. Venus joins in, entering Aquarius on February 1. Mercury goes retrograde on January 30, reluctant to leave the party before Venus comes. This prolonged visit of Mercury in Aquarius can give us all some breathing space. Like a dolphin, whale or sea turtle coming up for air, we be glad for fresh perspective on our lives, going back over all that has occurred even since the December Eclipse/Solstice portal— and what is happening now. The next New Moon in Aquarius clicks in with Sun, Moon and four planets in that sign. How exciting will it be!

Chariklo enters Aquarius
Adding the unique, subtle quality of her presence to the Aquarian party, we find this ‘centaur object’ moving from Capricorn into Aquarius on the eve of this Full Moon. An experienced shape shifter, now moving from one sign into another, she surely knows when to make an entrance, gracefully highlighting the moment. 

Chariklo contributes her special caring, insightful and healing quality as one of the transforming, creative goddess archetypes. She first came to my attention when astronomers announced in 2014 two slender crystalline rings (or halos) around the small celestial body of Chariklo. In her storyline she is known for spinning movements, perhaps in her toroidal plasma field, helping her take whatever form best serves love. Wife of Chiron, she changed her water nymph shape into a centaur to be with him, later helping him shift into his star body as The Centaur constellation. After participating in the powerful Capricorn council in 2020, she chooses a prime moment to join the stellium in Aquarius, her home territory, as she weaves between the two signs through 2021.

It’s almost her birthday, as Chariklo was discovered on February 15, 1997, with the Sun and a rare stellium of planets in Aquarius, and a rare 6-pointed star pattern. This is one of the most remarkable charts an astrologer ever sees. I’m so interested to find a young person who was born on this day! 

Chariklo’s own placement in her discovery chart was 6+ Leo opposite Uranus/Jupiter both at 5+ Aquarius— very in tune with this Full Moon. Chariklo knows she is needed by many in such a time to support our collective reshaping of the subtle energies between Capricorn earth structures and community unity in Aquarius. 

Her chart, story and more on Chariklo is here on my website.
Melanie Reinhart, with her clear astrological intuition, also has much to share about Chariklo on her website.

I am keen to experience this shift with Chariklo and will be sharing more insights as we go along. I appreciate hearing yours as well; I would welcome any dreams or intuitions or direct transmissions you receive from Chariklo.
What a Full Moon!!  Join the celestial celebration! ENJOY!! 

* * * * * * * * * * *

**Additional comments on this Full Moon in relation to our collective situation.
I am most interested in individual astrological experience. Because of recent activations and the extraordinary times we are in, I want to share a few observations about the strong transits going on in the U.S. chart based on the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Though not a definitive delineation, I hope these timely comments offer some perspective on what is going on.
As many astrologers have been discussing for a while, Pluto is coming into position for the first time— exact in 2022-23— with where it was at the signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence in 1776.  That chart features Pluto opposite Mercury. As we enter 2021 transiting Pluto is specifically opposite the U.S. Mercury, which has to do with news, media, perception, how we think about things. The astrological suggestion for last year and this year, in particular, is that a lot of news will come out about what has been going on under the surface and behind the scenes. How will that all happen, and what are the implications?
Pluto/ Venus
With Venus joining Pluto, very involved in this potent question, she offers a further suggestion that such secrets and revelations made at this time will likely have to do with finances. That’s the nature of Pluto in relation to Venus. 
Uranus/Mars & Aquarian Planets
Adding great weight to the Pluto return in the U.S. chart, it is interesting to note that the Mars/ Uranus at 6 Taurus 44 squares the Nodes of the Moon in the U.S. chart— South Node at 6 Aquarius 36/ North Node at 6 Leo 36. We could call this a moment of Destiny, a tipping point in the collective consciousness and the awakening of a new era. The Uranus-Mars conjunction on January 20 squared the nodal destiny line, shaking things up and asking us to make a choice whether or not to move forward toward our national destiny at the Leo point. 
The Aquarian planets— Jupiter, Saturn, with Mercury and Venus upcoming—are all conjuncting the South Node of the U.S., bringing forth the collective past of the Nation and its people. This Full Moon in Leo is conjunct the U.S. North Node, the fulfillment point of its destiny, highlighting these next couple of weeks as a tipping point, indeed, one of major import as to how the United States proceeds into its future. 

