New Moon in 5 Libra 20

September 28 @ 2:26pm EDT, 11:26am PDT, 6:26pm GMT,
September 29 @ 4:26 am AEST

Image: ‘Last Ring Portrait’ featured on NASA’s September 20 Astronomy Photo of the Day. “This image of Saturn’s slender sunlit crescent with night’s shadow cast across its broad and complex ring system was captured by the Cassini spacecraft,” in a series of frames taken just two days before its “grand final plunge” into the atmosphere of the gas giant on 9/15/17.
Just another spectacular photo that keeps Saturn continually voted in as the most photogenic planet. 

This New Moon in Libra, so close to the Equinox seasonal shift, includes both Mercury and ruler Venus in this sign as well, emphasizing themes of balance, fairness, justice, dialogue and cooperation. And this is more than the usual seasonal turning point: this is a major shift in our collective experience, as we head toward a December Solstice eclipse and the humdinger year of 2020. 

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon @ 6 Libra tells a powerful story of manifestation—“A Man Watches His Ideals Taking a Concrete Form Before His Inner Vision”
Our ideals begin to take earthy form, with some extra thought and contemplation to get beyond immediate mundane wants and needs to long-lasting, concrete manifestations that lead to accomplishment and satisfaction of a heartfelt and soulful vision. One of the great tasks of this year has been the Jupiter-Neptune challenge to imagine true ideals that have spiritual resonance and universal meaning, then tuck them in our inner vision and prepare to craft and welcome these experiences into our lives. 

The last exact square of these two very large planets, strong in their own signs, took place on the eve of Equinox, just in time for this turning point season. Do you have your Sagittarian arrow zoomed in on your heartfelt target? Be creative, be inspired, become a channel for the greater Big Dream that can lead us into a better way of living together in our world. 

The path into Equinox season is tricky as these Libra planets and, soon, the Sun interface with Saturn and Pluto. This series of Libra/Capricorn face-off moments suggests confrontational dynamics as well as manifestational moments of our ideals coming into form. This won’t necessarily happen the way we would think. Do expect some magic moments along with shocking, mind-bending ones. 

It is also a time for choices, for decisions to be made about what changes we need to make in our lives and how we even think about such things. This is not a time to be wishy-washy. We are wise to actively invite grace and guidance to move as smoothly as possible through this season. There is likely a bit of a bumpy ride ahead, as the road itself is being resurfaced. We can veer around the worst spots if we are steady, centered and grounded. Let’s use what we are offered. Saturn and Pluto are great guides and stabilizers, if not the friendly, smiley sort. 

Look at this time line and take note of your experience:
Sept. 23, Equinox day— Mercury square Saturn and the Moon’s Nodes Through the month of Virgo, we had opportunities to sort things out on many levels. Virgo tends to make lists and set priorities, to make things more simple, common sense and stress-free. Now that things are tidier, we can consider the options and prepare to make choices. Since the September 13-14 Full Moon, we have had extra void-of-course Moon time. A VoC Moon starts when the Moon makes its last aspect (has its last conversation) with another planet before going into the next sign. Basically, the busyness is over; we have free time with no particular agenda. Energy resonates otherwise than the mundane. Sometimes we don’t get much done, but we can contemplate what has been happening, be in the moment, let things unfold, OR focus intention with clarity for desired outcomes. 
The Moon has been on the wane; some sandcastles are still being washed out in the receding tide. The Moon’s Nodes create a push and pull of destiny. Planets square the Nodes create potential blockage, as if something is standing in the way that we need to address and deal with, especially with Saturn standing there!
Mercury is our perception, the way we think about things, talk to ourselves, mentally translate our experience. Mercury typically does not come up with news thoughts. We need to erase old “tapes” that keep looping around, preventing our growth. As we open to new information and different points of view, we may see things from a fresh, even surprising perspective.

September 25th— Venus square Saturn and the Moon’s Nodes
Venus is delightful in Libra, at her most gracious and lovely. However, the tendency to accommodate situations and yield to the preferences of others may, likely, be getting in our way. This dynamic invokes a values-clarification exercise to help us clarify how we feel, where we stand, with any situation. Highly polarized situations can evoke a clearer sense of what “side” we are on, possibly switching opinions. Venus likes to facilitate agreements, ones that are fair to both parties, are aesthetically pleasing and rewarding, and enhance mutual respect and understanding. Such agreements can be long-lasting, which pleases Saturn. 

September 26/27th— Mercury square Pluto;
Big game-changing news days, supported by a common sense Moon in Virgo that likes facts and figures. 

September 28— New Moon, new cycle!

September 29th— Moon conjunct Venus then Mercury, squares Saturn, Moons Nodes and Pluto
Following its meeting with the Sun, the Moon immediately “locks in” the whole progression of dynamics we are experiencing in the next week. Pay close attention to what is happening for you, what comes to your attention and what meaningful encounters come your way.

October 1— Venus squares Pluto
Intense emotions are tapped; dialogues about finances and resources may be timely.

October 3— Pluto stationary direct @20 Capricorn 38,        
Mercury moves into Scorpio followed by Venus on the 8th.
The dark distance Pluto makes a slow turn-around, holding at 20 degrees Capricorn since the last week in August through the first 10 days of November. If you have planets in 20 degrees of any sign, you are likely feeling a subterranean shift. 
Saturn and Pluto have both been retrograde in Capricorn since the end of April, giving us time to go back over our experience so far this year, to consolidate gains and take stock of what other steps or endings are in order. Now they are both turning forward, in a slow, cool Capricorn burn toward their imminent conjunction, the first since 1980-81. Do you have anything around 12-24 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer, Libra, Aries? You are on their list.
Let’s be honest: we are all on the list. We’re all in this together! 
Let’s get together, and get ‘it’ together, together.

As seen in the photo at the top here, it’s hard to argue against Saturn being the most photogenic planet. Indeed, it’s hard to argue against Saturn at all! Especially when it’s in cahoots with Pluto. So let’s not argue. Can we listen to radically different points of view and find a bottom line beyond argument on which we can all agree?
Listen to Stevie Wonder’s song, ‘Saturn’. This version has great graphics.

October 4— Mars moves into Libra. All three personal planets shift signs in two days, a clear change in tone and mood. Mars will generate increasing energy as it moves toward its own square with Saturn and Pluto in late October and early November. More later!

October 5/6th— Moon conjunct Saturn then Pluto. Every week the Moon makes a dynamic connection with this awesome pair of planets.

October 13/14th— Full Moon in Aries-Libra, exactly square Pluto. We might want to call it “a love letter to Pluto.” Why? Why not? We have a choice, and Pluto has a heart! 

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