FULL MOON at 22 Pisces-VIRGO 13
March 12, 2017, 10:54am EDT, 7:54am PDT,
March 13, 2:54am GMT, 1:54am AEDT


Image: Lake Como in the late afternoon ©by Jan Sandman, seen on the cover of her extraordinary new book: White Stones, Bones, and Mist: Authentic Movement and Living Prayer. Learn more at

Let’s read an excerpt, resonant with this Full Moon, or in any moment we choose:

“We allow Space.  We stand there together in silence and space. Space and Silence that is simultaneously both full and empty.
The void is before us, complete.  Everything is possible, everything is present, the prayers have been made.  Anything can happen here, the highest joys, the deepest darkness, and everything else. Simultaneously.”

The Chirotic/Pisces Flavor of the Sun
Waterfalls of cosmic sparkles continue to infuse our solar system, washing us in an extraordinary energy of healing and love. Its subtle vibrations, invisible to the mundane eye, soothe and cleanse, if we relax into them.

Light will do what light does, which is to enlighten and penetrate into dark crevices and secret corners where fear dwells. If we can remember that anger and hatred come from fear, we may be able to send compassion and kindness on wavelengths that reach out into the world and even to specific ‘targets’ that need them most.

Pisces is the dreaming sign. Who knows what we do in dreamtime? Some people do know, remembering their dreams that hold images through the day. I hear that I’m not the only one having more dreams than usual, at least ones that reverberate into waking or semi-waking consciousness. I tend not to try to interpret my dreams much, as I don’t want to interfere with the process that happens on that level. I did recently have a memorable lucid dream, in which I felt I made a significant emotional shift. I’ve heard from several persons who are having interesting dreams. Are you? Waking dreams count.

With Neptune continuing its slow flow through its own sign—especially strong on that last New Moon eclipse!— we are in deep cosmic waters of a reality shift. This Full Moon brings a bright fluid evocation of our dreams, our visions, our spiritual yearning, our desires for peace on earth and goodwill toward all our relations. It is not easy to tell in the mud of mundane chaos, but universal love is present and all is in Divine Harmony. This can be a test of faith for those of bowed with dismay, despair, or downright fear— unless we see through the illusion, the false dream, toward the powerful desire to experience universal love that is being evoked by the hearts of so many. Perhaps this is the essence of the human condition.

The Sun is in close alignment with Chiron, the holistic healer of the solar system. In Pisces since 2011-12, Chiron indicates the Pisces field that calls for healing, if we can allow ourselves to be washed clean of toxins, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Much is coming up ready to be healed. We can embrace this as a helpful and timely perspective, as well as a call to action! Like a quest for the holy grail.

Chiron has its own kind of time different, outside of chronological time: kairotic of Chirotic time. The Greek word “kairos” means “the loaded time” or “the time of bursting potential” that opens the door to timelessness. Pisces is already a bit time/spacey. With Chiron there, our sense of time is altering, do you agree? And here we are again, “standing together in silence and space.” Such a timeless moment is precious. And in this moment we are called deeper into our bodies, to embody the new energies surging into our planetary system.

We are in times of “turbulent chaos,” as discussed by Ilya Prigogine, an original chaos theorist. This state of being is active, hot, energetic. “Strange things may occur,” he wrote, and “systems don’t just break down, new systems emerge.” During such a paradigm shift, our basic assumptions of reality are in question—they no longer apply to our experience.

Philosopher Jacob Needleman wrote of such a Chirotic threshold or in-between moment in his book, A Sense of the Cosmos: The Encounter of Modern Science and Ancient Truth. “In front of the unknown…when explanations break down and for a moment I am suspended between dreams. It is a moment of relative awakening. In the true meaning of the word, it is a time of crisis–with all that implies of both extraordinary danger and opportunity. For there is nothing to guarantee that we will be able to remain long enough or deeply enough in front of the unknown, a psychological state which the great traditional paths have always recognized as sacred. In that fleeting state between dreams, which is called “despair” in some Western teachings and “self-questioning” in Eastern traditions, a man [person] is said to be able to receive the truth, both about nature and his own possible role in the universal order.”