Volcanic New Moon

New Moon @ 23Capricorn13
January 12, 9:00pm PST
January 13, 12:00am EST, 5:00am GMT, 4:00pm AEDT

Image: “Pluto and the Underworld Mysteries,” ink drawing by author inspired by first reading of Carl Jung’s Dreams, Memories, Reflections way back when it came out.

Pluto conjunct this New Moon indicates quite a potent and transformational moon cycle to begin 2021. After last year, we cannot be too surprised about that, but we are likely to be very surprised in how it plays out. Uranus is too activated for any other scenario but something quite ‘stormy’ and unexpected. 

Plus we have dicey, discordant planetoid Eris square the Pluto New Moon, pushing disruption to greater levels. Warrior-like Eris impatiently stirs things up to expose truth. Disruptive and creative forces both erupt at the same time. Planetoid Haumea in Libra wields her magic stick to call in plentiful bounty and fairness. One reader described Haumea’s energy as “incredibly magical, mystical and with a dash of fairy godmother.” (I agree, Dr.Tia). She is also very grounded and powerful, birthing unprecedented newness. Let’s also remember that she gave birth to Pele, the volcano goddess.

This New Year opened with a waning moon finishing up immediate implications of the December 14 total Solar Eclipse and the opening of a new era under the glorious Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. We have been through a potent rebirth portal; now we see more volcanic dismantling of the world we once knew and the toppling of powerful systems and structures that are both negative and unsustainable as we move forward into a ‘new Earth,’ as some are calling our times. My intuitive heart resonates.

As we head further into 2021 we find ourselves on a roller coaster of ups and downs— an exciting, thrilling, shocking, stormy, nerve-racking, wild ride that leaves us breathless. Unexpected developments may happen at stomach-churning rate, requiring extra effort to stay grounded.

Mars entered Taurus on January 6, ramping up levels of revolution, disruption and unsettledness, already indicated by Uranus. Mars is heading right toward Uranus. The explosive meeting point of Mars with Uranus is exact at 6+ degrees on January 20, just after Uranus turns forward. The whole month of January is largely about this turning point of Uranus. 

Sabian Symbol 7 Taurus reads:
A Woman of Samaria Comes to Draw Water from the Well.
This Biblical storyline can mean many things to different people. Here I am quoting Lynda Hill and Richard Hill in their The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle:

If your emotions are clogged up with old, spent feelings, then it is time to clear these by making admissions to that stranger within yourself— your shadow. Plumb your depths to find renewed self-respect. Someone may be in need of help, draw on your inner resources, take time out to assist others. Dipping into family ancestry. Past lives.If negative— allowing social prejudice to rule decisions and behavior.” 

Considering that Uranus is in this degree all of January (also a week of December 2020 and February), this image can be applied to the awakening of the collective consciousness in some way— our collective ancestry and history. The last line about the negative potential specifically hits the Uranus button in its social relevance. 

Spiritual teacher Patricia Cota-Robles (www.eraofpeace.org, 12/17/20) indicates the challenge of our times with Mars/Uranus in Taurus interacting with the Aquarian planets with these words:  

Our Earthly Bodies are literally multidimensional technology. In the new paradigm we are cocreating, we have the ability to hold space within our bodies for the highest frequencies of vibration. All we have to do is consistently pay attention to who we are Being in every moment through our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. Every single one of us has all of the skill, wisdom, knowledge, strength and courage we need to succeed God Victoriously in our mission. We just need to listen to our Heart and respond according to our intuitive Inner Guidance.”

Jupiter/ Saturn in Aquarius ask us to commune, collaborate, and celebrate, to come together and find a way to live the potential of this new era that is so promising. Air sign Aquarius breathes in the higher atmospheres above the clouds and fog, suggesting that we step back and view the larger picture and offering fresh perspectives that change the way we see our world.

In a recent talk, biologist Bruce Lipton quoted from an article by Dr. Richard Conn Henry, physics professor at Johns Hopkins University, entitled, “The Mental Universe”. The basic point of the article is that
‘The only reality is mind and observations, but observations are not things.
To see the Universe as it really is, we must abandon our tendency to conceptualize observations as things.”

This is a prescient commentary on the Aquarian perspective! 
Dictionary meaning: Perception = awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation; physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience; quick, acute and intuitive cognition. Dr. Lipton’s article ends with this statement: 

“The Universe is immaterial—mental and spiritual. 
Live, and enjoy.”
Good advice for this new era we are entering.

As this volcanic New Moon waxes to full on January 28/29, we have a series of interactions between multiple planets in Aquarius— Jupiter and Saturn, of course, joined by Mercury, Sun and Venus in that order— and a power trio in Taurus: Uranus, Mars and Black Moon. Aquarius wants to wrap the mind about that mind-blowing Taurus trio, but no way. It has to be acted out, experienced, embodied. Consider this, as I share an interpretation of Black Moon in Taurus from my book, Black Moon Lilith:

“Lilith in Taurus revels in the embodiment of Heaven on Earth. Mythically Lilith lives in the Tree of Life with roots that tap into the planetary core. Taurus, too, puts down deep roots to stabilize and be fruitful. Lilith typically chooses a rare type of fruit. Look at the effect of that first apple! People with this placement can find resources and produce results in places which look barren to everyone else…. The “stuff” of life can become a heavy burden to Lilith in Taurus, with its load of memory, responsibility, karma, desire and attachment that comes with it all. It can also be a pleasure when lightly but thoroughly enjoyed. 

The earthiness of Taurus is deeply engaged by Lilith. The sensuality of this sign leads to basic, raw, ecstatic physicality and sexuality. Lilith in Taurus ultimately seeks beyond the tangible gloss of experience to the internal resonance. An inner sense of self-worth, not always reinforced by worldly definitions of success, is aligned with actualizing the spiritual quest. Natives here may buck tradition or plant their feet firmly in it. There is a relentless need to dig down to the fertile soil of their spiritual ground, the better to grow fruits that satisfy the soul and, perhaps, leave a meaningful legacy. 

Taurean Lilith, wades through deeply-embedded thickets of financial, sexual and life style issues, seeking values clarification. The security-seeking aspect of Taurus is rocked to its core eventually, often through complexities of financial loss, sexual betrayal or illness, any black hole of uncertainty. Lilith in Taurus can demonstrate extraordinary physical beauty and great physical endurance, when they let the light shine through….to free the creative power inherent in Mother Nature.” 

Here is a useful January/ February calendar of dynamic activations between the Mars-Uranus-+Black Moon Lilith power trio in Taurus square the planet party in Aquarius. Energetically I imagine circles of people around the world (all the different planets in Aquarius) dancing among standing stones, a grove of trees or in gardens (Taurus). 
(Note: I use EST, some dates may shift in your time zone. I am not giving exact dates for BML as she ‘wiggles’ around a lot).

Turning Point—
December 21, 2020— Jupiter-Saturn conjunct at 0 Aquarius.

January 2021
Jan 6—         Mars into Taurus
Jan 8-12— Mercury enters Aquarius, conjunct Jupiter-Saturn/ square Mars-Uranus-Black Moon
Jan 13*— Mars square Saturn (yes, on this New Moon)
Jan 14*—         Uranus turns direct
Jan 17—  Jupiter square Uranus = ‘big change’
Jan 19—          Sun enters Aquarius, shining sunlight on any situation
Jan 20*—         Mars conj Uranus
Jan 22*—         Mars square Jupiter
Jan 23—         Sun conj Saturn
Jan 26—         Sun square Uranus
Jan 28*—         Sun conj Jupiter   (on Full Moon in LEO!)
Jan 30—         Mercury retrograde @26Aquarius We’ll need this breather!

The drama is heightened once a week when the Moon is in a fixed sign
Aquarius (Jan. 13-15) and Taurus Jan. 20-22/), of course, 
but also Leo (Jan. 27pm-29) and Scorpio (Jan. 7-8).

