Triple Earth New Moon

New Moon @ 6 Virgo 47August 30, 2019 @ 6:37am EDT, 3:37am PDT, 10:37am GMT, 8:37pm AEST

Is this the Earth goddess holding daffodil flower fairy? Inspired by image from ancient Italy carved in marble (signed ‘Wimfield’), a gift from a traveling friend.

‘The Earth upon her celestial spindle winds
her ecstasy-producing dance.’
-Kathleen Raine

Anima Mundi
This Virgo New Moon, accompanied by Mercury, Mars, Venus and Asteroid Juno, completes a grand triangle with planets now in all three earth signs. This is a season to appreciate in a very deep way, as Earth calls us to a deep delight as we dwell in the spirit of Anima Mundi, the living ‘world soul.’

“This world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence…
a single visible living entity containing all other living entities,
which by their nature are all related.”

Earth Signs: Sifting, Shifting, Shaping

Sifting: Virgo is beautifully and emotionally activated now from the recent Mars-Venus conjunction at 4 Virgo. The last time these two planets united was two years ago in October, also in Virgo—and also soon after a total eclipse of the Sun (August 21, 2017/July 2, 2019). I don’t feel that is random. Earth intelligence has natural rhythms in relation to the Cosmos and the stellar cycles under which we live and breathe and have our being. 

Venus shines her grace through veils of sunlight, especially honoring Gaia and our natural world, a place we perhaps take for granted, but really don’t experience very fully in our techno-electric world. It is urgent to pay more attention for our very wellbeing.

Virgo sifts and sorts, as we take in nourishment, not only for our bodies but for our minds and souls. The Mars-Venus meet-up begins a new cycle of our emotional experience. In Virgo it is a highly refined process, like the complex digestive process in our small intestines, a finely designed organ where microbes intelligently communicate and coordinate as they do their job to sort and sift what will contribute to our wellness. What is feeling oh so resonant (or not!) to you in your day-to-day life? We can also apply this process on emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well to coordinate satisfying intake in a holistic manner. 

Venus, like the smiling face of a flower, invites us to find the sweetness in appreciation of Nature in all its glory. This is a transitional season no matter which hemisphere you are in.  Informed by Venus, Mars calls for action and practical response to our situation on hand; to work with Nature, not against it; to be of service, not to self but to the whole; to feel how our bodies want to move us toward stress-less wellbeing. Listen to the natural wisdom of your body, present and expressing through each cell. 

This highly exquisite task is supported by the presence of Mercury in one of its strong signs. In Virgo it’s not so much about ‘thinking’ in a logical manner as communicating with ‘gut’ intelligence, which is essentially more primordial than the knowledge of the brain. We are learning more these days about the inter-dynamics of the ‘brain and gut,’ the nervous and digestive systems. If there is tension, you may want to seek advice from healers. 

Shifting: Taurus under the influence of Uranus, the Awakener, is rocking our world in so many ways that challenge our sense of stability and balance. Find a way to dance with it, feeling your feet rooting down into the center of the Earth. Hug a tree and dance around and with it. According to your hemispheric positioning, it’s time to harvest northern fall produce or sow seeds in the southern spring. Shore up your resources and consider true value in life style decisions.

Shaping: Capricorn harbors two strong planetary players, Saturn and Pluto, moving toward their once-in-40-years conjunction. We are reshaping, restructuring and redesigning on so many levels—from the ground up as well as the top down. The ground up is the more powerful impulse, as ancient telluric forces on the physical and psychic levels surge up into our experience to be acknowledged and dealt with as appropriate in order to move on into a successful future. How do we answer/respond to one of the big questions of our time: what defines success?

Coming to Our Senses
This New Moon offers a special and very fine opportunity to come to our senses! Let’s feel into this Moon cycle, enjoy it to the full, through the September 13-14 Full Moon which highlights a rarified Piscean vibration. 
In this special alignment of the three most personal planets in Virgo, Venus is most closely in relation to the vigorous ongoing dialogue between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces that has us questioning almost everything in the current high-octave global reality shift.

Venus is consulting with Black Moon Lilith in her most subtle Mona Lisa mysteriousness. Feel the light waves coming in from the heart of the Milky Way galaxy to shift perception and alter brain waves, stimulate heart compassion and purge negativity from your system. Try not to block the flow, let go as you can of resistance, fear or anxiety, any beliefs that hinder or bind or make judgments. Easier said than done for sure, especially when the mental gyrations get out of hand. Nature has answers, which may come through any flower, tree, animal, rock, insect….

For me it has been Dragonfly. A squadron of them were flying round and round overhead in late afternoons, swooping down close to grab a mosquito, approaching each other and veering off a right angles; with the backdrop of blue sky and white clouds moving on the soft wind. And last Sunday at the (very Virgoan) Women’s Herbal Conference, one handsome dragonfly landed on near one knee. I was wearing green pants, which may have lured it into thinking I was a plant. It hung out for quite a while, grooming, settling and meditating, allowing me to appreciate its vibrant green and black body, its four finely meshed wings….
What message passed between us was intimate and private.

Some advice from this earthy Virgo New Moon:
Go into Nature to be calmed and soothed. Listen to your body intelligence. Pay attention to your instinctive intelligence even as you process your emotional responses and all incoming information for its value to your life. Hold close to whatever spiritual anchor shelters you from the storm.

PS. A reading may help ground you by pointing to your planetary channels into earth energy.