A chaotic state is not a comfortable place. Fortunately Venus is retrograde, calling us to consult our heart wisdom. Needleman goes on to identify the core potential of this transformational moment and the essential role of this very personal emotional intelligence, while asking a basic question for our times:

“The real unknown is always an emotional unknown. It is not merely a question of new, exciting facts about nature, or comprehensive new paradigms of explanations; nor is it a matter of new religions. The real question of the moment between dreams is whether we can bear the vibration of this new feeling of the unknown which carries with it the taste of a different quality of intelligence, but which at the same time utterly exposes all our illusions about ourselves. We awaken to darkness….

Do I fear the darkness more than I love the awakening?”

The Virgo Flavor of the Full Moon
Oh, Nature, you reveal the divine mysteries in every way you grow and flow, in the way the flowers unfurl, the branches spiral round a tree limb, in a shell’s silky smooth inner chambers, in all of Beauty’s ways and means from which we learn your true name, goddess Gaia of this celestial planet, dancing the rhythm of planets and moons, choreographed by Sun’s life-giving light.

“Beauty is Truth and Truth Beauty,
that is all/Ye know on earth,
and all ye need to know.” —John Keats

Virgo holds the organic body intelligence that integrates the cosmic downpour we are experiencing. The body gives us definite clues, in the form of symptoms, to let us know it’s time to address some physical issue, take rest and shed stress. Another symptom producer, Chiron’s presence with this Full Moon particularly engages this process, suggesting such clues are not just about the physical, but also point to mental, emotional and/or spiritual issues.

So listen to your body and ground yourself, feeling, as you do, any cosmic energies move right down through your feet, down, down, deep into Earth, right into the core of our home planet. Feel Earth respond to you with support. If you don’t really feel anything, just imagine that you do. Give it a try and see.

Back to Pisces
Virgo is a sign of health. Pisces rules the feet. Chiron is the healer. A pithy summary of this Full Moon is: to heal the feet. I took this seriously and made an appointment to see a local foot reflexologist who really knows feet. Geraldine Villeneuve has just published a book, Put Your Best Feet Forward, sharing her decades of experience attending to healthy foot function and how important it is for our wellbeing. She said I need bigger size shoe! What are your shoes doing to/for your feet? The new attention to “earthing” calls for letting our feet feel the earth, to promote our grounding and feel the Earth holding us, from deep in its core. Cats know about this, I imagine all animals do feel the Earth in their particular wisdom way.

Sound healing and other vibrational modalities, like magnets and wave chambers, may be especially useful during this Full Moon energy. Also, with Venus in a special phase of her cycle, Flower Essences and Essential Oils are especially potent. Venus embraces the whole flower queendom, with its vast and various expressions of beauty and open-hearted sensuality to delight, teach and heal us.

Yes, Venus is in a special phase. Retrograde since March 3, this glorious evening star is nightly lowering in the sky. She will disappear in about a week for a revitalizing visit to the Sun, to rise anew in the pre-dawn East by the end of March. In Aries, this communion with our inner goddess (a.k.a.,our heart intelligence) invites us to re-ignite our own Aries fire, clarity and integrity, to prepare to go out and do what we do with fresh, inspiration and motivation.

This Full Moon is key part of the 2017 Venus retrograde storyline, especially as Venus will retrograde back into Pisces in early April and will conjunct Chiron, to help promote the current process of healing. So that we can enjoy more fully the lovely and loving, powerful, challenging, confusing and consciousness-lifting snowflake-like shower of subtle, singing, sparkling, glittering, shimmering cosmic light.

As we deepen into our heart’s wisdom to reevaluate what we truly want in our lives, one last prayer to Venus before she sets with the Sun in a week’s time:

Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight.