Mentorships in Depth Astrology

Combine personal growth with learning

Process your astro-cycles while increasing your astrological language skills

I would be honored to work with you to deepen your knowledge of the language of the stars. Together we develop an individualized study designed by us for you, taking into account your astrological background and goals, your special interests–and transits– of the moment. We learn astrology as much from our own experience as from books and other people, so a component of our studies together will be working with your chart, learning from the inside out.

You might choose a particular theme for your study, or perhaps you want to have an astrologer available to help you develop your interpretation skills as you start to work with clients.

I suggest readings and other resources to support your study. Generally I prefer to work by phone, taping the sessions, with some internet dialogue. Writing can be a great way to synthesize your learning. I do encourage writing in the form of journals, notebooks or topic papers, which I will read and comment on, though it is not required. This study is on your terms. We can continue as long as you like at a pace that is effective and workable.

I have worked through dialogue and correspondence as an academic mentor with adult students for many years in various areas of psychology, myth, spirituality, creative and holistic studies. I love this personalized way of teaching and learning, which becomes mutual. I have found that individualized mentoring can support you in developing your particular path in a powerful way. I am excited about working with serious students of astrology in this way.

Contact Kelley to discuss possibilities further.

Peace, Light and Love on the journey.