On to February 2021
Feb 1—         Sun square Mars/ Venus enters Aquarius
Feb 6—         Venus conj Saturn, square Uranus
Feb 8—         Sun conj Mercury
Feb 10-11*— Mercury square Mars.
New Moon in Aquarius on 11th!  
Moon in Aquarius conj. Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, square Mars and Uranus, Venus conj Jupiter 
Feb 12—         Chinese Year of the Ox begins, Mercury conj Venus         
Feb 14—         Mercury conj Jupiter
Feb 17*—         Saturn square Uranus– first of three, key dynamic of 2021
Feb 19—         Venus square Mars
Feb 20—         Mercury turns direct @11Aquarius
Feb 24*—         Mars trine Pluto, worth mentioning as a positive

*High drama days with Moon in fixed signs—
Scorpio (Feb 3-5).
Aquarius (Feb 9pm-11) 
Taurus Feb 16pm-18) 
Leo (Feb 24-26) finishing up with 
A couple of significant March dates
March 3—         Mars enters Gemini, starting to trine Aquarian planets,  smoothing out the road forward
March 4—         Mercury conj Jupiter, third visit

See how much is going on! Take note of what is going on for you along the way. Too much to try to interpret in advance, especially as we are in fresh territory. Remember the huge galactic, photonic waves washing in to lighten up our solar system. What celestial choreography! what cosmic fireworks! — a roller coaster, a wild storm, a choppy sea—but we will make it through to the other side, a brighter world, promised by the Jupiter-Saturn, a double-star, radiant rainbow-like augur. Some people have been comparing it to the Star of Bethlehem. It seems to me relevant. We have only just stepped over the threshold. Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2023/24, for the last big clean-up, the last huge sweep of the vacuum.

Plant your feet down into Earth.
Raise your arms to welcome the stormy winds that clear the air.
Reach out with your heart to all whom you love and “all our relations”. 

 A last note: this Plutonian New Moon at 23/24 Capricorn is zoned right into the 1776 U.S. birth chart.  The U.S. is heading into the 2022-2023 peak of its first Pluto return, a 248-year cycle. Pluto is opposite Mercury in the U.S. chart. This New Moon is closely opposite the U.S. Mercury at 24 Cancer. A volcano of deep belly information is erupting during this Moon cycle

Year’s End Full Moon

Full Moon @ 8 Cancer/Capricorn 53
December 29, 2020, 10:28pm EST, 7:28pm PST
December 30, 3:28am GMT, 2:28pm AEDT

Image: A Winter Full Moon, by artist Donna Lefferdo.
See more of Donna’s work on her FB page: Donna Lefferdo’s Paintings

This last Full Moon of 2020 is the lunar flowering of the Total Solar Eclipse of December 14. Between New and Full Moon we passed through the Solstice portal and entered an historic new era thanks to the glorious joining of Jupiter and Saturn. The conjunction, low in the west, will soon be disappearing in the light of the Sun. Enjoy while you still can. We can let the gentle nurturing energy of this Cancer Moon soothe us as we remember back over an incredible year and steady ourselves for 2021 incoming.

The Portal
Did you feel it?
Solstice gongs from deep space
Sweet bells ringing with star shine
an orchestra of planetary instrumentals—
voices large or distant or close,
bass or soprano, alto or tenor,
horns and drums and strings—
embroidered with grace notes from circling moons 
and tiny moonlets shimmering like snowflakes or chimes!

Imagine that you were standing still, strongly grounded like a stone of Avebury or Stonehenge. Time is moving toward you, in wavelengths of light. A huge tunnel looms in front: the dark disk of the Total Solar Eclipse falls upon you. At the other end of the dark tunnel, a bright light envelops. You find Saturn and Jupiter on either side of you. Saturn lays a firm, steadying hand on your shoulder; Jupiter heartily grabs your hand. “Welcome to the New Era! Let’s go for a roller coaster ride!”

Jupiter and Saturn at 0+ Aquarius start the new story with this Sabian Symbol:An Old Adobe Mission in California. 
Sabian Astrologer Lynda Hill describes this as “a symbol of man’s ability to take natural materials from the environment, and to build something lasting and enduring that protects, sustains and nourishes the community” and later, “Creating civilization out of natural elements.” These two phrases caught my attention, as this new Aquarian conjunction will soon be in dynamic activation with Uranus in earth sign Taurus. Much more on that as we move into the New Year.

Full Moon in Cancer square Chiron in Aries
This Full Moon in Cancer asks us to feel our way into the New Year, remembering all that we have experienced in this crazy year. Cancer reminds us to take care, cherish those close to us, be gentle with ourselves and others. It is also a sign of fecundity and growth. How are you going to grow into the New Year? What are you feeling your way into that you connect with and are nurtured by? 

