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This is another spicy and volatile New Moon of 2021—not as calm and cozy as Cancer might like. It has a beauty all its own, well grounded and supported by both Neptune and Uranus. A bit of an odd thing to say about consciousness-raising outer planets, but these are the signs of the time— if you are willing to reach deep down and stretch courageously out to grow new blossoms. 

Image: Tacoma Amulet Basket, 2013, blown and flame-worked glass piece by Laura Donefer (b.1955). Another photo by author from the Palm Springs Art Museum, December 2017. From the artist’s statement:
“There are inner forces in my life that seem to be unrelated to conscious thought, and it is from within those unseen realms that I uncover my voice. My body is my house; the bones and blood of me lining my inner core to the physical world around me. Throughout my life, I have been twinned with nature, sometimes feeling no different from a tree, a stream, a boulder. I have always tried to be free within the company of the earth, to let my insides open up within the strong presence of the sensual world. For me, glass is a metaphor for life. It can be totally transparent and reveal what is inside, or opaque to hide, or translucent and mysterious by giving mere glimpses of what might be there.” 

New Moon @ 18Cancer 02
July 9, 2021 @ 9:17pm EDT; 6:17pm PDT; 
July 10 @ 2:17am BST; 11:17am AEST

At first glance the above image does not suggest the sign of Cancer, but what we are giving birth to in this Moon cycle has the joyful, fiery and oft dramatic input of Venus/Mars in Leo!

This Cancer New Moon requires a willingness to make changes that foster growth— emotional, materially and, certainly mentally. Mercury is closing its retrograde circle in square to Neptune, testing your mental stamina and open-mindedness to new information and options. Alter your circumstances and your mental perspective so you ride, glide and guide the waves in your life, rather than lose your balance and fall down the dark hole of fear, worry, doubt or anger. Work your way out if you find yourself falling…..This is one of the major challenges of our time.

“The only certain barrier to truth
is the belief that you already have it.

We follow the flow while remaining grounded based on how fully we embrace the (inevitable) changes on offer. With Pluto opposite this New Moon and Chiron square — ‘Now is the Time’! The implications of the quantum field invite us into extraordinary moments. A challenging yet exciting volatility increases in the first week of this Moon cycle, as the Sun moves into opposition with Pluto and into square with two potent dwarf planets, Eris and Haumea. 

Venus and Mars together in Leo add spice and drama.
Emotions run high. Love is in the air as strongly as you radiate with it from within yourself. Shift into a high creative gear to rearrange your circumstances for fuller satisfaction and long-term reward. The Venus/Mars conjunction can be a sweet spot, even though and perhaps because, Saturn is opposite in Aquarius. Saturn grounds the energy. Leo taps your heart-based creativity—as in “let’s have some fun!”— and Saturn-focused Aquarian teamwork gets it done. We are finding more and more of our Aquarian teammates that we will work with for the New Era that opened at the December Solstice starbeam melding of Saturn and Jupiter. 

“The unlike is joined together, 
and from the differences results the most beautiful harmony,
and all things take place by strife.”

This particularly relevant quote from the Ionian philosopher Heraclitus, known as “The Obscure,” was quoted in Discovering Eris: The Symbolism and Significance of a New Planetary Archetypeby Keiron Le Grice, 2012. I was recently introduced to this writer, who speaks my dialect of astrology language and has several interesting publications (see here)

This continues to be a good moment to read more about Eris, as she ramps up the Plutonic depths, shaking up and sweeping out crusty debris and collective dark undercurrents for a fresh take on ‘things’. If you were born in the last 100 years, you have Eris in Aries, where she still is. Her solar orbit is 557 years, almost twice as long as Pluto, a large-cycle collective influence. What’s your lifelong ‘fresh take’? Time to pull it out now!

Eris is widely square this New Moon, the spicy third player in a profoundly dynamic dialogue with Pluto, transformational rebirth, and with dwarf planet Haumea, the Hawai’ian birthing goddess. How are you experiencing birthing and rebirthing at the same time? 

Repeating News from Other Newsletters
I seem to be on a new trend of repeating relevant information from my previous edition of Cosmic News. It is good to put certain information into refreshed context with what is happening now. We can take these bits with us into this New Moon cycle.

Stargazer Li‘s cosmic perspective blends western and Mayan astrology with eye-witness stargazing. If you want to learn about Mayan astrology, she is a knowledgeable, inspirational, though not classical interpreter. [Her calendar is now available for the Mayan new year that starts July 26.] Her last post relating to the Full Moon of June 24, feels on track for this New Moon as well:
“This is an inward time for staying close to home, for dreams & shared wisdom, and for the healing that comes from participating in the larger story. Shift with the shifting, taking the time to be with and integrate the changes. This is the work of the moment.”
The Venus-Mars influence could also suggest a good time for celebrations and family parties. 

Leilah Ward’s recent newsletter, Incoming Wave Sets, speaks to the creative dynamism of dwarf planet Haumea:
Humanity is in a birthing process, contracting and expanding with the plasma waves. I have a thought that the birthing energies are coming from the center of the Universe but as I write this, I hear: “There is no center. You are the center. All consciousness is the center. What is birthing from you, within you? You are the creators. Take up the mantle – this message is for everyone reading this, for you are all the center of the Universe  – take up the mantle of creators of your experience.”

Read the whole blog here

What’s happening between now and the next Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo? A few notable mood changes!

July 11— Mercury moves into Cancer, totally finished with its retrograde circle and extended time in Gemini. All of the various perspectives and new information settles down and is digested with reflection.

July 13— Venus and Mars conjunct at 19 Leo. Have fun!! Fill the air with joyful noise and beautiful expressions of juicy creative energy.

July 17— Sun opposite Pluto at 25 Cancer/Capricorn, kicking up the whole dynamic with Eris and Haumea for the next couple of days.

July 21— Venus and Sun enters Virgo, a quieter sign, where she does some of her best work. Mercury in Cancer likes Venus in Virgo, both quiet integrative signs. The Leo/Virgo cusp is symbolized by the Sphinx, with the body of a lion and the head of the goddess. There were more female pharoahs that commonly known. [See When Women Rule the World, by Kara Cooney.]

July 22— Sun enters Leo, Seasonal drama! 

“All the world’s a stage,
and all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts.”
Shakespeare, As You Like It

How do you like it?