Volcanic New Moon

New Moon @ 23Capricorn13
January 12, 9:00pm PST
January 13, 12:00am EST, 5:00am GMT, 4:00pm AEDT

Image: “Pluto and the Underworld Mysteries,” ink drawing by author inspired by first reading of Carl Jung’s Dreams, Memories, Reflections way back when it came out.

Pluto conjunct this New Moon indicates quite a potent and transformational moon cycle to begin 2021. After last year, we cannot be too surprised about that, but we are likely to be very surprised in how it plays out. Uranus is too activated for any other scenario but something quite ‘stormy’ and unexpected. 

Plus we have dicey, discordant planetoid Eris square the Pluto New Moon, pushing disruption to greater levels. Warrior-like Eris impatiently stirs things up to expose truth. Disruptive and creative forces both erupt at the same time. Planetoid Haumea in Libra wields her magic stick to call in plentiful bounty and fairness. One reader described Haumea’s energy as “incredibly magical, mystical and with a dash of fairy godmother.” (I agree, Dr.Tia). She is also very grounded and powerful, birthing unprecedented newness. Let’s also remember that she gave birth to Pele, the volcano goddess.

This New Year opened with a waning moon finishing up immediate implications of the December 14 total Solar Eclipse and the opening of a new era under the glorious Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. We have been through a potent rebirth portal; now we see more volcanic dismantling of the world we once knew and the toppling of powerful systems and structures that are both negative and unsustainable as we move forward into a ‘new Earth,’ as some are calling our times. My intuitive heart resonates.

As we head further into 2021 we find ourselves on a roller coaster of ups and downs— an exciting, thrilling, shocking, stormy, nerve-racking, wild ride that leaves us breathless. Unexpected developments may happen at stomach-churning rate, requiring extra effort to stay grounded.

Mars entered Taurus on January 6, ramping up levels of revolution, disruption and unsettledness, already indicated by Uranus. Mars is heading right toward Uranus. The explosive meeting point of Mars with Uranus is exact at 6+ degrees on January 20, just after Uranus turns forward. The whole month of January is largely about this turning point of Uranus. 

Sabian Symbol 7 Taurus reads:
A Woman of Samaria Comes to Draw Water from the Well.
This Biblical storyline can mean many things to different people. Here I am quoting Lynda Hill and Richard Hill in their The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle:

If your emotions are clogged up with old, spent feelings, then it is time to clear these by making admissions to that stranger within yourself— your shadow. Plumb your depths to find renewed self-respect. Someone may be in need of help, draw on your inner resources, take time out to assist others. Dipping into family ancestry. Past lives.If negative— allowing social prejudice to rule decisions and behavior.” 

Considering that Uranus is in this degree all of January (also a week of December 2020 and February), this image can be applied to the awakening of the collective consciousness in some way— our collective ancestry and history. The last line about the negative potential specifically hits the Uranus button in its social relevance. 

Spiritual teacher Patricia Cota-Robles (www.eraofpeace.org, 12/17/20) indicates the challenge of our times with Mars/Uranus in Taurus interacting with the Aquarian planets with these words:  

Our Earthly Bodies are literally multidimensional technology. In the new paradigm we are cocreating, we have the ability to hold space within our bodies for the highest frequencies of vibration. All we have to do is consistently pay attention to who we are Being in every moment through our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. Every single one of us has all of the skill, wisdom, knowledge, strength and courage we need to succeed God Victoriously in our mission. We just need to listen to our Heart and respond according to our intuitive Inner Guidance.”

Jupiter/ Saturn in Aquarius ask us to commune, collaborate, and celebrate, to come together and find a way to live the potential of this new era that is so promising. Air sign Aquarius breathes in the higher atmospheres above the clouds and fog, suggesting that we step back and view the larger picture and offering fresh perspectives that change the way we see our world.

In a recent talk, biologist Bruce Lipton quoted from an article by Dr. Richard Conn Henry, physics professor at Johns Hopkins University, entitled, “The Mental Universe”. The basic point of the article is that
‘The only reality is mind and observations, but observations are not things.
To see the Universe as it really is, we must abandon our tendency to conceptualize observations as things.”

This is a prescient commentary on the Aquarian perspective! 
Dictionary meaning: Perception = awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation; physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience; quick, acute and intuitive cognition. Dr. Lipton’s article ends with this statement: 

“The Universe is immaterial—mental and spiritual. 
Live, and enjoy.”
Good advice for this new era we are entering.

As this volcanic New Moon waxes to full on January 28/29, we have a series of interactions between multiple planets in Aquarius— Jupiter and Saturn, of course, joined by Mercury, Sun and Venus in that order— and a power trio in Taurus: Uranus, Mars and Black Moon. Aquarius wants to wrap the mind about that mind-blowing Taurus trio, but no way. It has to be acted out, experienced, embodied. Consider this, as I share an interpretation of Black Moon in Taurus from my book, Black Moon Lilith:

“Lilith in Taurus revels in the embodiment of Heaven on Earth. Mythically Lilith lives in the Tree of Life with roots that tap into the planetary core. Taurus, too, puts down deep roots to stabilize and be fruitful. Lilith typically chooses a rare type of fruit. Look at the effect of that first apple! People with this placement can find resources and produce results in places which look barren to everyone else…. The “stuff” of life can become a heavy burden to Lilith in Taurus, with its load of memory, responsibility, karma, desire and attachment that comes with it all. It can also be a pleasure when lightly but thoroughly enjoyed. 

