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This is a most extraordinary Moon cycle, beginning less than 24 hours after the official March Equinox! And right away, on March 23— Pluto enters Aquarius!!!!  This is more than just a seasonal shift. With Pluto moving into Aquarius, two days into the Moon cycle, this is the shift of an Era. Now in Pisces, Saturn provides effective guidance, showing that to live with compassion and kindness for others and ourselves, is bottom line. Go with the flow at a pace that feels smooth, but do keep ‘Row, Row, Rowing Your Boat’, gently down the stream, remembering that ‘Life is but a Dream’.

Slide from my Cosmic Mermaids webinar (a version is available on my website shop.

Note: Moons & Mythos #8, which amplifies the astrological dynamics of this lunar cycle, is now up on Davyd Farrell’s youtube channel.

New Moon in Aries: Fresh Start/Start Over
New Moon @ 0Aries49
March 21, 2023 @1:23pm EDT, 10:23am PDT, 5:23pm GMT,
March 22 @2:23am AEST

In Western astrology the Equinox begins the sign of Aries, with this New Moon adding an exclamation point to the 0 Aries point with lots of archetypal activations.

At this first degree of Aries we celebrate the
“Woman Rising from the Sea, Embraced by a Seal,”

the Sabian Symbol that reflects the arising of feminine consciousness and values.
Venus, as is mythically resonant, in her birth from the sea foam from Uranus, is now in her Taurus strength, inviting into a richer, more joyful world in the aftermath of upcoming major revolution of consciousness and on-the-ground experience. The world is experiencing another level of this arising during this lunar cycle, riding waves of high frequency light coming into our solar system from the Sun and other galactic influences. This is a highly rare and the most significant phenomenon, aa key factor in the extreme shifts in consciousness and other events in play in our world now. This New Moon moves us, swiftly, onto a new level of evolutionary development— the Great Awakening.

Symbolism of Seal

This repeated image of Seal and Woman evokes Celtic tales of the Selkie who may shed her seal skin for love of a man, yet she can only stay so long on land before she is called back to the sea. There is a lovely and powerful retelling in Sharon Blackie’s If Women Rose Rooted. On some archetypal level we are living this story.

Some links:
“The seal as a power animal drives you to be true to yourself and be adaptive to the constant changes of life. It reminds you that nothing can stop you and urges to not to be afraid to dive into new waters.”

“Seals are creatures of Water and Earth. Your dream is urging you to consider what rules you more, your head or your heart? The dream about Seal may be a message that you should restore the balance between the two.
“Seals spend most of their lives in the mysterious, ever-moving sea, yet it gives birth to its pup on land; this dichotomy has a major impact on Seal symbolism and meaning. With Seal, the Water Element and Earth Element are a balanced influence. Seal Energy ignites intuitive abilities and awareness deep within your subconscious while helping you ground. This duo keeps you aware of rhythms both within and without—your inner realm and the external world, in perfect harmony, just waiting for further exploration….
“If Seal is your Birth Totem Animal, there is no end to your creative potential. You are one of those people with big dreams that finds a way to manifest your aspirations. Sometimes others think you are a bit daft until they see the results of your efforts! The Seal Spirit within whispers in your ear, “Don’t let anything stop you! Dive right into new waters!”

“Seals are agile; this makes them fantastic at maneuvering through the water, even when the tidal waters shift and change. On the human plane, Seal’s ability to navigate deep waters is equal to your ability to adjust to new circumstances and to remain comfortable with the ever-changing energetic tides around you…”
Seal symbolism is letting you know that it’s time to pay close attention to your imagination and insight.  In other words, Seal meaning is asking you to be aware of your thoughts and your dreams. This spirit animal teaches that a lot of what you imagine generally has a strong basis in reality, no matter how far off it may seem.
ÆThus Seal symbolism is bringing you a clear and distinct message that it is time for you to allow your creativity and your imagination to soar… it is now time to follow through on your dreams… it is also a symbol of integrity, which we can abuse or use as power. It depicts the emergence of the conscious life of your deepest instincts and life energies.”

Waxing Moon

As we ended the last Moon cycle, we had a strong sequence of astrological dynamics in the sign of Aries, as if revving up for this “fast out of the [Equinox] gate New Moon. A review of some of my notes:
On March 11-12—a fairly rare conjunction of Jupiter with Chiron @14+Aries has deep healing potential catalyzed by crisis. This pair, representing a crisis and expansive realigning of our belief systems remains close and influential through this lunar cycle and into May (when Jupiter enters Taurus).

