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Vortice, fused and molded glass threads, by Mary Ann “Toots” Synsky, 2016. Photo by author from Palms Springs Art Museum, December 2017. 
The artist described this vessel: “I have inside, outside, back of the inside, and the other side. You can never see the whole piece at once. There’s always something mysterious, no matter what angle or in what light you’re looking at the piece. It forces you to move around it.”I can almost hear the music woven in tightly woven fusion of glass threads, like the waves of solar Solstice sound resonating with light. 

Coming through a potent Solstice portal, the June 24-25 Full Moon highlights the emotional intensity of our current experience with a Venus/ Pluto opposition. Sun in Cancer opposite Moon in Capricorn; Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn. The brilliant Evening Star is charged with alchemical transformation and renewal, challenging us all to reconsider our values as we find our way through the chaos of the global deconstruction/reconstruction. These two gateway signs of Capricorn and Cancer call for mature self-responsibility and mutual, care-full support.

Full Moon @ 3 Capricorn/Cancer 28
June 24, 2021 @ 2:40pm EDT; 11:40am PDT; 7:40pm BST; 
June 25 @ 4:40am AEST

Solstice Gong
Imagine you can see the rippling sound waves reverberating well after a large gong has been struck. Imagine that these waves are emanating from the gong of the Sun, that they travel through textural space, through the body of Earth, and strike the Full Moon. The Full Moon is reflecting the light of the Sun, and these waves of frequency bounce off the lit up Moon, sending these waves back toward the Sun, again rippling through the planetary body of the Earth. 

The larger field of waves continues on through the solar system, sounding each planet in their successive orbits. We are treated to a second ‘dose’ of frequency. The outgoing and ingoing waves cross over each other, creating a form of turbulence, perhaps, as we are called to listen, reflect and con-sider (align with the stars).

Clash of Cymbals
The key planetary dynamic of 2021 is the squaring off of Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. The tug of war between the old ways and the revolutionary leading edge is like a clash of cymbals, with three turning points spanning the whole year— the first exact square on February 17-18 and the last on December 24.

The second clash of these two ‘cymbalic’ planets was on June 14, soon followed by the large Solstice gong, one of two annual solar turning points. The reverberations of these cymbals and gongs were amplified by the turning points of Jupiter turning retrograde and Mercury turning direct. Mercury is also conjunct Black Moon Lilith and the North Node of Destiny! Be aware of how you are talking to yourself and what thoughts are running through your brain. Our Mercury retrograde time of rewinding is over for now. Moving forward, let’s remain vigilant about clear-thinking and positive-mindedness. Run negative thoughts through the shredder, keeping best thoughts like headlights in the night-like terrain.

Fleet-footed messenger Mercury continues its high-octane information output, with waves of Neptunian confusion and overwhelm all the way to July 11, when it finally leaves its own sign Gemini after more than two months. Never a dull moment during this mentally taxing time, with needed attention to full-body breathing and exercise, communion with Nature, and to getting enough sleep/ dreamtime. 

Multiple tones and subtext wavelengths continue to vibrate through the global, collective field— along with the incoming photon/plasma waves impacting the Earth’s heartbeat! The involvement of Black Moon suggests that the wiring of our brains is going to be a bit scrambled with new information and perceptions coming from news streams and inner insights.

I immediately liked the word ‘cymbalic’ when it came to mind for this newsletter; I eventually decided to look it up to see if it really was a word. Instead I found, a website for “decoding life’s moments of awe and wonder” and “symbolic language that bridges the known and the unknown in our lives.” Sounds very Chironic to me, enticing me to further explore that website and reminding me to mention that

 Chiron is in a close cooperative sextile with Saturn. Working together, Chiron and Saturn evoke magical, mythical manifestations through synchronicities and serendipities. This combo is helpful to work through the many-layered unhealed issues that are coming up to be resolved.

The reverberations of gongs and cymbals overlap for especially special rippling resonances. We meet those we need to meet and experience multi-layered, memorable moments. Notice and pay attention for their cymbalicmeanings in your life. Some of these meant-to-be moments are opportunities for healing, for recognizing the need to shift your perspective, seeing where your thoughts or projections are not meeting up with the circumstances you are experiencing. This is, after all, a time of Great Awakening and Awakening Greatness. 

