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A Total Solar Eclipse! squaring a transitioning Pluto that has just changed sign for the first time since 2008. What can we possibly expect as we head through this dark portal moment? A fitting follow-up to last month’s extraordinary Equinox lunation, this second New Moon in Aries has significant transformational power of its own. Smack on the cusp of Taurus, we are about to get down to earth, grounded and attending to basics to brave the incoming Uranian storms.

Spotted Eagle Rays swim on clay dish, by Gail VandeBogurt, clay and watercolor artist in St. John, US Virgin Islands. See more of what she and her clayworks partner, Casey Giakas, have created including a shop and community education center As discussed below a species of stingray may be considered an animal guide for this Solar Eclipse. Eagle ray is clearly related. (PS. I saw one swimming in the Caribbean while in the midst of writing this newsletter!)

New Moon Ningaloo Solar Eclipse @ 29Aries50
April 19, 2023 @9:13pm PDT
April 20 @12:13am EDT, 5:13am BST, 2:13pm AEST

The day following this New Moon, Mercury turns retrograde conjunct Uranus, sustaining an extended Uranian news cycle well into June, shaking up the status quo and shocking us out of any complacency. We will surely see increasing indications of the global revolution in progress, as various systems continue to fall apart and reconfigure.

The follow-up Full Moon in Scorpio on May 5 is a partial Lunar Eclipse opposite Uranus in Taurus with Sun/Mercury conjunct the Awakener! The impactful activity of these outer planets implies major changes in our collective consciousness. Mercury, retrograde until May 15th, has more and more surprising news. Our world is going to look different after this lunation—and the next.

Sabian Symbol for this Eclipse @30 Aries
A Duck Pond and Its Young Brood
Sabian Symbol ‘queen’ Lynda Hill writes,
“This Symbol speaks of families, being with and caring for youngsters, and caring for each other….Finding friends or family that enrich our lives can lead to a sense of community, belonging and love….it feels good to have a place to hang one’s hat and people and a place to call one’s own…”

Especially with Mars now in Cancer also, we are called to tend to home and family and those close to us, our furry friends, as well as ourselves. Where do you feel at home, who are those you feel closest to, with whom we feel the give and take of love? Does this Eclipse change that for you? Suggest a need to find where it is you feel ‘at home’? Refresh or redesign that home for more comfort? Feel this as an inner journey as much as an outer one. Meaningful change and transformation, such as we experience now, comes from the inside out. We are invited into a new experience of deepening love, which gets stronger as we move into the Leo zone in a few months, with multiple factors interacting in that sign of Heart, most notably a retrograde Venus.

This hunkering in will also help on our next round of Pluto in Aquarius in terms of the collective process of initiating larger social communities and networks. We settle into our home base as a starting point to radiate out from.

This powerful Solar Eclipse is a rare ‘hybrid’ eclipse that changes its appearance as the Moon’s shadow moves across the Earth’s surface. Some will see a total eclipse; some will see a ring-of solar fire around the dark disk of the Moon; some will see a partial eclipse.

Some are calling it the ‘Ningaloo Eclipse’, as totality passes narrowly over North West Cape, a remote peninsula in northwestern Australia, world heritage site of the Ningaloo region renowned for its pristine coral reefs and coastal life.
‘Ningaloo’ is an Aboriginal word, handed down by peoples that have lived in this area for 30-60,000, as evidenced by materials found in rock shelters and caves. The Neotrygon ningalooensis is a species of stingray found there, commonly called the Ningaloo maskray. I am intrigued by the idea of this eclipse having an animal ‘totem’.  Last Moon cycle we had Seal.
Even in astrological terms this is a ‘hybrid’ eclipse, at the far end of Aries but with Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio. The Nodes shift backward into Aries/Libra later this summer.

For now, the nodal Line of Destiny colludes with other major shifts. The Moon’s Nodes indicate the timing of eclipses and collective growth patterns in a 18-19 year cycle, but also in larger time frames of centuries. The Nodes are now squaring Pluto’s first entry into Aquarius, offering a choice-point for many about if and when you want to be part of the new era. This is a North Node eclipse, emphasizing the Taurus path into the future, inviting further initiatives into the creative discovery of ‘New Earth.’

