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New Moon @ 22Aries25
April 11, 2021 @ 10:31pm EDT, 7:31pm PDT,
April 12, 3:31am BST, 12:31pm AEST

Eris, Goddess of Discord, from author’s Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book, colored by D’Aine Greene (thanks, D’Aine!). Request full page Eris pdf. to download and color- if you dare; or buy the book on my website (signed, U.S. sales only) or via Amazon in your country.

Follow up notes from the March 28 Full Moon
Many people had a hard time with that Full Moon. Certainly Chiron brings up issues, particularly wounds that need to be healed; in this case those that interfere with Solar Venusian Self Love.

I inquired about any astronomical factor that might be filling in the empty corner in the Aries/Libra Full Moon T-square with Quaoar. The indigenous creator gods were in full force under that MakeMake Full Moon. Astrologer Jim Buss wrote back almost immediately with the news that Asteroid Hopiwas at 7 Cancer 07, contributing “Respect for All Things.”  Lovely! Appropriate, thank you, Jim.

The 9 Aries Sabian Symbol of a Crystal Ball Gazerfor that key Sun/Venus/Chiron conjunction on the Full Moon is so excellent and worth sharing even these two weeks later.
Lynda Hill writes, “The whole picture is probably right before you but you may need help in interpreting its meaning. With a little concentrated effort, you will be able to see things more clearly. Find or retrieve information and clues by really looking at the structure of things. What are you doing and how are you focusing towards what you really want? The more you narrow your ‘Gaze’, the more you trust in your own intuition, the sharper and clearer the focus will become. What is your unconscious mind trying to tell you? Find something to focus on, something beautiful, illuminating or inspiring in some way.” 
Anything there resonate with you? I think this image also reflects how what we envision may well manifest, how important it is that we maintain positive vision in these confusing and troubling times.

The Full Moon degree at 9 Libra describes 
“Three Old Masters Hanging in a Special Room in an Art Gallery; Sometimes They Seem to Speak to Each Other”
Rather like the Crystal Ball Gazer, information is on a subliminal level. If we translate the Old Masters into the indigenous creator gods, now we’ve really got something to listen to on a quantum level of new possibility!

Now we begin an Aries New Moon cycle, the first New Moon after March Equinox. I am calling it the ‘Complexicated’ New Moon, since it is in alignment with an interesting and complex roster of archetypes.
Venus, still in Aries, close to the Sun/Moon continues to ask us to clarify our values to align with the Good, the Beautiful and the True.
There is quite a collaboration of goddesses with Venus as the most obvious.

Oh, but first let’s get right to the Sabian Symbol, so I don’t forget this time:
23 Aries—A Woman in Pastel Colors Carrying a Heavy and Valuable but Veiled Load
This is a mysterious and loaded image! Who is she and what is she carrying, hiding? We’ve got some creator goddesses more prominent in the mix on this New Moon. Perhaps it is one of them. Not Venus, she wouldn’t wear pastel in fiery Aries.

Eris Sows Discord
Prominent, noisiest and closest to this New Moon is dwarf planet Eris @ 24 Aries 05. She is a bit at odds with this Sabian Symbol image; by her nature, she is likely to be more than a bit at odds with almost anything. 
I don’t think of Eris as being very pastel. I don’t like to think much about Eris at all, actually. She is not my favorite, this goddess of Discord, very contentious. She has been hanging around the end of Aries for a while, slow in her 557-year orbit. 

In 2005 a distant Kuiper Belt object was discovered and nicknamed ‘Xena’ for the popular television character, a gutsy, powerful female, warrior and healer. It looked to be larger than Pluto and was twice as far away. It became the catalyst for controversy and the reclassification of Pluto as a ‘dwarf planet’. A public hue and cry ensued. This new body was, therefore, officially named Eris, for the Greek Goddess of Discord; and its one moon named for her lawless daughter, Dysnomia. I was disappointed, yet I do feel that Eris carries a strong Xena undercurrent. And it now appears that Eris is more massive than Pluto, but a touch smaller. Well! Go, Pluto, King of the Kuiper Belt!

Is Eris the one carrying a heavy load? Discord doesn’t feel light, after all. What an archetypal job she has to spread contention and arguments, stirring things up, acting out and standing up to make a Statement. This is such a month, it would seem. Eris has been wrangling in an ongoing square with Pluto for the last year, especially— another factor reflecting the tough year we had and the contentious issues involved in the current collective transformation and renewal. This Eris/Pluto square grinds on for the rest of Pluto’s time in Capricorn into 2023-24, when it enters Aquarius. Wow, now, that is quite a new Pluto sign to wrap one’s head around. I’m not there yet, are you?