“When you accept there is duality in all life
you can integrate both sides and choose for the highest good. 
Because only love is real.” 
—Danielle Stotjin

News from Other Newsletters
I appreciate Stargazer Li’s ( cosmic perspective that blends western and Mayan astrology with eye-witness stargazing. Her latest newsletter sketches out the work of this Full Moon:

“This is an inward time for staying close to home, for dreams & shared wisdom, and for the healing that comes from participating in the larger story. Shift with the shifting, taking the time to be with and integrate the changes. This is the work of the moment.”

From her recent newsletter, Incoming Wave Sets, Leilah Ward speaks to the creative dynamism I associate with dwarf planet Haumea:

Humanity is in a birthing process, contracting and expanding with the plasma waves. I have a thought that the birthing energies are coming from the center of the Universe but as I write this, I hear: “There is no center. You are the center. All consciousness is the center. What is birthing from you, within you? You are the creators. Take up the mantle – this message is for everyone reading this, for you are all the center of the Universe  – take up the mantle of creators of your experience.”

Read her whole blog

Haumea, at the far end of Libra, is involved with this Full Moon (as is trouble-maker Eris), making a dynamic 90-degree activation with the 

Venus/ Pluto Opposition,
the most potent planetary dynamic of this Full Moon. Mythically we have the goddess of Love confronting the god of death and rebirth. She is pulled down into the depths to seek revitalization. 

In Cancer, Venus is vulnerable, seeking security, safety and comfort. Pluto necessitates a transformed experience of how we define just what constitutes such security in changing times, as the old systems are crumbling from the weight of their own unsustainable, even corrupt, modus operandi. Venus seeks the emotionally satisfying while upgrading our emotional intelligence. Venus wrote the perennial ‘Law of Attraction,’ stating that the magnetism of our emotional state attracts like experiences from the mirror of life. 

In addition to beauty, love, aesthetics and art, Venus can specifically refer to finances, economic values, money. Venus rules the earth sign Taurus, where Uranus is staging its current revolution. This is a peak moment in the global economic transformation as we come out of the devastating impact and face the inevitability of change resulting from what we call the ‘pandemic.’ A bridge has burned behind us; we can move only forward, envisioning and creating the world we want to live in. 

Venus as ruler of this Taurus awakening desires fuller-bodied grounding of our true nature. Let’s appreciate ourselves and each other for incarnating at this major transformational time on Earth—and bring more of what we have to offer. It is time.

Emotional volatility, potentially arising in this Venus/Pluto opposition, urges us to tap deeper into our emotional intelligence to rise beyond fear into love, one of the essential choices we make in life. This is the leading edge of consciousness awakening. So often our reactivity to change is fearful. We can choose to feel love, bringing us closer to the divine. The Divine Feminine invites us to move through fear into the truth of love as the essential life-giving, creative force of life. 

“Our deeply personal feelings are so incredibly valuable 
that we should preserve them, using their energy 
to find the universal emotion of the universe behind them… 
When we see that it is the universal emotion emerging within us,
we can follow the emotion of our personal heart
into the whole, One Heart.”
—Puran Bair, Living From the Heart

The best of Venus enriches us emotionally, highlighting quality and pleasure in our experience. In its highly aesthetic retrograde cycle, Venus traces a 5-pointed star in the sky every eight years. This repeating journey is like a flower that unfurls with a particular personal invitation that draws you into the secret garden of your heart where deeper joy and love are found. This invitation is beckoning even now. 

It so happens that this year of 2021 ends with Venus turning retrograde conjunct Pluto. What is happening now on this Full Moon has further repercussions then, as we cross the threshold into 2022. 

In addition to Taurus, she also rules Libra, the sign where we now find Hawai’ian goddess Haumea, with her creative power of birthing. [Read my article about Haumea’s Quantum Creativity on The Wessex Astrologer website.

Contemplate how you can co-create with Haumea in these times of immense challenge and opportunity. What shall we give birth to? What deep heart desire yearns to be born through you?

Musical inspiration:]

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
That’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No not just for some, but for everyone…
There are sunbeams and moonbeams enough to shine..
What the world needs now is love, sweet love…”

Smile! EnJoy! Love with all your Heart!
* * * * * * * *