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This Virgo New Moon opens a cycle that is likely to require continual recalibration of our priorities, a flexibility, responsiveness and response-ability to our changing world and personal situation. This is accentuated by the exact square from Mars, now in Gemini for the next 7 months. The Lunar Nodes, with Uranus, Saturn and Venus are in a spicy, dramatic square dance with a call to destiny that changes our values and our world.

Chalice Well on Spring Equinox in the North, March 2022, photo by Halla Makarem, see more on Instagram @blueprintrhythm

New Moon @4 Virgo 04
August 27, 2022 @4:17am EDT, 1:17am PDT,
9:17am BST, 6:17pm AEST

Note: New! Moons & Mythos, a new youtube series I am co-creating with Quantum Plant Healer, Davyd Farrell, will be an excellent accompaniment to this newsletter. See first edition here.

“The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment.” unknown

This Virgo New Moon demonstrating its knack for precision at 4 degrees, 04 minutes. Virgo is responsive to situation, sets priorities and moves in Earth’s natural rhythms. Virgo knows that every cell in the body has a deep organic wisdom and ‘gut’ instinct, and rules the discerning digestive process. Virgo appreciates natural healing methods that harmonize with the body’s intelligence.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”—Lao Tzu

The Sabian symbol amplifies this connection to Nature:
“A Man Becoming Aware of Nature Spirits and Normally Unseen Spiritual Energies”
Quintessentially Virgo, in resonance with Nature’s exquisite subtleties, this degree also taps into the ‘spiritual energies’ pointing toward the culmination on the Pisces Full Moon on September 10. Earth is responding in evolutionary thrill to the waves of shimmering light washing throughout our whole solar system. There will surely be another wave on the upcoming Full Moon.

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.”—Aristotle

Imagine fairies dancing in their Faerie rings to the celestial harp music played by an Elven princess. Imagine flickering lights dancing just above the Earth’s surface, inviting the Earth to rise, along with all her living beings, alivening with love and light. And, oh yes, the shadows arise as well, all the unhealed karmic darkness lurking unattended below the surface, calling for attention, love and compassion.
How are you doing with yours? Are you aware of the “normally unseen spiritual energies” seeking embodiment through you? The Spirit of Nature lives in the heart of Virgo in every one of us.

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”—Vincent van Gogh

Venus in Leo deeply appreciates beauty and loves to create it as well. Let your creative heart intelligence rule the day, finding others to play with for fun and delight. This makes life worth living. Venus is opposite Saturn in Aquarius, and both square Uranus and the Lunar Nodes, our collective destiny line.

Mercury, as ruler of Virgo, has a strong say in this Moon cycle. Mercury is in Libra, ready to dialogue, exchange ideas, negotiate, find mutual agreement. All of this leads to pragmatic solutions that Virgo likes. It is equally important to stand strong in your own center if you cannot agree with or accommodate others.

KBOs on Board
Mercury is opposite Manwe, the KBO (Kuiper Belt Object) named for Tolkien’s chief archangel, ‘closest to the mind of God,’ now just entering Aries to refresh and recreate the original divine codes for Earth. These original codes have been ‘hacked’ and undermined repeated over eons by the fallen archangel who could never create, but only cause destruction. The obsessive desire to become The Lord of the Rings, “to rule them all,” eventually caused his own destruction. Are we living this myth now?

KBO Ixion in Capricorn is in an activating square, either to obstruct or to forward the dialogue between Mercury and Manwe. In short, Ixion confronts us to determine whether we have learned from past mistakes or are ‘doomed’ to repeat them, recycling around the wheel of karma.

[I talk more about this Mercury/ Manwe opposition (and Ixion square) with Davyd Farrell in the current Moons and Mythos video mentioned above.
Pam Gregory offers insights in her New Moon video as well. It is so rewarding that she is as excited about the Kuiper Belt realm as I am.]

