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Eclipse Archway of the Goddess

Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse @8 Gemini/Sagittarius 38
November 30, 2020, 4:30am EST, 1:30am PST, 
9:30am GMT, 8:30pm AEDT

Rose-Arches of Giverny, detail, Claude Monet, 1913. Photographed by author at the Denver Art Museum exhibit, “Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature,” in December 2019.

A penumbral eclipse is not the most dramatic, but an eclipse is an eclipse is an eclipse. We will perceive the shifting tides in our lives in some fashion that may refer back to the reverse eclipse on June 5 of this year. 

Sun sign Sagittarius, November 21—December 21, brings us into a celebratory time of year, as we head toward December Solstice and the turning into 2021. There is a big astrological hurrah at the end of this year. We prepare as we go through this Lunar Eclipse to ride the waning moon into and through the powerful, solo Total Solar Eclipse of 2020 on December 14. What a way to end the year, and such a year.

This eclipsed Moon in Gemini, with Sun in Sagittarius, is a passage that echoes the reverse eclipse of June 5. You may notice some resonance with that time. I already have, surely and specifically.

Let’s take a quick look at the Sabian Symbols:

Sun at 9 Sagittarius:
“A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step by Step Up the Stairs”
Moving step by step we continue to learn, evolve, raise our level.

Full Moon at 9 Gemini: “A Quiver Full of Arrows”
We surely know we are in Sagittarius territory with this image. 
Like Legolas, the Elven Hero in Lord of the Rings, head out on your adventure prepared for anything. Stay focused on the goal. 

Eclipses are indicated by the Nodes of the Moon, which form the Line of Destiny of our collective journey. Since May 2020 through 2021, the South Node in Sagittarius represents what is given; the North Node in Gemini what we seek to energize. We need many arrows in our quivers. The kaleidoscope of Gemini shows a multitude of entryways, portals, points of view and perspectives, as well as distractions, disinformation, and discouragements to overwhelm us. Crossing signals, as if too many radio stations are coming in at once, we may experience static interference as we seek our heart-centered/ third eye intuitive Sagittarian sense of truth that we deeply hold, heart and soul.

When you tune inward to adjust your reception beyond the static, the compass of your soul’s ‘true north’ aligns with a kind of internal GPS guidance. On such an inner journey, we withdraw from the stormy winds on the outer bands of a type of cosmic hurricane into the calm eye of the storm, finding our solitudinal and sovereign soul center of solace. No one can take this journey for us or tell us what it is like or how to do it. You are You for this very reason.
There is no doubt the wavelengths are shifting in the huge sweep of light waves that are entering our solar system; such a ride we are on! 

Venus dives into Scorpio, November 21—December 15
The day that the Sun entered Sagittarius, Venus moved into Scorpio, infusing most of this high energy Sagittarian month with emotional intensity and strong feelings. We might be taken by surprise, as Venus is doing a flash dance with Uranus, across the sky in Taurus. This dynamic opposition between Venus and Uranus stirs up unexpected affects and evokes a strong appearance of the Cosmic Feminine. Let us also remember that Uranus, planet of higher mind, is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, with her ‘Buddha spacious mind’ level of wisdom transmission— another indication that the incoming waves of heightened light frequencies are awakening something deep inside the very essence of our embodiment as light beings. 

On the last New Moon in Scorpio, it was Mercury, also in Scorpio (and still in Scorpio), that was conversing with Uranus across the sky, coming up with surprising news and developments. On this Full Moon, it is Venus in Scorpio who is dancing with Uranus. This cosmic couple pull us into more than Scorpio’s signature hot and spicy tango; rather, we find ourselves in an intensely creative, inventive and avant-garde movement with a heightened electromagnetic rhythm. These two planets spark like fireworks, flashing with subtleties and nuances, shocking maneuvers and unexpected outcomes. 

Remember the Sabian Symbol of the last New Moon, picturing crowds of people coming down from the mountain to listen to “one inspired man’ [or woman].  What was it that he (or she) said? If this has not yet been spoken, this Eclipsed Moon in Gemini likely broadcasts some world-changing message. In any case, people are stirred up now with smoky, passionate Venus in Scorpio interacting with wildly unconventional Uranus in Taurus. 

Making this personal to you, how are your values and feelings about your life changing? To help finish up this rigorous year that has required a great deal of vigilance, personal responsibility and big questioning of how we want to move forward into a new year, Venus puts her energy behind figuring out ways to make our lives better, to feel whole-hearted and joyful; in short, to make life worth living. It takes radical change and freedom to do so. 

Venus in Scorpio likes to stir things up on her own; and much more so when made restless by Uranus. This is nota good time for stalled, stale or complacent relationships; it isa good time to spice things up, change dance partners or experiment with something unexpectedly different that stirs up feelings and fans any banked embers into fire. 

Venus in Scorpio is Kali-like, cutting away what is no longer life-giving and vital. Black Moon Lilith now in company with Uranus in Taurus,compels change that is authentic to our earthiness and enhances joy in the senses. When we feel in our hearts a great love for Mother Earth, we can feel our energy drop into her heart. Earth offers a foundation of strength and support especially when appreciated. Since Earth is receiving large waves of excited light frequencies, we share in the bounty of this evolutionary light. Can you feel it?
We can pull out of any bitter swampiness that pulls us down by communing with Nature. As poet Mary Oliver writes, 
“You have only to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” 

Our bodies are changing with the Great Awakening, impulsed by the intensity of incoming galactic waves. Can we trust the organic intelligence of every cell in our body to help move us forward toward well-being and upliftment? Monitor your emotional wavelength and find the high road that rises from deep within the heart of Earth herself. As poet Kathleen Raine perceives it:
“The Earth upon her celestial spindle winds her ecstasy-producing dance.”   

Heading into the Big Wave of the Total Solar Eclipse on December 14, we have two special days honoring the Divine Feminine:
December 8—celebrating the Assumption [and Divinity] of the Virgin Mary, December 12— honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe.
This dual celebration of the Divine Mother and her mysteries carries centuries of blessings, and is echoed in some particular ways by the exceptional activity of Venus through this Lunar Eclipse and through the Solar Eclipse of December 14.

We are coming closer and closer to the rainbow at the end of 2020. 
As I have been reminding us along the way:

By year’s end we are through a huge piece of work.
We enter a clear zone, on a new collective High Way.
Be Your Best Self!
You are a Star in a Galaxy of Stars!
* * * * * * * * *



New Moon @23 Scorpio 18
November 14, 2020, 9:08pm PST, 
November 15, 12:08am EST, 7:08am GMT, 4:08pm AEDT

Green Seaweed 1, incoming wave trailing green seaweed over rocks and coral. Photo by author.

This Scorpio New Moon opens a new cycle with the
go-ahead green light signal of Mars, just returning to forward motion. Life is on the move again! — whatever that means in terms of current dynamics and Scorpionic strategies.
Scorpio has a passionate all-or-nothing,
Big Yes! or flat ‘no’ response to life. 

Let’s look at the Sabian Symbol for some clues about this Full Moon at 24 Scorpio:
“Crowds Coming Down the Mountain to Listen to One Inspired Man.”

In her prescient book, The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, Lynda Hill offers this interpretation: 
“There is a message which needs to be spread and the people are making their way to the one who can deliver it,” who“likely has some gift…the gift of speech, knowledge, communication and oratory…. There must be a reason for them to come ‘Down the Mountain to Listen’ — there is probably something important and stimulating that they should come together to receive. There’s no guarantee, however, that everyone is going to be receptive to what’s being said: people will have many different responses to the messages being given. Although it’s fairly clear that not all will be responsive, the message is likely to resonate with many.”

Lynda Hill continues on to say it is important to integrate into your daily life any messages, insights and realizations that you may hear from your inner guidance or from others who can lift your focus. Also to apply discernment and thoughtful discrimination about what it is that you are hearing. “Blindly accepting what’s being imparted can lead to a loss of the individual mindset.” 

This all echoes the key astrological signature of this New Moon.
Mercury, The Messenger/ Uranus, the Awakener
Mercury in Scorpio has come once again into opposition with Uranus, the Awakener, shocking the airwaves with yet more surprising news and developments in this already radically different year. Mercury turned retrograde opposite Uranus on October 14. Now a month later, much has been processed and weighed in the balance. As more information is revealed, our perspective changes and we wake up to a new way of thinking. Whatever this might bring to mind for you, this is the pure astrology of our awakening times. 

Black Moon Lilith is now keeping company with Uranus in Taurus, 
compelling us to feel how our bodies are changing with the Great Awakening. As Mars moves forward, gathering speed as a car does when pedal pressed at the turning of the light green, we need to feel how our vehicle wants to move forward. Our bodies can tell us so much about what we truly and deeply want to be doing and what we don’t want to do any longer. 

