DragonParis copyNew Moon at 27 Aquarius 08
February 15, 2018, 4:05pm EST, 1:05pm PST,
9:05pm GMT, February 16, 8:05am AEDT

Image: Dragon made from recycled tin cans, at Jardin des Plantes, a park in Paris. Photo by author, 2005.

“…dive into your increasing depths where life calmly gives out its own secret” —R.M.Rilke

This New Moon is a partial solar eclipse. The Eclipse Dragon only bites off about half the Sun, clearly not as dramatic as last summer’s, and likely more relaxing. Still, it is a Dragon! This one is visible in southern South America and Antarctica (what is going on there?).

Eclipses are indicated by the Nodes of the Moon, also called the Dragon’s Head and Tail. Soulful poet Rilke suggested, “Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that want our love.”

Even such a partial eclipse shifts the narrative as we head into another lunar month, with a shift in the regular rhythm. This is a Dragon Tail eclipse, aligning with the South Node of the Moon, evoking history, clearing the decks, making way for new insights that lead you forward. This is a continuing change in the social dynamic, personally and globally. Surely there is a lot going on! Don’t fall into fear-mongering. Keep your heart strong and courageous. Our energetic, heart-connected “vote” impacts the collective consciousness. On the whole, this is likely to be a much more relaxing eclipse, where we express much that we have integrated and release to make room. Breathe and make space around you in the many ways that you can.
This New Moon in late Aquarius is the inside-out, opposite one from the one big one in late Leo last August. How much has changed for you since then? Every eclipse we have this year— Jan. 31/Feb.1 SuperMoon), this one on Feb.15-16, and those to come in July-August— are variations and rippling currents on the theme of that most powerful Total Solar Eclipse. The theme? Step into more of who you really are. Express your True Being in the world, Heart to Heart, from the Heart of the Galaxy through your own Heart.

Eclipses realign our connection to the larger picture (and our higher Selves), through space and time. This series in Leo-Aquarius is call for personal brilliance and claiming the Leo “throne” of your sovereignty, self-rule based on increasing self-awareness. We are each a star (Leo), needing to humbly remember we are one star in a galaxy full of stars (Aquarius). The brighter we each shine, the more we all shine. “Whom does the Grail serve?” is the key question of the spiritual quest.

Hidden depths of yourself are likely being revealed in the dark mirror of any eclipse, and how we bring forth these aspects in our continuing unfolding is the quest. How do we express the emerging depths of ourselves? As soulful poet Rilke wrote:

“Only someone who is ready for everything, who doesn’t exclude any experience, even the most incomprehensible, will live the relationship with another person as something alive and will himself sound the depths of his own being.”

The warning is not to rationalize too much, or try too hard “figure it out.” Your higher mind is so ready to talk to you, because you know already. Your discernment can be quite clean and clear, if you are calm. There are certain things we just don’t know, let’s relax about that. Jupiter in Scorpio lurks behind eclipses this year, reminding us that the mystery is much deeper than the rational mind can grasp. Can we relax into that, be open, and even enjoy the sensation of the mystery, let ourselves sink into it and go with the flow? The river of live has its natural currents and path.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon suggests a relevant theme, one that speaks to me in the depths of a Vermont winter wonderland:
“A Tree Felled and Sawed to Ensure a Supply of Wood for the Winter.”

As a matter of fact, my wood supplier called me just this week about next year! If not for that tree or two he felled many months ago, I would not be as warm as I am in this winter’s sub-freezing weather. I take more pleasure in the beauty of a hefty snowfall, white and sparkling, as I empty woodstove ashes into bucket to cool outside. Contours of the yard, bushes and trees are rounded with inches of fluffy or icy white, depending on the wintry precipitation of the week. I can huddle around the fire, as needed, while it warms up the house. There is something archetypal and deeply satisfying in tending a fire.

Meanwhile you in the Southern Hemisphere have other seasonal dynamics to attend to. Wherever you are, this Sabian Symbol suggests planning ahead, honoring the seasons and changes in the natural cycle. Make space and prepare now for times to come, gathering needed resources and thanking Nature for her bounty.

This is a social moon, especially with its Mercury conjunction, invoking social discourse and lots of news— some news surprising, even shocking (Uranus in Aries). Other disturbing news (Jupiter in Scorpio) may need some processing, and there may be a call to action (Mars in Sagittarius). Action planet Mars squares Venus, for an emotional Moon cycle, with an impact on relationships of all kinds, as we consider who we are individually and together. What we learn from each other in the many ways that we do.

One of my wise women readers, Lethea in NZ, emailed this today, “how I choose to look at things makes all the difference, and sometimes I need to get someone else’s angle, through their particular filters, in order to see my own life’s events and edges in a more useful way. That’s why I so value all my evolved, divinely human women friends.” Male friends are good for widening perspectives as well, of course!

Mars is in a challenge with Neptune in Pisces, suggesting a level of confusion, not being sure when or in what direction to move. It’s easy to get off track. Check your progress to date, consult your map or plan, fine-tune and get back on track. This high side is a spiritual-infusion/inspiration that comes with careful, quiet listening, meditation and prayer. Find the clarity and then—just do it! urges Mars.

After some tweaking, there is much positive energy in this Moon that leads to the Greater Good. It just may not look like it to begin with. We are clearly still in the throes of an increasing level of social change. As we take into account where we stand with “it all,” and who we stand with, our hearts lead the way.This is a time of Great Awakening, moved along by these eclipses in Leo-Aquarius. Let’s each step up and make our energetic vibration count.

To close with Rilke, my choice of poet for this eclipse:
“I live my life in widening circles
That reach out across the world.”


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