Anyway, I don’t feel sorry for Eris. As a matter of fact, I’m a little pissed at her (she must love that!). Even if I don’t like to admit it, there are probably a few other things I’m pissed at also. How about you? These are the things that we are called to process and resolve internally. It is for the greater good of all that we each do our internal work, wake up, stand up straight and tall in our integrity and find our way forward into the New Era that is opening up. Sometimes we can’t help but to ruffle other people’s feathers, and get ruffled in our turn.

Also conjunct this New Moon is Ceres, Goddess of the Grain, who feeds the people, body and soul, for the common good, the Wellbeing of All. She gives a hearty nod to Asteroid Hopi, mentioned above, giving “Respect to All Things.” Ceres suggests that we also need to pay attention to our food and food sources in this New Moon cycle. Mercury is close to Ceres, so we may hear news about this issue. If you are in the right season, it is time to think about gardens, growing both for food and beauty, body and soul. 

Summarizing the Aries factors:
6 Aries— Salacia, the sparkling mermaid and Neptune’s Queen, riding on cosmic waves of light and delight, amping up the quantum frequencies;

9 Aries— Chiron, still with an eye on that Crystal Ball, is on a vision quest for healing in the Now moment, centering in Self beyond outworn identifications and attachments to past or future;

15 Aries— Mercury, offers new perspectives, ideas and options that motivate courage; also generating interesting news as the Moon waxes;

19+Aries— Ceres, brings up the well-being of all as an issues to attend to, Eris is listening;

23 Aries— Sun/Moon inaugurate new moon cycle;

24 Aries— Eris, stirs things up, making sure we are quite aware that these are unprecedented times, calling for new, different actions and initiatives, even some considered outrageous by many;

26+Aries— Venus, wields the Sun as her shield of Creative Life Force, looks dead on square at Pluto: “You include the Divine Feminine in your plans for destruction and renewal, oh Pluto, and make things better, more beautiful, joyous, loving and bountiful. With the Divine Feminine, which you truly honor, we can tap the creative resources beyond imagination!” 

New Moon Air Triangle
That last Full Moon in Libra created a grand trine in air signs with Mars and Saturn. As I wrote last time, 
“Air is the element of communication and objectivity of the mental realm…We create and re-create our worldview by what we perceive and how our minds are framing life…Automatic emotional reactions can interfere with clear seeing.”

By this New Moon, the air has cleared to some extent. The air trine is now expanding our perspective, with Jupiter in Aquarius, Mars in Gemini and Haumea, the quantum key point in Libra.

Mars is square Neptune, adding to Eris’ dissent, anger and frustration. Mars in Gemini anger is short-lived and changeable, apt to blow off in the wind—unless we hold on to it, get all tangled and pulled into a storm. Some of us will get pulled in. Deception is hard to pierce through, when one has been invested in some idealism or false hopes being busted like a soap bubble. 

Haumea Saves the Day*
We need Haumea in late Libra to give birth to a new harmony, a quantum level of agreement above the dissension. Perhaps it is she, the ever-pregnant goddess, who is carrying the secreted and veiled load of this New Moon’s symbolic image. If it is heavy, she must be about ready to give birth. When will that be? 

When we see the New Moon sliver appear in the western sky after sunset, that is the actual New Moon. This will likely be on April 13th in most places.  By then the Moon will be in Taurus, a very auspicious, ‘exaltation’ sign for the Moon— and conjunct Uranus, if we could but see that planet. That would be an interesting birth moment with unexpected developments, as the Moon steps right into this year’s messy Uranus-Saturn square. Let’s look to the next day, April 14 when the Moon moves past the mess and Venus enters Taurus as well. That sounds lovely, Moon and Venus in Taurus, Moon in exaltation, Venus in her rulership. 

Meanwhile let us be midwives in our own lives, finding ways to bring peace and harmony into our relationships with others, both those close to us and those whom we encounter along the way each day. 

Venus will also appear in the evening sky before too long. Some might see her very low and lightly veiled by the Sun on the western horizon at the end of April, but more likely in May. She then steps out from curtain of Sun light on to her favorite stage, the evening sky, and in her favorite sign, Taurus (until May 9). 

Whether or not those particular dates bring some new revelation into view or experiences on the ground (a possibility each and any day!), this is a New Moon of MoveMent. All main planets are in forward motion—no retrogrades until Pluto on April 27, right after the very spicy Full Moon on the 26th. Take advantage, make initiatives— full steam ahead!

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