The waxing Moon quickly approaches Orcus, the KBO named for the Etruscan god of the underworld, at 13 Virgo 30. Mercury was conjunct Orcus on August 12; the Sun will be on September 6. Orcus remains influential on the Full Moon and through this whole Moon cycle. Orcus is said to be the concerned with “oaths of the soul,” punishing those who break those agreements. This issue of agreement and oaths has been arising as a key theme at this turning of the Ages and entrance into a new Era. Some oaths and agreements may be complete and/or no longer be appropriate or relevant as we move further into the new Era. Some are coming up to be resolved, reexamined and questioned. Melanie Reinhart has shared insights on this. Look on her website here.

If this theme resonates with you, you may be interested in the profound Wholeness Alignment work of Sue Cimino. I have experienced this as deeply meaningful and freeing, even to hear how she articulates the many complex layers of agreements on collective, ancestral and personal past lives levels. See more here. 

Mars is newly in Gemini and planning on an extended (retrograde) visit in this busy-minded sign well into next year. New information, options and possibilities are likely to change our perspective on a number of issues. It can all be confusing and disillusioning with the influence of Neptune in Pisces, or incredibly interesting, like watching the twists and turns of a good movie script.

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods.Byron

Here is a review of what I wrote in the last Cosmic News:
“All sorts of dynamics and mind-altering information incoming from all directions, like a mosaic of mirrors, a turning kaleidoscope or fast-paced video game. We will need to be flexible, adaptable and open-minded, like the famous ‘pinball wizard’ of 1969, even while maintaining focus on heart-centered, internally-inspired vision and positive movement toward it. If we swerve off or encounter a detour, we adjust in the moment. Stay alert!”

Here is something more to keep you on your toes:
Saturn square Uranus, the main planetary challenge of 2021 comes back around to be revisited for another level of awakening and freedom from outmoded social constructs.Issues from last year, which arose thick in the midst of covid constraints, come back around this season. Already in effect, this dynamic interaction between the status quo and the revolutionary was highly triggered as Uranus turned retrograde at 18+ Taurus a few days ago on the 24th. This repeat square is closest at that 18+th degree of both Taurus and Aquarius in mid-October.                         [Note: October will be a month for the history books! More later.]

This is not an easy aspect. We always learn from Saturn, sometimes the hard way. Uranus, itself, can be a shock to any complacent attitudes or assumptions.

“One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.”
—James Russell Lowell

We need to catch our internal or lazy resistances and allow positive new potentials to come forward. Take advantage of the incoming light and rise to it. That looks different for each of us.

With Venus, the Lunar Nodes, Uranus, and Saturn all dynamically engaged in a square dance on this New Moon, it is time to break through and release old patterns and shift relationships that hold us back, no longer a resonant match with how you want to live your life.

In fact, this Moon cycle is a turning point in our values, a reorienting of global social, financial, life style choices. Old structures and systems are failing and falling. What we are experiencing is a realignment of our participatory relationship with both Heaven and Earth, a timely reminder that human consciousness has responsibility for creating and recreating that relationship in every moment possible, according to the Laws of Nature, Cosmic Order and the Harmony of the Spheres.

HERE is a lovely and profound teaching from Navaho Historian Wally Brown discussing how to “Walk in Beauty: The Purpose of Life,” so resonant with the invitation from Venus. He speaks of the necessity of joy, happiness, confidence and peace, speaking mostly about confidence.

We each have a role to play in this co-creative dance. Make yours one you enjoy, let your heart soar, suggests Venus. Uranus square Saturn urges us to shrug off the old ‘have-tos’ and ‘shoulds,’ to question assumptions about how things are ‘supposed to’ work.

 Beingness is evolving and flowering in new ways—
surprising, unexpected, exciting, and, perhaps, for the betterment of all.
May it be so!

May the long time Sun shine upon you, all love surround you
And the clear light within you guide your way on.
—Incredible String Band