How are ‘things’ going for you? Are you going to get off the highway at the next exit and follow another path? Do greener fields beckon? Would you prefer to explore back roads at a slower pace with more beautiful scenery/ synergy? Are synchronicities and serendipities offering clues to new pathways, ‘light-bulb-over-your-head’ inspirations or ‘burst-of-joy-in-your-heart’ moments?

Apart from the mind-altering Mercury-Uranus/Black Moon opposition, this New Moon is the most smooth-sailing lunation we’ve had in a while. Let’s pick up some head wind to sail the high seas we are navigating, riding the waxing Moon into a shadowy Full Moon eclipse, likely to alter the direction of the wind a bit. If we are heading in the right direction we can easily tack with that wind. Otherwise we may be necessarily blown off course and have to recalibrate our GPS.

How do we get set in the right direction? We listen to ourselves. Stress is a response to bad choices or wrong thinking. Some deeper instinct of our organic intelligence knows when we are on the wrong track.

This New Moon is in synch with the Capricorn power trio of 2020, including the rigorous dynamic duo of Saturn/ Pluto that set this year into a sort of tailspin. This Scorpio Moon is the time to rise like the phoenix bird from the ashes of the old, to pull up and out and steady ourselves. 

The most exact interaction of this Full Moon is with wisdom planet Jupiter, the third of the Capricorn triad. The king of the gods stands at 23 Capricorn with his mythic daughter Pallas Athena close by his side as his top advisor. Drawing from her inherent insight and the ancient earthy wise woman energy of Capricorn, this goddess knows and shows how to deal with circumstances intelligently. Strategically shrewd and effective, she knows what she is doing and how things will play out, like a 5-D chess player. We find a way to triumph over difficulties when we ‘come down the mountain’ or get off our high horse to we seek her out and listen to her clear, well-tempered advice. 

How deeply can we feel into this Scorpio New Moon for the serpentine gnosis this sign holds?— not straight logic, but a cyclical perspective where circles come back around with ever more and ever fresh insights. We ride the cosmic waves now at peak influx, with ups and downs in these wild and turbulent times. It’s easier if we are not attached to any specific outcome. A good Scorpio strategy is to let go and trust the process. It all gets a lot more amazing that way.

We are coming closer and closer to the rainbow at the end of 2020. 
As I have been reminding us along the way:

By year’s end we are through a huge piece of work.
We enter a clear zone, on a new collective High Way.
Be Your Best Self!
You are a Star in a Galaxy of Stars!
Peace En-Joy!


Full Moon @9 Taurus/Scorpio
October 31, 2020, 10:49am EDT, 7:49am PDT, 2:49pm GMT,
November 1, 2:49am AEST
[you on that side of the world are welcome to join us over on this side in celebrating the Blue Moon!]

Angel Oak Underworld 2, web collage by Dana Hunt.
Lilith, entwined by her serpent, inhabits Angel Oak, a 1400-year-old tree found on John’s Island across two bridges from Charleston, SC. The mystic reflection takes us into the cosmic alchemical underworld of Scorpio. 

This Full Moon in Taurus a ‘Blue Moon,’ the second Full Moon in October. On Halloween, or Samhain, no less— one of the cross-quarter holy days in-between equinoxes and solstices. And in exact conjunction with the wild, radical Awakener, Uranus, the ‘odd-ball’ planet, it is lit up like a strangely-carved Jack o’Lantern or an expected Halloween trick-or-treater. At Samhain the veils between the material and ‘other’ worlds is thinnest. Black Moon Lilith as moved through that veil as she is entering Taurus to engage this magical and mysterious Blue Moon. 

Dare you look the Full Moon Mother or Man in the Moon Full in the face for what symbolism it conveys to you? The moon is seen as feminine or masculine depending on cultural context. Uranus goes beyond gender to embrace both sides of the brain. You might also find clues in the ground as you walk along, especially in natural settings or near trees. Taurus is like a deeply rooted tree, on such a Full Moon reaching down and through the underworld, tapping into the mysterious dark realms of Scorpio below surface appearances. 

No astrological cycle exists in isolation. The choreography of celestial cycles is like a grand symphony with different instruments (planets) playing their part. We can imagine the Sun as the orchestra leader conducting the cosmic musical score, yet the Sun is also a player in larger cycles in the grander galactic music— the ‘music of the spheres.’ as some of the great astronomers called it.

I want to address three particular planetary dynamics that sound the threaded themes of this movement of the symphony.

Uranus!  Expect the Unexpected! Never a dull moment with this planet that lives on the wild side, actually rotating on its side, with its polar axis facing the Sun. First of the “modern” planets, Uranus was discovered “by accident” in 1781, around the time of the American, French and industrial revolutions. Most of its 27 Moons are taken from Shakespeare. Not all moons have been named. Test your Shakespearean knowledge by recalling in what play these characters appeared. The 5 largest moons are Oberon, Titania, Ariel, Umbriel and Miranda. Other Uranian moons are Juliet, Puck, Cordelia, Ophelia, Bianca, Desdemona, Portia, Rosalind, Cressida and Belinda. 
*Answers to the quiz below.

This Uranus Full Moon harkens back to start of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, still in progress, when Mercury in Scorpio was opposite Uranus. What have we learned since then? What further surprises await us under the light of this Full Moon? The Scorpio Sun is full of secrets. 

Uranus is all about surprises, awakening, and seeing things from a higher mind perspective, sometimes caused by lightning-like shocks to our system. It’s important to remember that we are in a galactic cloud of higher photon or light activity that is sending waves unprecedented, higher frequencies throughout our whole solar system. This Full Moon indicates such an incoming wave. Dig in like that deeply rooted tree and hold on; steady your physical vehicle for a smoother comfort level in the energy storm. It’s likely that what we are experiencing, both personally and collectively, does take us by surprise and contains some shocking revelations or sudden awakenings of consciousness.

Any time Uranus is activated, the Uranus in your chart will turn on.
Where is your Uranus? Look it up! The 84-year orbit of Uranus takes it through a zodiac sign in 7-8 years, identifying a generation of people engaged in challenging, awakening and changing a dimension of collective experience.

 Mercury Retrograde in Slow Turn Forward
Mercury is taking a slow turn at the end of Libra, finally moving forward on November 3. It started retrograde opposite Uranus; now we have this Uranian Full Moon; and Mercury will oppose Uranus again on November 17, just after the next New Moon. Plenty of surprises!!

This Messenger of the gods is in Libra from October 28- November 10, signifying dialogue, decisions and choices weighed on The Scales. Libra seeks mutual regard, balance, justice, peace and harmony. 

While in Libra Mercury is consorting with Haumea, the Hawai’ian of Childbirth, one of the new planetoids in the ‘far out’ solar system. I have been mentioning Haumea for some months now, as I been realizing what a key part she has been playing, like an unusual orchestral instrument. She has been interacting with the Capricorn power trio of Jupiter/ Pluto/Saturn, and now opposite the extended passage of Mars in its own fire sign, Aries. 

She is adding a new dimension of creative engagement to the current necessity to redesign how we live on this blue jewell of a planet. Haumea was conjunct the last New Moon in Libra. Now she is collaborating with Mercury in turn-around, looking both ways. She is weighing the fruits of her labor, as she births new quantum options beyond our experience of the past. We are cutting ties with the past this year in some obvious and other subtle ways.  

In the spirit of Haumea’s call to Creativity, a reader [thank you, D’Aine] sent me this quote from Matthew Fox:
“The only hope Mother Earth has for survival is our recovering Creativity— which is of course, our divine power. Creativity so satisfying, so important, not because it produces something but because the process is cosmological. There’s joy and delight in giving birth.”
[For more on Haumea see my new article on The Wessex Astrologer’s website blog.]

Healing Goddess Impulse: Venus opposite Chiron
The third main theme of this Full Moon in Taurus involves Venus, the ruler of Taurus. What she says goes under this Full Moon. The goddess of love, beauty and money is now @4 degrees Libra, her other rulership sign. She adds harmony, peace and her high aesthetic standards onto the Scales. In close opposition with Chiron, new inpu is needed. There is a call for fresh, quantum-type ideas. Try something new and different! See how you like it. What new initiatives can add value, love and harmony to your life? What new approaches can be more satisfying to all concerned? Let us call on the Cosmic Feminine to bring us what we need and, more, what will brings joy and delight into our lives. Let’s get out our looking glass, our telescopic lens, our deep sky binoculars to peer into beyond what is visible to normal vision. Let’s seek what is possible, what lights up our inner skies and our hearts. 

As a longtime Cosmic News reader [thank you, Marilyn] signs her emails:
Peace En-Joy!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

*Answers to Uranian moons Shakespeare quiz:
A few stumped me, but I knew Cressida from a college production of the lesser-known play, ‘Troilus and Cressida’.
Oberon, Titania and Puck(‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’; 
Ariel and Miranda (‘The Tempest’); Juliet(‘Romeo & Juliet’);
Cordelia (‘King Lear’);  Ophelia (‘Hamlet’); Portia (‘The Merchant of Venice’)
Bianca & Desdemona(‘Othello’- I’m impressed if you knew Bianca)
Rosalind (‘As You Like It’ — I once played Orlando in an all-woman version of this play in Vermont’s Unadilla Theater. I really enjoyed wearing a sword.) 
Umbriel and Belinda are ‘rogue’ names from Alexander Pope’s ‘The Rape of the Lock.’ I didn’t realize it was a trick question until I looked it up! So Uranus!