The earthiness of Taurus is deeply engaged by Lilith. The sensuality of this sign leads to basic, raw, ecstatic physicality and sexuality. Lilith in Taurus ultimately seeks beyond the tangible gloss of experience to the internal resonance. An inner sense of self-worth, not always reinforced by worldly definitions of success, is aligned with actualizing the spiritual quest. Natives here may buck tradition or plant their feet firmly in it. There is a relentless need to dig down to the fertile soil of their spiritual ground, the better to grow fruits that satisfy the soul and, perhaps, leave a meaningful legacy. 

Taurean Lilith, wades through deeply-embedded thickets of financial, sexual and life style issues, seeking values clarification. The security-seeking aspect of Taurus is rocked to its core eventually, often through complexities of financial loss, sexual betrayal or illness, any black hole of uncertainty. Lilith in Taurus can demonstrate extraordinary physical beauty and great physical endurance, when they let the light shine through….to free the creative power inherent in Mother Nature.” 

Here is a useful January/ February calendar of dynamic activations between the Mars-Uranus-+Black Moon Lilith power trio in Taurus square the planet party in Aquarius. Energetically I imagine circles of people around the world (all the different planets in Aquarius) dancing among standing stones, a grove of trees or in gardens (Taurus). 
(Note: I use EST, some dates may shift in your time zone. I am not giving exact dates for BML as she ‘wiggles’ around a lot).

Turning Point—
December 21, 2020— Jupiter-Saturn conjunct at 0 Aquarius.

January 2021
Jan 6—         Mars into Taurus
Jan 8-12— Mercury enters Aquarius, conjunct Jupiter-Saturn/ square Mars-Uranus-Black Moon
Jan 13*— Mars square Saturn (yes, on this New Moon)
Jan 14*—         Uranus turns direct
Jan 17—  Jupiter square Uranus = ‘big change’
Jan 19—          Sun enters Aquarius, shining sunlight on any situation
Jan 20*—         Mars conj Uranus
Jan 22*—         Mars square Jupiter
Jan 23—         Sun conj Saturn
Jan 26—         Sun square Uranus
Jan 28*—         Sun conj Jupiter   (on Full Moon in LEO!)
Jan 30—         Mercury retrograde @26Aquarius We’ll need this breather!

The drama is heightened once a week when the Moon is in a fixed sign
Aquarius (Jan. 13-15) and Taurus Jan. 20-22/), of course, 
but also Leo (Jan. 27pm-29) and Scorpio (Jan. 7-8).

On to February 2021
Feb 1—         Sun square Mars/ Venus enters Aquarius
Feb 6—         Venus conj Saturn, square Uranus
Feb 8—         Sun conj Mercury
Feb 10-11*— Mercury square Mars.
New Moon in Aquarius on 11th!  
Moon in Aquarius conj. Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, square Mars and Uranus, Venus conj Jupiter 
Feb 12—         Chinese Year of the Ox begins, Mercury conj Venus         
Feb 14—         Mercury conj Jupiter
Feb 17*—         Saturn square Uranus– first of three, key dynamic of 2021
Feb 19—         Venus square Mars
Feb 20—         Mercury turns direct @11Aquarius
Feb 24*—         Mars trine Pluto, worth mentioning as a positive

*High drama days with Moon in fixed signs—
Scorpio (Feb 3-5).
Aquarius (Feb 9pm-11) 
Taurus Feb 16pm-18) 
Leo (Feb 24-26) finishing up with 
A couple of significant March dates
March 3—         Mars enters Gemini, starting to trine Aquarian planets,  smoothing out the road forward
March 4—         Mercury conj Jupiter, third visit

See how much is going on! Take note of what is going on for you along the way. Too much to try to interpret in advance, especially as we are in fresh territory. Remember the huge galactic, photonic waves washing in to lighten up our solar system. What celestial choreography! what cosmic fireworks! — a roller coaster, a wild storm, a choppy sea—but we will make it through to the other side, a brighter world, promised by the Jupiter-Saturn, a double-star, radiant rainbow-like augur. Some people have been comparing it to the Star of Bethlehem. It seems to me relevant. We have only just stepped over the threshold. Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2023/24, for the last big clean-up, the last huge sweep of the vacuum.

Plant your feet down into Earth.
Raise your arms to welcome the stormy winds that clear the air.
Reach out with your heart to all whom you love and “all our relations”. 

 A last note: this Plutonian New Moon at 23/24 Capricorn is zoned right into the 1776 U.S. birth chart.  The U.S. is heading into the 2022-2023 peak of its first Pluto return, a 248-year cycle. Pluto is opposite Mercury in the U.S. chart. This New Moon is closely opposite the U.S. Mercury at 24 Cancer. A volcano of deep belly information is erupting during this Moon cycle