Year’s End Full Moon

Full Moon @ 8 Cancer/Capricorn 53
December 29, 2020, 10:28pm EST, 7:28pm PST
December 30, 3:28am GMT, 2:28pm AEDT

Image: A Winter Full Moon, by artist Donna Lefferdo.
See more of Donna’s work on her FB page: Donna Lefferdo’s Paintings

This last Full Moon of 2020 is the lunar flowering of the Total Solar Eclipse of December 14. Between New and Full Moon we passed through the Solstice portal and entered an historic new era thanks to the glorious joining of Jupiter and Saturn. The conjunction, low in the west, will soon be disappearing in the light of the Sun. Enjoy while you still can. We can let the gentle nurturing energy of this Cancer Moon soothe us as we remember back over an incredible year and steady ourselves for 2021 incoming.

The Portal
Did you feel it?
Solstice gongs from deep space
Sweet bells ringing with star shine
an orchestra of planetary instrumentals—
voices large or distant or close,
bass or soprano, alto or tenor,
horns and drums and strings—
embroidered with grace notes from circling moons 
and tiny moonlets shimmering like snowflakes or chimes!

Imagine that you were standing still, strongly grounded like a stone of Avebury or Stonehenge. Time is moving toward you, in wavelengths of light. A huge tunnel looms in front: the dark disk of the Total Solar Eclipse falls upon you. At the other end of the dark tunnel, a bright light envelops. You find Saturn and Jupiter on either side of you. Saturn lays a firm, steadying hand on your shoulder; Jupiter heartily grabs your hand. “Welcome to the New Era! Let’s go for a roller coaster ride!”

Jupiter and Saturn at 0+ Aquarius start the new story with this Sabian Symbol:An Old Adobe Mission in California. 
Sabian Astrologer Lynda Hill describes this as “a symbol of man’s ability to take natural materials from the environment, and to build something lasting and enduring that protects, sustains and nourishes the community” and later, “Creating civilization out of natural elements.” These two phrases caught my attention, as this new Aquarian conjunction will soon be in dynamic activation with Uranus in earth sign Taurus. Much more on that as we move into the New Year.

Full Moon in Cancer square Chiron in Aries
This Full Moon in Cancer asks us to feel our way into the New Year, remembering all that we have experienced in this crazy year. Cancer reminds us to take care, cherish those close to us, be gentle with ourselves and others. It is also a sign of fecundity and growth. How are you going to grow into the New Year? What are you feeling your way into that you connect with and are nurtured by? 

The most dynamic factor in of this Full Moon is catalytic converter Chiron, seeking holistic alignment that brings our total being into the Now, the present moment. This is really all we have. We no longer have yesterday, except in memory; we fill tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow with expectations and projections and wishful thinking. Accord This Moment its fullness by standing in your own Center of Being. Chiron bridges the gap between our experience and higher consciousness with a sense of circular time, a quantum perspective that is the calling of both our spirituality and the leading edge of science. 

Chiron brings up that which needs to be healed, shows us where we are resistant, scarred or scared. Under this Cancer Moon, feel your way into that point and ask for any help and support you need. With Chiron in Aries, be willing to explore new options. 

Sun /Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus/ Black Moon/ Mars in Taurus
With Mercury close to the Sun in Capricorn, we glean what we have gained from 2020, even while receiving messages, news and experiences that change the way we think as we move forward. Uranus is full of surprises, especially when working with Black Moon Lilith. Listen to the powerful voice of this aspect of the Cosmic Feminine. “It is as it is,” is a good Black Moon approach, letting go of judgment and expectation that obscures the potential in any moment. 

Practice the yogic tree pose, walk in Nature or plant yourself like the standing stones I mentioned above, to connect with Earth and steady yourself for some rocking and rolling in 2021— especially when Mars enters Taurus on January 6 to meet up with Uranus. For the next couple of months, the level of volatility ramps up and breaks out in various ways. Mars activates the revolutionary, disruptive storminess of Uranus. People are likely to be stirred up; patience with any ‘status quo’ is at an end. One way and another, we are moving into new territory that changes the way we live in the world. The level of coming change indicated is not likely to be comfortable as we shake off stagnancy. As we awaken to more aspects of our collective underbelly, we let in more light and higher consciousness. As we face unexpected challenges, it will also be exciting, freeing and uplifting. 

Nodes of Destiny with Venus/ Neptune
This Olde Year ends and the Fresh Year begins with the Nodes of the Moon, the Line of Destiny, continuing their challenging square dance with Neptune. Confusion continues to reign, as we seek truth amidst myriad illusions and delusions, biases and assumptions. Some of these are our own; some we pick up from the foggy swirl of misinformation, of conflicting and contrarian beliefs and opinions around us. Pisces rules the feet, so put your roots down like an anchor into the Earth, to steady the rocking boat. Also, hold on to your spiritual anchor. If you have been, you are already above the fog in sunnier skies more of the time.

Let Venus lead the way. Our heart intelligence is keenly intuitive, overtaking mental rationalization and clearing mind-numbing fog with the higher wisdom of love. Heed the call of adventure as Venus joins the South Node, ready to explore new horizons. The North Node in Gemini has a restless curiosity and thirst for new input if we are open to hear it. Are you?

This is only the very beginning of the new era ushered in so recently by the Jupiter/Saturn “star.”  As in the Star Trek series, we head into New Year 2021 “to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!” 

* * * * * * * *

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