New Moon @ 15 Capricorn 25
January 5, 2019, 8:29pm EST, 5:29pm PST,
January 6, 1:29pm GMT, 12:29pm AEDT

Image: This image was recently shared by NASA just in time for this fusion of Sun/Moon in rock-loving Capricorn. Four billion miles away, distant planetoid Ultima Thule is a ‘contact binary,’ two small fused lobes that rotate together every 15 hours. New Horizons spacecraft, the one that sent us the fabulous photos of Pluto in 2014, continued further into the Kuiper Belt for this historic remote flyby, sending back photos of this odd ‘planetessimal’ to begin this new year. The name is a classical term for the northernmost location “beyond the borders of the known world,” once referring to Iceland, Greenland or Norway.   (It’s also the name of a Swedish “Vikingarock” band.)As we reach further and further into the distant reaches of our solar system, we are discovering surprising  new solar system neighbors. What more will we find as the year goes on? How far can we go beyond the world as we know it

A partial solar eclipse is the first New Moon in this New Year, changing the color and tone of our experience early on in 2019. Sandwiched tightly between Saturn and Pluto, this is a ‘no-nonsense,’ ‘Big Happenings are happening’ opening window into a fast-tracked year. Ultima Thule, indeed!

Capricorn is a serious, sometimes quirky sign that takes earthy experience in its hands like a potter shaping clay. If you have ever used a potter’s wheel, you know that by using the pressure of your hands you can shape the clay, even while the texture and weight of the clay responds with its own specific earthy qualities. How do we deepen our relationship with Gaia, the living Earth, amidst the necessities and exigencies of mundane life on Earth— even as She changes and we change in mutual creative and complex choreography, all orchestrated by larger and smaller planetary cycles?

We can look for the magic in the mundane, as cosmic waves roll in and raise the frequencies of the whole solar system. We are part of something much bigger and greater, but have our own particular ‘job’ to do for the whole to function.

This eclipse indicates a subtle but definite step up in our response-ability to this mutual embrace and support, the giving and receiving of the life force. How open can you be?

We may be taken by surprise. Uranus is fired up for a last burst of fireworks in Aries before it grounds the lightning. It plants itself in Taurus for the next seven years, starting on the March 6 New Moon. That’s just a couple of months from now!

The Nodes of the Moon, which mark eclipses, indicate moments of destiny, a sharp turn in the collective road. Slowly moving backwards toward Pluto, the Nodes denote a  strong dance with Shiva, Hindu god who drumbeats cycles of destruction and re-creation.

Now, though, Uranus claims our attention, like fireworks. The Awakener interfaces with the Nodes of Destiny, stirring up electricity and lighting up our collective higher mind.This lightning charges up our bodies as well.  We need to ground our energy more deeply into the  evolving Earth, so that we all prosper together. We each have our particular contribution to make. Under this eclipse, we bear the weight of this responsibility. Are we ready, willing and mature enough to take it on? We may have a bit of tidying up of personal loose edges to tend to, in other words: grow up and live up to your capabilities. Take charge of your life and become a shaper of your full weight of clay. Tap into the thrill of life’s erotic fire to stimulate your creative juices. Sometimes it is a dip into some level of depressive depths that taps into life’s chaos to release the creative seed of renewal, with the charged excitement of Uranus.

“Usually, we think of excitement as similar to electric energy, but think here of electricity that has been liquified so that it is more palpable, more substantial…a more condense excitement. It is the presence of aliveness…a vigorous quality…vital presence…a fluid flame, a flame of liquid…shines and radiates…feels wonderful…This intensity of aliveness, this fiery quality, is a quality of our being that needs to be liberated so that we can experience a desire that… expresses life instead of expressing need. That is when the divine and the instinctual become one.”                        —The Power of Divine Eros, Almaas & Johnson

We can use this eclipse to shrug off shadows of the past, to turn forward to ‘New Horizons,’ following the spacecraft that showed us Pluto up close and personal, and now Ultima Thule. Things are changing beyond our expectations or projections. This could be ultimately good, even if a bit rocky.

This eclipse also opens the door to a sign change for Venus, which has been on an extended deep dive in Scorpio. As she finishes this journey, Venus is accompanied by Ceres, Goddess of the Great Round of life, death and renewal. A soft yet powerful attunement with Neptune in Pisces and North Node in Cancer adds to the strength of feeling that carries us into this New Year. The bright Morning Star moves into adventurous Sagittarius on the 7th, with an optimistic and buoyant attitude. Venus and Mars in Aries, both in upbeat fire signs, sparkle at each other in the most positive emotional alignment they have had in months. Venus joins Jupiter for the upcoming Full Moon eclipse on January 21st. These two brightest diamonds in the sky evoke Love and Wisdom.

We prepare by opening to the shift indicated in this New Moon eclipse. For now, feel what you feel in the deep transformational realms of your inner crystalline field and seek out your new shape.


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