Solar Eclipse Holiday Halo

New Moon Solar Eclipse @4 Capricorn 07
December 25, 9:13pm PST
December 26, 12:13am EST, 5:13am GMT, 4:13pm AEDT

Image: ‘Star Birth,’ by Jan Sandman, 2019, cold wax, mixed medium on wood panel. Photo taken by author at The Garage Cultural Center in Montpelier, Vermont (through 1/12/20). See more of Jan’s uplifting art and other modalities on her website.

The December 21 Solstice Portal is extended through a second, potent window of this annular Solar Eclipse on December 25/26 to both end and begin this year of 2019 into 2020.We are on the threshold of a new decade (2020s) and a new 35-year cycle (Saturn/Pluto). Also, a Total Solar Eclipse on December 14, 2020, supports the opening of a new 20-year cycle (Saturn/Jupiter). Multiple windows are opening to new horizons in this coming year. Start your journey now. Outline an agenda and begin implementation, slowly, carefully, step by step, with joy and optimism. The attitude we bring to each moment makes more difference than we sometimes recognize. Things will improve.

An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly in line with the Earth, but the Moon is further away and smaller, and will not cover the whole disk of the Sun. Hence the Sun’s light creates a very bright “annulus,” Ring of Fire, or halosurrounding the dark disk of the Moon.

Jupiter Welcomes the New Year
Jupiter opens the eclipse doorway, as it stands close by in Capricorn to usher in a year of promise, wisdom and reward. New developments will manifest in a deliberate, measured Capricorn manner. Stargazer Li, with her unique combination of astrology, star gazing and Mayan calendar interpretation, describes Jupiter in Capricorn as riding an elephant. Imagine how it feels to be in motion atop such a massive, astute animal, swaying in a stately rhythm, making steady progress to the goal. Elephants are very family-oriented, and so are even more relevant, as the eclipse points, the Nodes of the Moon, the Line of Destiny invite us to cherish family, home and our circle of loved ones. It is also suggested that success comes through being receptive to support and blessings. We don’t have to do it all ourselves, although we need to take full responsibility for stepping up and being ourselves. 

Jupiter, this full-bodied planet of wisdom, with its many moons (can you guess the latest total?), is in effective, efficient Capricorn, a sign that executes its business with the least amount of fuss. Get the job done and on with the next. This is the agenda. Step up and be counted in the new year. Jupiter invites us to prosper, to find ways to make our lives better, like an experienced potter that works with the clay on hand to make a beautiful and useful vessel. 

Jupiter and Saturn have been having a moon contest in the last several decades, with their moon counts rapidly increasing with the help of modern technology. Jupiter has generally kept ahead in the moon count, with 79 known moons (as of this writing). But don’t underestimate Saturn! 

Saturn’s latest numbers note 62 confirmed moons and a possible total of 150 or more moons and moonlets (very tiny), if all are confirmed! I was surprised! Titan is the largest moon in the solar system (larger than Mercury) and Saturn’s many moonlets may be the tiniest, some at about 6 miles in diameter, some embedded in Saturn’s spectacular rings. 

[It sure is hard to keep up with our solar system lately, including the increasing range of new planetoids being discovered. I have only become familiar with a few. A fun project for young astronomy lovers is to do some research along these lines. I created and published my 2016 Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book for that very purpose. It’s a good start, but woefully behind the latest discoveries! Find under books on my website or on Amazon.

Saturn/Pluto Meet-Up
With so many strong factors in Capricorn— Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Ceres, Saturn, Pluto and, soon, Mercury— we are called upon to face circumstances as they arise and find the best way to deal with them, seeking any opportunity that may present itself. 

Saturn has been at its best in its own sign of Capricorn, now being congratulated by Jupiter that follows in its wake, bringing well-crafted plans and promising ideas further into fruition.  

As Saturn moves in to its meet-up with Pluto, we may need to clear our desk or scrap unworkable plans. We can start now, hopefully with space made ready by that time. A 3-day window from January 10-12 sees a Lunar Eclipse; Uranus turn direct to make a full deck of planets in forward motion (full steam ahead—hear the train go whoo! whoo! rather like an elephant’s trumpeting); and Saturn’s potent conjunction with Pluto. 

Saturn will then start to head out of Capricorn (washing its clay-encrusted hands) and transition into Aquarius over the course of 2020, starting right after the March Equinox. I love the feeling when the planetary choreography matches step with solstices and equinoxes (like this one!).

 Jupiter will work closely with Pluto, making three conjunctions during 2020 to build toward accomplishment of whatever rigorous piece of work we have taken on. Let’s be as joyful as possible as we create something that benefits us all. Stay positive minded, keeping on keeping on through thick and thin, altering your strategy as arising develops require. This is a globe-changing year, cosmically influenced by waves of higher frequency plasma streaming in throughout our solar system. That’s the big picture and high level of aspiration as we now head into through this Solstice Solar Eclipse. Whether you are in the southern hemisphere where the Sun’s light begins to wane, or the northern hemisphere which experiences darker days turn toward the light, it is an overarching collective era of dark to light. 

The Root of All Things
This haloed Solar Eclipse is in the Vedic Astrology Moon Mansion of “Mula,” the Root of All Things, evoking the Galactice Center, Heart of the Milky Way, the source of all possibilities and potentials, available to those that dare look into that window. It is ruled by Nirriti, the goddess of destruction, so you see how important it is to let go of what no longer serves, what no longer works, what cannot be sustained as we head through multiple windows of change. She “reveals the necessary dissolution to proceed to a new life,” writes Dennis Harness in his The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology. “Mula inflicts pain, but the pain is intended to set the person on the right track toward God-realization. It leads the person to seek divine help.” This is the ultimate purpose of life. We need a spiritual anchor more than ever in such chaotic times as these. Neptune, currently in Pisces, also indicates the importance of our spiritual life, especially when we feel anxiety, confusion or any level of despair. It is so important to maintain our faith and a positive vision as we head into 2020. Perhaps this is one of the main tests we face.

By this time next year, Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius on next December Solstice, announcing a new 20-year cycle and a new game plan. What an exciting journey we will share from now till then, as we head through the Ring of Fire and claim our halo of holy intention. 
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New Year 2020 Webinar!  with accompanying astro-special, coming soon, an overview of a whopper of a year for the world and each of us. Link to be sent with next newsletter. This will be schedule a little later than I intended, because of a last minute decision to join my daughter in Denver for Christmas week.