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This special edition of Cosmic Inspiration News takes a deeper dive into the June 5, 2020 Full Moon Eclipse, along with an equally deep dive into the far reaches of our  Solar System. To the Eclipse chart we introduce three recently discovered Kuiper Belt Objects, now potentized and awakening our consciousness to higher octave frequencies and creative source impulses. 

The Full Moon is on the wane, asking us to incorporate the shifting energies of its subtle shadows into our lives. Any eclipse offers an invitation to close a door or clean out some cobwebs. This one also invites us to incorporate several fresh, potent, lively archetypal energies as we live our way into the future. Recently discovered Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) offer new dimensions of experience.
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 The KBO images are from the Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book, available on my website and on Amazon.
This very special ongoing Venus retrograde cycle was a key influence of the Full Moon Eclipse. After her conjunction with the Sun on June 3 and her engagement with the June 5 Eclipse,vshe is stepping out of her Sun bath. Any day now will she will make her heliacal rising and we will see her rise before the Sun in the East.
Venus/Sun was squared by Mars/Neptune in Pisces adding a dicey dynamic and emotional charge that is likely to create a bit of havoc in numerous ways. Contemplating within our hearts during the Venus retrograde process, we enhance the connection between head & heart. 
As we continually recalibrate our mental and emotional resonance, we reduce static in our field and vibrate more harmoniously, side-stepping or moving more easily through potential storms.  
The T-square formed by the Full Moon Eclipse and planets in Pisces resolves in VIRGO. Listen to your body and spend time with Nature.
ALTJIRA, Aboriginal Creator God of the Australia desert people, came from the Great Dreaming. When he came down to create Earth and all its creatures, he walked on the ground with the feet of an emu bird. He soon retired back into the Great Dreaming, leaving the lesser gods and ancestors in charge. Many ancient images are recorded in cave paintings. What ancient dreams inspire you to  ground more firmly into Earth at this evolutionary time and manifest magic? 
How are your personal dreams contributing to the new collective Dream?
StarLady VARDA┬áis Goddess of the Elves according to J.R.R.Tolkien’s prehistory of Middle Earth. She kindled the stars and designed the constellations. She created the Sun and Moon from the dew of the Laurelin, the Tree of Gold, and Telperion, the Tree of Silver. She then set these great lights on their courses across the heavens.
Look to the stars for guidance!
TEHARON-HIAWAKO, Creator God of the Iroquois, descended from the Star People. He planted the first corn and sunflowers, placing one flower in the sky to give light as the Sun. The white pine is the sacred tree of this people of northeast North America. Turtle Island is often the name given to this continent between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This planetoid has a companion, named for his twin brother Sawiskera, a skilled hunter but jealous and deceitful. He often  blamed his brother for bad things he had done. Things he created turned sour. Added to Mars/Neptune, this is a further warning to be wary of deceitful people who try to shift the blame to others. Rather channel this energy into compassion for ‘all our relations’. Plant seeds or participate in growing health-giving food or share whatever you harvest with your community.
With Pluto at its front edge as King of the Kuiper Belt, this wide band, rather like a ‘far out’ asteroid belt, houses millions of icy worlds. Many have been discovered in this new millennium; many are named for indigenous creator deities from cultures around the world. Some have companion objects; some have moons; some are considered ‘dwarf planets’. What can we learn from this remote spectrum of solar system neighbors, as these new planetary archetypes light up in our awareness and come alive in our lives? 

These three KBOs are on our wavelength for this Full Moon Eclipse & through 2020, spicing up and adding a higher dimension to 
the Total Solar Eclipse of December 14. 
VARDA will conjunct the very eclipse degree! 
* * * Stay tuned!   * * *