Ineffable Full Moon

Full Moon in 21 Virgo/Pisces 05
September 13 @ 9:33pm PDT
September 14 @ 12:33am EDT, 4:33pm GMT, 2:33pm AEST

Mermaid, developmental sketch in watery blue by William Giese, evoking, the evanescent fluid flavor of this Piscean Full Moon with Neptune and Black Moon Lilith.

“Whenever you communicate authentic heart-felt gratitude to another being, or even to a planetary consciousness such as Earth, it affects the very fabric of existence through the grace and power of all-embracing love that transcends and sees beyond the differences between all things. This type of love is enigmatic and is not affected by likes or dislikes, but instead it forgives and forges new higher expressions of life even in the midst of life’s seeming dissolution.”   —Tom Kenyon    
Hear one of his sound healing prayers, “A Song of Gratitude to the Earth”  

This September 13-14 Full Moonhighlights a rarified Piscean vibration of Neptune and Black Moon Lilith, inspiring extraordinary spiritual compassion and grace, a deeply prayerful moment. That’s on the high side. On the lower vibrational octaves, Neptune hangs over us like a dense fog, evoking illusion, confusion and delusion. Some feels despair in the midst of the intense outer chaos, seeing the destruction. Engulfed in the extra-sensitivity of Pisces, such a dark vision is too hard to endure. The allure of medications or drugs or drink offers an escape, even if temporary. 

The chaos is the illusion, like a movie. Chaos theory says that at the heart of the chaos is the seed of renewal. Can you sense that seed? like a hope, a yearning, something eternally longed for, that can bring forth a new vision, a new way of living and perceiving. It can be a small thing, like a flower. This changeable season, whether you are coming into fall or spring, offers so much vitality and beauty. Let Nature soothe you.

Jupiter-Neptune Challenge wrapping up
We are engaged in a peak moment of a most significant piece of work of 2019, with the last exact squaring off of these two BIG planets on September 21. Jupiter will move into Capricorn on December 2, so let’s wrap this up as much as we can for now. We have been sorting through internalized illusions (Neptune) and belief systems (Jupiter) that have been obfuscating a True Vision that can help us navigate through an increasingly chaotic and fluid outer ‘reality.’ We intuitively seek the kind of Big Dream the shamans speak of. Are we dreaming the Earth or is the Earth dreaming us?

What are we really feeling—if we tap beyond interference of any culturally coded belief systems that we don’t even know we are harboring? Question everything! Let the mystic fog inform you— literally in-form you, bypassing belief systems that don’t resonate with your experience. Don’t doubt. Trust that something in you knows beyond the shadow of any doubt. That something is your authentic core essence. The spiritual path can be long and winding, with many starts and stops, but is the essential journey in life. We are so darn distracted these days we can hardly think straight, so let’s go straight to our deepest feelings. We often mistake emotional reactions for true feelings, so easy to do.

The deeper tuning takes restful relaxation, and may emerge in sleep. With Neptune, the planet of Dreaming, it may be in that state, when our mundane minds are asleep, that our vision is more clear. 

For the last New Moon, with Sun and Moon in natural earthy Virgo, I wrote about how “we are fine-tuning on many levels in sync with our evolving home planet. Our bodies are feeling and finding a new resonance, as old patterns are dissolving. Rather like a piano or harp that has been out of tune for too long, our bodies are now is being listened back into harmony. This is such a significant piece of work, for one essential service of a human being is to consciously bring cosmic light into the material realm, which we do through our physical vehicles.”

This Full Moon brings this to a peak experience. 

We rise to this Full Moon occasion either on the eve or the day of
Friday the 13th!! 
Thirteen Moon cycles each year + Friday=Freya=Venus: 
this all adds up to a feminine empowerment day. 
We have another in December! and another in March! We’re on a roll with the Cosmic Feminine.

On the August 30th New Moon we had Moon/Venus opposite Black Moon Lilith. This Full Moon continues that cosmic conversation with Venus in Virgo opposite Moon/Black Moon Lilith in Pisces with Neptune. In my book (btw, I wrote two on Lilith), this Pisces trio suggests an extraordinary mystical invitation, yet also points out where we are likely to resist or withdraw, getting in the way of our own happiness (Venus) and spiritual upliftment (Neptune Full Moon). 

We all have angelic presences with us. There is that old tale about the good angel and the bad angel on each shoulder, whispering in either ear. Which one are you listening to? Many would say Lilith is the bad angel, luring us into trouble— or is she confronting us with temptations so we surrender to subtler divine guidance? Perhaps the bad angel is the Moon, full of old patterning can hold us back or is it the deeper instinct of what we now need? Perhaps neither is good or bad. Perhaps we are each being tested. 

Listen carefully and suspend “disbelief,” judgment, doubts and anxieties. Those likely will all come up. This is not a mental exercise to figure it all out. Virgo common sense is grounded in the “gut” (Virgo rules our miles of intestines), lined with millions and trillions of naturally, primordially wise interactive microbes that run our systemic communication network, sending signals, chemicals, hormones, all kinds of neuronal impulses to inform our wellbeing. Of course our heart intelligence infuses its influence as well. Can we turn off our busy brains long enough to listen at this subtle level of our physicality? Virgo gives us our best bet to do so.

This Neptune/Lilithian Pisces Full Moon, with its ineffable, effervescent, unutterable layers and nuances of aetheric star wisdom, sends waves of light through our system. Rest and dream well to let this divine fluid flow down your spine and through your feet (Pisces rules the feet) with its healing grace. 

Last time I wrote about my experiences with Dragonfly, this summer’s totem for me. As the weather begins to chill here in Vermont, just a few are still moving around me, on the lake and in my yard. I have known that Dragonfly is about seeing through illusion, inwardly and outwardly. I wanted to look deeper into its symbolism and found several good references that resonate with this Full Moon energy:
* Lightness, adaptability, transformation, joy, delight. 
* Dragonfly changes direction quickly and effortlessly, dancing with cosmic and natural energies. 
* Flying dragons from the realms of Faerie. Opening to the magic of Nature and the elements.
* Self-realization arising from a mental and emotional maturity that enables us to look deeper into the meaning of life.  
* Experiencing yourself differently.
I’m for all of this. And so is this Full Moon!

As the strings of your internal harp are played by angels, 
may we share fine-tuning and in-forming our awareness
and communion with Earth
as we move to soul-stirring internal music
under the light of the Full Moon.

*  * * * * * * * * * *

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