March 14-15-16-17-18—What a week! A big square dance keeps things moving and shifting: keep up or get off the merry-go-round. It’s all a little overwhelming and likely confusing. What to believe? Don’t let your mind drive you crazy. That’s where your heart comes in. Find another angle, another approach. Find your resonance. Fine tune your channel to eliminate the static and find a playlist that stirs your soul. Are you receiving downloads from the Cosmos through day dreams or night dreams? Ground, ground, ground.”

Now here we go!  with another roster of ‘fresh start’ Aries energy to motivate us. So much is likely to change, that I have added the “start over” alert as a suggested operating strategy. The Moon moves through Aries in 2 days, touching in all these factors; the Sun follows, lighting up all these Aries energies through major notable moment leading up to and beyond the Full Moon.

Manwe @1+ Aries is one of the exciting new millennium planetoids in the quantum realm of the Kuiper Belt (I refer to these as KBOs). Most are named for indigenous creator god/desses from around the world. Some astronomer had the daring inspiration to name two of these KBOs for fictional figures in Tolkien’s pre-Middle Earth creation story. Manwe and Varda are two archangels in the host of angels circling the throne of the Creator. With a dozen others, they became enthralled with the Creator’s vision of Earth. Manwe is head of this team of high-dimension beings that come to Earth to manifest the vision of the Creator. Manwe, who knows the original codes of Earth designed by the Great Creator, has been circling the Aries Zero Point since last year, refreshing these codes in this New Era. On this Equinox New Moon, Manwe moves forward, stimulating and impulsing us to remember and implement these Codes, harbored in our hearts and souls. Perhaps this is the Song of the Seals— and of so many of Earth’s creatures who naturally know these codes.

Mercury stands strong at 5Aries05 to begin this Moon cycle, having entered Aries on the 19th, day before Equinox. In Aries, I think of Mercury as the Messenger of the Gods with cartoon-like flashbulbs lighting up overhead. Aries is full of ideas. It’s a little like the old song goes,
“Catch a Falling Star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day….”
except that Aries would never put that *star* in a pocket, but would get right on it!
What ideas are lighting up for you? Has Seal been speaking to you?

Queen Salacia @ 7Aries57 lights up this New Moon with her own special photonic shimmering. As the delightful mermaid who makes the sunlight sparkle on the sea, she whom Neptune made his Queen of the Sea, Salacia amplifies the light quotient into higher potency and frequency. In a recent video with Pam Gregory, we explore more about Salacia and Sedna, magical and mysterious goddesses of the sea. Focusing on the ‘sal‘ in Salacia, we explored how salt creates a vitalizing electrical charge in the waters, enhancing life’s vibrational force. This seemed to strike with special resonance for listeners, based on the volume of interesting feedback we received. If you missed that youtube, find it here:


I thank one of my readers for sending these very Salacian lyrics from a Bruce Cockburn song that evokes New Earth:

“All the diamonds in this world that mean anything to me
Are conjured up by wind and sunlight sparkling on the sea.”
Hear the whole song here. 

March 23— Pluto into Aquarius! Big moment! New Era.
There is so much to say about this powerful moment in the collective consciousness and global transformation. The nodal Line of Destiny colludes, turning the corner by squaring Pluto’s entry into Aquarius. The Nodes, always moving backward through the Zodiac, are in early Taurus/ Scorpio, preparing to enter Aries/ Libra.

As Pluto ushers in a new era, the South Node at 4+Scorpio continues to release and flush out what no longer holds vitality. Haumea, a KBO named for the Hawai’ian birthing goddess, stimulates the birth of whatever arises as ecstatically vital and revitalizing. The North Node in Taurus has already excited Uranus, conjunct that electrically-charged planet last year. Now Venus, ruler of Taurus, conjuncts the North Node AND Uranus, suggesting radical changes in our values, financials and global relationships. As old systems are obviously crumbling and becoming obsolete, we are invited to join together to envisioning a new harmonious society, rebuilding how we live together on Earth. Attend to the basics—food, shelter, water, clothing. Venus opposite Haumea evokes the Divine Feminine giving birth to Beauty as a practical and sustainable long-term, meaningful solution.