* * * * * * * * *


New Moon @23 Libra 53 
October 16, 2020, 3:30pm EDT, 12:30pm PDT, 8:30pm BST,
October 17, 5:30am AEST

Sunset on San Diego street corner, photo by artist William Giese from September 2020. Follow the arrows to engage the promise of the current cooperation peak between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. Is this a clue to how to navigate the Mars retrograde Stop sign we ran into in September?  

This New Moon in Libra clicks in a new cycle amidst a flurry of significant planetary interactions. October continues to look and act like the most rigorous month of the year. A key is to engage the creative potentialities available in our increasingly quantum world. 

Haumea’s New Moon Cycle
The Sun/Moon at 23-24 Libra conjunct far out planetoid Haumea, goddess of birthing, at 27+ Libra. Through collaboration we will find ideas that harmonize and spark the creative process into manifestation. 

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon imagines such new possibilities: 
“A Third Wing on the Left Side of a Butterfly.” 
There is a delicacy in this oddity of Nature. Do we need to pre-judge a new experience? In the flow of any creative process, a particular energy arises that influences the outcome. This is the physics of an interconnected universe, where that butterfly wing makes a difference to what happens in the universe. Creativity involves an inherent sense of responsibility for nurturing the seed that is growing in your body, in your holistic awareness that attends to the spiritual/ mental/emotional dimensions of any being or experience that is gestated and brought into the world. What do you do with that third wing? your third eye? 

28 Libra holds the Sabian Symbol for Haumea’s current position:
“A Man Alone in Deep Gloom. Unnoticed, Angels are Coming to His Aid.” 
This image evokes the invisible dimension of Haumea and the other quantum dimensional planetoids coming into our realm, newly discovered since the opening of this new millennium. 

On October 12, the last of three sextiles of Jupiter and Neptune bring hopeful optimism for those who dare entertain and embrace such a belief. The mystical upliftment of Neptune is tangibly experienced by Jupiter grounded in earth sign Capricorn. This is a real boost to those who have been working to stay positive. 

Many of us have used these last months to weed out unworn clothes from the closet and old stuff from the basement and attic. We have also been urged to clean out our inner closets, finding hidden secrets to process, opening old boxes of memories, pulling out forgotten talents. We have been surprised into sweeping away cobwebby belief systems and unrealistic expectations that have been insidiously imposed by ‘authority’ figures over the years. 

With the power trio of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, ramped up by Uranus in Taurus, this is a practical time, focusing on utility and efficiency, basic needs and common sense. Venus now in Virgo (until October 29) fills in the third corner of the earth sign triangle. We are in a large and important time of taking responsibility, stepping up to do what we can do and learning what we need to make our lives work. This is not about the theoretical; it is about practical application and life experience. It does not take a college degree; it requires being in your body and being present. At the same time, we yearn to know that there is more to life than meets the eye. We seek our spiritual anchor to steady ourselves, find our bit of heaven on Earth, a “Grace that passes all understanding,” a sense of being part of a universal field of light and love. Are you finding that in some measure that reassures you?

On October 13, Mars reached a peak moment of its retrograde in Aries, opposite the Sun and at its closest to Earth. It has just squared Pluto for the second time last weekend, at 22 Capricorn, bringing us back to the opening of 2020 with the Saturn/Pluto ‘dead end’ at that same degree, calling for a complete restructuring of how we live. How much has happened since then! Look back on your experience of this year. What was going on in your life when ‘all this’ started?

Also on October 13-14, Mercury turned retrograde at 11 Scorpio, closely opposing Uranus. All kinds of shocking news and unexpected developments continue to unveil ‘hidden secrets to process,’ as I mentioned above. Some of these are personal; some come out in the news cycles. Scorpio is about letting go. Discerning what to let go is a mental challenge. Can we let go of thoughts and feelings that bring us down? Negative thinking can be turned to positive outlook—if you believe that is possible. On this New Moon, Mercury is opposite Uranus, so this is more likely to happen, as a sudden awakening or in some unexpected way, for many through some shocking news. This is the second of three such oppositions as Mercury circles retrograde, with the first on October 7 and the final roundup on November 17— an interesting span of time that may change our worldview.

My esteemed, Boston-based colleague Dorothy Oja writes: 
“Mercury requires deep reflection of the source of the strong and perhaps emotional opinions we hold and those that we see reflected in our society and culture. What were the powerful events that prompted us to align ourselves with one idea or another? Uranus means to shatter our misconceptions and the ideas that we’ve used to run our own lives. We need to refresh everything on a regular basis, even those emotional underpinnings we thought were solid.”
[Find Dorothy’s insightful daily astrology blog on FB @ http://www.facebookcom/PlanetWeatherNews]

Mercury retrogrades back into Libra on October 27, to rebalance those Scales of Justice. Mercury also revisits Haumea in Libra, suggesting some awesome unprecedented outcome from this wildly creative goddess of childbirth as she stirs the waters of life to bring forth what nurtures us. How will this dynamic again tip the Scales as Mercury turns forward on November 3?

On October 19, we have an important activation between Mars, retrograde in Aries, and Jupiter in Capricorn, an opportunity to act on some promising potential. There was a previous such square on August 4 when Mars was moving forward. When Mars turns forward on November 14, it can’t catch up to Big Jupiter before that biggest of planets moves into Aquarius. 

As we start to peek into the New Year, we see the next Mars/ Jupiter square— on January 22, 2021 at 7-8 degrees Taurus/ Aquarius. The potential of this combination is complexified (do you like that word?) with the added impact of Uranus and Saturn. The New Year immediately gets into high gear, a vastly different year than 2020. The new Jupiter/ Saturn Aquarian cycle, which begins on December Solstice 2020, opend the door into their new 20-year cycle in Aquarius.  Mars is in highly charged conjunction and activation with Uranus, the Awakener and Cosmic Change Agent.

Venus/ Neptune interplay 
The sweetest planetary interaction coloring this whole Moon cycle, is Venus in sensual earth sign Virgo opposite mystical, vibrational Neptune in Pisces. This becomes a more important dynamic as it squares the Nodes of the Moons, the collective destiny line. One can choose to stay on the lower potential of these times, which is to remain in the emotional confusion of delusions and illusions. The higher response is to keep a strong moral compass to guide your way forward with an open-mindedness that allows for a variety of possibilities and potentialities.

Venus in Virgo is highly sensual, feeling our physical resonance with Nature and Earth rhythms. With high frequency plasma waves washing through our solar system, our bodies are responding and need special attention. Do you attend to your physical vehicle as your temple of the divine? The opposition with Neptune highlights the quality of refinement, amplified sensitivity and uplift that is coming in on these waves. Feed your body with high quality foods; observe health practices that support your wellbeing; immerse yourself in Nature, wherever you live. Also nurture your emotional field with positive, high quality “vibes,” such as joy, appreciation of the small things in life, and more than a bit of beauty. With Virgo small things go a long way. What do you want to see around you every day? I have a painted clay pitcher from Portugal that holds water on my bed table. I eat and drink from clay cups and bowls made by dear people I know from living in the Virgin Islands. Daily flow is enhanced by such mundane pleasures. Let’s pay attention to these things, the simple things that make life worth living.

You are You.
No one else is living your Life for you. 
Live it up! Light up your life and radiate, 
like a lighthouse on a dark night, 
like the Star that you are.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Note: I had hoped to upload an audio interpretation of this New Moon from Cosmic Inspiration Radio on wgdr.org. Unfortunately it was too long. You can hear it for 2 weeks here. Use the search button to find Cosmic Inspiration Radio.


Full Moon @9 Aries/Libra 08
October 1, 2020, 5:05pm EDT, 2:05pm PDT, 10:05pm BST,
October 2, 9:05am AEST

Libra constellation from the astronomical fresco in the Villa Farnese in Caprarola, Italy. They were reproduced in the glorious book, The Glorious Constellations: History and Mythology, by Giuseppe Maria Sesti, one of my best books buys every. See how the Scales of Libra are surrounded by the Scorpion and two serpent’s tales (Hydra and Serpens). The two brightest stars of Libra, Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali, used to be seen as the extended claws of the Scorpion. PS, those are Virgo’s feet. 

Earth’s Energy has shifted into a new balance. 
Do you feel it?

This Aries Full Moon beams quantum wavelengths, as it is aligned with
*the healing frequencies Chiron,
*the shimmering photon waves of higher dimensional planetoid Salacia and *the clear diamond light shaft of the mean Black Moon. 
Aries rules  the head, the brain. In these awesome times our brains are changing, recalibrated by our hearts, plus a new alignment in relation to spacetime.