As Pluto ushers in a new era, the South Node holds at 4+Scorpio, continuing to release and flush out what no longer holds vitality. Haumea, a KBO (Kuiper Belt Object) named for the Hawai’ian gestating and birthing goddess, is transitioning into Scorpio in synch and in square with Pluto’s transition to Aquarius. On the South Node, Haumea dove into Scorpio’s deep waters, letting go of lesser desires to stimulate the seeding and birth of whatever arises from core depths within as ecstatically vital and revitalizing. How are you feeling this? Trust that ‘something’ deep in your Self that is feeling an almost volcanic eruption of the power of erotically-charged desire of heart and soul for renewal beyond thought. Just on this eclipse, Haumea is stepping back into Libra for rebalancing and, perhaps, some decision-making.

*South Node in Scorpio with Haumea on Libra cusp, closely opposing Eclipse;

*North Node leading the way forward on the Aries/Taurus cusp;

*Pluto on the front edge of Aquarius;

These dynamics create a close T-square, a 3-cornered pattern seeking the 4th corner to complete the capacity for full manifestation.

Calling on Varuna
KBO Varuna is at 5-6 Leo, across from Pluto and squaring the Nodal Destiny Line. Varuna adds a majestic and venerable quality as the ancient, primordial Vedic deity overseeing universal law, the “Mighty Just Ruler and Judge of Gods and Men.” Son of Aditi, the ineffable Goddess of Space, Varuna inherited this all-encompassing status from her. As “All-Seer,” he used the stars as eyes to see all and know all. One of his symbols is a dark circle, representing the whole of Space “All.” With his association with the midnight Sun, he is a most appropriate— and welcome— participant in the dark circle of this eclipse, bringing wisdom and blessings along with Divine Justice.

[Hear more from Vedic Astrologer Vic DiCara, including the myth of Varuna and the Dragon to consider at this tipping point moment in the world.]


Black Moon notes: Perhaps Aditi has some resonance with Black Moon Lilith, who abides in a kind of spaciousness beyond biased judgement. Lilith is mainlining in Leo, but not filling in the empty corner of this eclipse pattern as is Varuna. The true Black Moon swings widely from 1 Virgo on the Solar Eclipse back to late Cancer on the Lunar Eclipse. On April 28, mean and true Black Moon positions align in a flash of intensity at 12 Leo. My intuition tells that those special brief moments when the mean and true Black Moon positions align, that the heightened frequencies in the incoming plasma waves shimmer, spark and stir our souls into another nuance of awakening.

A cluster of factors in Aries adds to the fiery spice of this Eclipse. CHiron at 16 Aries squares Mars at 13 Cancer, pointing out a critical moment for meaningful action. Jupiter at 23 Aries is amplifying the feistiness of Eris at 24 Aries, stirring things up in a way that can’t be denied. It could be ‘a hot time in the old town tonight’. I don’t know how that reference popped up, but if you feel like hearing that old song with some vintage photos, go here. 

Waxing Moon Meaningful Moments

April 21— MercuryR @16 Taurus (Uranus @18
Take note that the upcoming Full Moon is at 15 Taurus.

Closing in on Change Agent Uranus, Mercury stays in Taurus for this retrograde, turning direct May 15 in the waning of this lunation. The Messenger planet ramps up the news cycle for more than 7 weeks, finally conjuncting Uranus on June 4th.

Sabian Symbol for 16 Taurus is interesting in relation to Mercurial communications:
“An Old Man Vainly Attempting to Reveal the Mysteries”

Perhaps too serious…” writes Sabian specialist Blain Bovee in his interpretation of this degree. “Taurus 16 is a complex and important symbol. The issue of seriousness… especially when it comes to profound matters of knowledge and knowing… This can go in several directions. One could be pompous in a painful way. One could attempt to communicate a deep understanding but not be able to do it justice. One could wield a huge influence through what one knows, understands or just the personal power that radiates from your being.

‘Perhaps the best suggestion for Taurus 16 is to mind a good sense of humour. The Mysteries come out of hiding to dance harmonic jigs when a human expresses the humour of it all… humour being a uniquely human trait even the gods tend to lack and seek in the human world.”
—Blain Bovee, author of The Sabian Symbols and Astrological Analysis: The Original Symbols Fully Revealed,
A sense of humor is a gift in times like these and can see us through a lot of tough stuff. The Trickster side of Mercury will provide many such opportunities, if we aren’t too stuck in the mud, to appreciate light-hearted moments.

April 27-28— Black Moon Lilith mean and true positions intersect @12 Leo. Open your spiritual antennae for a flash of insight.

