Full Moon @ 29 Aries 07
April 19, 2019 at 7:12am EDT, 4:12am PDT, 11:12am GMT/UTC,
April 19 at 9:12 pm AEST

Image: “White Unicorn,” web collage by Dana Hunt. The magical Unicorn emerges in a swirl of shimmering light, from the black hole at the center of our galaxy. Powehi, “adorned fathomless dark creation” is the name Hawaiian astronomers have given to Sagittarius A, a.k.a. the Black Hole of our Galactic Center. (Thanks for sharing this info.)

A multi-talented team using a global network of telescopes collaborated for years to compile this recently-released, if somewhat artificial, first image of the black hole at the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. It could become as iconic as that of planet Earth from space decades ago.

Still, we each need to feel a direct connection to the Galactic Heart, without mediation by the algo-rhythms of the scientific priesthood. Find your own relationship to this image that is rippling through the collective imagination. I am sharing this one to stimulate your imagination. See original photo here.
A lot of energy is streaming into our solar system from galactic headquarters, especially since the 2012 Mayan calendar shift date. Are you feeling it?

This Full Moon in Aries-Libra is at the very last degree of these two polarized signs. A month ago, on March 20, we had a powerful Full Moon on the first degree of Aries. A Blue Moon is a second full moon within one month. So let’s give this astrological full moon within one sign a different designation. This Full Moon is a clear bright green light signal for moving ahead, so let’s call it the Green Light Full Moon—at least this time!

The planetary dynamics of this “Green Moon” take several days to unfold. Here is the calendar:

April 17th— Just before the Full Moon, Mercury moves into Aries!Very much a green flash on the horizon! After an unusually long stay of two whole months in Pisces (usually less than one month in a sign), during which Mercury was both retrograde and conjunct Neptune for three of those weeks, it has been a rather hazy, confusing (and for some, a highly spiritual) time, with accelerated anxiety for many. Now that the fog has lifted, we can’t deny that we are way more sensitive than we thought we were, intimately connected to everything around us and impacted mentally, emotionally and physically by the overload of input that we take in each day. Were you able to take time to rest, meditate or enjoy a simple walk in Mother Nature to help ground and calm you down? A good remedy with so many planets in earth signs now.

With a more grounded stance, you will be ready for the Mercury jump into Aries “ready, set, go” moment and be able to push off cleanly when the green light flashes. On to new initiatives! Finally it’s time to explore the new territory we have entered, with a fresh take on your life. Sabian Symbol for 1 Aries:
“A woman arises from the sea, embraced by a seal.”

18th—Almost full, the Moon squares both Saturn and Pluto. This can feel like a moment of decision or resolution, as in “It’s Time,” “This is it,” or “I’m done here.”

19-20th— Mercury gets a quantum input, as this Messenger of the godsconjuncts quantum shift Chiron and sparkling sea queen Salacia. What is flashing into your view? Magic can happen. Perhaps this is a particular, indicative push to make your move. When synchronicity strikes like a flash and things line up with serendipity, that’s a green light moment!

Full Moon on the 19th! Grab someone’s hand (Libra) and have an adventure (Aries) or dance in the moonlight. Within 24 hours, the Sun moves into solid earth sign Taurus(a very green sign) and immediately conjuncts Uranus.

Recently I’ve been exploring a new book by my astro-twin Joseph Landwehr —Astrology and the Archetypal Power of Numbers, Part 2: Arithmology in the Birthchart. It’s full of astrological nuggets of all flavors, relating numbers and planets, asteroid goddesses and mythology—a real treasure trove from a lifelong astrologer. Here is some timely commentary on Sun-Uranus:

“Sun and Uranus work together… to ensure that the solar path followed by the soul in surrendering to a deeper identification with Spirit is highly individuated, defying old rules and breaking new ground to transmute chaos into “illuminated order”. On a personal level Uranus facilitates the process of individuation and creative self-discovery that allows a unique contribution to be made, one capable of shining a brilliant light into the darkness of the Abyss….

“We depend upon the Sun for its predictable reliability and regularity; Uranus is an agent of syncopated rhythms, unexpected surprises, chaotic breakdowns in the established order. The Sun naturally gravitates toward that which sustains life and ensures stability; Uranus perpetually walks on the edge of balance and seeks out that which is foreign, disturbing in its intensity and disorienting in its shimmering numinosity. The Sun facilitates health ego development; Uranus can, and often does, precipitate challenges beyond the ego’s capacity to cope. The Sun places itself at the nexus of a resonant field of functionally useful relationships; Uranus triggers emotional restlessness and shatters relationships one has outgrown for the sake of growth.”

When Joe writes, “precipitate challenges beyond the ego’s capacity to cope,” don’t freak out. Uranus enlightens us into our higher minds, from where we can cope. “Awaken in your own individualized way,” is the invitation. Also, please note his phrase, “shimmering numinosity” in relation the Mermaid Goddess Salacia, who causes the Sun to shimmer on the sea.

As we continue on our extended Full Moon calendar, here is another invitation— from Venus—as she lights up in a “Joy to the World” moment.

20thVenus moves into Aries!It feels so right and resonant, enhancing the serendipity frequency. We feel so ready for the new. I repeat the Sabian Symbol for 1 Aries:
“A woman arises from the sea, embraced by a seal,” another mermaid image. Flow with fluid luminosity and your highest excitement.

23rdThe Goddess of Love joins CHiron and Salacia. Be fully present and feel surrounded by waves of shimmering joy. If you can’t feel something of this, why not? Send out an invitation and welcome the light. It’s truer and deeper than any fears that may infiltrate from the intensity of the collective chaos right now.

Such fears are being rigorously evoked and provoked as the intense authority of Saturn/Pluto confronts us with instances of unhealed global history through the South Node. This has been happening for a while around the world. We are called to resist this repressive pair, standing up with the greater authority of life-giving Gaia and our own empowered capability and Self-authority clothed in the mantle of responsibility and accountability. As long as we bend the Capricorn knee to a greater spiritual authority beyond our greedy ego, we stand an agent of transformation and renewal, tending to the evolution of Earth and all our relations on this living planet. Gaia is speaking quite clearly with her planet body, reconfiguring herself. We simply need to work with her to heal, grow and prosper.

In relation to this transformational configuration, let’s add a couple more significant dates to our tracking: note that both Pluto (on the 24th) and Saturn (on the 29th) turn to retrograde motion, giving us some months to integrate our progress so far and create some appropriate results in our lives.
24th—Pluto retrograde @ 23 Capricorn
29th— Saturn retrograde @ 20.5 Capricorn

A last important note: Chariklo, She Who Accompanies the Healer, stands by Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, ancient as a standing stone rooted into the heart of the Earth. Once a river mermaid, she shifted from half-fish into half-horse to be a centaur alongside Chiron. Chariklo shapeshifts into whatever form most serves love. Let’s invite her to show us how. She helped Chiron shift into his star body as the constellation of The Centaur. She is present for us, embodying and demonstrating the Power of Love.

Find your ground and dance on with Gaia in the joy of Venus.
Create from there.