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This Full Moon in Aquarius has a world-challenging, world-changing ‘destiny-at-work’ indication. Life is alive. We are dancing it, moving, changing, growing, co-creating life in each moment. Sometimes stormy times are the most exciting, as lightning and thunder impact the electromagnetic fields. This is one of those times.

Image: Sun Gold Lily, 8.10.22 photo by Barrie Fisher. See more of her extraordinary photography here.

What was your experience entering the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8-8-22?
Our star lines up on that date each year with Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, considered in some esoteric circles to be in an intertwined orbit with our Sun. This star system— Sirius A, the bright blue star, Sirius B and a third tiny, dense one— is very involved with the evolution of our solar system and planet Earth, Siriusly. Out of that portal and into the Full Moon!

This Sun in Leo/ Full Moon in Aquarius squares the Lunar Nodes, the current eclipse points, turning points in our collective experience.  Aquarius is a sky-oriented, air sign, with strong movement in the atmospheres. The Full Moon conjuncts Saturn and squares Uranus, for a definitely stormy feel.

 Under the life-giving Sun in Leo, we are invited to up our game in co-creating New Earth in the midst of current chaos. According to chaos theory, there is always a seed of the new emergence at the heart of the chaos. What is your heart calling you to create in your life? Let your vision take wing and act upon it— even in just a small way. You release more delight and joy in your life. Life IS alive!  Let’s live it!

The clash of cymbals, sounded by Saturn and Uranus on this Full Moon is more than symbolic. Manifestational Saturn demonstrates its effects literally. A literal experience of Uranus reverberates like lightning and thunder, awakening us in life-shifting events, especially when impacted by the Line of Destiny in collective eclipse turning points. We are now half-way between eclipse season last April-May and the next in October/November.

This Full Moon/ Saturn also squares Mars, close to Uranus, continuing to activate revolutionary shock waves across in our global experience. As this Moon wanes over the next 2 weeks we will know, even more than we already do, that we are not going back to the pre-2020 ways and means, that a new world, a New Earth, is emerging.

On August 20, Mars enters Gemini for an extended 7-month visit, making a whole retrograde circle of influence in Gemini. All sorts of dynamics and mind-altering information incoming from all directions, like a mosaic of mirrors, a turning kaleidoscope or fast-paced video game. We will need to be flexible, adaptable and open-minded, like the famous ‘pinball wizard’ of 1969, even while maintaining focus on heart-centered, internally-inspired vision and positive movement toward it. If we swerve off or encounter a detour, we adjust in the moment. Stay alert!

Be ready to slow down and reign in your horses, when Mars turns retrograde at the end of October 2022, amidst other interesting transits, such as a partial solar eclipse and Jupiter’s brief return to Pisces. Usually 2 months in a sign, Mars will be in mutable Gemini mode all the way into late March of 2023. By then Pluto will have entered Aquarius, one of the many astrological highlights of March 2023. Along this imminent mercurial roller coaster ride, Mars is putting out information we need to make that move, some of it likely to be startling enough to change our minds.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
This August 2022 Full Moon is well supported by Chiron in Aries, fire sign to fire sign. Jupiter is still in Aries with sparkling KBO mermaid, Salacia, both at 8+ Aries. She who makes the sunlight to sparkle on the sea is especially busy and benevolent in July-August. Be as sparkling and crystal clear within yourself and in the Now Moment as your I AM already is.

Jupiter turned retrograde in the last days of July, holding at 8+ degrees Aries for weeks in July and August. Where is this degree in your chart? What is expanding in your life: any planets at 8-9 degrees is your chart?  And in what house, what area of life, is Jupiter highlighting for fresh initiatives?

Pay special attention, because sparkly Sea Goddess Salacia is lighting up this very same degree. This cosmic mermaid is in 8-9 Aries from May into September 2022, also having turned retrograde in July.

This Full Moon features a peak of this intriguing, inspiration- and invention-generating conjunction, Jupiter and Salacia just 3 minutes apart, in a focused beam that enhances the inspiration and creative inventiveness.

