It is an honor to be asked to look at your personal astrology chart, your cosmic blueprint, to explore with you how the relationship between heaven and earth is working through you.
In order to serve you, I will need your birth information: date, time* and place of birth. I will email you a copy of your chart. It can be helpful to look at it when we talk. If you would like me to know your life circumstances or recent experiences before we talk, or if you have special issues you want to explore, I would like to know what those are. Please send an email overview. I don’t need your whole life history unless we are working on an ongoing basis.

*If you don’t know your time of birth, it is worthwhile doing some research. Often the time is on your birth certificate. Otherwise ask a reliable family member, research hospital or your hometown birth records. If you can only get a general idea, we will start with that. If there is no clue, we can still look at the planetary pattern of your birthday and get a good deal of information, but I won’t be able to be as specific or address certain questions.

How I work
I work in person, by phone, by SKYPE and can also record a reading to send. I prefer live dialogue that allows questions to be asked back and forth, thus we can go deeper into your chart. For a first astrology reading (for yourself or as a gift), a recording can be a good start into the chart. Some long-term clients request annual updates via recording only. Consultations are confidential.

I record all sessions and generally send the MP3 audio to you via an email service for download directly to your computer. I can also send a CD (+$5) to play on your computer and some other players. There are a number of CD formats, so I can’t make a guarantee for other players. I use the best format I have (AIFF). In that case, I need your mailing address. Some people prefer cassettes and that is also an option for the small additional fee.

Personal sessions are generally an hour, except for relationship consultations and special requests. I don’t like to stop a consultation in the middle of an important discussion, so a session may run over an hour. In these cases I will bring this to your attention and we can consider a longer session or a follow-up appointment. The fee is payable via (I can send a paypal bill) or by check or money order to an address I will give you.

Scheduling An Appointment
Let’s coordinate our schedules. What time zone are you in? I live in Vermont, on Eastern Time. I prefer consulting hours between 10am and 4pm, but am fairly flexible to accommodate our time zone differential, your schedule, available on weekends when need be.
You can call me at my consultation phone line, or we can talk via SKYPE.

Let me know your preferences of scheduling, contact, payment, and recording, along with your birth data and we will proceed in our plans for cosmic conversation!

I look forward to talking with you.


Birthchart and Current Life Cycles

Our initial session will explore current astrological cycles within the larger context of your birthchart, for a good overview of your cosmic blueprint and a meaningful perspective on what is happening in your life now.

Follow up sessions, annual consultations or periodic cosmic updates can deepen our examination of your basic life patterns, continue to monitor current cycles as they change, and plunge deeper into specific issues, as desired.

First time consultation: 75 minutes, $175. Following sessions: 60 minutes, $150.

Children's Charts

An overview of patterns and potentials to help young people and their parents understand them as individuals in their own right. 45 minute recorded interpretation, along with a 20-page computerized chart interpretation. $95.

Relationship Analysis

Honoring the integrity of each person, we explore the meaning of the bond between them–emotional needs and dynamics, communication, underlying expectations, lessons to be learned alone and together, the potential for shared growth over time. For all kinds of relationships: marriage, business, friends, parents and children. 60 minutes (if we have already had a session with at least one of the persons involved), $190 90-120 minutes gives a fuller time to address each chart on its own. $200-250, +$50 per additional person.

Star Goddess Charts

Explore women’s spirituality through various images of the goddess found in asteroids, moons and stars: Vesta, Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athena, Psyche, Eros, dark goddess Lilith*, others. 75 minutes, $175.

The Four Faces of Lilith*

This ancient dark goddess gives her name to four astrological points in your chart, for an exploration of deep soul desires and mysteries. 75 minutes, $175.

*see section on Lilith and the Cosmic Feminine