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This New Moon in Gemini flips the energy switch, backed up by the impulsive fire of Mars and Jupiter in Aries. Translation: It’s time to take action in a big way. Gemini is in-the-moment spontaneous and curious. Mars rules Aries, bringing out its most impatient, ready-to-get-moving side. Jupiter amplifies, with an entrepreneurial inventiveness. Are you ready to try something new?  follow your impulses, experiment and invent your new life, and our new world?  


Dandelion Mandala for Dandelion New Moon, photo by Claud Richmond on Unsplash.

New Moon @ 9 Gemini 03
May 30, 2022 @7:30am EDT, 4:30am PDT, 12:30pm BST, 9:30pm AEST

Taurus supports this New Moon with Venus ruling Taurus, a steadfast ally for enjoying goodness and beauty, seeking satisfaction and holding values that enhance our lives. Mars and Jupiter in Aries generate a plethora of ideas and new possibilities; Venus chooses those that resonate on the heart level as most worth tending to fruition. Uranus and Mercury (still retrograde until June 3) are also in Taurus, offering deep, even radical insights from the powerful May 16 Lunar Eclipse that continues to reverberate for the next several months. Saturn still has a strong impact, indicating a circumstantial turning point of some kind. Unexpected, surprising, even shocking, developments open us to new ways of thinking and perceiving. We question, we wonder, we see the world with new eyes. Are you welcoming or resisting?

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon @10 Gemini:
“An Airplane Dives Toward the Earth as though Falling”

If we fly too high at high speeds, we may get ahead of ourselves and end up falling/ failing. Perhaps we run out of energy/ fuel. We need to take stock of our resources, make some preparations, so we know that we can sustain our activity and bring it to fruition. As we take action and move into new territory, we may get ahead of ourselves by moving too fast and too far. Adhering to the more deliberate and steady pace recommended by earthy Taurus, we may refrain from rash action that impulsiveness sometimes pushes us into. If we stand tall in our center, using objective clarity to discern the best choices in each moment, the warning in this symbol may be averted.

Remember the Scorpio deep diver from the Total Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago? Saturn in Aquarius, imposing strictures on this eclipse, offered strong advice to dive down with a full air tank to take you deep— but not too deep, to give yourself enough time and air to come back to the surface without getting ‘the bends’ that can undermine your vitality. This decompression sickness happens to divers when they resurface too quickly. Rapid changes in water pressure cause dangerous gas bubbles in the bloodstream. Something like that may happen with sudden and precipitous nose dives while flying, as the air pressure changes rapidly. Extreme highs and lows are the kind of roller coaster that the Scorpio Moon eclipse can evoke.

This lunation in air sign Gemini is the time to surface and breathe fresh air into the lungs. Saturn in air sign Aquarius continues to urge caution and higher mind engagement as it squares the Nodes of the Moon, the collective Line of Destiny. The Taurus North Node, informed by Uranus and Mercury is calling for fuller embodiment and groundedness. Breathing can help us feel deeper into our bodies, oxygenating and tuning up our physical vehicles, strengthening and toning.

Mercury retrograded from Gemini back into Taurus, perhaps, in part, to remind us of this. When we oxygenate, we have more energy and our spark plugs ignite, lifting us out of any doldrums. That last eclipse was intense. Mercury revisits the eclipse polarity, giving us more time to fully integrate the impact of our experience, to see how much we are or are not able to let go of the old and turn our faces forward.

Mercury retrograde again in Taurus is also in excellent position to receive some deeply-informed intelligence from Pluto in Capricorn. Meaningful developments in our situation, personally and globally, become evident. The collective tide has turned, the waves of the past wash out, even as we are becoming increasingly aware of and ever more experiencing the incoming tide. You may already be making relevant and practical changes in your life, and also in the way you are thinking. Saturn in Aquarius squaring this stolid Mercury in Taurus has a definitive way of changing our perspective, though some will stubbornly hold on to some belief systems as a security blanket.

Are you feeling a hint of boredom, of having been a bit stuck or held back for a while? Gemini lightens things up, like a refreshing wind. Mercury turns direct on June 3. The magnetic field of Earth is shifting, and so is ours. New horizons beckon as we carve a new path forward. When Mercury moves back into Gemini on June 13, we take flight. Think Dandelion, with its rich medicinal root reaching deep into earth. Its delightfully happy, sunny yellow flower turns into fluffy seed parachutes that fly off on the breeze. If you dismiss Dandelion as a weed, you are missing the gift of this divine messenger. Take Dandelion’s message to heart on this New Moon.