As the New Moon of September 17 waxed into blossoming on this Full Moon, we crossed the Equinox gateway into a new season and Sun sign Libra, the Scales.  When I first scanned 2020 and noted the strong planetary dynamics accompanying the Equinoxes and Solstices this year, I thought this September 22 Equinox did not live up to the potency of the rest. 

March 21 Equinox squared the Moon’s Nodes, two celestial points in the Moon’s orbit that mark eclipses and indicating the collective line of destiny. The alignment amplified the intensity of the regular seasonal shift at the Aries zero point. Also on this date, Saturn made its first entry into Aquarius, giving us a taste of what we might be facing next year when Saturn seriously enters that sign and stays for its two and a half year transit. This was a significant difference in our experience.

June 21 Solstice was a Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse! and the

December 21 Solstice rings in a new season, a New Year and the new 20-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle at 0 Aquarius.

So what about this September Equinox? At first glance, not a big deal, but in fact it is a subtly significant moment. Like the March this Equinox engaged Chiron, this time in opposition, in essence tipping the Libran balance into a new spacetime relationship. Are you feeling it? Something has shifted that is palpable, and coming to our attention in specifically personal ways. This Full Moon in Aries, conjuncts Chiron, bringing this subtle dynamic into higher relief and fuller illumination.

Another key turning point was September 29, when Saturn, in a slow, careful turn, turned to forward motion(from our point of view) at 25 Capricorn, ready to move on and finalize its visit in its sign of Capricorn. It enters Aquarius on December 17th for a second time, fully taking on its new agenda. Saturn also rules Aquarius, along with the more modern planet Uranus. Remember (how could we forget?) that Saturn made a first foray into Aquarius from March Equinox through June, before returning to Capricorn to regroup. By December we will be able to bring more experience, depth of consideration and greater perspective to Saturn’s Aquarian personal and global manifestations, lasting half way into 2023. 

Something has clearly been in the works throughout 2020; Saturn will now demonstrates more of what that is in straightforward terms. Nobody is going to miss the powerful developments unfolding this month, especial with Saturn in cahoots with Pluto and activated yet again by Mars in Aries. 

Planet Mars continues in retrograde motion. It’s on the same side of the Sun as Earth now, looming large and glowing red in the night sky. When a planet is retrograde it backtracks over what has already happened, to return, review or redo where we have already been on some level. We may find ourselves going way back into other times and cultures for treasures and wisdom that have been lost or ignored in modern times. 

On the personal level, as I wrote last time: 
“Consider what has been going on in your life, and what you want to be doing as time moves along toward the end of this rigorous year. Take it slow and don’t rush. Feel each footstep land on solid ground. Standing centered, strong and clear on your personal solid ground may upset others. Sometimes that can’t be helped. Personal integrity is based on self-clarity that cannot be compromised. With appropriate restraint, movement is focused, accomplishments well-crafted; indirect action can be most effective. When Mars comes out of retrograde, like a red light turning green, in November on Friday the 13th or Saturday the 14th, we want to be able to drive on with increased clarity and confidence, more sure of where we are going and what we are doing.” 

October is the peak month of the Mars retrograde activity coming back to engage in the major planetary dynamic of the year— the triple conjunction in Capricorn of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. And Mars is not alone, it is the visible member of another power trio involving far out planetoid Eris and Black Moon Lilith. These two dark aspects of the Divine Feminine stir things up to clear things up. Expect contention, arguments and potentially vicious disagreements. We wonder how can we clear the air. Libra is about finding agreement, a middle ground or a higher ground where we can all meet. Here are a few relevant quotes:

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”—Victor Borge

“I wish there was a treaty between your love and mine.”—Leonard Cohen’s last words in his last album, “You Want it Darker,” released a month before his death on November 7, 2016. 

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.—a popular favorite from the mystic Rumi.

How to use the Mars energy is up to you. Let’s look at some Mars activation dates, while remembering that the internal work  and ‘behind the scenes’ preparation/activation is at least as important as external actions: 

September 22-23 Equinox— Mars and Black Moon Lilith were conjunct to the minute with this Sabian Symbol for 27 Aries: “Through Imagination, A Lost Opportunity is Regained.”

Reading that, I am so encouraged that this is part of what the whole Mars retrograde cycle is about, especially in connection with Jupiter, the planet of opportunity. See October 19 below.

October 9— Mars square Pluto, a transformational energy referring back to January 2020 and the era-ending Pluto/Saturn conjunction that started this extraordinary year. Expect further changes on the playing field. We can also look back at August 13, the first Mars/Pluto square. The third and final of these finishes the job at year’s end, December 26. 

[Note: This is John Lennon’s 80 birthday. He was Libra with Aries rising and Black Moon Lilith on his Ascendant. It so happens there was a Total Solar Eclipse on October 1 before he was born. A Lennon playlist might be in order!]

October 13— Mars opposite Sun, highlighting the ‘full monte’. Also, Mercury turns retrograde at 11 Scorpio. It will ease back into Libra at month’s end until it turns forward on November 3 (now what is going on that day?).

October 16— We’ll have a New Moon in Libra- opposite Mars! -for more revelations before we move further on. Here’s one more important heads up in relation to the Mars interaction with the Capricorn planets: 

October 19— Mars square Jupiter, an opportune moment for……?
What is going on with you? Use this opening. Look back to August 4 and the last Mars square Jupiter for some clues. The next time Mars square Jupiter in January , these planets will be Taurus and Aquarius. So for now, remember that “Through Imagination, A Lost Opportunity is Regained” and play John Lennon’s iconic song: Imagine for inspiration.

I end by repeating this hopeful reminder: 

By year’s end we are through a huge piece of work.
We enter a clear zone, on a new collective High Way.
Be Your Best Self!
You are a Star in a Galaxy of Stars!


New Moon @25 Virgo 01
September 17, 2020, 7:00am EDT, 4:00am PDT, 12:00pm BST, 11:00pm AEST

Image: Sri Yantra, geometric illustration of the Divine Feminine. ‘Sri’ is an ancient Vedic name of the universal goddess. Artist unknown, photo by author, with night-blooming Cereus. The constellation of Virgo is one of the few star pictures of the Cosmic Feminine.

Are we dreaming the Earth or is the Earth dreaming us?

This is a relevant question for this New Moon in Virgo, which tunes into the fluid DreamSpace of Neptune across the sky.Neptune is a subtle influence, not always noticed, but effective as a strong underlying tone or frequency to our experience. In a sign for 14 years, Neptune challenges our collective consciousness with veils, obfuscations and illusionary trends, as it pulls us toward refined and uplifted perceptions of the interwoven web of life and the universe.  This New Moon timed right at the top of the hour illustrates Virgo’s love of precision and attention to specific details. Neptune in Pisces is like Impressionistic art, blending all these specifics into a tapestry of light and beauty. 

This New Moon opposing Neptune echoes the last Full Moon aligned with Neptune in Pisces, and with a fading echo of that Full Moon’s planetary triangle in earth signs. The peak efficacy of the earth trine is on the wane as the Equinox approaches and the Sun shifts from Virgo into Libra. This New Moon applies the Neptune DreamSpace inspirations with more fire sign flair, as Venus in Leo adds her creativity and love of beauty to the deep transformational work at hand. We have Mars in fire sign Aries and South Node in fire sign Sagittarius. Together these three factors form a fire sign triangle, stimulating us up with heightened creativity, motivation and inspiration to get even more accomplished, make more, do more. This helps us through any lackluster sitting back under the Mars retrograde. Virgo reminds us that even small acts, refined attention to detail and humble daily chores are a great service to the world and contribute to the greater good. We can still get a lot done 

Let your imagination sing with the stars! Adventure beckons with new stories to be told and invites us to tune into Nature’s divinely-infused manifestations—like this one from a recent astronomical realization.

Here is an awesome image to contemplate involving cosmic halos: Astronomers announced a new discovery in relation to the Andromeda galaxy, the closest to our own Milky Way galaxy. For some time astronomers have observed that these two sister galaxies are approaching each other and will merge one far distant day. They now see that the plasma ‘auras’ of the two galaxies may already be starting to converge. Andromeda’s ‘halo’ of diffuse plasma was measured to extend out more than one million light years, about half way to the Milky way, likely overlapping with the ‘gaseous halo’ of our galaxy. 

For some time we have been in a galactic photon belt, sending sweeping waves of plasma light frequencies into our solar system. I like the idea of overlapping galactic auras, which adds another layer of galactic input and communication. This certainly matches the incoming South Node energy, still positioned close to the degree of the Galactic Center (26 Sag). We ‘hear’ the wavelength, and find a way to translate the vision, sense of direction and light into our situational conversation, aligning head with heart. 

