"Depth Astrology"

an inspirational blend of psychology, spirituality and the mythic context of our lives

Astrological Consultations

It is an honor to be asked to look at your personal astrology chart, your cosmic blueprint, to explore with you how the relationship between heaven and earth is working through you.

Astrology Workshops

The night sky is the original movie screen, a living testament of philosophy and myth from many cultures throughout the world. I offer star gazing nights and astrology workshops.

Astrologer Mentoring

I would be honored to work with you to deepen your knowledge of the language of the stars.  Together we develop an individualized study designed by us for you…

Astro Specials

Birthday Astro-Special

Birthday Astro-Special

If this is your Sun sign month, this is your special time to treat yourself to a birthday consultation. We use the window of your birth chart and this year’s birthday chart along with current planetary cycles to look into timing, themes and guidance for your personal new year. Discounted at $125. **You can also […]

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Full Moon @ 24 Capricorn/Cancer 04July 16, 2019 @ 5:37pm EDT, 2:37pm PDT, 21:57 GMT, July 17 @ 9:37am AEST The Total Solar Eclipse on July 2-3 started us on an uncharted path. Bridges are burning behind us, as we are invited to choose a path of personal integrity to move forward. This July 16 partial […]

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