Image: #10 Pond: last sheen of ice melting, mist rising, sun rays penetrating.
Photo by author.


“Never, says the gamekeeper Hagrid, irritably, “try an’ get a straight answer out of a centaur. Ruddy stargazers. Not interested in anythin’ closer than the moon.” —J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

A Taurus New Moon is all about grounding, deeply and firmly, in our bodies and on Earth. We’ve been feeling the waters washing under the bridge for just about the whole month of April, as heart-centered Venus and shamanic centaur Chiron have been joined in Pisces, sign of the feet. We’ve been in a shower of emotional and spiritual healing, extra sensitive, vulnerable, fragile confused, sometimes uplifted, sweethearted, grateful. We are healed as much as we’ve been able to receive the grace, invite angelic harmonies, forgive ourselves and others in the wash of compassion.

Now back to basics, with feet back on terra firma. Let’s take it as slow and easy as we can. A foot massage would be excellent, and if I haven’t yet told you about Geraldine Villeneuve’s new book, ‘Put Your Best Feet Forward,” this is the time to check it out. She is my Structural Reflexologist here in Vermont, and has a lot to say about foot care: free your feet! make them smile! Happy feet have implications to the wellbeing of your whole body: organs, muscles, mood, posture, etc. This is one of the basics—like good food, clean water, rest and loveliness around you. This New Moon brings our attention back to simple. Feel the strength of your body, sing the body electric, stand tall on Earth.

The lightning rod of our body needs deep grounding during the current cosmic electrical storm. The energies — inner and outer — are charged right now like a lightning storm. Just as Venus was hanging out for an extended visit with Chiron while turning from retrograde to forward motion, Mercury is doing the same with Uranus (and Eris, who stirs thing up). Roller coasters and auroras, fireworks and sudden surprises…. odd memories, ­­flashes of insight (yesyesyes!), future vision. Keep focused on what it is YOU REALLY want to life to be.

The news is changing daily, even hourly. Our heads can spin trying to keep up. It’s like a technological upgrade. We’re in a big download time, the programming is changing and charged with unexpected fresh dimensions. That, at least, is quite clear. We start to get our heads around what is happening and WHAP! another lightning bolt. You know how it is when you upgrade your computer or an app, or buy a new device. Some things we used to do, almost automatically, aren’t working any more. Heads up! Vigilance required! — as well as some tech support. Those angels…..

How is your nervous system with all these energy spikes? stretched? stressed? (I love valerian!) Mercury doesn’t turn forward until May 3, and will still be hanging out with Uranus for days afterward, not settling back into Taurus until the 16th. Keep breathing, open your brain pathways to new input. Light up your inner skies. Add value to your life.

I’m making this short but to the point. Invest yourself in what you love. Fully enjoy and delight in the sensual textures of life. Savor, inhale, touch and taste, wrap yourself in beautiful textiles, feel the grass grow between your toes, etc. And dance, dance, dance to your heart’s content.

Oh, and hug a tree.