As we approach the September 22 Equinox, a hot and spicy conjunction of mythic siblings is in progress, asserting their energy on and off through the rest of this year. This New Moon features planet Mars and dwarf planet Eris at fiery peak conjunction #2. Both opposite Mercury, this suggests news that is upsetting to various people; also rampant misinformation, arguments and aggressive troublemaking, which will surely be demonstrated by some. A better expression will be seen by those who stand straight and tall, and do what needs to be done without rancor. Where do you stand?

Recently  I came across a phrase that well describes female warrior Eris: 
“Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says, ‘Oh no! She’s up!'”
Enough said!

Planet Mars, retrograde, looming large, and glowing red in the night sky, remains in Aries over 6 months— from the end of June 2020 into January 2021. When retrograde, Mars backtracks over what has already happened. Some things may need to be tweaked. Consider what has been going on in your life, and what you want to be doing as time moves along toward the end of this rigorous year. Take it slow and don’t rush. Feel each footstep land on solid ground. Standing centered, strong and clear on your personal solid ground may upset others. Sometimes that can’t be helped. Personal integrity is based on self-clarity that cannot be compromised. With appropriate restraint, movement is focused, accomplishments well-crafted; indirect action can be most effective. When Mars comes out of retrograde, like a red light turning green, in November on Friday the 13th or Saturday the 14th, we want to be able to drive on with increased clarity and confidence, more sure of where we are going and what we are doing.  We may need to continually remind ourselves that this is mainly an inner process, impacted by the outer world, but operating on a deeper, Pluto-impacted level.  

In her most recent newsletter, intuitive visionary Leilah Ward writes:

“There is something much deeper going on within each of us – within our personal journey. The radiance of our energy field goes out into the world – the energy field of Earth. We are adding our own frequency to the harmonic resonance of Humanity. Many are aware of this. Bringing ourselves back into our center of love helps us maintain the frequency of our unique Divine Soul Essence… Tuning in to our center and simply being within the radiance of our Divine Soul Essence helps us to find peace and if we so desire, we can link to the Inner Net where we connect with one another in the beauty of our collective consciousness.” 
[read her full piece here

As the Moon waxes from this day up to the next Full Moon on October 1-2, a key turning point is September 29, when Saturn, in a slow, careful turn, turns direct at 25 Capricorn, ready to move on to Aquarius for a second take. Saturn made a first foray into Aquarius from March Equinox through June. This time (December 17) we will be able to bring even more experience, depth of consideration and greater perspective to Saturn’s Aquarian personal and global manifestations, lasting half way into 2023.

Something has clearly been in the works throughout 2020; Saturn demonstrates more of what that is in straight-forward terms. Nobody is going to miss this, especial as Saturn has been in cahoots with Pluto and continues to interact with the dynamic duo in Aries. Circumstances are demonstrably changing. What does this mean for you? “It’s happening!” Whatever “it” is, it’s timely, appropriate and ready to take us forward, even more so in November with the green light of Mars direct. And wouldn’t that be so amazing if Mars actually did turn green!

I end with this hopeful reminder: 

By year’s end we are through a huge piece of work.
We enter a clear zone, on a new collective High Way.
Be Your Best Self!
You are a Star in a Galaxy of Stars!

* * * * * * * * *

Mars Retrograde Special— Planet Mars, retrograde, large, and glowing red in the night sky, remains in Aries over 6 months. What does this extended activation mean to you? Each of us is being stirred up, questioning what we want to be doing and seeking clear direction. Let’s look at your chart and locate your leading edge, your front line. 45 minutes, $115.  

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The September 17 show is on this New Moon! with a seasonal playlist.

Earth Energy Rising Full Moon

Full Moon @ 10 Pisces/Virgo12
September 1, 2020 10:22pm PDT, 
September 2  @ 1:22am EDT, 6:22am BST, 5:22pm AEST

Image: Heart of Golden Peony, photo by author. Nature in her Beauty is an inspiration from the immense creative potential inherent in life and a constant reminder of the intimate connection between Heaven and Earth. Uranus in Taurus, strongly involved with this Full Moon, still occupies the same 11th degree of Taurus as on the August New Moon, with the lovely Sabian Symbol: “A Woman Sprinkling Long Rows of Flowers.” This peony is one of her flowers of the summer. Uranus remains in this degree until the end of September.

Earth Energy rises in a grand trine in earth signs, a key feature of this Full Moon. With Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn for a few years to come, it only takes some astrological factor to enter Virgo to complete the full trio of earth signs. ‘Tis the season of Sun sign Virgo, with the excellent presence of Mercury for another few days.

Some years ago, I realized that the Pisces Full Moon in the month of Virgo is one of my favorites of the year. I can’t tell you why; it just feels special, like a hand strumming across a harp in a woodland Faerie circle. Virgo can be an exquisite sign of detailed extraordinariness; Pisces feels like the sea under rippling Full Moon light, hearing the hush of lacy water wash in like a song, poetic as Nature can be.

This Full Moon is in very close sextile with Uranus in Taurus, as the Sun trines it— 10+ degrees all around. Earth magic abounds. Jupiter in Capricorn completes a grounded earthy grand trine (with Pluto and Saturn standing by). This is quite a contrast to the fire triangle of the last New Moon. Fire vision comes into form, but not in any typical way. Uranus produces unexpected new content, surprising manifestations, even brand new species! Jupiter inaugurates a promising plan. Virgo adds a double dose of common sense and organic simplicity, as the precision of the Sun in Virgo is enhanced by the fine perception and skilled touch and of Virgo’s ruler, Mercury.

The Full Moon radiates in Neptune DreamSpace. Mercury receives inspiration, in a dreamy, mystical opposition with Neptune, a finely-tuned frequency, informing Jupiter/ Pluto/ and Saturn in Capricorn.
Don’t drift off! Take advantage of this Full Moon. Much can be accomplished in the last two weeks of this moon cycle and through the next, starting September 17. The “I” gets dotted and the “T” gets crossed multiple times, in a harvest of information that promotes change and clarifies ongoing developments that mark the road forward. Whether we like it or not, whether we feel ready or not, the train is coming and it’s time to step aboard. Take responsibility for tending to your situation in the best way possible, with a prayer in your heart for the highest good for all. 

Meanwhile an interestingly complex grand cross is brewing in cardinal signs, calling for initiative that satisfies all of the elements—including aether, the 5th element. 

In fire sign Aries, Mars conjuncts Black Moon Lilith and Eris.  
In its own sign, Mars calls us to take direct action to make our lives better. Each of us must determine how to do so, what is right for us. Mars puts on its brakes, coming to a screeching halt to turn retrograde on September 9. In its 2-month retrograde, it can be frustrating and trigger reactions unless we rise to the challenge of heroic integrity, courageously trailblazing new paths that lead us toward fresh improvements. The retrograde can indicate indirect action.

Retrograde planets work internally, even Mars, evoking the best of our personal strength and energy with which to meet the circumstances we face in our lives. It is heroic to take a stand. Fears and doubts can stifle action. How do we confront such feelings? Mars in company with Eris and Black Moon Lilith necessitate response. Find ways to use, channel, physically express your energy so there are no unwanted eruptions!

Black Moon Lilith is measured in two main ways: its mean, average motion and its true motion, taking in to account frequent, undulating retrogradations. These two positions can be more than 30 degrees apart! It is not uncommon to have the two positions of the Black Moon in different signs or houses. More unusual is to see the true and mean measurements very closely conjunct, as on this Full Moon.

Mean and True Black Moon are 7 minutes apart in 24+ Aries, very close to Mars at 27+, and in the same degree as Eriswith the mean Black Moon conjunct Eris to the minute (24Aries24). Goodness, Goddess! Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those peepers! Black Moon Lilith confronts us with shadow energy in subtle ways that we may not even notice. She brings this to our attention as problems ensue, when we project out a level of negativity in reaction to some situation or person. Have you noticed yourself or others doing that? Maybe or maybe not, depending on what you are taking for granted without looking beneath the Plutonian surface appearance. This intense dynamic delivers quite a potent beam of directed fire to the power trio of Jupiter/ Pluto/ Saturn in earth sign Capricorn. The old systems are coming down, as unforeseen developments open new trails and startling possibilities. 

Venus@ 25 of water sign Cancer is offers a softening influence, gently letting us know what feels good and what does not. Directly opposite Saturn @25 Capricorn, Venus supports Saturn’s crisp and timely agendato clean up old business and get on with growth-oriented options that promise better times ahead. Pluto and Jupiter add their combined weight and influence toward appropriate outcomes. There is just no other way.

 Centaur Chariklo is also @25 Capricorn, both conjunct Saturn and opposite Venus. As if from the heart center of the Capricorn conjunction, she adds her loving fluidity to aid Venus in finding her heart’s desire. Chariklo uses her natural shapeshifting ability to guide Saturn’s manifestational imperative toward the best solutions. 