9 Aries— “A Seer Gazes Intently into a Crystal Ball”
“By looking deeply into a situation, images can form and meaning can be revealed. This enhances the ability to observe things that others may miss,”
writes Lynda Hill in her classic, Sabian Symbols as an Oracle.

Yes, Salacia is lighting up something quite fresh and special!
Jupiter returns to its retrograde point next year on February 14, 2023. Salacia will continue to visit that point in May, October-November, 2023 and February-March of 2024. Whatever initiatives move forward in early next year, continue to be ‘lit up’ into 2024, guiding and lighting up the most sparkling, enticing and exciting possibilities.

This video from Saratoga Ocean about “Cosmic Awakening Revealed” resonates with me in relation to the cosmic creative call of Kuiper Belt Objects, KBOs. Beams of light are radiating a new level of consciousness through our hearts and our energy bodies, inviting us to awaken our inherent creative capacity. This clarified some of my cogitations on the potentials evermore available to us in these times.

One of her insights is about our typical ego-orientation which forms opinions and beliefs, limiting our sense of life and of who we are. Jupiter is the planet about beliefs that guide our lives. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom as well, an expansive energy that spirals out every 12 years when it returns to its position in our birth charts. With Jupiter in Aries, are you having your Jupiter return this year or next? Some of us with Jupiter at the end of Pisces will be riding another wave of expansion in November-December, as Jupiter revisits Pisces.

Vedic Varuna was the main KBO influence on the July 28 New Moon; this Full Moon Lithuanian Praamzius, Ruler of Sky and Time, is conjunct the Sun and almost precisely opposite Saturn. Praamzius, it is said, created the world and fosters Peace and Friendship among the people, a positive theme meaningful on this Aquarian Full Moon. Isn’t that the kind of world we want to create from the current chaos, the ending of the old era, out of the ashes of its outmoded and limiting systems and structures?

“Be All You Can Be”: Leo encourages us to shine our light and find our role in the larger social context of Aquarius. Use Saturn to harness the sunshine Life Force of your personal creative power into the wider field of collective Being. When we free ourselves from bonds that are no longer relevant or resonant with our hearts, we enhance that same vibration in the collective field.

Leo rules the heart and Venus just stepped into Leo, evoking our emotional intelligence, creativity and sense of joy in life. We are invited to go beyond our experience of the past, to dance with these global creator god/desses. A few days ago (August 9) Venus, still in Cancer with Black Moon Lilith, was opposite Pluto, an emotional challenge to tap into the quantum field, to let go of more fear-based emotions and rise higher into the love light. This was a deep, challenging and definitive soul evocation. True Black Moon continues opposite Pluto and intensifies the challenge to shift and lift beyond judgement and Self-denial. The power of Venus and Black Moon is to realize the value of our personal feelings, “using their energy to find the universal emotion of the Universe behind them…we can follow the emotion of our personal heart into the whole, One Heart” (Puran Bair, Living From the Heart).

Under this Sun Gold Full Moon in Aquarius, electrically charged with the Uranian urgency for awakening to our New Earth, hear are some words from Thomas Berry to take into our hearts and be inspired:

“As regards the origin and shaping forces in the universe, the geneticist Theodosius Dobzhansky considers that the universe in its emergence is neither determined nor random but creative. This word “creative” is among the most mysterious words in any language. As with our words generally, this term too has been trivialized. Its numinous, its magic qualities have been diminished, also its visionary quality. We have substituted our real world of facts and figures for our visionary world… . Whatever our gains in terms of scientific advance or in our industrial economy, neither of these is very helpful in establishing an integral presence to the more profound depths of our own being or into the more powerful forces shaping both the universe and the planet on which we live…

…encoded in our DNA is the soul’s code, the law written on our hearts,
if you will, and the spiritual power that has been the thrust
behind our evolution in consciousness and otherwise all along.”
—Thomas Berry, Dreams of the Earth

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