Pluto’s first take in Aquarius lasts to June 11, when it retrogrades back to Capricorn to let us catch our breath after its world-altering implications. Until the end of 2023, we will need to clean out more ‘old stuff’ before we can move further into the Aquarian transformation starting again on January 20, 2024—accompanied by the Sun for another Aquarian ‘portal’!

A talk given last year by Astrologer Angela Cornish gives a rich background for the potentials of this profound change. I found it on the Astrodienst website, with interesting historic context given in the second half of the transcription.
‘Pluto in Aquarius in a Synchronous Universe’ by Angela Cornish’

March 25— Mars enters Cancer, leaving Gemini for the first time since August.
It feels like the Action Planet has been in changeable Gemini forever! I am so ready for this sign shift, that may settle things down a bit. Not likely with Mars, but it does suggest a ‘circling of the wagons’ in terms of attention and care of home and family, protecting ourselves and hunkering in to consider what the bigger changes mean to each of us at this point.

March 26— Mercury visits Chiron @15Aries, with critical messages that signify some shift of perspective.

March 27-28—Mercury visits Jupiter for sage advice.

March 28-29—Sun visits Salacia @18Aries, feel the vibrant light of the Sun channeling extraordinary solar awakening waves. The potential solar flares, flashes, coronal mass ejections, etc are all likely amplified.

March 30—Venus in Taurus conjuncts Uranus!! Uranus suggests earthquaking and potential financial system implosion. Venus suggests creative sustainability from necessary, inevitable and radical change. The road will be rather rocky, with stability gained in the long run. Have faith, be practical.

April 3— Mercury enters Taurus, squaring Pluto, for down-to-earth implementation of useful ideas that match Pluto’s new agenda. Mercury stays in Taurus through its upcoming retrograde (April 21-May 15). Continuing developments and further potentially shocking or surprising revelations unfold as Mercury moves closer to Uranus over the next several weeks, with the conjunction on June 4.

April 5—Sun visits Chiron @15Aries— Now what? No way to guess with this shamanic, out-of-the-box magic-maker evoking a critical moment.

Full Moon @ 16 Libra/Aries 07
April 5, 2023 @9:34pm PDT,
April 6, 2023 @12:34 am EDT, 5:34am BST, 1:34pm AEST

 April 7— Mercury conjuncts the North Node @4 Taurus, taking the place of Venus on the New Moon. The implications of changes during the waxing Moon are now perceived more clearly, as the Messenger spreads the news far and wide.

April 11— Sun visits Jupiter, as things look over-the-top, yet possibly more positive. Venus enters Gemini, making a smooth alignment with Pluto. Venus in the sign of the Twins can harmonize heart with head, as Seal suggested; certain arguments may be resolved on a higher octave. We may start feeling better about the way we can come together in this New Era.

April 14-15— Sun visits Eris @24+ Eris/ Venus @4+ Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces. Perhaps a down dip in mood. Pay attention; things may change quickly. Take responsibility for your emotional state. Eris stirs things up, in often contentious or shocking ways. Be careful of reacting before you get a second take on what is going on and why. You may be misinterpreting, seek the most positive interpretation and start there to shape your reality.

How does Saturn define and shape experience in the boundless ocean of all-inclusiveness, compassion and empathy? How do we make our Piscean dreams into reality? How do you manage when reality does not meet your expectations? What is the difference between dream and what we call ‘reality’ in the midst of heightened awareness of subtle energetic fields and frequency shifts?

Take heed to these words of these Dreamers:
how quickly the conscious mind takes ahold of the dream and interprets it according to the existing paradigm of conditioning. When this is done we believe the dream tells us something we already know and discard it. Dreams seldom tell us what already know. They arise anew every moment and bring forth what our soul is wanting to grow in us or share with us…
“I have learned to relate to my waking life as I do to my dreaming life. Both of them are a source of personal wisdom in the living of our daily lives. Often to open a nightly dream we transform metaphor into objective reality while when we work with our waking life as a dream we need to transform the events into a dreaming metaphor.”
—Rita H. Hildebrandt, Pearl Without Price: Living from the Inside Out

“You may say I’m a Dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
I hope some day you’ll join us and the world will live as one.”
John Lennon, Imagine

* * * * * *