The most dynamic factor in of this Full Moon is catalytic converter Chiron, seeking holistic alignment that brings our total being into the Now, the present moment. This is really all we have. We no longer have yesterday, except in memory; we fill tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow with expectations and projections and wishful thinking. Accord This Moment its fullness by standing in your own Center of Being. Chiron bridges the gap between our experience and higher consciousness with a sense of circular time, a quantum perspective that is the calling of both our spirituality and the leading edge of science. 

Chiron brings up that which needs to be healed, shows us where we are resistant, scarred or scared. Under this Cancer Moon, feel your way into that point and ask for any help and support you need. With Chiron in Aries, be willing to explore new options. 

Sun /Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus/ Black Moon/ Mars in Taurus
With Mercury close to the Sun in Capricorn, we glean what we have gained from 2020, even while receiving messages, news and experiences that change the way we think as we move forward. Uranus is full of surprises, especially when working with Black Moon Lilith. Listen to the powerful voice of this aspect of the Cosmic Feminine. “It is as it is,” is a good Black Moon approach, letting go of judgment and expectation that obscures the potential in any moment. 

Practice the yogic tree pose, walk in Nature or plant yourself like the standing stones I mentioned above, to connect with Earth and steady yourself for some rocking and rolling in 2021— especially when Mars enters Taurus on January 6 to meet up with Uranus. For the next couple of months, the level of volatility ramps up and breaks out in various ways. Mars activates the revolutionary, disruptive storminess of Uranus. People are likely to be stirred up; patience with any ‘status quo’ is at an end. One way and another, we are moving into new territory that changes the way we live in the world. The level of coming change indicated is not likely to be comfortable as we shake off stagnancy. As we awaken to more aspects of our collective underbelly, we let in more light and higher consciousness. As we face unexpected challenges, it will also be exciting, freeing and uplifting. 

Nodes of Destiny with Venus/ Neptune
This Olde Year ends and the Fresh Year begins with the Nodes of the Moon, the Line of Destiny, continuing their challenging square dance with Neptune. Confusion continues to reign, as we seek truth amidst myriad illusions and delusions, biases and assumptions. Some of these are our own; some we pick up from the foggy swirl of misinformation, of conflicting and contrarian beliefs and opinions around us. Pisces rules the feet, so put your roots down like an anchor into the Earth, to steady the rocking boat. Also, hold on to your spiritual anchor. If you have been, you are already above the fog in sunnier skies more of the time.

Let Venus lead the way. Our heart intelligence is keenly intuitive, overtaking mental rationalization and clearing mind-numbing fog with the higher wisdom of love. Heed the call of adventure as Venus joins the South Node, ready to explore new horizons. The North Node in Gemini has a restless curiosity and thirst for new input if we are open to hear it. Are you?

This is only the very beginning of the new era ushered in so recently by the Jupiter/Saturn “star.”  As in the Star Trek series, we head into New Year 2021 “to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!” 

* * * * * * * *

Watch for
An Astrological Overview of 2021
coming soon on Zoom!
 I’m aiming for mid-January.

Heading into 2021: The first 3 months
New interview on the podcast, “LEADING WITH LIGHT” 
 with friend, colleague and visionary extraordinaire, Sky A’Hearn.
I talk astrology cycles and Sky leads us through several energetic ‘downloads’ to help ground the incoming energies.
I’m so excited to share this with you!
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New Moon Total Solar Eclipse @ 23 Sagittarius 08
December 14, 2020, 11:16am EST/ 8:16am PST, 4:16pm GMT,
December 15, 3:16am AEDT

Portal of Light, oil painting by Leilah Ward, shared on one of her recent blogs. See more of her channeled art and messages at https://www.integralsoul.love. 

This week is a double power portal during which we are surfing a huge wave of incoming galactic light. These two cosmic events, Eclipse and Solstice, are the fireworks and rainbow at the end of a year of immense change. This rigorous year started with conjunction of Saturn/Pluto that wiped the slate clean of an agenda that began in 1982 at the last conjunction of that power pair. Throughout 2020 we have faced clear indications that we are entering a new phase. Major unexpected developments have ‘stopped the world,’ pushing us deeper in our own Beings. 

