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Generally Cancer can have calming aspect, but this New Moon has a prod from Black Moon Lilith and Jupiter in Aries that urges you beyond your comfort level into the Joy of Adventure.

Contemplating Rebirth, web collage by Dana Hunt

Black Moon New Moon @ 7 Cancer 23
June 28, 2022 @10:52pm EDT, 7:52pm PDT,
June 29, 3:52am BST, 12:52pm AEST

This New Moon is intimately impacted by Black Moon Lilith at 8 degrees Cancer and Jupiter at 7 degrees Aries. Jupiter can be effusively beneficial, in Aries quite daringly and courageously entrepreneurial. Impulsing this Cancer New Moon, Jupiter invites, even pushes, us into the Joy of Adventuring, of heading into unknown territory that beckons and looks promising.

Cancer is reluctant to take leaps into the unknown, sometimes preferring the safety and security of the known, even when uncomfortable. However, the known is no longer safe and secure. It becomes necessary for forge a new way forward, when the old systems are no longer reliable, when we can’t count on things to be the way they ‘always’ have been.

Black Moon Lilith, so close to this New Moon is imposing her soul-urgency toward growth. Black Moon, as you may know, has different ways her progress through the zodiac is measured: the mean, average motion forward and the true position that retrogrades very often and can be quite far from the mean position. On this New Moon these two positions converge, both at 8+ Cancer, just 13 minutes apart. There is no leeway here. BM Lilith cuts clean through our hesitancies and reluctance to move forward.

Cancer, unless assured that all will work out fine, may tend to hold back, caught up with attachments, reactive patterns, or fear of change and growth. Thus we do not take confident new steps but rather falter and hold back. This can have negative consequences, depending on how the Black Moon plays out with you. Lilith can be quite negative when thwarted, when we are not listening to the call to Soul growth. No more comfort level, is basically her wisdom transmission for this New Moon cycle. She invites us beyond the personal subjectivity of Cancer into a more impersonal level of what is needed.

This is highly individual process, on one hand; on the other, it plays out in the collective as well. Talking with a women this week with a strong Black Moon Lilith in Cancer (conjunct Uranus), she spoke of her core prayer evoking the needs of all beings to be met, a beautiful evocation for this BM placement. The flowering of this New Moon into Full on July 13 clearly indicates yet another major turning point in our collective process of transformation. This call of universal need is timely. The essence of Cancer is growth.

In Living Lilith, I wrote of Black Moon in Cancer:
“This is a tricky placement of Lilith, similar to a conjunction of the Moon and Lilith [on this New Moon!] which can also ha e a tougher time…in detaching from early imprints that dull the original colors of the soul’s light. One tends to set off in the wrong direction, burdened with false attachments to other people’s needs…Family bonds can be very complex, with dangerous eddies and undertows. The Cancer tendency to return to familiar patterns recreates difficulties until one detaches from these bonds and moves into a more independent life. A spacious internal clarity arises that feels like home and gives a sense of belonging to oneself…Retreating to her inner cavern, Lilith can purify the waters and even turn water to wine, distilling the best from the DNA.”

Amplification from my Black Moon Lilith:
“Cancer Black Moon is the image of the Dark Mother in all her sweet, fearsome, and awesome glory, Mother of the world, its protector and sustainer. She plants the seeds of Mystery in our hearts and souls. She is the life stream. She dips into the ever-swirling matrix of potentialit8y to bring forth what is needed, encouraging us to drink deeply. Ever hungry and thirsty for what only she can give us, we all depend on her support for our very lives. Thus she offers the fruit of life and is herself the fruit. And when our time is up, she swallows us holy….

“with Black Moon in the Moon’s sign, there is a deep desire to resolve the apparent contradiction between the subjective personal mode of Cancer and the impersonal universality of Black Moon. ‘Intensification of spirituality transforms old stuff into affirmation,’ says one Black Moon Cancer woman. ‘It takes watching your consciousness when it magnetizes back to old patterns and creates emotions that are undesirable, and then rechanneling it to cultivate a new level of consciousness’. This process takes time, like churning butter, yet one can feel the change in a lightening of the emotional body.”

The Sabian Symbol for 9 Cancer:
“A Small Naked Girl Bends Over a Sparkling Pond Trying to Catch a Fish.” In her book, The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, Lynda Hill’s commentary is interestingly evocative for this Black Moon:

“The ‘Small Naked Girl’ represents an innocent expression of naivety and spontaneous fun.” Naivety and spontaneity can also be qualities of Aries, that can have a fresh approach to any situation. Chiron’s nearby presence at 16 Aries adds more in-the-moment synchronistic magic and call to blaze a new trail. Lynda Hill continues:

“The fact that she’s ‘Small and Naked’ shows that she’s not restrained by society’s demands and pressures. She “Bends Over a Sparking Pond Trying to Catch a Fish’.” Also in Aries and a potent influence on this New Moon, Mermaid Salacia is at 8+ degrees. Neptune’s delightful Queen, she makes the sunlight to sparkle on the sea or, in this case, on that pond. Continuing the commentary:

“What the ‘Girl’ is trying to catch may be elusive, continually moving and difficult to grab hold of, or really grasp, either physically, emotionally or mentally. Still, it seems if she just keeps trying, she may very well succeed. It is by innocently reaching out for life, its wonder and beauty, that we expand ourselves and remain open to the many possibilities in life.”

Life can be so fascinating in its mystery, especially in such times as these when large cosmic cycles are turning, turning, turning and the influx of sparkling photon waves are infusing our solar system with fresh frequencies of light. What is lighting up for you?

This Moon’s square with Jupiter is very tight, exact by degree and just 4 miniscule minutes apart. This is the moment to ‘catch a falling star and put it in your pocket,’ perhaps ‘jump’ into the fresh start. Go for ‘it’! whatever ‘it’ is for you in the moment. If you need some time to reorient yourself as you make a move in a new direction, take that time, but don’t hold back. We are like ships in the big Ocean of Life. Such ships take time to turn.

Jupiter will go retrograde in August, to revisit Pisces from late October to late December, re-entering Aries on December Solstice. The Big Planet returns to 7+ Aries this point in early February. It may be then that that falling star lights up in your pocket and you take it out to light your way forward and start bearing fruit into the New Year.

A pattern of KBOs (Kuiper Belt Objects) that was active on the April 1 New Moon, is activated again on this one:

New Moon/ Black Moon @7/8+Cancer engages with:

Salacia @8+ Aries in a motivational square (as mentioned above), to entice us with new ideas that sparkle and excite.

MakeMake @6+ Libra in another motivational square, to revisit and reweave relationships beyond misunderstandings and arguments; to find balance and rapport on a soul level, including with ourselves. Venus @7+ Gemini enhances this openness, while Chariklo @7+ Aquarius holds the space for this healing.

Quaoar @6+Capricorn, opposite this Lilith Black Moon, calls for practical, Earth-honoring activities, creating new ways to come together, to support and celebrate life and in the face of major change.

[It might be worthwhile to listen to the video discussion of this pattern between myself and Pam Gregory on her youtube channel from March 22. Here is the link.

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In what ways do you feel like a pot-bound plant
that needs more ground and care to spread out and flourish?
On this New Moon, and through this whole lunar cycle,
find fresh courage and new ways & means
to follow your heart wherever it may lead you.
A new adventure beckons,
one that Cancer can care for and growth from.


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