“What best serves love,” is the theme of Chariklo, the lovely river mermaid who shapeshifted into a centaur to join with Chiron, the teacher/healer/shaman of the solar system. As a member of the executive Capricorn team, Chariklo offers some of the best, most seasoned advice while reminding us of priorities. Welcome the fluidity of Chariklo, as she slowly but surely ripples around or wears away stony obstacles that have blocked our way and stopped the flow. No wonder many of us are responding to the energy of Chariklo and her love story with Healer Chiron. You may want to read my story of Chariklo here, or listen to the story on this week’s archived Cosmic Inspiration Radio show-see below.

To complete the creative grand square of cardinal signs in this Full Moon pattern, we find Queen asteroid Juno paired with Hawaiian Birthing Goddess Haumea in air sign Libra— Juno @24 and Haumea @26Libra. Juno, committed to partnership, seeks reciprocity in a balance giving and receiving. If a relationship is out of such balance, her commitment may be questioned. Meanwhile, from the remote, far out, aetheric realm of the Kuiper Belt, Haumea is activated, gestating the invisible and as yet unknown into birth. Venus and Chariklo advise her on what qualities and substance are needed to grow and prosper. How are you answering that question for yourself and your loved ones?

Dwarf Planet Haumea at 26 Libra works well with the heartfelt values Venus to generates brand new, original and harmonious ways and means. Haumea in Libra supports choices that birth new levels of consciousness and relationships beyond the field of argument and dissention stirred up by troublemaker Eris in Aries. As we find a refreshed balance within ourselves that allows resonance and right relationship with All Life, we bring forth in our personal lives what will best serve the well being of all.

This Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo with its dynamic pattern invites us to apply both the earthiness of the three earth signs and the watery fluidity of this Moon’s revelatory fullness to do what we are called to do, from the inside out. With vigilance let us keep the energy at a high point, and be gentle with ourselves and others if and when we falter a bit. This is a call to the heroic, to the pioneer within that aspires to the high road, with an alert eye out for when and over what we trip up. When we become aware and take note, we can more easily regain our clarity and balance, back on track to a fuller and richer experience of life. This adventure calls for strength and courage, compassion and attention, curiosity and openness, keen interest and a willingness to “go boldly go where no one has gone before,” as the Star Trek motto declares. We are on a fresh, exciting path of evolutionary import. Let’s make these rigorous months worth it as we join in a renewed spirit of light and life and love,  hopeful, optimistic and excited. 

By year’s end we are through a huge piece of work.
We enter a clear zone, on a new collective High Way.
Be Your Best Self!
You are a Star in a Galaxy of Stars!

* * * * * * * 

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Lioness New Moon

New Moon @ 26Leo35
August 18, 2020 @ 10:42pm EDT, 7:42pm PDT, 
August 19, 3:42am BST, 12:42pm AEST

Sekhmet, Lion-headed Goddess of Balance and Justice. Chalk on Paper, 20×25 inches, August 2020, by Jill Alison Banting, Cosmic News reader.
Web: www.starquillcreative.com     Email: starquillcreative@gmail.com
With the August 3 Full Moon conjunct her Black Moon Lilith and square Uranus, Jill wrote, “I could feel the call of the dark goddess for days before and after the full moon. It was an undeniable power coming from deep inside…With Sekhmet, the call is to embrace and integrate the raw power of the dark feminine. It’s wild!” 

Indeed! Our New Moon Egyptian Lioness goddess Sekhmet is warrior, protector and healer. She destroys enemies of the Sun King. She brings plagues, but also healing. As agent of the Sun, she calls forth the Life Force of solar radiance—yet she can also be very hot, raging and destructive. It has been said that her breath created the desert. Sekhmet is one of many ancient Sun goddesses, fierce and protective, a true Leonine image of feminine power. But her anger can also get outrageous and out-of-control with destruction. She faces us with our own triggered tendencies to anger. Do you find her in your life these days? How do we control and focus our outrage into effective action?

This New Moon in Leo is full of fire and high drama. 
A grand trine in fire is created by 
Sun/ Moon/ Mercury in Leo; 
Mars at its hottest in Aries, conjunct Eris; 
and a visionary South Lunar Node in Sagittarius;
supported by dwarf planet Haumea in Libra.

With Mercury conjunct this New Moon, our state of mind and the underlying motivation that drives our actions are key. Mercury aligns with Regulus, the Heart of the Lion and a star of leadership. A generous, heart-centered state of mind is essential. Attend to that first. Are you in integrity with yourself? Are you keeping in mind the goal of the highest good for all? Are you being defensive or reactive? Is your anger making your trigger finger twitch? Are you being rebellious, childish, selfish? These are all good questions as you look in the mirror of life, and of your heart.

The Lunar South Node is at 27 Sagittarius, opening a direct channel to the Galactic Center, the heart of our Milky Way galaxy. Your intuition can be plugged in if you pay attention. What is the ultimate goal this year? If we do our due diligence now, we will open the door to a new cycle of unity in community, coming forth on December Solstice 2020 with the union of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Opening the heart to inform the brain short-circuits any selfishly impulsive action, maintaining the integrity and guidelines that Mars needs. Courage, initiative and self-awareness are required. As we examine what leadership is and is not, we all are called to our expression of personal leadership and creative cooperation. 

Generative, birthing Dwarf Planet Haumea at 26 Libra supports this New Moon Fire Trine, as she generates original creative options, supporting choices that birth new levels of consciousness and of relationship. As we find a refreshed balance within ourselves that allows resonance and right relationship with All Life, we bring forth in our lives what will best serve the well-being of all.

Big stories highlight the drama of life in this Moon cycle, even after the Sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd. For perspective, it is sometimes helpful to view what is going on in the world as “the biggest show on Earth.” According to many spiritual traditions, this is just what it is. As Shakespeare wrote, “The world is but a stage and all the men and women merely players.” Play your part well and from the heart. These are intense times and indeed, years from now books may be written about what we are experiencing now another version of the “greatest story ever told.” 

This may be an exaggeration, an over-dramatization, but why not. This is the life we are living; let’s make it great, not little, insignificant and full of petty concerns. Make your life your own greatest story, and tell it like it is. Leo is the sign of self-expression, whether from the small ‘s’ self or the capital ‘S’ Higher Self. You choose. How do you tell your story? What is your vision, your version of your life? How do you think about your Self? Are you making your life count by expressing your fullness, coming from your heart? This is what Leo is about. 

Chiron, the Healer, squares Venus,another dynamic of this New Moon, offering a healing of love, a quantum shift in our values, a bridge to personal harmony that seeks a truer sense of communion with others on all levels, beyond the distortions and subjective defensiveness that separate us from each other. We need to get out of our own way. Another great act of courage is to stay in the present moment of Now, without agenda or preconceptions, to meet the situation from a greater alignment with the All That Is. 

Uranus in Taurus, turned retrograde on the 15th, slowed down to a virtual standstill for a focused lightning strike. It stays in the same 11th degree of Taurus for three months, with a lovely Sabian Symbol illustrating the best of Taurus: “A Woman Sprinkling Long Rows of Flowers.” 
I wonder what Uranus flowers look and smell like? Any new species blossoming forth?

Astrologer Richard Idemon used the idea of holding your hand over a flame to indicate how we can experience such a slowed, standstill effect. The intensity can build up tension, evoke a feeling that something is being shaken up, has to blow open. If you are familiar with the Tarot, do you know the image of The Tower card (#16) in the Waite-Rider Tarot deck? It shows a stormy sky with lightning crashing down, toppling a castle tower, as the king and queen fall out. Whether or not this plays out on the global stage, it is basically about the service-to-self ego being toppled from rulership over our actions. This card leads to the next, which is The Star (#17), an image of clarity, divine dispensation through balance of head and heart, integrity of inner and outer aspects of our experience.

When tension builds up, it can create a breakdown or eruption of temper, of impulsive action that goes overboard and creates havoc rather than effective outcome. Under this New Moon cycle, we need to find an effective or useful outlet for our energy, tempered by the Capricorn planets. Getting some kind of exercise, as strong and rigorous as suits you, can be very helpful. 

Also, hold steady in the realization that progress is at hand. Things are changing inevitably and irrevocably, in ways that are unseen but will become more apparent— in relatively short time considering the immense level of consciousness awakening in process. Uranus leads to surprising manifestations on the material level. Even without knowing everything going on, we can feel the level of change. It is time to step up to take charge of our situation in the ways that feel most resonant to us. We contribute simply by letting our hearts feel the truth of this inevitability.

Reminder of August Calendar Highlights

Mars in Aries is now in the thick of its squares to the Capricorn power trio, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn—and in conjunction with Eris.
You might want to note the following dates on your calendar to track the activity of these strong dynamics in your life. Mars in Aries is calling us to activate our courage and our strength, our will power and our integrity. 