In the last few months, we have been asking ourselves what do we want and what don’t we want in our lives as we move into a fresh New Year? It’s been a long, tough road to make it this far through 2020—and it’s not over yet! We are not yet finished creating our new collective vision, our way of moving forward into a new dimension of experience. If you stay centered and clear with yourself, you make a great contribution to lift the pervasive collective confusion, a thick Neptunian fog that distorts our view. This celebratory celestial choreography to end the year is a window through which that fog starts to lift and the light shimmers in the air— 

Literally in the air. This portal further opens the Age of air sign Aquarius with the Solstice conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn at that sign’s very doorsill, 0 Aquarius 29. Jupiter and Saturn meet up every 20 years, initiating a new cycle of social, cultural experience. This one is extra special, more than another short 20-year cycle. Here are key reasons why:

* Jupiter and Saturn are closer in proximity than in 400 years, so close they may appear almost as one extra radiant star. [Perhaps something like the Star seen in the East by those three stargazing Wise Men way back when? though I would add in Venus to make a planetary trinity for that rare Heavenly moment.]

* For the last 200 years, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions have almost exclusively occurred in earth signs, focusing our experience on the practical, material world. This is the first conjunction in air signs, inaugurating a new 200 year cycle focusing on the mental world, on information, perception, perspective, social interactions.  

* The last time we began such a 200-year cycle of air sign conjunctions was in the year 1226 (specifically on March 4!). So this is a new 800-year cycle. That era took us from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance. What will our transition be like this time, in this new day and age, this new millennium?

This Total Eclipse at 23+ Sagittarius carries this Sabian Symbol image to inspire us:
24 Sagittarius: A Bluebird, a Sign of Good Luck and Happiness, is Standing at the Door of the House.
What a lovely augur. This total eclipse darkens the Sun and relights it with a good luck sigil. The old story ends; a new story begins.

This total eclipse is like a hugetowering wave, the largest wave in memory. We stand strong and balance on our surfboards, excited to catch that once-in-a-lifetime wave. We head into the tunnel, a curving alive wall of water, riding this powerful phenomenon, having the thrill of our lives. Speeding along under the cresting wave, we suddenly come ashore in the froth of the crashing waters. Where do we land? In the Solstice gateway and an Aquarian portal that leads to a renaissance. Pluto adds more regenerative impetus when it transitions into Aquarius in 2024.

Where does this wave originate? This is a South Node Eclipse, bringing something forward from our deep collective past. The Eclipse degree is close enough to 26 Sagittarius, the Galactic Center degree— a Surging Wave of Invisible Light from the Heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. In addition to the photon waves of higher frequency that have been coming in, perhaps solar flare activity will be heightened as well.

One of the original quantum deities now inhabiting the Kuiper Belt, is sending this wave and riding in with it. Varda Elentari is Star Lady of the Elves, She who shaped the Sun and Moon and blew love songs of light into bubbles of aether, causing them to kindle into stars. Thus the sparkling heavens welcomed the Elves when they first came into their realm. White-robed Varda is their High Angelic Goddess of Grace and Beauty. This ancient and everlasting higher dimensional world is evoked. Varda comes forth to welcome us into the new realm opening on Solstice (watch this website for an upcoming article on Varda).

Use this potent Eclipse of the year to let go of fears and open to the love coming from the Heart of our Galaxy. The old story ends; a new story begins. Here is encouragement from Rudolph Steiner: 

Verse For Our Time

We must eradicate from the Soul
All fear and terror of what comes towards man out of the future.

We must acquire serenity
In all feelings and sensations about the future.

We must look forward with absolute equanimity
To everything that may come.

And we must think only that whatever comes
Is given to us by a world-directive full of wisdom.

It is part of what we must learn in this age,
namely, to live out of pure trust,
Without any security in existence.

Trust in the ever present help
Of the spiritual world.

Truly, nothing else will do
If our courage is not to fail us.

And let us seek the awakening from within ourselves
Every morning and every evening.

Yes, the old story ends; a new, essential story begins. Storyteller Clarissa Pinkola Estes encourages us [thank you for sharing, Diane]:

“I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, 
happen to you, and that you will work with these stories… 
water them with your blood and tears and your laughter 
till they bloom, 
till you yourself burst into bloom.” 

* * * * * * * *

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