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A Full Moon is the full-flowered revelation of a cycle initiated on a New Moon. As the 8-8 New Moon opened the Lion’s Gate, it is mythically wonder-full that we experience this rare second Full Moon in the Leo-Aquarian polarity. And especially so, that the Sun shines aligned with the Lion’s Heart, reflected in the Full Moon joined by benevolent Jupiter. We live in mythic times indeed.

 Full Moon @ 29 Aquarius/Leo 37
August 22, 2021 @8:02am EDT; 5:02am PDT;
1:02pm BST; 10:02pm AEST

Image: “She Holds the World,” web collage by Dana Hunt.
I so appreciate the creative images Dana has shared over the years and hope you do also.

Regal Jupiter stands with this second Full Moon in Aquarius, expanding the parameters of the new paradigm portal we entered on December 2020 Solstice. King Jupiter radiates in spiraling wavelengths, like a mini-Milky Way galaxy, with its many moons— 79 discovered to date. The Sun on the Leo-Virgo cusp aligns with Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, the Star of Leadership. We all seek true leadership, heart-centered humanitarian kings and queens. We are those royals, each called to stand in the sovereignty of our own hearts, feeling the joy of awakening love and joining together as create our shared vision of living in harmony on a renewed Earth.

Jupiter/ Full Moon sends out the Leonine courageous heart frequency radiating in Aquarian wavelengths. Opening our hearts to our soul Self deepens our capacity to love others. We tap into Life’s creative power, and heal beyond old hurts, distorted self-concepts and ego-constricted self identities.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, where the South Node, reverberating through eclipses, is now bringing forth vision and a new sense of direction from somewhere deep inside our soul memory. Even as we bring vision forth, we are asked to question our beliefs, to be open, via the Gemini North Node, to points of view that challenge our interpretation of what is real, what is possible, who we really are. We move beyond our old story to revision and rewrite the script of our lives that we have automatically accepted. This requires a curious mind and a non-judgmental attitude. Life is like a Zen koan that befuddles our rational mind, breaking old moldy molds of thinking that no longer serve—indeed, are no longer relevant in these awakening times, the major consciousness shift we are currently navigating. We entertain alternate, altared perspectives.

Jupiter also co-rules Pisces. We have recently had a taste of Jupiter in its sign. Now that this Big Planet has returned to Aquarius (until December), we bring a more Piscean nuance and compassion to Jupiter’s major influence on this Full Moon. Neptune also rules Pisces. A rare conjunction of these two co-rulers occurs next April, a major highlight of 2022.

Venus is now in Libra, her own sign. She smoothes the way with charm, harmony and respect for the I and Thou encounter. With Chiron opposite Venus, some relationships may be at a critical threshold. Chiron in Aries is a catalyst for the great lesson we are learning to stand strong and centered in our Self integrity. Only then can any encounter find a centerpoint, a shared field that honors each person.  As Rumi writes,

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.” 

Solar Quincunx and Finger of Goddess
In the week leading up to this Full Moon, the leadership Sun has been in a quincunx with both Neptune and Pluto. (Some of what follows is technical astrology—please gloss over the first two paragraphs if the language is hard to follow.)

One of my favorite, tongue-twisting astrological terms, a quincunx connects planets that are five signs apart, specifically 150 degrees. Their interaction channels a lot of energy, requiring attentive vigilance to bring out the best. It may produce an underlying level of stress, if one is not rising to the challenge of its speciality.

When a planet (or Sun/Moon) is quincunxed in both directions, as the Sun has been, the pattern is called a Finger of God. I rather like the term ‘Finger of Goddess,’ that I recently read somewhere. Such a planetary interaction holds a complex combination of elements and modalities.
Leo is Fixed Fire, motivated by a deep, sustaining, radiant energy.
Neptune is in Pisces, Mutable Water, with a responsive, changeable flow of feeling.
Pluto is in Capricorn, Cardinal Earth, manifesting through creative initiative.
Neptune and Pluto are in a cooperative sextile, together informing the Sun of their combined influence that must be taken into consideration.

The Sun in Leo is challenged by both Pluto and Neptune, planets of higher consciousness, to express the best of what is possible in the shifting tides of spiritualizing waves and the necessary deconstruction and reconstruction of practical living on Earth. Like fish in the sea, we live on the same planet. Can we find it in our hearts to meet each day with love for all life and appreciation for this beautiful world? Such a basis realigns our priorities and values around which we reorganize ourselves in relation to our world.

That is a nutshell description of this Finger of Goddess pointing at the Sun. You may find your own way to express it. A significant release point for this astrological pattern is found opposite the hub, this time the Sun. Therefore this Jupiter/Full Moon is the release point that has been building up since the August 8 New Moon, and particular in this preceding week since the 15th. This Moon is Full of Jupiterian Good Will and opportunity to make our world a better place for all. It may not look much like that in the outer chaos. We are called to find this place in our hearts and in every encounter. We are the leaders; we are the ones called to create this New Earth. Let’s smile and see where our hearts lead us!

New Moon in Virgo on U.S. Labor Day
Here is a short precis of the next New Moon. I’m going to be mildly audacious and take this New Moon off— something I can’t remember doing since beginning Cosmic News in 2004! I am in the middle of some kind of shift in what I am doing and need a bit of extra time to feel it out. This includes finalizing my reconfigured website enough to make it live within a few weeks. In the meantime, my website is still available. You need to click the ‘x’ in the bottom corner of the reconstruction announcement to get in. We’ll all be doing some sorting and sifting during the upcoming Virgo New Moon cycle.

New Moon @ 14 Virgo 38
September 6 @ 8:52pm EDT, 5:52pm PDT,
September 7 @ 1:52am BST, 10:52am AEST
Sabian Symbol: A Fine Lace Ornamental Handkerchief

The next New Moon is yet another perfectly choreographed lunation, falling on U.S. Labor Day. The work-a-day world is Virgo’s domain. No matter where you live, it’s time to take the creative inspiration that you have been calibrating into a form and flow that motivates progress and put it to use. It’s a perfect Moon cycle to make improvements in some specific area. Earth sign pragmatism requires responsiveness in the moment. Adjust your priorities throughout the day. Especially keep your mind alert to new ideas and information that changes the playing field, evoking surprising synchronicities that affirm you are on track (Mercury opposite Chiron). As always with Virgo, listen to the organic wisdom of your body, especially as we are called into deeper embodiment of divine light.

Venus near the end of Libra squares Pluto and conjuncts Haumea, Goddess of Childbirth. Appreciation of Beauty calls forth the sweetness and romance of life, as in the New Moon Sabian Symbol.

Have you ever fallen in love with a flower? The values we impact the decisions we make. To birth delight, beauty and love empowers a level of cooperation through which we arise from the Plutonic ashes of the old tumbling systems. The love in our hearts overcomes the chaos, as we find the seed of creative potential in the heart of that very chaos (a thumbnail summary of chaos theory).

Let’s engage with skillful passion! With Mars also in Virgo opposite Neptune, we are called, moment-by-moment, to act in service of our highest vision, with compassion and consideration. As the 1989 iconic movie, “Field of Dreams,” suggests, “If you build it, he will come.” ‘Field of Dreams’ is a good phrase to describe the dynamic Virgo-Pisces interplay of the earthy and heavenly. The movie motto has spiritual connotations that sound Biblical. We are living in prophetic times. Let’s live up to that!

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