Full Moon at 8 Gemini-SAGITTARIUS 10
May 29, 2018, 10:19am EDT, 7:48am PDT, 3:48pm BST,
May 30, 12:19am AEST
Boulon Earth to Moon 3
Image: Earth to Moon, Kimberly Boulon, oil, 2003. One of St. John’s favorite artists, you can see more of her land and seascapes at She gave this painting to me, as we share the same birthday and I was the cosmic inspiration. It reminds me of how intimate the Moon and Earth are.

The Full Moon on May 29-30 fulfills the deep-thinking considerations impulsed by new developments and a significant shift in the planetary cycles inaugurated on the New Moon. With Uranus trying on its new Taurus garb, we are beginning tap into the new energies and get our feet back under us, with subterranean forces still at work.

The Sun and Moon are channeling the vibration of two royal, red super giant stars. The Sun is now consorting with Aldebaran, Watcher of the East, the red star of Taurus that marks the Bull’s Eye. This Eye sees through materiality into its spiritual essence, Earth as sacred.

Aldebaran is a star of The Dancer, who moves in rhythms that embody the joy of incarnation. Aldebaran calls for honor in all of our dealings, a challenge in today’s greedy business culture. Let’s keep this in mind as a central theme for the 7-year passage of Uranus in Taurus and prepare to change it up. Star with what makes your life worth living and take it from there.

The Full Moon feels the intensity of Antares, the Watcher of the West, the very gargantuan red star of the Scorpion’s Heart. There is a call to courage, a rousing drive to give “it” all you’ve got, which can lead to success. What is your “it” factor? Let go of anything lesser, but beware of a tendency to go to extremes. What is the motivation behind your actions, your desires?

There are genius lines all over this Full Moon chart, (planets 72-degrees apart). Dialogues between a number of planets open channels of brilliance for innovations and strategies that lead to improved circumstances.
*Venus in Cancer/Uranus in Taurus—Find the sweetness of life, all that nurtures and sustains you. Make it simple, like a blanket or a crisp carrot.

*Neptune in Pisces/ Mercury in Taurus—Let your imagination, dreams and mystic inspirations inform you.
*Ceres in Leo/ Sun in Gemini—Earth Gaia sends messages in many ways. Keep your ears and eyes open. Tend the Earth for a special gift.

*Chiron in Aries/ Pluto&Black Moon in Capricorn—Deep Earth energies open new dimensions to explore. Experiment with alternatives without judgment. New seeds/ new plans sprout.

It is up to you to find these channels, emotionally embrace them, and use them. Be brave. Chiron newly in Aries is a call to courage and daring, to follow unconventional impulses that call from your essential, sacred Self. Say yes to what feels right to you, and no to what does not resonate with what you need, knowing that you do need fresh experiences to nurture you, like fresh food.

Let Nature inspire you to find clear vision, fresh words and joyful expression for your evolving storyline. Destiny calls.