Window into a New Season

Full Moon @ 25 Gemini/Sagittarius 53
June 17, 2019 @ 4:30am EDT, 1:30am PDT, 8:30am GMT, 6:30pm AEST

Image: “Window into a New Season,” oil painting in progress by author.

This Full Moon continues the ongoing jigsaw puzzle sensation of wondering which way to turn to get the real story, to figure out what is really going on. The puzzle pieced keep rearranging themselves “out there,” so the short answer is— seek within.

Gemini Sun and Venus offer options and various points of view. This is a tolerant, open-minded and highly curious sign that likes options, dislikes commitments and frequently changes its mind. Venus, especially, offers sweet and spicy thoughts along with a talent to harmonize paradox and polarity. Venus also suggests that we may be more at ease, and even enjoy, changing circumstances and perspectives if we are open to new ideas—just for fun, just to try on something different. Be curious!

On the other hand (as always with Gemini), could there be someone whispering sweet “nothings” into your ear? Watch out for the Gemini trickster, so good at telling us what we want to hear, so good at making a sale, so good at deceiving— especially, as now, with the help of Neptune in Pisces. Fine tune your psychic antennae and see how any incoming information resonates (or not).

Sagittarius Full Moon guided by its ruler Jupiter loves the great myths that convey life’s archetypal and universal meaning. Sagittarian enthusiasm can be inspiring, catching one up like a positive sports (or life) coach. Especially in its home sign, Jupiter can tend to exaggerate (for a better story) and or be overly-directive, being quite sure they know what is right for you. They tend to have strong beliefs and/or biases. The best of Sag is its intuitive capacity, with an inner bell of truth that rings with a conviction that cannot be shaken. Are you hearing that bell?  This Full Moon is a prime time to listen for it, to let it ring and reverberate through your system, no matter what anyone else says to the contrary. There is no need to defend your position; just stay true to your inner knowing.

We are being presented/confronted/surprised by new perceptions that challenge our belief systems, now exposed and questioned. What assumptions are so automatic that we don’t even think about them being false? Imagine if everything we have known in our lives is shaken up and rearranged like a rubrics cube? That’s a paradigm shift! This kind of process may happen in counseling or therapy, as we start to see our background and personal life history in a new light, becoming more aware of our auto-reactivity. It also happens through meditation, through guided and judicious use of psychotropic substances, and it can happen, as now, through a huge influx of plasma waves with higher frequencies.
New brain cells light up, channeling a higher quality of perception. 

This can be hard on our bodies, so we need to take good care of ourselves in this process, strengthening our bodies and eliminating substances that undermine our energy and clarity. One of the big themes of our times is to go simple and back to the basics. Dandelion greens, anyone? I so enjoyed this video about the history of one of our best plant friends. File it in your Uranus in Taurus notes.

We are now in high preparation mode for next month’s eclipse season. Eclipses are marked by the two Nodes of the Moon, points where the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun on either side of its orbit. These crossings mark the times Earth dwellers are able to see eclipses of the Sun and Moon. The next New Moon on July 2 is a total eclipse of the Sun; the Full Moon following is a partial eclipse.

This year it rather feels as if we are in a perpetual eclipse zone. Even into 2020, the South Node of the Moon is accompanied by the intense pair of two powerful planets—Pluto and Saturn, drilling down into some deep layers evoking and revealing collective history and karma. And also bringing forth ancient memories and a reconfiguring of Earth’s various fields. With these planets on the Nodes, the eclipse energies are already strongly activated.

On this Full Moon, and as we soon sail through the June 21st Solstice portal into Sun sign Cancer, we have both the Sun and various planets on the North Node in that water sign, the guiding light of eclipse season. Cancer is the sign of the Crab or crayfish, sometime octopus. For this eclipse season, I’d to imagine another ocean dweller with a shell—the oyster that creates a treasured gem inside its secret chamber.

Opposite the intense pair of power planets, Pluto and Saturn, on the South Node, there are also two planets accompanying the North Node in Cancer for greater emphasis on this Full Moon—Mercury and Mars.  Short term but potent dynamics from this face-off foreshadow the upcoming eclipses. This is a contentious combination that may evoke aggressive defense of any cherished ideas or circumstances. Under the light of this Full Moon, we can have no doubts that deep transformations are stirring and in motion. We need to pay attention to what we are doing and why, keeping our intentions clear.

With strong dynamics accompanying the eclipse points, we are turning a collective corner, though what that is may not yet be clearly visible. Some clues are out there, if we look around for indications of such a paradigm shift. Some are quicker to take note than others. Take your time, but don’t lag.  Take care of yourself in the process, while keeping in mind that this is a time for self-vigilance, not for self-indulgence.

Watch for any reactivity, your own or others’, based on insecurity, anger, fear, anxiety or frustration. It is so important to proceed with care, for ourselves as well as those we care most about and all with whom we interact. One way to deal with this is to consider our responsibilities, what we can handle/what we can’t and what others can handle/what they cannot. Many are feeling fragile, vulnerable, extra-sensitive. As much as we are able, we need to steady ourselves on an internal foundation of strength, focus and maturity.

We all need some help and support in such intense times. This season is a good time to circle the wagons of hearth and home, taking time to consider and address our changing circumstances.  (Mercury is retrograde most of July, as we will be discussing next time.) One essential lesson might be to fill your own fuel tank before you give more than you have to give. Does that sound selfish to you? It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves the best we are able. That is why you are you. The essence of the Cancer/Capricorn dynamic is to support mutual growth in giving and receiving, to develop our personal capacities so that we can offer our best to our families and communities.

We can also invite help from the divine, invoked by this calming, protective Biblical Psalm 121:

“I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
From whence cometh my help.
My help cometh from the Lord
The Lord which made heaven and earth….
The sun shall not smite thee by day
Nor the moon by night.
The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil; he shall preserve thy soul.
The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in
from this time forth and for ever more.”

Let’s invite such support and be open to how it comes, not always as expected or desired. This is a very personal process of growth, and we are all in “it” together.


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