May 1— Mercury conjunct Sun @11 Taurus. This is the half-way point of its retrograde cycle, where sunlight obviates any retrograde effect. Use this potential magic.
AND— Pluto turns retrograde (already!) @0 Aquarius 22, having given us just a whiff of fresh air from the new era into which we are heading. What have you scented so far? It’s as if we are in a plane, starting down the runway to ascend into the higher atmosphere and—whoops— some engine problem delays us. Thankfully we have time to take care of it, before take-off in January 2024, when Pluto re-enters Aquarius.


Full Moon Eclipse@ 14Scorpio/Taurus 07
May 5, 2023 @10:34am PDT, 1:34pm EDT, 6:34pm BST,
May 6, 2023 @3:34am AEST

Uranus-infused Full Moon in intense Scorpio reflects the light of the Sun electrified by Uranus. Mercury retrograde stands close by, an investigative reporter uncovering revelatory findings that irrevocably change our world— and us. This is a wake-up call, not only to how we are thinking, but how we are Being and Living with feet on the ground. Taurus has material implications, as we reconsider our values, the beliefs and life-styles we have taken for granted. Shock value plays a big part under this Lunar Eclipse.

Chariklo in Aquarius, consort of shamanic Chiron, squares the Full Moon, a good time to appreciate and tap into her capacity to hold a circle of energy, hold the space for healing, and take on the form, the shape that best serves love. In these cuspy, transitioning times, Chariklo in Aquarius finds a special way to hold together the social fabric so that we can work together to manage and co-create New Earth, as it becomes more obvious to many.

Jupiter conjuncts Eris in Aries for breakouts of unrest as in “Let’s get it all out front and see where we are at!” Not everyone is going to be happy about upcoming changes, and certainly few are unlikely to be comfortable about the disruptions. Complacency is not possible. Jupiter moves into Taurus on May 15 to start to settle things down. Practical matters call our increasing attention.

Grand Cross in mutable signs offers a new quality of response to incoming lights waves:
Venus @28 Gemini squares Neptune @27 Pisces
invoking the Divine Feminine in a dual wave of compassion and loving intelligence. Ride on this wave by enjoying the Beauty of life, be a maker or engaged appreciator of art that sings to your heart. Especially choose music that creates uplifting frequencies that soothe the nervous system and bring joy. These two planets join in a square dance with a strong interactive changeability that delights Chariklo in her potential for shapeshifting vibrational time lines for the highest outcome.

Dwarf planet Ceres @24 Virgo is the Earth-Mother Gaia bringing forth Nature’s intelligence that arises from the ground, below, on and above the surface. It moves and interweaves everywhere in a natural rhythm that supports the wellness of all beings.The mycelium world of interconnected primordial life creates web of interlaced energy around the globe, expressed by mushrooms, fungi, tree roots, and more, that communicate as the living web of life.

This three-cornered pattern that is completed by a quantum KBO bringer of light.
Quantum KBO Varda @27 Sagittarius forms the 4th corner that resolves and completes the grand square dance. Through this degree, she is channeling invisible, dark light of infinite potential from the Galactic Center, the Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. Varda is Tolkien’s Star Lady of the Elves who set the stars in the sky to welcome the Elves to their realm way back before Middle Earth. In each era she brings forth a new kind of light. The subtle, plasma, photon light waves coming in now are influencing all of life on Earth (and through the whole solar system) with a higher frequency.

All in all, this Full Moon is a fitting follow-up to such a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse, rocking our Earthly experience to a new level.

Next eclipse season, the reversal signs to continue our journey through powerful portal moments with an annular, ring-of-fire eclipse on October 14 @21 Libra, and a partial eclipse on October 28 @5 Taurus. By then the Moon’s Nodes are fully in Libra and Aries, pushing our evolutionary forward into uncharted territory.

Waning Moon Meaningful Moments

May 7— Venus enters Cancer, softening the emotional tone, highlighting our attention on those closest to us.

May 15— Mercury turns direct at 5 Taurus 53.

May 16-17— Jupiter enters Taurus, deeply and richly grounding, enhancing productivity and bringing opportunities for practical learning. Right away (17th) Jupiter squares Pluto, amplifying the major collective transformation in progress— with the Moon, bringing this all down home and personal in a most profound way. This is a Big Day. Will the sky open up? Something does! The Big Planet stays in this tree-hugger sign well into May 2024.

May 19— The Moon/Jupiter square Pluto is a marvelous lead-in to the New Moon at 29 Taurus. We’ll see how our experience has changed by then!