Mars conjunct Eris—August 17/ October 4/ December 22*
Fearless trouble-maker Eris stirs things up in a disruptive way. Like Uranus, this warrior goddess is a waker-upper, with her own brand of shock value. Her brother Mars joins her in Aries to further fire up her thirst for disturbing the status quo. Patience runs thin, often for good reasons, as this is a time for action— not just during this Moon cycle but through the rest of this year. Prepare yourself; step into your integrity; do what is called for in this heightened moment of our collective awakening, our global revolution. Remember the goal, the desired outcome for greater harmony. There is obvious no return to the ‘what was’ that we would have called ‘normal.’ But how do we want to move on? Are you listening to Eris and taking action for what you stand for? Are you going along and following what is ‘allowed’? How are the ‘powers that be’ supporting or inhibiting our movement toward greater social harmony and understanding?

With an orbit of 557 years, Eris is a slow mover. She has been in Aries since the mid-1920s. Maybe she is the one who made that decade into the ‘Roaring Twenties’! She is in high gear as the three Capricorn power players have moved into peak engagement with this firebrand.  Akin to Sekhmet, our New Moon Warrior Goddess, Eris stands up to systems and structures that have been and seek to continue to control us. In a righteous rage, to protect and defend, she wields her destructive, yet life-affirming fury, shaking up and toppling binding requirements and regulations that hold back the creative life force that is breaking out toward freedom. One-by-one we are called to step up and join together to create the new world we want to live in. 

The dynamic Mars/ Eris interaction with the Capricorn trio, gives indications of timely initiatives and turning points in the current transformational overhaul. We need a positive approach to focus on amidst the chaos that inevitably accompanies this dynamic. I appreciate what Astrologer Ann Kreilkamp wrote in a recent blog post on her site, www.exopermaculture.com:
[Ann and I were both regular feature writers for Welcome to Planet Earth back in the 80s.]
It’s as if a powerful seed that has been germinating for a very long time, hidden, in secret (Pluto) suddenly activates (Mars) crystallizes (Saturn), fills the atmosphere with its immense possibility (Jupiter).”

After its retrograde turn on September 9, Mars will again square these three Capricorn planets. We are now setting things up for further development, by both releasing what is holding us back and by taking steps toward our desired outcome.

Mars Square Jupiter— August 3-4/ October 19 
Opportune moments that promote accomplishment.
Take advantage of any promising opportunity or open door that beckons you. Does the idea or project feel too big? Just start, one deliberate step at a time and see what happens. Anything we begin at this point can grow over the rest of this year. We can check progress and regroup at the second Mars retrograde square Jupiter on October 19. 

Remember to check on belief systems that do not support growth, that restrict what you believe possible or not. Focus the abundance of available energy into beneficial channels. Some dark secrets may be unearthed that make us angry enough to push back or lash out in distress or frustration. Stay on your path. Be strong, centered and present in your integrity with the courage to stand for Truth as you know it in your heart.

Mars Square Pluto— August 13/ October 9/ December 23*
Moments to fearlessly let go of situations or people that undermine or compromise our energy beyond a point where we can stay clear and balanced.
The volcanic charge of this alignment causes eruptions, transforming the surrounding terrain in no uncertain terms. This is a volatile energy, to be carefully engaged or sidestepped, best channeled into timely reconstruction, rebuilding, regenerating. Continue to contend with unexpected challenges and new awareness with fearlessness and stay clear on your own path. 

Mars Square Saturn— August 24/ September 29
Moments to step up and claim our authority, to say ‘no!’ to what no longer serves, is no longer effective.
Definite steps are taken. Be certain that you are moving in the right direction, following along your best new path, and move ahead. No need for speed; feel each step, slow and steady, keeping your balance. These are serious times and we are taking responsibility for our actions— for how and when and in what state of mind we are moving forward. 

By year’s end we are through a huge piece of work.
We enter a clear zone, on a new collective High Way.
Be Your Best Self!
You are a Star in a Galaxy of Stars!

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Electric Lion Full Moon

Full Moon @ 11 Aquarius/Leo 48
August 3, 2020 @ 11:59am EDT, 8:59am PDT, 4:59pm BST, 
August 4, 3:59am AEST

“Uranus Drum Vision,” sketch by author. Uranus came to me during a guided meditation led by Astrologer Melanie Reinhart. I was surprised! which is the very nature of Uranus. I had to get my drum out and play around a bit. It has been many a year since I took drumming lessons. Alternatively the drum serves as a flower stand or a temporary desk. It wants to talk!

The Big News of this Aquarius/Leo Full Moon is its square to Uranus. Plan on an accelerating frequency, electric, unexpected, lightning shocks to the system. Oh yeah. Could be quite a roller coaster ride. Keep strong in body and spirit. Engage your integrity, clarity and higher mind. The Great Awakener shocks us out of any complacency, laziness, or ignore-ance that has kept us living our lives in the back seat. 

Uranus is slowing to turn retrograde on the 15th, turning up the intensity; its charge is particularly strong and focused. Looking back over this extraordinary year of 2020, we see that the January 24 New Moon squared Uranus. The New Moon on April 22 was closely conjunct Uranus. Now it’s the Full Moon releasing a strong charge of electromagnetic impulse throughout the ‘system,’ with this activating dynamic. The Full Moon on Halloween, October 31, will be exactly conjunct Uranus. Trick or treat indeed. 

What do I mean by the ‘system’? For one, the solar system, rocking and rolling with the incoming plasma or photon waves that streams in with more light and cosmic input, ramping up the Schumann Frequency, the pulse of planet Earth. For another, our body/mind systems, as we feel the energy coursing through our physical vehicles, affecting emotional/mental states and our nervous systems. 

Also, I mean the system under which we have been living, obviously being dismantled by the unusual situation we call the ‘pandemic,’ and other obvious outbreaks of chaos—and by our awakening collective consciousness. The power planet trio in Capricorn has certainly signaled such a dismantling, as Saturn and Jupiter have been helping Pluto deconstruct systems and structures that are getting out of whack and no longer serve the evolutionary agenda. The redesign is getting underway in some surprising ways. How are you sketching yours? Where do you find the stimulating Aquarius/ Leo co-creative collaboration needed to make things happen? 

Uranus, ruling and charging this Aquarian Full Moon with its revolutionary agenda, is obvious in its shock value with radical, unsettling stormy effects. This month is filled with lightning, visible and invisible. 

Mayan Calendar New Year

We will be experiencing quite a change of mood this Full Moon week, as the two personal planets change sign after long visits and retrogrades.  Before I list some notable dates for this month, I want to acknowledge the Mayan New Year that started on July 26. I am still learning about the different rhythms of this calendar, based on 13 Moons of 28 days, using 20 symbols other than zodiac signs. There are several versions of the calendar. I have been following a revisioned version based on the classical Mayan. 

There are also larger cycles of 13 years each. Last July 26, 2019, we moved into a new 13-year cycle, changing from the rhythmic tides of Moon energy to the wilder, more experimental and magical energy of Wizard. We have had our feet to the electrical fires of this Wizard dynamic from then to now, as we learn how to manage ever dynamic situations and develop new skills. Now beginning our second year in the Wizard cycle, we find Cosmic Mirror reflection and a Storm wave meeting us. Take a moment to imagine these two symbols. They matches up well with the August 1-2 energy we begin at this cross-quarter Celtic turning point of the year called Lammas, the height of the season half way between June Solstice and September Equinox. Punctuated by a Full Moon, no less.

August Calendar Highlights

August 4-5—Mercury shifts from Cancer into Leo, bringing more fire and flare, self-confidence and creativity to our communication. Everybody has something to say.       

August 7— Venus into Cancer.Though still conjunct the Gemini North Node on this Full Moon, inviting us to explore options beyond the usual, Venus picks up the Cancer baton from Mercury. In Gemini since April, she now softens her tone in Cancer to the more personal, cherishing her inner circle. 

Mars in Aries starts its squares to the Capricorn power trio: Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn. 
Mars stands between Chiron, the Shamanic Healer/ Quantum Shifter in earlier Aries and an awesome pairing of Black Moon Lilith and Warrior Eris in later Aries. Stand up straight and tall, be spaciously beyond the tug of danger, duality and distancing, and claim your integrity, authenticity and sovereignty. No matter what is energetically ‘thrown’ at you, keep your energetic shape clear and buffered with light and love. Don’t fall into the temptation of negativity. Can we step beyond that now? Can we dream, invent, and create the new paradigm? Pallas Athena and Centauress Chariklo assist with their wisdom and care to bring forth the finest form, the most aesthetic sculptured reality.

After its retrograde turn on September 9, Mars will again square these three Capricorn planets. Then, when it turns direct on November 14, it will square only Pluto before changing sign. Saturn and Jupiter will have moved on, out of range.  In early 2021 Mars shifts to Taurus, finally catching up to square Jupiter and Saturn in whatever new paradigm is emerging to help ground and stabilize it. Let’s make it good! Now is the time to set things up.

Mars Square Jupiter— August 3-4/ October 19 
Mars feeds the fire of this Full Moon with its first activation square to Jupiter, a green light sensation, most exact on the 3-4. Take advantage of any promising opportunity or open door that beckons you. Does the idea or project feel too big? Just start, one deliberate step at a time and see what happens. Anything we begin at this point can grow over the rest of this year. We can check progress and regroup at the second Mars square Jupiter on October 19. 
On another note, belief systems are challenged as to what you believe possible or not. Keep in mind that we are in a Wizard cycle in the Mayan calendar, and take it on. Focus the abundance of available energy into beneficial channels. Some dark secrets may be unearthed that make us angry enough to push back or lash out in distress or frustration. Stay on your path. Be strong, centered and present in your integrity with the courage to stand for Truth as you know it in your heart.

Mars Square Pluto— August 13/ October 9/ December 23
The volcanic charge of this alignment causes eruptions, transforming the surrounding terrain in no uncertain terms. This is a volatile energy, to be carefully engaged or sidestepped, rather channeled into timely reconstruction, rebuilding, regenerating. Continue to contend with unexpected challenges and new awareness with fearlessness and stay clear on your own path. 

Mars trine New Moon @27 Leo— August 18. If we add in the Sagittarius South Node, we have a strong grand trine in fire. Energy+++ More next time.

Mars Square Saturn— August 24/ September 29
Definite steps are taken. Be certain that you are moving in the right direction, following along your best new path, and move ahead. No need for speed; feel each step, slow and steady, keeping your balance. These are serious times and we are taking responsibility for our actions— for how and when and in what state of mind we are moving forward. 

This all culminates in a December to Remember!
Total Solar Eclipse! New 20-year Jupiter-Saturn conjunction!
lead the way into the developing new paradigm of 2021. 

Lion Star Gate—August 3-13
We’re not there yet, but the creative fire of Leo this month and the courage of Mars to trail blaze into new territory leads us there. With freshly and more deeply aligned head and heart, we are ready. 

I got out my wonderful huge volume of The Glorious Constellations: History and Mythology by Giuseppi Maria Sesti, seeking an inspirational message by opening randomly to one of its 500 richly-illustrated pages. 
The Lion! yes, we’re in Leo. What else?
The Lion! on another page. OK, I get it. 
This is the month of the Lion Star Gate from Egypt, an energetic infusion from the star Sirius. The Kingly Golden Lion,  the Mystical White Lion of spiritual leadership, the Lioness with her fierce protection. It has been said that our Sun is part of the Sirius star system only 8 light years distant. There is something celestially special about this time of year. Let’s add that to the list of August highlights and tune in. It’s the brightest star in the sky, pulsing with signals.

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20:20:20 New Moon

New Moon @ 28Cancer27
July 20, 2020 @ 1:33pm EDT, 10:33am PDT, 6:33pm BST, 
July 21, 5:33am AEST

Webinar slide of this New Moon’s dynamic face-off between two new Dwarf Planets—Haumea and Eris. May they inspire you to stretch your own creative limits into some new form. Images from my Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book. [Haumea was colored by Katherine Pemberthy Veilleux of Aloha-Works.com. Eris was colored during presentation at Jaquith Public Library in Marshfield, Vermont.]

This second New Moon in Cancer is not eclipse, but it will likely feel like one! with yet another reminder of the importance of this 2020 year. Opposite Saturn (exactly!) and the other power players in Capricorn, Jupiter and Pluto, this is a rigorous, stay-on-point Moon cycle requiring responsibility in relation to both Self and Other. Wise Pallas Athena and caregiving Chariklo remain on Capricorn’s executive board. This team can get a lot accomplished, especially now that Saturn has returned from a first foray into Aquarius to regroup for improved results at the end of this year.  

Pallas Athena inserted herself directly into my consciousness recently, alerting me to pay more attention to her strategic positioning, always quite shrewd. To best navigate changing situations in the outer world we need her inner counsel. Comet Neowise is, no doubt, in on this as well.

Asteroid Pallas Athena:
Strategic, crafty; unbiased observation; clear-sighted, long-sighted;
practical wisdom; useful guidance; effective situational response;
ally on heroic quests.

Centaur Chariklo was on the verge of Aquarius when she went retrograde, continuing her capable contribution of fluidity and riverbanks to the current Capricornian reshaping of the terrain. “Whatever best serves love,” is her song. She does enter Aquarius in 2022. You will find the story of Chariklo’s love affair with Chiron here

Centaur Chariklo:
Becoming whatever form best serves love; reshaping; tending, caregiving; transcending limitations; fluidity between realms.

Last weekend’s conjunction of Mars in Aries with Chiron (and Mermaid Salacia with her delightful ‘bling’ factor) gave Mars a boost to ‘warp drive’ level. Mars, a fiery warrior in his own sign, will continue to ramp up the action. As this New Moon waxes to full on August 3, Mars will have started into its multiple activations of the complex dance going on in Capricorn. By the time Mars goes retrograde at the end of Aries many potentially amazing new developments may have our heads spinning. To prepare for that ‘spinning,’ we can take advantage of this New Moon’s Mercury now squaring Chiron, inviting us to open our thought processes. 

Mercury in Cancer is listening to Chiron in Aries for some news flashes and innovative ideas. Mercury not only squares Chiron for the third time, but also Mars again before finishing up its retrograde circle on July 26. Personal, subjective viewpoints continue to be upended by alternative perspectives and new information that change the playing field. This could be good! Beware of any tendency toward argument. Venus in Gemini continues to remind us to be open-minded and consider a variety of perspectives. Time to grow beyond the old paradigm!

On September 9, Mars turns retrograde, retracing his steps, to consolidate initiatives and give us some time to reposition ourselves as needed. This doesn’t mean things get easier, but the redesign of current circumstances and situations in progress will be evident. When Mars turns direct again in mid-November, more is done to move ‘things’ along that couldn’t have happened before then. We can apply these statements to the world situation, but, more importantly, we need to apply them to our lives—especially under this personal Cancer New Moon cycle.  

Eris in late Aries, mythic sister of Mars (Ares in Greek)is a relentless warrior herself. Far out in the solar system, her orbit of 557 years make her slow and thorough in whatever she takes on.  Eris has been stirring up all kinds of trouble for several years, but this might be her biggest year yet. Eris in Aries stands strong in her center and challenges us—dares us—to do so. Stand your ground; say your piece. She is looking over at those planets in Capricorn and doing her bit to shake up the status quo with some truth bombs. 

Eris, Goddess of Discord:
exposes hypocrisy; sows conflict and mayhem;
shakes up status quo; rebel, outlaw; truth warrior.

Haumea in late Librais an unforeseen power player entering the chaotic fray to gestate new potentials with her wildly creative generative power. Like Eris, Haumea is one of the new dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt, a farther out version of the Asteroid Belt with millions of little icy bodies. Most are being named for indigenous creator gods and goddesses from around the world. 

Haumea, Goddess of Childbirth:
Mother Nature; prolific creativity; cycles of birth and self-renewal;
Mistress of the 5 elements/ brings aetheric into physical.

Haumea is the Hawai’ian Goddess of Childbirth, who gestates and births from various parts of her body all life forms— flora, fauna, humans and other, including new land. Her daughters are Hi’iaka of the Hula Dance, Namaka, Spirit of Water, and volcanic Pele. Do you remember the fairly recent eruptions of Mauna Kea when Pele poured fiery lava down the mountain and out to the sea. Namaka meets and tames the fire with her waters, creating new land mass. 

In Libra Haumea offers us choice of what we need (Cancer), but within parameters that are appropriate, necessary and timely according to Capricorn’s requirements. Who do we partner with for a walk on the wild side in the spicy, anything-can-happen face-off between Haumea and Eris? Eris won’t compromise, but moves from her truth. Not everyone likes that. But Haumea finds her creative stride by bringing people together in harmony to generate more activity and produce more results than any one person alone. She uses her magic wand to stir up inventive affiliations and fresh, inspiring collaborations.  

Here is an example. Take a listen to this extraordinary version of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark. Jazz singer and Cosmic News reader Barb Jungr articulates the lyrics in a way to make you hear the song in a brand new way. She collaborates with producer/musician Simon Wallace across continents, with the unique addition of Nihon Buyo, a classical Japanese performance art combining dance with pantomime, that resonates beautifully with the song and very in tune with our times.

I encourage you to listen to this week’s Cosmic Inspiration Radio show on Goddard College Community Radio, live streamed at 4pm ET on Thursdays and archived for 2 weeks. The July 16 show, repeated on July 23, discusses this New Moon, with more amplification of Eris and Haumea, with discussion of the Kuiper Belt as a new (aetheric?) dimension of consciousness. I talk more about the power of this Cancer New Moon, and the dynamic cardinal grand cross it makes with the multiple planets in Capricorn and the dwarf planets Eris and Haumea. I talk more about how the new dimensions of consciousness offered by these far out (!) objects in the Kuiper Belt. In an hour I can talk about more than I can write in these newsletters!

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