Full Moon at 11 GEMINI-Sagittarius 40
December 3, 2017 at 10:47am EST, 7:47am PST, 15:47 GMT,
December 4, 2:47am AEDT

Karina.Birth of a StarImage: “Birth of a Star” by Colorado artist Karina Silver.
See more of her evocative work at karinasilver.com and on FB: Karina Silver Fine Art.

This Full Moon in Gemini features a couple of number games, plus Mercury retrograde at the Unicorn degree. Let’s follow some storylines; Sagittarius loves spinning a good yarn and singing a hearty song.

The Moon and Sun face off at 11 degrees of their opposing signs, Gemini and Sagittarius. Jupiter is at 11 Scorpio in full waterfall flow with Neptune at 11 Pisces. Neptune stands up squarely to the Full Moon, overflowing with significance and threat of storms. Its subtleties and nuances shimmer somewhere between dream and reality, often in Fantasy Land or Never Never Land, running amuck in chaotic Nightmares, and even dissolving “Into the Mystic.” Ah, that gives us a Van Morrison song for this Full Moon.

“We were born before the wind
Also younger than the Sun
Ere the bonny boat was won
as we sailed into the mystic.
Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic…”

You might want to stay on board for a MoonDance.
Have you got your sails set, to catch the fair winds of your next adventure into 2018?

If not, no worries, mate. Any Gemini Moon defers to Mercury for input. As of today, we can let Mercury retrograde do its magic (in its tricksterish way)— at 29 Sagittarius, the Solstice tipping point. Here we merge the one-pointed arrow of Sagittarius with the mythical (mystical?) beast of Capricorn, as we follow the cosmic trail of the elusive Unicorn flying in on galactic frequencies, solar winds and Jupiterian storms.

We gotta say “yoiks!” to the present power combo of

  1. Mercury turning retro at 29 Sag;
  2. Saturn doing his sacred hoop dance at 28 Sag; and
  3. Black Moon Lady Lilith wielding her fiery sword of Truth at 23 Sag.

Now where did that out-of-the-blue “yoiks” business come from? I had to look it up. Lo and behold (from wikipedia): “A joik (also spelled yoik), luohti, vuolle, leu’dd, or juoiggus is a traditional form of song of the Sami people of the Nordic countries and Kola peninsula of Russia.” Another source defines yoicks or yoiks as a cry by fox hunters to encourage the hounds, and also as a cry of high spirits or encouragement.
Very Sagittarian, with multiple meanings, a la Gemini.
Imagination yields genius and inspiration.

Anyhoo, that above-mentioned triple power combo will circulate complex versions of truth and fake news. You have to feel out what reverberates for you, what you “vote for” in terms of your mental attention, heart investment and spiritual vision. This is largely a fine-tuned test of discernment.

That Sagittarian power trio interfaces with other planets in the 20 degree spectrum:

26 Libra— Mars engineers conversations, liaisons and choices, a bit trigger happy but of two minds until it goes into Scorpio on the 9th;

24 Pisces— Chiron evokes quantum fields. All discrete drops and subatomic units dissolve and rearrange themselves;

24 Aries— Uranus ignites surprising, even shocking developments that boggle our brain cells. We clearly need to turn on unused portions of our brain; And

26 Sagittarius— We circle back to the Galactic Center degree, where the next New Moon on December 18 will plug us deeper into the Big Questions that carry across the New Year borderline zone. Mercury will still be retrograde on that New Moon. Did you ever think you might be relieved to have it so?

We can sure use this Mercury retrograde to give everything close scrutiny and consideration (con-sider = with the stars). “Retrograde Mercury differs from direct Mercury in the way the incoming information is processed,” wrote Master Astrologer Al H. Morrison. We need some meaningful processing time now, especially since the source of this intel is the Galactic Heart Center, sparkling with celestial implications of the 2012 Solstice Tipping Point of the Mayan calendar. We can use these three good weeks to explore the inner chambers of our own hearts, to see what resonates, what excites our imagination and our inspiration. There is no way to fully articulate the rare moment we are experiencing. As we head into 2018 we will see more ripple effects emerge.

Look again at the painting above, Birth of a Star. This is the artist’s poem that goes with it (thank you, Karina):

“We are giving birth to some thought, feeling or idea.
Dream big.
Dream of beauty, movement, color and sound.
Make love with God
And give birth to vast universes of its making.”




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